Peer Pressure


  1. Břënda Medrano

    Břënda Medrano5 時間 前

    4:54 ludget me😂😂😂

  2. yung goofy

    yung goofy10 時間 前

    I hate weed

  3. yung goofy

    yung goofy10 時間 前

    '' Deud''😂😂

  4. yung goofy

    yung goofy10 時間 前

    I hate peer pressure

  5. g_gamer_mincraft_sudnautica

    g_gamer_mincraft_sudnautica13 時間 前

    I am Patrick friken ⭐️ and I live under a fu**ing rock

  6. Dumb texts 101

    Dumb texts 101日 前

    Random friend: kill a random person Me: ok 2 seconds later Me: I did it Random friend: X_X

  7. Olivia Terrazas

    Olivia Terrazas日 前

    0:50 If you do that your a Canadian -turn captions on-

  8. Penguin Esperanza

    Penguin Esperanza日 前

    I can only remember trying to pressure my friend to dab. That’s it. Just dab.

  9. Dazeo high187

    Dazeo high187日 前

    Wow when u hit him fast I rememberd I hit someone like that

  10. Alexa19888

    Alexa198882 日 前

    I have to peer pressure my cousin to eat since she won't eat a single thing so far she hasn't eaten for around 2 days...

  11. Lucyfuroshus

    Lucyfuroshus2 日 前

    Adam Promotes Snitching!!

  12. Isabella antopia

    Isabella antopia2 日 前

    Honestly dudes i didn’t think i was with a bunch of dudets dudes ~Adams "friend”

  13. Annalise NichollsYT

    Annalise NichollsYT2 日 前

    Really dude what you trying to do dude

  14. Alyssa Strandberg

    Alyssa Strandberg2 日 前

    I don’t even think you know how much I appreciate this video. (I will also use it as a source for my upcoming paper for my class so thank you❤️❤️❤️)

  15. LØKI

    LØKI3 日 前

    Eventually violence is necessary

  16. Liam Roberts

    Liam Roberts3 日 前

    3:41 I love how the other guy is inhaling as much as possible

  17. Rocky Is Scared

    Rocky Is Scared3 日 前

    Omfg... I have never really seen a JPgor or anyone famous who has actually meant what they said and standing their ground. I love this and good on you! Honestly I struggled with this too a lot while I was in school.

  18. SealAwayHearts

    SealAwayHearts4 日 前

    I'm here cause of Twitter

  19. Puroheadshots 605

    Puroheadshots 6054 日 前

    What if it is to ask a girl out

  20. Dead Greece

    Dead Greece4 日 前

    This nigga a whole bitch. I understand not conforming to peer pressure is good and I respect that, however for him to say that you should get your parents involved or the police is just so lame. Lost lots of respect for u g.

  21. Lysander .O.C.

    Lysander .O.C.4 日 前

    What if i peer pressure someone to do homework

  22. What is the Point

    What is the Point5 日 前

    Do drugs and smoke weed

  23. Jackson Memo a

    Jackson Memo a5 日 前

    You’re a prude dude

  24. YoBoiAlem

    YoBoiAlem5 日 前

    Why is everyone in the comment section a freaking loser?

  25. Starr Ozolins

    Starr Ozolins5 日 前

    I was peer pressured into breaking up with my bf and I loved him a lot and my “friend” who peer pressured me she went out with him and started to be mean to me for breaking up with him.

  26. William Streeks

    William Streeks5 日 前

    i love it Wow!!!!

  27. Elskan1

    Elskan15 日 前

    2:11 big brain moment



    Will you ever go to Seattle just asking

  29. Jayden Benitez

    Jayden Benitez6 日 前

    Woah THE OLD1SOUT!

  30. #spew It’s me Hermione

    #spew It’s me Hermione6 日 前

    But what if i peer pressure some one to stop smoking/doing drugs? Am i a pice of $#!£ if i do that?

  31. Ameilia Reynolds

    Ameilia Reynolds6 日 前

    In my country weed is illegal my country is England by the way

  32. Miguel Nixon

    Miguel Nixon6 日 前

    Turn on your subtitles on 0:50 for a bit of racism.

