My Gangsta Relatives


  1. Maxation

    Maxation2 時間 前

    How do you made your own merch?

  2. Neo The Ninja

    Neo The Ninja2 時間 前

    I mean I watch youtube for 20

  3. Gacha RainbowQT

    Gacha RainbowQT2 時間 前

    I watch JPgo on when I wake up to when I'm going to sleep

  4. Shayla

    Shayla2 時間 前

    Tabbes, can you speak korean?

  5. fayyidh rahman

    fayyidh rahman2 時間 前

    FINALLY I WAITED FOR 1 MONTH Wait u upload 1 video per month YES

  6. WulfeniteGirl #768

    WulfeniteGirl #7682 時間 前

    6:43 no Tabbes, just no. Well my friend has insomnia so she's one but nuh-uh, not me tabbes.

  7. Odd Trust782

    Odd Trust7822 時間 前


  8. Daniel Williams

    Daniel Williams2 時間 前

    I just found you today, I've been missing so much

  9. Bud_Lloyd d

    Bud_Lloyd d2 時間 前

    I am iron man

  10. ameix animations

    ameix animations2 時間 前

    #1 on trending in England congrats!

  11. Kaleb Vanilla

    Kaleb Vanilla2 時間 前

    Is this a glitch or is this one on trending!!!!!!

  12. adli maalik

    adli maalik2 時間 前

    "If you die i'm gonna kill you" how to kill her while she already dead 😂

  13. MrInstantRamen

    MrInstantRamen2 時間 前

    Imagine being gifted a ton of money because you had a *slightly* outdated phone

  14. VersatileDirector

    VersatileDirector2 時間 前

    Congrats on one on trending

  15. xKetchan

    xKetchan2 時間 前

    Tabbes!! Your 1 on trending at philippines!!!!

  16. N0 Hush

    N0 Hush2 時間 前

    trending 1# CONGRATS!

  17. Lieutenant Lemons

    Lieutenant Lemons2 時間 前

    The quality of the art has SIGNIFICANTLY increased

  18. A.M.D

    A.M.D2 時間 前

    #1 trending good job:)

  19. Viceboy

    Viceboy2 時間 前

    Your videos keep getting better and better

  20. Валкирия Play

    Валкирия Play2 時間 前

    Кто русский нифига не поднимают поднимите руки

  21. Venomous L

    Venomous L2 時間 前

    Dang #1 trending gg

  22. Sarawesome6love_✏

    Sarawesome6love_✏2 時間 前

    Worst nightmare

  23. Error

    Error2 時間 前

    If you see this hummm... I don’t know what to say so tacos

  24. W Hy

    W Hy2 時間 前

    Wow number 1 on trending Yes

  25. TheHappy Unicorn

    TheHappy Unicorn2 時間 前

    isnt tabbes a army

  26. john hauser

    john hauser2 時間 前


  27. Cayden LePage

    Cayden LePage2 時間 前

    I watch it longer

  28. MizuAchi

    MizuAchi2 時間 前

    I see that Logan Paul reference

  29. Danny Griffin

    Danny Griffin2 時間 前

    I used to have a galaxy core prime then moved to a galaxy j3. I got a new phone last week to a Samsung a10e. I an very happy with my newest phone.

  30. Poperpoppop 1

    Poperpoppop 12 時間 前

    Congratulations on #1 on trending

  31. Kobe Pantel

    Kobe Pantel2 時間 前

    The og gangster granny

  32. S[he] Be[lie]ve[d]

    S[he] Be[lie]ve[d]2 時間 前

    0:55 So Snape’s checking out the land of K-pop too?

  33. Diamond Jones

    Diamond Jones2 時間 前

    5:17 am 1 on trending

  34. Lavender Le Flee

    Lavender Le Flee2 時間 前




    Can your grandma be my grandma

  36. ALUSKY CYPHER life & adventures

    ALUSKY CYPHER life & adventures2 時間 前

    𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐨 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐲..𝐡𝐢𝐡𝐢𝐡𝐢𝐡𝐡𝐢!!

  37. Garry maan

    Garry maan2 時間 前

    Mine to

  38. x Y o o n g i x

    x Y o o n g i x2 時間 前

    6:47 Chimchim sat there for an album uwu~~~

  39. Big Fan of MrBeast

    Big Fan of MrBeast2 時間 前

    BTS In our languange we call it bayot tanan sila Means they are all gays

  40. JacksonPlayZZZZ

    JacksonPlayZZZZ2 時間 前

    *#1 O N T R E N D I N G .*

  41. blueslideryan

    blueslideryan2 時間 前

    Number 1 on trending good shit

  42. AGamer20

    AGamer202 時間 前

    Congrats on first on trending

  43. Pamela

    Pamela2 時間 前

    No one Me: 1:38 when a person couldn't stop talking.

