One Piece - Kings | Part 2 | AUDI LOKI collaboration (Fan animation)Luffy VS Kaido ルフィvs カイドウ

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Hello, i am Audi Loki. My ambition for this channel is to create fan animations, its a hobby. The goal is to eventually get to do a scene for a TV broadcasted anime. Hope you enjoy what i put up.
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    MERIMO3 ヶ月 前

    15 MILLIONS Its unreal, thanks to everybody who supported and for shared our work 🙏 *there is no part 3* If you want to see our future animations go check out dragon Ball Deliverance

  2. MR Khan

    MR Khan7 時間 前

    Are you going to make something new ??

  3. asagod 876

    asagod 87615 日 前

    @SagaAnimator enserio ??

  4. SagaAnimator

    SagaAnimator15 日 前

    @asagod 876 El dijo que no hay parte 3.

  5. Toàn Lê Đức

    Toàn Lê Đức16 日 前

    P3 ??? Now

  6. asagod 876

    asagod 8766 時間 前


  7. levi smaa

    levi smaa6 時間 前

    W t a f

  8. MR Khan

    MR Khan7 時間 前

    Are you going to make something new. ??

  9. Juan Amaya

    Juan Amaya11 時間 前

    Waoooooo es muy bien hecho 😯😯😯😯😯😯 "INCREÍBLE"

  10. C0raZon

    C0raZon16 時間 前

    untuk menonton one piece episode terbaru boleh melawat di channel saya😊

  11. Ali Omer Cansizoglu

    Ali Omer Cansizoglu21 時間 前


  12. Funny & Edu

    Funny & Edu22 時間 前

    Very good anime

  13. van han Nguyen

    van han Nguyen日 前

    Chừng nào mới có tập này

  14. SEND GP

    SEND GP日 前

    Itu part 1 nya bngsd...

  15. sting abueg

    sting abueg日 前

    one piece's animation sucks. This one is really really good.

  16. Miko - Brawl Stars

    Miko - Brawl Stars2 日 前

    Nightmare Luffy with golden armament haki?! WHOA!

  17. sasuke uchiha

    sasuke uchiha2 日 前

    Cool cool cool im jumping hahaha

  18. Baron

    Baron2 日 前

    In 6 days and 10 hours.... LETS FUCKING GO

  19. ポテトマン

    ポテトマン2 日 前


  20. Ca5ch me Vlog

    Ca5ch me Vlog2 日 前

    Moria is the trump card to defeat Kaido.. turning luffy into Nightmare with advance haki.. wat if Moria holds Kozuki Oden's shadow with sword ability puts into luffy..

  21. 胡蝶しのぶw9

    胡蝶しのぶw92 日 前


  22. boa hancock

    boa hancock2 日 前


  23. chu anh

    chu anh2 日 前

    part 3 next to speed

  24. chu anh

    chu anh2 日 前

    wow very good

  25. Lennoz 1379

    Lennoz 13793 日 前

    I hope the real creators make this real

  26. Mσnkєч D. Luffч

    Mσnkєч D. Luffч3 日 前

    I was wondering why the fist was getting bigger… Then it hit me.

  27. Zay G

    Zay G3 日 前

    Shit So Mfn Lame.6️⃣✡

  28. GuidoGamer450

    GuidoGamer4503 日 前

    It is 5th gear

  29. GuidoGamer450

    GuidoGamer4503 日 前

    Esa es la quin ta marcha xddd

  30. yhecyn victoria

    yhecyn victoria3 日 前

    Infernal haki 7th gear titan devil goki..

  31. 설명충

    설명충3 日 前

    ㄹㅇ 고퀄이누

  32. Bảy Trần

    Bảy Trần3 日 前


  33. Zarenツ

    Zarenツ3 日 前

    3:18 imagine that's Luffy gear 5th

  34. Johan Cruyff

    Johan Cruyff3 日 前

    カイドウの人型?って言うのかな? そのデザインめっちゃ好き

  35. カツヒコイノウエ

    カツヒコイノウエ3 日 前


  36. DIO

    DIO4 日 前

    Kinda makes me sad that they decided to make Kaido a blue dragon

  37. timtimtimmaah

    timtimtimmaah日 前

    Chinese dragons are supposed to be blue or green

  38. ĶĘņįçhįĢąmęß

    ĶĘņįçhįĢąmęß4 日 前

    se supone que kaido es un hombre dragon

  39. Anime Fan

    Anime Fan4 日 前

    Me:the fight between kaido and luffy is amazing He: l didn't saw it which episode Me:it's a fanimation

  40. たじすけMark2

    たじすけMark24 日 前


  41. bagus pribadi

    bagus pribadi4 日 前

    Please part 3

  42. 犬パトラッシュ

    犬パトラッシュ4 日 前

    最後の戦闘準備を整えろぉおお! カイドウ優しすぎワロタ

  43. Pa MThang

    Pa MThang4 日 前

    What on earth was gecko moria doing there?

  44. Chairburd

    Chairburd4 日 前

    Heck, Moria could just take the whole crew's shadows and put them in luffy

  45. Greenback Boogie

    Greenback Boogie4 日 前

    if only the animation is like this on the actual anime.

  46. Zayin Deal

    Zayin Deal2 日 前

    They can put out good work and have excellent animators but they just lazy and would rather keep the money

  47. Zayin Deal

    Zayin Deal2 日 前

    Toei animation is so lazy that’s why

  48. Don Solo

    Don Solo3 日 前

    And unfortunately the new world has essentially been the polar opposite. Instead we get punches colliding that somehow stalemate and morph into a pushing contest. *so fucking stupid*