Old Era Pirates Bounties (24 Years Ago) in One Piece Chapter 914+

One Piece - Old era pirates' bounties (Roger's era). I have seen a few videos about this topic, but I think those videos missed many pirates, so I decided to make one myself. Probably I missed someone as well, but I hope you will still enjoy! Write your opinions down in the comments and subscribe for more!
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  1. Gol D. Theories

    Gol D. Theoriesヶ月 前

    the money thing is not real lmao,roger is not worth 10 bill if he was around ...

  2. Sean Omari

    Sean Omari2 ヶ月 前

    With whitebeard maybe but Roger had 5.5billion berry 22 years before time skip Current Yonko bounties are still lower than Rogers even after 22 years.... whitebeard at 72 had a bounty of 5billion If Roger was alive it would have been even more higher Luffy will surpass Rogers bounty once he beat Big Mam, Kaido, Shanks & Teach it will be the highest ever

  3. Olgon

    Olgon2 ヶ月 前


  4. Adriano Corrado

    Adriano Corrado5 ヶ月 前

    How can rayleigh be on the same level of yonko ? In sabaody arc, ray was not on the same level of kizaru... and kizaru is not a yonko...

  5. ishfaqfitness freak gymgym nanoo

    ishfaqfitness freak gymgym nanoo6 ヶ月 前

    White beard !!!!

  6. anime funboy

    anime funboy6 ヶ月 前

    inuarashi and nekomamushi might had lower bounties because they are pets like beppo and chopper

  7. Christopher Vistal

    Christopher Vistal6 ヶ月 前

    Gol D. Roger can hear but not can read.

  8. Joel Varghese

    Joel Varghese7 ヶ月 前

    Wht abt brook



    Brook : 33m

  10. Mr Skid

    Mr Skid8 ヶ月 前

    Whitebeard the strongest yonko after Roger's death

  11. illenessOne

    illenessOne8 ヶ月 前

    No . Gold D roger couldn’t read the poly’s. Rayleigh even said that.

  12. Vikas Kumar

    Vikas Kumar9 ヶ月 前

    You take it wrong for mihawk shanks was in Roger's crew so if his bounty was 400 million than there is no way mihawk could have same bounty....I mean that's pirate king's crew afterall

  13. What? You?

    What? You?10 ヶ月 前

    Im first To say that im *last*

  14. Traumatised ice boi

    Traumatised ice boi10 ヶ月 前

    Mihawk didn’t have a bounty

  15. Sonny Lo

    Sonny Lo11 ヶ月 前

    Bakkin wife of whitebeard lol 😂

  16. John Lester Limpio

    John Lester Limpio年 前

    When did big mom admitted that kaido is stronger than her?

  17. Iqbal Hakimeen

    Iqbal Hakimeen年 前

    where is croco?in roger death,He see right?

  18. MacKing Official

    MacKing Official年 前

    Oda Oda no Mi

  19. Channel World

    Channel World年 前


  20. Anwar Razali

    Anwar Razali年 前

    I had a bad feeling about this

  21. ig56ruje

    ig56ruje年 前

    correction: i dont think the bounties were lower at all. examples: brooks bounty of 33 million is accurate( not too high or low) big moms bouties, fisher tigers bounties are all on point. marco was no cabin boy for sure. marco may be the first whitebeard pirate for all we know. in fishman island flashback he was all grown up and a frontline fighter. marco is in his mid fouties for sure.

  22. ThUnDeR StRiKe

    ThUnDeR StRiKe年 前

    where u from ?

  23. Night Bot

    Night Bot年 前


  24. Siam

    Siam年 前

    Goddamn it. Buggy also had no bounty in Rogers crew! If he had, marines would keep track of buggy. But they didn't. Buggy received his bounty after he started out in east blue

  25. Siam

    Siam年 前

    Crocus have no bounty. He isnt a fighter. Did u watch nothing at all???? Dude only traveled with the crew for that one last journey. Others were with roger for years. Also a bounty of 700 million at the entry of grand line. Absurd! Not true. Freaking baraque works would have roasted him if he had any bounty. He was unknown if goddamn bounty hunters didn't know who he was

  26. Gol D. Theories

    Gol D. Theoriesヶ月 前

    he does have a bounty and has haki,so take this L ..

  27. alejo betancur

    alejo betancur年 前

    Maybe Shanks used an age age fruit to be young again, but to keep his strenght and he could be an admiral in the past or something

  28. nutmeg osu

    nutmeg osu年 前

    'Roger died when he was 15', please fix the mistake 5:07

  29. Robert RR

    Robert RR年 前

    Roger ass kisser , saying Roger was the strongest is fucking ridiculous

  30. Robert RR

    Robert RR年 前

    Stupid af

  31. Op Animu

    Op Animu年 前

    You made a mistake, how would you know that vista is older than marco? You know that marco df is Phoenix and you know that he has the ability to regeneration.

  32. Claussanta 86

    Claussanta 86年 前

    Whitebeard or Roger had no Bounties i mean who could beat them? took all Shichibukai and 3 Admirals + Blackbeard to kill him and Whitebeard was past his prime

  33. Larry S

    Larry S年 前

    Its not confirmed that Roger "read" the Poneglyph

  34. Hauru

    Hauru年 前

    Nice theory, between what do you think about the egg on the oro jackson? What could it be?

  35. Uncle Kizaru

    Uncle Kizaru年 前

    Oda can't read the poneglyphs man, Rayleigh stated it before.

  36. Monkey D. Luffy

    Monkey D. Luffy年 前

    I think dragon had billion bounty!

  37. Gareth Siki

    Gareth Siki年 前

    Dragon 750 million?? Bruhh he has to be more than that bro

  38. Miguel Sá Fernandes

    Miguel Sá Fernandes年 前

    I think Marco looks younger because of his devil fruit power

  39. Sreekar Gunda

    Sreekar Gunda年 前

    I fucking love this channel, And the intro is a work of art. Sub earned

  40. MetroVerse

    MetroVerse年 前

    Dear oda,i think 400m is too much for shanks.Maybe 200m is fair for him I believe he never did big actions at that time.

  41. Star Platinum

    Star Platinum年 前

    Big Mom never admitted that Kaido is stronger than her. She just called him a "thing." Which is reasonable since Kaido is an Oni creature with durability that only Big Mom has demonstrated. Also Big Mom recieved her 500 million berry bounty when she was a pirate for at least a year, I'm guessing since her appearance didn't change much when her bounties were issued. So logically Big Mom and Kaido should have the highest bounties out of all the Yonko.