Nintendo will rip you off NOW

The Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal is here and it is not good. It's an old Nintendo Switch bundle. Why you should maybe just get a Switch Lite instead, as well as Old Vs New Nintendo Switch.
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  1. Kosu

    Kosu12 時間 前

    I just bought a switch and saw this, so I just didn't buy it lol.

  2. Litekicks

    Litekicks日 前

    I got the old one but I have geek squad so they will give me the next gen switch for free when it releases

  3. Tyrone James

    Tyrone James3 日 前

    I’m getting a switch lite next year!

  4. Shao Mark

    Shao Mark4 日 前

    How do you check your switch model?

  5. Mr Monday6000

    Mr Monday60005 日 前

    The new switch has gray joycons?

  6. Caden Pawlak

    Caden Pawlak6 日 前

    Ya but you can just buy the official switch portable charger for the same price as Mario cart

  7. Walter Pinkman

    Walter Pinkman6 日 前

    Is this model jailbreakable? If so it makes it a good deal

  8. TheRook

    TheRook7 日 前

    Well you can also jailbreak the older Switch, which is nice.

  9. Joemoebob!

    Joemoebob!7 日 前

    You can mod it tho

  10. Jesus Puello

    Jesus Puello8 日 前

    Wait so you should buy the new switch? Or switch light I kinda got confused

  11. Bing Bong

    Bing Bong8 日 前

    I don’t even care about battery life my switch is plugged in 24/7

  12. Electrify 15

    Electrify 158 日 前

    I love how he makes the switch sound old

  13. ANONIMkid

    ANONIMkid8 日 前

    dude go fuck yourself stop commenting i've just ordered a 2'nd hand switch as the old version so shut the fuck up

  14. GD And tech

    GD And tech8 日 前

    7 days to 3 days to Now

  15. luke slaywalker

    luke slaywalker8 日 前

    nothing wrong with launch switch jackass.

  16. Charles Lee Ray

    Charles Lee Ray8 日 前

    Nintendo sells 5 year old games for $60 dollars, $40 on sale. I’d say they’re business model is very bluish.

  17. William Hall

    William Hall8 日 前

    I don't understand the outrage around this. Is Nintendo just supposed to melt down all of the old Switch consoles since they've made a new one?

  18. Pe Peroni

    Pe Peroni9 日 前

    So, the original Switch was never a bad system, the new one improves it ever so slightly, they DO let you know ita the older model on the fine prints, and you still go around your way to post a video saying they are ripping you off?! That was harsh and unnecessary to say the least. You could have said the deal isnt maybe as great as it seems, but thats not a "ripoff"....there are plenty of ppl out there that will prefer to have a free game to a bit longer battery life..

  19. Owen M

    Owen M9 日 前

    I got the bundle two days ago and got a 25 dollar gift card but I think it was worth it

  20. Matthew Falls

    Matthew Falls9 日 前

    BFD. You can get an external battery, there are plug outlets everywhere, and if your playing more than three hours straight... it’s not healthy anyways. It’s not a stellar battery improvement either. It’s really not that major a difference. It’s good to know, but it’s not as big as you make it sound.

  21. Echo

    Echo9 日 前

    Been saying Nintendo is trash ever since the switch and their new president.

  22. M o o n l i g h t S K Y

    M o o n l i g h t S K Y9 日 前

    In the Uk it’s actually not the same price of a normal switch hahaha

  23. Lukas_does_stuff

    Lukas_does_stuff9 日 前

    You switch youtubers are just a bunch of wussies.

  24. Lukas_does_stuff

    Lukas_does_stuff9 日 前

    Yes , AND!?!

  25. Gamer Bros

    Gamer Bros9 日 前

    Nintendo Switch? More like switch to PC

  26. Kyla Flinn

    Kyla Flinn9 日 前

    Already ripped me off when I got splatoon 2 and had it soon become useless without a membership

  27. Eat Rice

    Eat Rice9 日 前

    ha why go outside I don’t like the sun

  28. LeeTaemins HairDye

    LeeTaemins HairDye9 日 前

    Can't rip me off if I already have a switch. Hahahahaha, just *ONE* Switch and only one.

  29. SZ Ruetz

    SZ Ruetz9 日 前

    Nintendo will rip you off in -1 days

  30. vivaswan singh

    vivaswan singh9 日 前

    Yeah you right i have the hac 001 01 and it heat like crazy will a cooler work?

  31. Tuxedobird

    Tuxedobird9 日 前

    Getting a launch switch isn’t a bad model if it comes with a game.

  32. BingeGamer

    BingeGamer10 日 前

    But still if I get ripped off Im still getting a switch for the first time for the deal and Mario kart

  33. Sandra Ferguson

    Sandra Ferguson10 日 前

    Got a switch for $225

  34. Quiques

    Quiques10 日 前

    Nice 666k subs

  35. Agent Phoenix

    Agent Phoenix10 日 前

    Lol 666K subs.

  36. quackshen

    quackshen10 日 前

    Listen I dont want to hear shit from the dude who has 666k subscribers, Find Jesus and maybe I'll find your video interesting.

  37. Braille Eulogy

    Braille Eulogy10 日 前

    This is dishonest video.

  38. Sunnyside Animations

    Sunnyside Animations10 日 前

    So avoid buying this bundle?

  39. its all about the games

    its all about the games10 日 前

    You are really dumb a older switch you can homebrew not the new model. Homebrew is really important and is a easy Choice To choose for the old model because of that.complaining that old switch model gets too hot and cracks the backplate is untrue it happend to you because you have a custom probaly AliExpress backplate which are Just trash. Stop making video's full of lies

  40. Kojicoco

    Kojicoco10 日 前

    Well I bought it anyway