One Piece Opening 22 - Wano Kuni Arc | OVER THE TOP

Artist: Hiroshi Kitadani
One Piece on Crunchyroll:
Film © 1999 Toei Animation Co., Ltd. © Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation
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  1. folsense

    folsense時間 前

    i’m on ep 192 i cant wait to watch this arc eventually I LOVE THIS OP

  2. DOverton252

    DOverton2523 時間 前


  3. Guilherme Rodrigues

    Guilherme Rodrigues5 時間 前

    Ao meu ver melhor opening de one piece até agr

  4. Energy Kagan -_-

    Energy Kagan -_-6 時間 前

    I usopp with that beard and that sword looks better :)

  5. Harman Dhillon

    Harman Dhillon10 時間 前

    get ready to watch kaido vs luffy + Grand line part 2 ost .And when luffy defeats kaido, we will have a episode with the reaction of the emperors and the navy with the overtaken ost. TO MUCH HYPE

  6. Potato :P

    Potato :P11 時間 前


  7. Potato :P

    Potato :P11 時間 前

    Me: Oh I had already spoiled to myself that Luffy has metal powers or something but seeing it again just proves it more. Also me: **Currently on episode 60 something**

  8. Potato :P

    Potato :P11 時間 前

    Luffy's just boss throughout this whole opening like Zorro can't even. Zorro's 2nd boss 😷

  9. Potato :P

    Potato :P11 時間 前

    That first of the opening gets everyone going like FUCK what's happening?! I wouldn't know I'm over here from episode 60 something 💀💀

  10. Potato :P

    Potato :P11 時間 前

    So like.. I'm on episode 60 something.. what am I doing here 🤪 I mean I already know HELLA spoilers but like fuck 😪 does he finally get caught by the marines or something cus like he out here chained up or are the marines irrelevant in these future episodes 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 Edit: Someone tag me in this comment like months from now when I actually know of everything that's happening. I'm probably gonna watch it slow cus I watch it with my bro and he rarely wants to watch it. I think Ima just end up watching it on my own and him on his own time. But I feel like he's gonna give up like he did with Naruto because I left him behind for the same reason 💀

  11. cj 7

    cj 713 時間 前

    Hopefully Luffy will use fifth gear to beat kaido

  12. Psionkeez11 Z

    Psionkeez11 Z15 時間 前

    what happend to carrot?

  13. Rithik rao

    Rithik rao16 時間 前


  14. ILikeOreos

    ILikeOreos18 時間 前

    My favorite one so far

  15. NinjaRaptor

    NinjaRaptor22 時間 前

    One Dream, One Wish Kanaetai nara Over The Top! Mitakoto mo nai sekai mezashi Araburu namikaze koete Tsukisusumanakya dame sa Ichibannori shitain da Shinpai toka atomawashi Douse shoubu ichika bachika Aite ga dekaku mietara Kokoro ga chijinderu shouko Nigeru nante choisu wa nai Ippo soba e chikadukun da Namaiki tte homekotoba Kitsu toki hodo warattoke Atarashi ashita Sagashi ni ikitai no nara Tobikkiri no jishin wo migaite Tabi wo shita ashiato ga Sou! Chizu ni kawaru made Atarashii horizon Hora susunde kita bun Mabushisa to nanido ga joushou Yumeutsutsu de okose hurricane Saa! Chaato kakimidase! One Dream, One Wish Yume wa nigenai Zenbu knock out! Over The Top!

  16. Rawr X3

    Rawr X3日 前

    People say that this op has alot of spoilers. You cant be spoiled if your hundreds of episodes behind

  17. Hugo Hug

    Hugo Hug日 前

    I've stop watching when they spoiled the germa Sanji

  18. guilherme cunha

    guilherme cunha日 前

    I just noticed something luffy took kaidou heat blast head on without any noticeable damage does that mean vulcanized rubber is coming the rubber that is more elastic and well has A LOT of heat defense( is really hard to burn that kind of rubber ) plus is really hard Kinda like luffy armament haki is elastic but hard at the same time



    Explaining the SPOILERS Luffy is in the Udon Prison chaned with seastone handcuffs because he was beat by Kaidou in their first encounter. The 9 Red Scabards appear Kin'emon (forgot spelling), OP girl Samurai (forgot name), Ashura Douji (Shuntenmaru), also someone not intoduced in the manga, Nekomamushi, Inurashi (frogot spelling), Raizo and Kanjuro. Sanji's Raid Suit "Stealth Black" Beast Pirates appear: (forgot name), Speed, Jack(Calamity), Queen(Calamity) and King(Calamity) Orochi (king of Flower Capital) appears (big jerk and asshole) Lord Ya'suie's Death (sad gamer moment) Montage of people in Wano: Kaidou, Law, Kidd (currently in Udon Prison with luffy), most beautiful Geisha in Wano(forgot name and currently dead), Sword thief (stole Shisui from Zoro), Momo training for the final battle Luffy breaking out of the cuffs and chains(not escaping) Luffy vs Kaidou 1st battle (why Luffy got into the prison), backgrond skull is Onigashima Kaidou is a DRAGON

  20. Fabricio Emanuel

    Fabricio Emanuel日 前

    Amei a abertura 😎😍

  21. TaylorTheQueen

    TaylorTheQueen2 日 前

    They probably added a ton of filler so they can animate the fights between like jack and kaido so they look better

  22. MegaMissfitz

    MegaMissfitz2 日 前

    I’m glad ya fringe is still in one piece, I’m off to bed I’ve overdone it in the pic & mix dept. Sweet dreams 😘😘😘

  23. Black Blade Ichigo

    Black Blade Ichigo2 日 前

    Yo thought this was going to be a anime opening with no spoilers but no it was me Dio the master of spoilers

  24. ChiefKeefSosa

    ChiefKeefSosa2 日 前


  25. ArtBanniere

    ArtBanniere2 日 前

    I began one piece two weeks ago.. im at episode 108 now , I hope one day I could watch this arc !

