Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers - Official Cinematic Gameplay Trailer

Check out Person 5 Scramble's latest action-packed cinematic trailer!
Released 2/20/2020
『ペルソナ5 スクランブル ザ ファントム ストライカーズ』


  1. Cabbage Man

    Cabbage Man日 前

    Why is Sho Minazuki in the thumbnail lol

  2. Raiden

    Raiden3 日 前

    If they launched royal to switch, I would buy the console

  3. Anonymous S

    Anonymous S3 日 前

    The black and orange joker

  4. Joker Arsene

    Joker Arsene5 日 前

    i am wanting this on the switch.

  5. Kabegami The Great

    Kabegami The Great5 日 前

    seeing all these trailers but not a single word about it coming to the west.

  6. Amierul Aqmal

    Amierul Aqmal7 日 前

    Dynasty warriors persona

  7. William Amson

    William Amson7 日 前

    Not a JRPG persona game

  8. Shiroi Ku

    Shiroi Ku8 日 前

    "P5" *the 2 shows up. Then the S appears and aggresively pushes the 2 away* "P5S" 2: Am I a joke to you?

  9. Failed Hook

    Failed Hook9 日 前

    Yo can someone translate the kanji on that like collectors edition at 3:20 for me to see what it comes with

  10. Ligaya Diwata

    Ligaya Diwata9 日 前

    Why is nobody talking about Joker's Kitchen, and the fact that he's trying to make a decent living with his own food truck?

  11. ThatJoker Main

    ThatJoker Main11 日 前

    Damn I want this to release this February to the west

  12. Inuer Pichardo

    Inuer Pichardo11 日 前

    I'm copping this and persona royal, so far... great year for gaming lol

  13. Ninja Sonic

    Ninja Sonic12 日 前

    That other joker looks suspiciously like the villain of persona 4 arena ultimax

  14. Amoli 1905

    Amoli 190512 日 前

    I'm having kamoshidaman flashbacks

  15. Alia Putri nadira

    Alia Putri nadira13 日 前

    Do you have to Play persona 5 royal Before Play this ?

  16. Marina Adams

    Marina Adams7 日 前

    Alia Putri nadira this game takes place after the events of persona 5 royal takes place in like a different timeline so you don’t have to play royal before playing this

  17. Spiritus Reality

    Spiritus Reality13 日 前

    *N I C E* シ

  18. HERE COMES jakob

    HERE COMES jakob14 日 前

    Fans that want another smt V trailer and p5 on the switch Atlus: WARRIORS

  19. Zoli Kat

    Zoli Kat15 日 前

    Why does the actual gameplay look so aliased and blocky? Must be the switch version.

  20. Celtic Fox

    Celtic Fox15 日 前

    Gimme gimme gimme

  21. yuriski1

    yuriski115 日 前

    Finally the right genre for Haru!

  22. NotCallMeCarson

    NotCallMeCarson15 日 前

    Joker puts on blackface: the game

  23. The Diamond Gamer

    The Diamond Gamer15 日 前

    Ah yes, Persona 52! My favorite game. Who new Persona would make it until number 52?

  24. Tamia Daneille

    Tamia Daneille16 日 前

    Questions: does this take place after persona 5’s good/true ending or is it standalone? and does anyone know when the English version is going to be available?

  25. Marina Adams

    Marina Adams15 日 前

    Tamia Daneille it happens pretty soon after the 4 2nd years are in 3rd year and the 3rd years are in college and Futaba is a first year now

  26. Lens Perspective

    Lens Perspective16 日 前

    Who is the katamari damacy character? Lol

  27. Adam Shumaker

    Adam Shumaker16 日 前

    Is that Shadow Sae at 2:43 !?

  28. MemeKinglol11

    MemeKinglol1117 日 前

    Shadow Joker last palace pls atlas

  29. MemeKinglol11

    MemeKinglol1115 日 前

    Marina Adams I know, it’s a joke

  30. Marina Adams

    Marina Adams15 日 前

    MemeKinglol11 well that’s like his shadow

  31. Funnytunic 3475

    Funnytunic 347517 日 前

    Why joker black

  32. Axel arechiga

    Axel arechiga17 日 前

    ill buy the game so atlus makes a switch port for p5R

  33. Marina Adams

    Marina Adams15 日 前

    Axel arechiga they won’t I mean you can already go and look at the demo it looks terrible on the switch

  34. Izzy Meh-Zone

    Izzy Meh-Zone17 日 前

    Yo, Atlus we need this game in the States. Also, ease up on streaming and recording gameplay.

