1. 2Hype

    2Hypeヶ月 前

    When we hit 200,000 Subscribers we will drop the hide and seek right away! Or we will drop it next saturday

  2. berserkmarii

    berserkmarii20 日 前

    I like mopi and jessers room more than the rest. Idk why

  3. rushfanatik1

    rushfanatik127 日 前


  4. Dresean Nation

    Dresean Nation28 日 前

    Let T jass join 2hype

  5. Toni Dotston

    Toni Dotston28 日 前

    One of u should get pet turtle

  6. Andrew

    Andrew29 日 前

    Play faze clan in basketball

  7. Rtv Night

    Rtv Night15 分 前

    Why is kris the only one who has there own office every one else records in there room

  8. Nick Brunner

    Nick Brunner2 時間 前

    I want to be a Member of 2hype, thats my wish

  9. rockem88jr Bro

    rockem88jr Bro18 時間 前

    Jessy is like me I take my friends candy

  10. BSB_ Baucom

    BSB_ Baucom日 前

    Lit house

  11. Cocoa Caramel

    Cocoa Caramel日 前

    The ps4 they have in the 2hype film room is 🔥🔥

  12. Logan Schroeder

    Logan Schroeder日 前

    Me: watching 4:47 has seizure

  13. Elias Eeg

    Elias Eeg2 日 前

    go up the attic!!!!!

  14. Vader 24

    Vader 242 日 前

    Who has the best setup 1.Jesser 2.Lsk 3.Jiedel 4.Zackttg 5.Mitchell 6.Mopi Comment the number u think is the best

  15. Vader 24

    Vader 242 日 前

    I think 2. LSK

  16. Jordan Peterson

    Jordan Peterson2 日 前

    have prettyboyfredo come to the house

  17. Fresh JarofSkippy

    Fresh JarofSkippy2 日 前

    11:05 thank me later

  18. Yamen Laban`

    Yamen Laban`2 日 前

    the ace family or team 10 or ricegum

  19. Ianrey Patino

    Ianrey Patino3 日 前

    What happens if your going to invite Blazey Fearey and Troydan Like if you all agree

  20. Liam Reardon

    Liam Reardon3 日 前

    I like how kris gets the biggest room in the house and an office

  21. Zain Sultan

    Zain Sultan3 日 前

    Did you build your PC

  22. PHLX EclipZe

    PHLX EclipZe4 日 前

    Show all of your jerseys

  23. Jarrett Kern

    Jarrett Kern4 日 前

    Mopi has a girl ?????????????????????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  24. Le Caillou

    Le Caillou4 日 前

    A nerf battle in your house could be great !

  25. Caleb Kilroy

    Caleb Kilroy5 日 前

    Could I have the mic from your closet jidel

  26. Garrett Pfaff

    Garrett Pfaff5 日 前

    Thats my buddies old house used to party there all the fucking time! No way you bought his house!!! I live 20 minutes away from you❤️ THATS 2HYPE

  27. Elijah Smith

    Elijah Smith5 日 前

    Mopi watches When they see uss

  28. Bayla

    Bayla6 日 前

    Yo I know y'all don't know me but can I move in? I'll do your laundry lmaooo

  29. Donald Mulkey

    Donald Mulkey6 日 前

    Burger King pocket racer were so much better

  30. pat jones

    pat jones6 日 前

    This is a nice house bro it's too fire. Love the beats to especially the one @13:15 anybody know what's the name of that beat? Also what's the name of the beat @22:14 I like that beat as well

  31. Woo P

    Woo P6 日 前

    Kris room is od

  32. Discover Life Media

    Discover Life Media6 日 前

    This definitely caught my eye!

  33. Breaking Ankles

    Breaking Ankles6 日 前

    What happen to the “lab”

  34. Fadingshadow

    Fadingshadow6 日 前

    Where did they get the monet

  35. Sandra Brooks

    Sandra Brooks7 日 前


  36. TheCaptinBlue

    TheCaptinBlue7 日 前

    When did zack get a cat????!!

  37. Xxcilli_peperxX

    Xxcilli_peperxX7 日 前

    They get free water doe😂😂

  38. TOXIIC

    TOXIIC7 日 前

    5:57 are my eyes fucking wit me

  39. Joel Solomon

    Joel Solomon7 日 前

    17:05 Jiedel be salty af

  40. LemonCloud

    LemonCloud7 日 前

    Anyone else think they have a house problem?

  41. Douglas Boake

    Douglas Boake7 日 前

    I’m confused is Mitchell actually in 2 hype

  42. 203 Matthew

    203 Matthew7 日 前

    Y’all are so blessed🙏

  43. Rebecca Reppuhn

    Rebecca Reppuhn8 日 前

    Yo how bout lostnunbound

  44. Nzxt_ Nani

    Nzxt_ Nani8 日 前

    Who owns 2Hype?

  45. Parallel Bleachy

    Parallel Bleachy8 日 前

    just knowing that Jesse even has over 1 million dollars scares me

  46. CJR Sports

    CJR Sports8 日 前


  47. Nitro Vqlts

    Nitro Vqlts8 日 前

    I wish I had a house like that.

  48. ReZe

    ReZe8 日 前

    do ,me do me!!!

  49. Chase Nguyen

    Chase Nguyen8 日 前

    We already saw Jessers car in Jiedels setup tour video. #BlueSuperCar

  50. Carson's Trick Shots

    Carson's Trick Shots8 日 前

    Wasn’t goku TDS dog???

  51. Coolboy21 Cool

    Coolboy21 Cool8 日 前

    So much beds

  52. Broady Buchanan

    Broady Buchanan8 日 前

    6 stoves and you couldn’t give James one 😂😂

  53. Onkar Cheema

    Onkar Cheema8 日 前

    Kill flight on the court

  54. Chris Ellington

    Chris Ellington9 日 前

    Kitchen looks like it was made for subway


    N GROOVES9 日 前

    Who clears this


    N GROOVES9 日 前

    Livin yo best life bro