  44. Tazerface Junior

    Tazerface Junior2 時間 前

    Imma be honest, the background music sounds like pornhub intro

  45. Tony Buckel

    Tony Buckel2 時間 前

    1:04 the funniest thing ever

  46. Depressing Vibes

    Depressing Vibes2 時間 前

    Top 10 hood grandmothers

  47. neon well nielo

    neon well nielo2 時間 前

    Can you make draw SANS

  48. Someone

    Someone2 時間 前

    I watch JPgo for 2 days straight on weekends and I can survive I’m only 11

  49. Zyrene Taplan

    Zyrene Taplan2 時間 前

    My dad lives in the grave yard so dose my grandpa

  50. Magma TH

    Magma TH2 時間 前

    You reached pewdiepie level trending

  51. Reading Arithmetic

    Reading Arithmetic2 時間 前

    Did anyone notice that tabbes is wearing the one piece hat.😂

  52. Who is Sama

    Who is Sama2 時間 前

    Damn this video looks _fresh_

  53. Cyntoia is free!

    Cyntoia is free!2 時間 前

    Stop spoiling my bratz... I mean kids definitely me...lmfao

  54. ドジャーズJammy

    ドジャーズJammy2 時間 前

    I have lots of living gang relatives >:D

  55. Ninjawsome

    Ninjawsome2 時間 前

    How much did you pay JPgo to get #1

  56. Ninjawsome

    Ninjawsome2 時間 前

    JPgo is drunk this qualify content shouldn't be #1

  57. No8leMike

    No8leMike2 時間 前

    Tabbes with limbs looking like a snack

  58. Team Graphic

    Team Graphic2 時間 前


  59. shannara fryer

    shannara fryer2 時間 前

    #1 on trending

  60. Munich Mapper

    Munich Mapper2 時間 前

    Tabbes: *doesn't even care YT: *TRENDING*

  61. Leigh’s Worlddd

    Leigh’s Worlddd2 時間 前

    “Yeah maybe sideways but thanks” 😂😂😂😂

  62. Egg

    Egg2 時間 前

    Cul you say shsnajsnzns sup also i expiriense the enoying thing in the airplane wait food? FOOD... *FOOF* also my mom go tho japan and heck my mom is ded cuz thers a lot of noise also i watch you tube 24 hours and im frekin wanaa sleep

  63. Rikuto Koo

    Rikuto Koo2 時間 前

    Yes 1st trending Were happy Grandma



    man, it sucks that u cant make more good art while managing a youtube channel... ALSO CONGRATS ON 1# TRENDING IN AUSTRALIA!

  65. SHOXZY

    SHOXZY3 時間 前

    Im up at 4:50 you dont got an ediction

  66. Bendy the Little Devil Darlin

    Bendy the Little Devil Darlin3 時間 前


  67. ASCII Skull

    ASCII Skull3 時間 前

    Yazzzzz trending

  68. Your Name

    Your Name3 時間 前

    #1 on TRENDING tuff



    Yay #1 on trending

  70. nariko chen

    nariko chen3 時間 前


  71. Stopdabbingkids -.-

    Stopdabbingkids -.-3 時間 前

    13 hours of JPgo isn’t a US thing..

  72. Dead Uchiha

    Dead Uchiha3 時間 前

    Thats not her right? Please say nah 😂😂😂😂 please say sike rn

  73. Alone Boi

    Alone Boi3 時間 前

    Aye #1 in trending

  74. PotaTomato Man

    PotaTomato Man3 時間 前

    Dont you mean your a clan from Naruto?

  75. Golden Noob

    Golden Noob3 時間 前

    wtf i used wix today when you uploaded it

  76. Lucifer

    Lucifer3 時間 前

    I'm in the same situation as you were on your vacation rn so I'm gonna take your word for it and watch 13 hours of JPgo and tell my sickness to Fuck off

  77. KcXExtreme Gaming

    KcXExtreme Gaming3 時間 前


  78. Waffle RE-0

    Waffle RE-03 時間 前

    #1 on trending, and it's on the whole site.

  79. Keizoku Drive

    Keizoku Drive3 時間 前

    You know what Tabs... They all are propably gonna watch this video... Good luck surviving!

  80. Breana Rosa

    Breana Rosa3 時間 前

    Big yikes