  35. Matrix lol

    Matrix lol17 日 前


  36. Sean Broderick

    Sean Broderick17 日 前

    At least I don’t have to worry about Ryujj and his Swears

  37. Brian Vaira

    Brian Vaira18 日 前

    If this is a sequel to P5, it's a bit weird that this is coming to the switch, but not P5R. People who own a switch, but not a ps4 will most likely be confused on what's going on.

  38. Marina Adams

    Marina Adams15 日 前

    Brian Vaira well if you watch the demo you’ll see how bad it looks on switch so I would think they wouldn’t want it on switch

  39. Dauri noor

    Dauri noor19 日 前

    Does this also has social link?

  40. LaTesia Gilala

    LaTesia Gilala19 日 前

    I need them to bring this to US ASAP IM already excited about Royale and now this!!!!

  41. Still Images

    Still Images19 日 前

    Guess im finally buying a switch now

  42. todd

    todd19 日 前

    so, how many waifus can i romance?

  43. Ruxis

    Ruxis19 日 前

    I really hope this is good The lore looks very interesting as all the Persona games and it looks like they're trying to make the Dynasty Warriors style their own So many mechanics being weaved into the hack and slash style it's going for Pair that with the persona fusions and day to day stuff I have high hopes

  44. Phoom Pongpatcharakorn

    Phoom Pongpatcharakorn19 日 前

    2:34 asuna​ voice actresses

  45. Lokoman82 Delta

    Lokoman82 Delta19 日 前

    I swear if this game doesn't get an English release...

  46. UnchartedWalters06

    UnchartedWalters0619 日 前

    More Ryuji and Futaba is always a plus!

  47. Kamil Tsanel

    Kamil Tsanel19 日 前

    Dynasti warrior : persona 5

  48. Albastine S.

    Albastine S.20 日 前

    So is this a sequel? If so then I can get behind that. The endless cash grabs get tiring. Dance games, remakes, etc. All the while they could be making new games. This game was released in 2016.

  49. Abscure Hemlet

    Abscure Hemlet20 日 前

    I havent finish p5 yet 😑

  50. Jungle_Twist

    Jungle_Twist20 日 前

    This trailer knows what I want. Makoto😍

  51. SK1X

    SK1X20 日 前


  52. Lucas Scott

    Lucas Scott20 日 前

    My girl Makto 😍😍💯💯 hurry and release it now lol.

  53. ThomasEyeThink

    ThomasEyeThink20 日 前

    Joker: “i’m gonna say the N word”

  54. MARY JADE Fernandez

    MARY JADE Fernandez21 日 前

    Why "Koei Tecmo" entered the Persona 5 Scramble it's not my favorite game industry...

  55. Spyro

    Spyro21 日 前

    This game looks fucking epic.

  56. Dawn Mendoza

    Dawn Mendoza21 日 前

    Wait if this is a sequel to Persona 5, Is P5 Royal basically an extended version of Persona 5?

  57. mob kun

    mob kun21 日 前

    Its on nintendo switch😋

  58. Carlos

    Carlos21 日 前

    I don’t fucking care about this, I just want the actual persona 5 on the switch, if it runs on the ps3, it runs on the switch, make it happen

  59. Mr Nightshade

    Mr Nightshade21 日 前

    2:09 Judgement cut, I'm feeling motivated boys!

  60. Mekhi Lewis

    Mekhi Lewis21 日 前

    Pause it at 2:49...lmao Atlus thought they were slick.

  61. Nicodemus Edwards

    Nicodemus Edwards21 日 前

    1:53 now he is Vishnu Joker. Behold the true form of a Phantom Thief.

  62. Fadhil Dewabrata

    Fadhil Dewabrata22 日 前

    Is this different game than persona 5 royal?

  63. SterlingK Art

    SterlingK Art22 日 前

    Wow, i want this😭😭😭

  64. Sydny Man

    Sydny Man22 日 前

    Shadow joker

  65. Spencer Pommier

    Spencer Pommier22 日 前

    Is this dlc or a second game?

  66. Michael Galvan

    Michael Galvan20 日 前

    Second game

  67. Simpatico

    Simpatico22 日 前

    I wasn't excited about the whole Dynasty Warriors style mixing with P5, but this looks fucking great. Killer soundtrack with somehow more style oozing out of it that P5, this looks to be a great addition to my Switch.