Peer Pressure

We all have stories of peer pressure from our lives, and its dumb. Peer Pressure is stupid. Trying to pressure people into doing things they do not want to do is a scummy thing. Dont do it.
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  1. cat 777

    cat 77717 時間 前

    What if u try to get someone to eat healthy food or even eat at all?

  2. Alexander Gutierrez

    Alexander Gutierrez18 時間 前


  3. Kaelie Carr

    Kaelie Carr23 時間 前

    What happened at the end, I couldn’t get what he said 😅

  4. Xiomara Lozoya

    Xiomara Lozoya日 前

    Yeah my sister had friends do marijuana and she would always leave or refuse and mind her own business. Now IVE had friends who also smoked IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Ive always had given them those weird looks they’d think there bad-ass people 😂 there so stupid but I was too shy to say “HEY you shouldn’t be smoking” bc He was one of my good friends soooo yeah

  5. Normal Girl

    Normal Girl日 前

    This video is as signe ,you know y?cuz my brother who definitely is a pice of shit and trident me for something I didn't wanna do.Thank you Adam !

  6. cat 777

    cat 777日 前

    Thumb should be named Carl

  7. Gamerlil250 yt

    Gamerlil250 yt日 前

    I love you adam I make fan art everyday for you sadly idk if I can got to vidcon london idk sorry :(

  8. Jose Flores

    Jose Flores2 日 前

    Unless you try to tell your friend to sleep cuz it's like 3:00 AM

  9. Sauce Saw

    Sauce Saw2 日 前

    Can u make freaking prude merch

  10. Guadalupe Aguiar

    Guadalupe Aguiar2 日 前

    Weed is a drug so its illegal so you a wetness

  11. عبدالله اكسدي

    عبدالله اكسدي3 日 前


  12. عبدالله اكسدي

    عبدالله اكسدي3 日 前


  13. عبدالله اكسدي

    عبدالله اكسدي3 日 前


  14. Preston Wahl

    Preston Wahl3 日 前

    Also don’t hangout with morgz

  15. Abel Barrett

    Abel Barrett3 日 前

    Nerf is cool and me

  16. Ari The weird

    Ari The weird3 日 前

    wait swhat

  17. Jon Chavez

    Jon Chavez3 日 前

    Adam I feel you, I'm in middle school and per pressure suck

  18. jalen Sloane

    jalen Sloane4 日 前


  19. enigma cars

    enigma cars4 日 前

    Hey what if they peer pressure you into something good for example a violin

  20. EllyMarissa 10

    EllyMarissa 104 日 前

    I thought this was an animation meme

  21. Doggoperson626

    Doggoperson6264 日 前

    My first peer pressure experience was when one of my classmates had nail polish and her and my friend were trying to get me to make my middle finger shiny. I fell to the pressure, but it wasn’t that bad.

  22. Kambre Vlogs

    Kambre Vlogs4 日 前

    I feel so bad because I tried “peer pressuring” My one friend into kissing her bf two months in. but it wasn’t that bad. like honestly I only said it once, and they did it and said “Oh I dIdNt wAnT tOo dO tHaT.” AFTER it happened. I feel bad about it but it wasn’t my fault because I only said it once, and they did it soooo. they also told me to kiss my boyfriend on the lips and I said no and they said it like twice so it wasn’t rlly my fault because I only said it like once and then let it go.

  23. Maikeru マイケル

    Maikeru マイケル4 日 前

    Violence is always the key. You just have to play an anime op

  24. Kevin Sliva

    Kevin Sliva4 日 前

    What hapend at the end

  25. lilstickeyog

    lilstickeyog4 日 前

    Yo y didt you just somnk th weeds

  26. Wayne Ordaz

    Wayne Ordaz4 日 前

    Friend: Drink this whisky dude Adam:No Friend:*Splashes whisky on Adam Adam:One punch man

  27. Ismail Ait Simmou

    Ismail Ait Simmou4 日 前

    Was that gun thing true

  28. Chawna Crace

    Chawna Crace4 日 前

    no common sense hoodie

  29. Kenneth White

    Kenneth White4 日 前


  30. Snek in ma boot

    Snek in ma boot5 日 前

    Why are all the end cards on his old videos just cut out

  31. Laura Smith

    Laura Smith5 日 前

    My mum makes me go to school and I don’t want to pear presher

  32. Jermaine Harrell Jr

    Jermaine Harrell Jr6 日 前

    Would getting over fears be pure pressure

  33. Robinson Bright

    Robinson Bright6 日 前

    *P R U D E!!!??* Lol

  34. Rhiannon Charbonneau

    Rhiannon Charbonneau6 日 前

    Why is it so bad that I don’t want to do something that could potentially kill me now or I’m the distant future Why do they get so mad when you say no anyway?

