Nintendo Switch - Parental Controls

Nintendo explains how parents can control which games their kids experience on Switch, and how long they play them.
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  1. Oh Hey

    Oh Hey8 時間 前

    Bowser the Dad

  2. Mayank Sharma

    Mayank Sharma8 時間 前

    The important question is how in the hell is the big dragon able to use smart phone with pointed nails.

  3. KAYJZA Ahmed

    KAYJZA Ahmed13 時間 前


  4. Jeff Song

    Jeff Song14 時間 前

    The time on Bowser's phone is 9:41, the same as iPhones in presentations and commercials

  5. Joshua Geisler

    Joshua Geisler21 時間 前

    1:57 Well... this is ironic. Bowsers hime screen in princess peach...


    АРТЕМОН21 時間 前

    *T H E R E I S A F U N C T I O N T O F U C K Y O U R C H I L D*

  7. petit biscuit

    petit biscuit21 時間 前


  8. Seiko

    Seiko22 時間 前

    i like how peach is bowser wallpaper xd

  9. أبو مطحس

    أبو مطحس日 前


  10. Ben Amon

    Ben Amon日 前

    "What kind of games is my child playing?" Well I for one thought you, the PARENT, would be getting said games...

  11. JustRogen

    JustRogen日 前

    Who is here from SML

  12. God Penguin FTW

    God Penguin FTW日 前

    Why isn't there a option to stop bowser jr shooting a school because he played a game for 0.000000001 seconds

  13. TigerishRumble

    TigerishRumble日 前

    I mean... Is Bowser really that bad after all?

  14. Andy Long

    Andy Long日 前

    1:25 wouldnt bowser jr just go to disable parental controls

  15. IL tuo giocatore medio

    IL tuo giocatore medio40 分 前

    No because you probably need a passcode

  16. Hernán Rodríguez

    Hernán Rodríguez日 前

    Here we can see that Bowser is not only a bad guy who kidnaps princesses, he is also a great dady.

  17. Jelly the jellyfish

    Jelly the jellyfish日 前

    Anyone not going and address the fact that Bowser didn't scratch his phone screen?

  18. Lupe S.R

    Lupe S.R日 前

    Como tubo un hijo

  19. Starwguymaster Dude

    Starwguymaster Dude日 前


  20. Ahmad Hassani

    Ahmad Hassani日 前

    Ok now make a video with bowsette.

  21. Dmiani Morgan

    Dmiani Morgan日 前

    0:35 Jr clearly selected Mario in Mario kart instead of his old man right in front of him

  22. Lil Torres

    Lil Torres日 前

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 When the game just shuts down 😂😂😂😂

  23. Ruqiersa - Tarık

    Ruqiersa - Tarık日 前

    I dont have a nintendo switch but im watching this

  24. MechaGamerz31

    MechaGamerz312 日 前

    If i was a parents Me:DID YOU PLAY AN 18+ games My son:But it was nekopara Me:Can i join?

  25. JavaFloof

    JavaFloof2 日 前

    baby bowser looks cute as a small boi

  26. Andrew001

    Andrew0012 日 前

    Who Else Didn't Told There Parents About Parental Control? Hehe

  27. Andrew001

    Andrew001日 前

    @Randy Aguirre 😂

  28. Randy Aguirre

    Randy Aguirre日 前

    I tried but they sill give me a time limit :/

  29. SunShine Love

    SunShine Love2 日 前

    At 1:23 it wants to make me cry. Idk y 😭

  30. SunShine Love

    SunShine Love2 日 前

    Bowser. Such a parent. So responsible

  31. 传奇帅聂LGD_KSXD

    传奇帅聂LGD_KSXD2 日 前

    So cute xd


    VIRTILIZE2 日 前

    I don't think I will buy this

  33. Fantastic Cube

    Fantastic Cube2 日 前

    Why Boo's are scaring Bowser Jr.? Maybe they are jealus?

  34. Fantastic Cube

    Fantastic Cube2 日 前

    0:15 Parents are buying these games!!!

  35. chinmay baitule

    chinmay baitule2 日 前

    The fact that Bowser is allowing his son to play for 1 hour, alone melts my heart.

  36. #1 best chef in the world for real!

    #1 best chef in the world for real!2 日 前

    When you realize you just watched 2 minutes of adds.

  37. Kevien Young

    Kevien Young2 日 前

    Realy what he got that realy, bouser you just buy boouser jr that game

  38. ʟʊզʊɨռɦǟֆ ֆǟɖ

    ʟʊզʊɨռɦǟֆ ֆǟɖ2 日 前

    Angry B O O M E R

  39. Gkmaitre T

    Gkmaitre T2 日 前


  40. Jukie Mimi

    Jukie Mimi2 日 前

    Bowser is a cute parent

  41. Popcornas 2008

    Popcornas 20082 日 前


  42. Rockstarzz

    Rockstarzz2 日 前

    Nintendo: games are frustrating *insert annoying joy con drift*

  43. shamsad mohamed

    shamsad mohamed3 日 前

    1:24 The Best Ever