My Mom Cut Me Off Financially And Kept Everything For Herself


  1. Taoster Productions

    Taoster Productions5 時間 前

    I want someone to just ram into this spoiled brat with a semi truck.

  2. mary sam

    mary sam9 時間 前

    I agree that brat is so stupid. And a brat

  3. LifeWith Miah

    LifeWith Miah10 時間 前

    She’s so spoiled

  4. Desmond Spen er

    Desmond Spen er10 時間 前

    Is nobody going to talk about the title it says my mom cut me off financially she gave everything to you

  5. Beetle Flower

    Beetle Flower10 時間 前


  6. Aanya Deshpande

    Aanya Deshpande10 時間 前

    She is an idiot! When she couldn’t find money, she thought she was hiding it! Each like is 1000000000 slaps for the girl

  7. Raine coblentz

    Raine coblentz11 時間 前

    She got better at the end so it helps. People can Change I hope she gets a job to pay back her mom

  8. Sam 101

    Sam 10112 時間 前

    Girl your mom was working a full time job so she could afford to take care of you. You are a spoiled brat and you are still complaining after you got whatever you wanted. Most people including me don't even get to have nice things like you, be grateful

  9. Brooklyn Nichols

    Brooklyn Nichols12 時間 前

    You ungrateful brat you steal money and dont care about your mom

  10. Chandler Brooks

    Chandler Brooks12 時間 前

    Bitch your a EK Smh

  11. Flower World

    Flower World13 時間 前

    One like=one slap for this spoiled brat

  12. Sita Rules17

    Sita Rules1714 時間 前

    Geez so glad I'm not like that hell mom would've killed me a long time ago if I acted like that😂😂 But I want to whip this girl with my belt

  13. julia irene

    julia irene14 時間 前

    you 👏 little 👏 brat 👏

  14. Roblox Beauty queen

    Roblox Beauty queen15 時間 前

    First of all this video makes me so mad just because of how bratty this little… Is I just want to punch second of all no you don’t know you freaking don’t you do not appreciate what your mother does for you like why would you say that when you don’t actually mean it third of all are you kidding me? You steal MONEY FROM YOUR MOTHER? who is this kid? I’m going to Kill your little brat ass

  15. Immanuyl Dalagan

    Immanuyl Dalagan17 時間 前

    Bruh you are thieft

  16. Immanuyl Dalagan

    Immanuyl Dalagan17 時間 前

    Bruh your brat Its not cool And its not fun And gokdeeger And rober

  17. Roblox Beauty queen

    Roblox Beauty queen15 時間 前

    Immanuyl Dalagan true!! Also * you’re and *golddigger

  18. Alexis El Payaso

    Alexis El Payaso19 時間 前

    This girl was the cause that his dad kill him self

  19. King Kim

    King Kim21 時間 前

    Ur greedy

  20. Brylinn Singleton

    Brylinn Singleton21 時間 前

    5:23 wate what 5:30 the fuc# y Y my mom would have BM me black and blue if I did something like that I am too afraid and I don't have the balls for that and I'm surprised at you and your mom your mom hasn't beat the ever-living poop out of you you are so lucky

  21. Xochielt Castillo

    Xochielt Castillo日 前

    Eula you are such a brat and you should go to jail for skilling your mom's money

  22. Xochielt Castillo

    Xochielt Castillo日 前

    You're selfish

  23. tevin weir

    tevin weir日 前

    What a little brat!!!!

  24. linhmoore

    linhmoore日 前

    You need to stop acting like a brat

  25. Kristen Eckel

    Kristen Eckel日 前

    This girl is rude and selfish

  26. Nylee Icey

    Nylee Icey日 前

    She’s a brat if i was her mother she would be sleeping in my backyard

  27. Rebecca Fan

    Rebecca Fan日 前

    When I a aqaaaaa

  28. Zi Ao Zhou

    Zi Ao Zhou日 前

    Such a spoilt brat and she should earn her own money Like this comment if you agree

  29. Crazy Holly

    Crazy Holly日 前

    That girl is a brat she is working so hard and she is treating her mum like garbage

  30. hammiez666

    hammiez666日 前

    Serves her right the spoilt cow

  31. Infinity Redix

    Infinity Redix日 前


  32. ok.

    ok.日 前


  33. vamperkillzshy

    vamperkillzshy日 前

    I don't understand the title

  34. Crystal Gmz

    Crystal Gmz日 前

    She is a brat and ungrateful 🙄🤬

  35. Thoriso Molefe

    Thoriso Molefe日 前

    Even after her dad dies, she still doesn't learn. She continues to be a brat. "If dad were here, he would have paid for the lessons", after her father passes, all she remembers about him is his ability to pay for things. Sad.

  36. Cincere Nylah

    Cincere Nylah日 前

    She needs get a job u ungreatful

  37. Robin Berardine

    Robin Berardine日 前

    She is just a spoiled brat -^-

  38. Denisa Tabacaru

    Denisa Tabacaru日 前

    She’s such a brat

  39. Oof itz Ruby

    Oof itz Ruby日 前

    She’s a real spoiled brat! I actually can’t believe her! U can’t talk no god an answer! 👏🏻YOU👏🏻UNGRATEFUL👏🏻BISH👏🏻

  40. Denisa Tabacaru

    Denisa Tabacaru日 前

    Oof itz Ruby so tru

  41. B MAN Coleman

    B MAN Coleman日 前

    That spoiled brat needs to be grateful because she eats food has clothes

  42. xoxotaku 4life

    xoxotaku 4life日 前

    She makes me sick ungrateful brat

  43. cruzzito6466

    cruzzito6466日 前

    She is so spoiled

  44. midnight cheesecake girl

    midnight cheesecake girl日 前

    The moving animation kind of disturbs me no offense

  45. Ioji Todica

    Ioji Todica日 前

    You realy are taking this a Little bit to far

  46. hazzathe pro

    hazzathe pro日 前


  47. Delta AkaneFan 2019

    Delta AkaneFan 20192 日 前

    You did mooch them off several times, you did deserve getting cut off financially.... BUT THE WORST THING IS THAT YOU ARE ACTING LIKE YOU ARE THE VICTIM!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🤣😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😠😠😠

  48. Angel Cakes

    Angel Cakes2 日 前

    You’re being a brat

  49. Poppy Fannin

    Poppy Fannin2 日 前

    You spoilt brat😡😡

  50. mega jumbo man

    mega jumbo man2 日 前

    to me it sound like your just a spoiled brat who cant except anything slightly wrong and doesent know what cents are,

  51. Joanna Oglesby

    Joanna Oglesby2 日 前

    One like = 100,000,000,000 slaps for this idiot!

  52. Joanna Oglesby

    Joanna Oglesby2 日 前

    What a brat!🤨😒😕😠😡🤬😱