  26. Law has a goddamn mustache

    Law has a goddamn mustache17 時間 前

    Have fun till then when you catch up to the latest episodes come to our ship and become our nakama too!

  27. ArtBanniere

    ArtBanniere日 前

    Donny Mello Don't worry i have a lot of time to spend :)

  28. Donny Mello

    Donny Mello2 日 前

    Please take your time with it The Wano arc won't be ending anytime soon Believe me when I say things connect in the future so pay attention!

  29. ClaymorePvP

    ClaymorePvP2 日 前

    yay sanji becomes a power ranger

  30. Ray Is My Name

    Ray Is My Name2 日 前

    Woah that's epic

  31. XxMOBxX

    XxMOBxX2 日 前

    Is this telling us Kyoshiro's real identity? 0:38 Congrats Toei,you're spoiling the manga readers too.

  32. i use this only for songs

    i use this only for songs3 日 前

    8 seconds into the opening: I see... so this is where the budget goes

  33. Andres Vazquez

    Andres Vazquez3 日 前

    Por que Luffy carga una espada?

  34. I Like Anime

    I Like Anime3 日 前

    Spoilers Below!!! Wow you really think I could spoil anything? These Opening clearly has that handled 😂

  35. JellyFish

    JellyFish3 日 前

    Zoro has a FAT neck

  36. AlanHere

    AlanHere3 日 前

    One day we will watch this opening and remember how good this season was.

  37. Captain Huzan

    Captain Huzan3 日 前

    In this opening luffy is smacked by Kaidos mace 2 times but isnt knocked out lol

  38. ifeanyi nnaerika

    ifeanyi nnaerika3 日 前

    This makes it seem like luffy acc stands a chance😭

  39. James Stewart

    James Stewart3 日 前

    When the name of a song perfectly describes its video......

  40. ArchVenus

    ArchVenus4 日 前

    Sanji a power ranger now huh

  41. akainu sakazuki

    akainu sakazuki4 日 前


  42. Clam Juice

    Clam Juice4 日 前

    I dropped this anime, does robin die I don’t see her

  43. SatanicokapiTM

    SatanicokapiTM日 前

    No she's pops up at 0:30 and 1:11

  44. Clam Juice

    Clam Juice4 日 前

    CarinhaNice what

  45. CarinhaNice

    CarinhaNice4 日 前

    There's Robin: 0:30

  46. C Meister

    C Meister4 日 前

    One Piece: has good animation People who say it has bad animation: *wait*

  47. Daniela Viegas

    Daniela Viegas4 日 前

    Such a awesome opening

  48. YoshAye

    YoshAye4 日 前


  49. Darth Sidious

    Darth Sidious4 日 前


  50. King Otaku

    King Otaku4 日 前

    Compare the first opening to this opening big difference

  51. smile

    smile4 日 前

    Ova za toppu!!!!!!

  52. Minh Tú Chung

    Minh Tú Chung5 日 前

    More and more GAO hero-like 🔥

  53. Roronoa Arroine

    Roronoa Arroine5 日 前

  54. Kiet

    Kiet5 日 前

    man i've been watching this shit since the rescuing Ace arc

  55. Shmevan Riceballz

    Shmevan Riceballz6 日 前

    One Piece Wano Arc is epic

  56. Achref Rejouan

    Achref Rejouan6 日 前

    whats the name of song pleaaaaaaaaase 2:00

  57. Bruno Marincolo

    Bruno Marincolo6 日 前

    Are this the same people from the Hunter x Hunter op?

  58. Yahav

    Yahav3 日 前

    diAchi wO FushiMete

  59. Lunami sama

    Lunami sama6 日 前

    OVER THE TOOOOOPPPP !!!! i love this openinggg

  60. Kur0numart

    Kur0numart6 日 前

    this is one of the best OP animations in One Piece

  61. Kitsune Draw

    Kitsune Draw6 日 前


  62. Генерал Ютубчик

    Генерал Ютубчик6 日 前


  63. Reese Alex

    Reese Alex7 日 前

    I like this opening !! Wano arc is getting me so excited

  64. john fenix

    john fenix7 日 前


  65. TTV_ Fucious

    TTV_ Fucious7 日 前

    Kaido to luffy: better back the fuck up before you get slapped the fuck up

  66. B Clarke

    B Clarke7 日 前

    Man I feel bad for those who are just starting one piece

  67. Shai Shaul

    Shai Shaul7 日 前

    Yet again I havent watched for like a year and caught up in a few days and fucking amazed by the coolness of the new openning and the new arc and once and for all commited to watching this show till the end.