  33. Byron Creach

    Byron Creach6 日 前

    Did u win the fight

  34. Belen Salvador

    Belen Salvador6 日 前

    I dont do it cus am 11 and I dont like doing it suck

  35. Ricky Stephens

    Ricky Stephens7 日 前

    My friend's sister decides to peer pressure me into vaping now I said f*** no and there's a come on dude f****** take a Puff and I'm like no letting my friendships and he's like he said no just leave him for cologne and she's like no I'm not going to just take a puff and I popped off first one I got really pissed off at this point so I said you either stop from a burn down your f****** house and the very violent person when I am pissed I'm pissed and angry it's two different things

  36. Julian Parra

    Julian Parra7 日 前

    You forgot the pear pressure from dead people “tradition”

  37. Rokas B

    Rokas B7 日 前

    cuz were living in the beast system

  38. Vidia V

    Vidia V7 日 前

    Good job Adam peer pressure is stupid

  39. CharlieTank15

    CharlieTank157 日 前

    there not your friend if they make you do bad stuff

  40. Weegee Plays

    Weegee Plays7 日 前

    google forcing me to see ads

  41. Ritvik Ellendula

    Ritvik Ellendula8 日 前

    0.52 with subtitles/captions on what the.........

  42. Rainbeau Coward

    Rainbeau Coward8 日 前

    Adam… hi, late comment… i was peer pressured and i said no but we were on a bus so i couldn’t leave so two people held me down while the one peer pressuring me forced a vape & alcohol in me… yea

  43. Motiejaus Valiūno Animacijos

    Motiejaus Valiūno Animacijos8 日 前

    Hey adam! I dare you to light a cigaret and trow it away

  44. Zander Lemmon

    Zander Lemmon8 日 前


  45. Flying_pug900

    Flying_pug9008 日 前

    I peer pressured myself to peer pressure myself

  46. malin Killough

    malin Killough9 日 前

    I am waching this at 9 WHY ME

  47. PacPlayz

    PacPlayz9 日 前

    I peer pressure my friend to play football with us in p.e... well I guess he will get into trouble in highschool...

  48. S4G

    S4G9 日 前

    People who disliked your video are most likely the bunch of people who you called idiots in the video.

  49. Khushi Bhalla

    Khushi Bhalla9 日 前

    I got peer pressure to make a bf

  50. Michael Ujueta

    Michael Ujueta9 日 前

    i can relate to ya dude

  51. Gavin Hackney

    Gavin Hackney9 日 前

    turn on captions and when he said your a f#cked up peice of sh#t google registered it as canadian a##

  52. Xx Menwah Xx

    Xx Menwah Xx9 日 前

    3:44-3:60 the hand is clipping through the coich

  53. RMWFilms

    RMWFilms9 日 前

    I am a piece of crap. I tried to get my dad to ride a skateboard when I was 5.

  54. Harry Watkin

    Harry Watkin9 日 前

    I got peer pressure before 1like = 1pray for me 🤧😊

  55. jasta_ boiii

    jasta_ boiii2 日 前

    @Harry Watkin I didn't mean to right that 😂😂😂 sorry

  56. Harry Watkin

    Harry Watkin2 日 前

    What u mean

  57. Soldier1287

    Soldier128710 日 前

    That shit gave me anxiety even years later after just touching it once. kinda heavy dose for first time too. caffeine at night does that to me as well

  58. The floor Is lava

    The floor Is lava10 日 前

    I peer pressured my friends into watching stranger things

  59. Dood Bro

    Dood Bro10 日 前


  60. animation Feisty

    animation Feisty11 日 前

    Me: *peers preasure friend To stop hanging out with a bully (No name calling)* Friend: let me hang out with people i want to

  61. Gabriel Silva

    Gabriel Silva11 日 前

    2:35 stuff that is* illegal

  62. dark magic

    dark magic11 日 前

    "If you live under a rock, let me explain it to you" Me: *lifts up pebble* Im listening