  35. Sean Breen

    Sean Breen6 日 前

    Me breaking Adams logic, Man I hate it when my peers convince me to feed my country of North Kora, or there's, Man I hate it when people are peer pressuring me to stop the oppression of Jewish people here in Germany 1942, so not all peer pressure is "frickin' stupid" (btw this is a joke... Kind of)

  36. DR ROAD

    DR ROAD7 日 前


  37. Io&Dio

    Io&Dio7 日 前

    i wish i saw this video earlier ;(

  38. Nolan B.

    Nolan B.8 日 前

    that ending tho

  39. Brainiac

    Brainiac8 日 前

    *Sees he's friends with Odd1sOut* Me: *Screeeing to the subscribe button*

  40. GMan & Mom

    GMan & Mom10 日 前

    Palpatine best dark side ability was peer pressuring Anakin into going against his ten-year long moral training

  41. •_•

    •_•11 日 前

    Looks like he's holding a dick instead of whiskey

  42. Chris Chris

    Chris Chris11 日 前

    Whoops to late

  43. Olivia J

    Olivia J11 日 前

    Every time I bring something over to a friend and they are eyeing it I ask them and I ALWAYS say “If you don’t want to you don’t have to” and before they do I always say “I don’t want you to think I am making you or anything” and they always laugh at me saying i’m fine but I always wanna make sure 🤷🏼‍♀️

  44. March Hall Hall

    March Hall Hall11 日 前

    Adam I smoke weed when I was 7 to 8 you pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!##^#$#%%

  45. Am good Pupper

    Am good Pupper11 日 前

    Fuck you

  46. Elijah Shinn

    Elijah Shinn15 日 前

    I will make you feel worthless because you don’t want to partake in illegal activities with me and that angers me because I have an it of that if a dead rock.

  47. Ryan Bannister

    Ryan Bannister15 日 前

    Ive never been peer pressured 😐

  48. Natalie Lund

    Natalie Lund15 日 前

    My friends tried to make me do ding dong ditches

  49. The Chica Channel yeet

    The Chica Channel yeet16 日 前

    Nothing makes sense in this world anymore ooof

  50. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith16 日 前

    Pls try to cuss less cus I’m not allowed to watch ur channel cus of it so I have to watch it in secret.

  51. Jay Wells

    Jay Wells16 日 前


  52. ThePossumKing

    ThePossumKing16 日 前

    I hate peer pressure, my sisters friends pressured her to draw on my face at a sleepover, Indian dot, moustache, this is why I don’t like lots of my sisters friends.

  53. In a nutshell

    In a nutshell17 日 前

    Moral of the story is I have no friends, therefore none will Peer pressure me

  54. Ohitsbrando

    Ohitsbrando18 日 前

    4:54 is the best

  55. SamUraI ?

    SamUraI ?18 日 前

    SomethingElseYT: I don’t condone violence Me whispering under my breath: It was pretty bad ass though

  56. DatchocobarIsGud Secret

    DatchocobarIsGud Secret18 日 前

    I peer pressured my friend... I convinced him to read I book I like And he still has yet to finish it

  57. SnivyLink2

    SnivyLink24 日 前

    my mom in a nutshell

  58. Sania Altaf

    Sania Altaf6 日 前

    I can literally *smell* someone getting woooshed here

  59. VORTEX

    VORTEX17 日 前

    You mad man

  60. Ali Matar

    Ali Matar19 日 前

    What if someone peer pressures someone to stop smoking or something

  61. Pine Tree

    Pine Tree20 日 前

    SMOKE NOOOWW other gut:no cause your dead

  62. RoxyDaGreat

    RoxyDaGreat21 日 前


  63. Megalocerus

    Megalocerus21 日 前

    Notice why people pressure you to do illegal things--so you don't tell on them. So if you don't want to, you should leave.

  64. Jason Morgan

    Jason Morgan21 日 前

    I’ll peer pressure you. Sub to Adam, all the cool kids are doing it. I’m not even subbed... *I’M A LIAR!*