1. 時間 前

    4:55 No man that just a visual glitch

  2. Phoenix Gaming

    Phoenix Gaming日 前

    4:09 Finally The perfect road.

  3. Fatal buskarna buskarna

    Fatal buskarna buskarna日 前

    thosse parks are only for pregnant woman including a new bank account with around 500$ plus some free meals

  4. Funtube The PVZ Gaming Channel

    Funtube The PVZ Gaming Channel5 日 前

    Me: *Feeds birds at park* Singapore: Wait that's illigeal

  5. Zoe Heaton

    Zoe Heaton5 日 前

    Wait why can't i be naked in my own house

  6. Alamkan Countryball

    Alamkan Countryball7 日 前

    5:56 t h i c c

  7. Bosworth6745

    Bosworth67459 日 前

    Dang Singapore is strict!

  8. Lil Bacca

    Lil Bacca11 日 前

    7:06 :O thats a pocket calculator! its really old now. well. not super old! buut it was first released in the 70's and was used in school. my mother still has 3 and one of them was broken so we destroyed it to see the insides and it has 2 more working ones! but those are pretty old! and surprisingly.... IT WAS FOUND IN THE TRASH

  9. Rayaine Oh

    Rayaine Oh13 日 前

    Don't make fun of other's country, im not speaking as an individual , but for others as well

  10. Rayaine Oh

    Rayaine Oh13 日 前

    But to be honest people

  11. Zane Robbins

    Zane Robbins13 日 前

    Wtf you can't be naked in your OWN house in Singapore??

  12. Eldruin

    Eldruin13 日 前

    That church is a very open design.... ill grab my nues now

  13. MidnightTea🍵

    MidnightTea🍵14 日 前

    I actually thought it was a boat in water lmao

  14. WassupItsMike!

    WassupItsMike!14 日 前

    8:21 Fake as HELL. the bullet would of had to been pulled from the shell and put there. No way it was shot there . The metal would not be that perfect .

  15. lourenco jacome

    lourenco jacome14 日 前

    2:12 I see a possom or dog not an elephant.

  16. Melisa Fawcett

    Melisa Fawcett15 日 前

    3:29 How

  17. Miss. Stainer

    Miss. Stainer16 日 前

    3:40, do none of you lot gets these at the pound shop?? Like the marshmallow ones? If not, you are living a sad life.

  18. JakeGaming324

    JakeGaming32416 日 前

    5:53 that gap tho

  19. Ana Pescador

    Ana Pescador16 日 前

    1:57 that’s a lie,that’s a storage room I know the owner.

  20. masked freak

    masked freak17 日 前


  21. cat stop drinking my water

    cat stop drinking my water18 日 前

    3:07 is a threat

  22. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget18 日 前

    8:06 imagine tripping and falling down that

  23. natalie ozment

    natalie ozment18 日 前

    4:42. " i want to be mairred outside but in a church"

  24. EpicBoiYt Gaming {} ROBLOX {} family friendly

    EpicBoiYt Gaming {} ROBLOX {} family friendly18 日 前

    I've gotten 2 fortune cookies in 1 bag

  25. Cup to close to the edge of a table

    Cup to close to the edge of a table19 日 前

    Me: takes off clothes to shower Singapore:waits that's illegal

  26. Ranstone

    Ranstone19 日 前

    The bullet in the tree is fake. Bullet's deform when they hit even soft wood, even FMJ rounds. It would have at least _some_ deformation.

  27. pocky master

    pocky master19 日 前

    0:40 It's Dinosaur office.

  28. Crazypuddin MSP

    Crazypuddin MSP20 日 前

    სნო? ქართული იყო ის ფოტო?

  29. Lefty006 YT

    Lefty006 YT20 日 前

    8:14 that I do alot of the time. (evry month)

  30. The friendly F.

    The friendly F.21 日 前

    Pikachu can now say the N-Word

  31. 21 日 前

    Police forgets to flush... ARREST HIMSELF

  32. Literally just a piece of pie

    Literally just a piece of pie22 日 前

    Imagine getting ready to have sexy time with your spouse and the cops bust down your door.

  33. Shigaraki UwU

    Shigaraki UwU22 日 前

    Pasta bouquets Every Italians favorite bouquet

  34. Cait Cat Skull

    Cait Cat Skull22 日 前

    Sees thumbnail: clicks on video Dosent see the picture :

  35. SpriteBoi687

    SpriteBoi68722 日 前

    its at 5:53

  36. Tuna Tezer

    Tuna Tezer22 日 前

    5:34 I yearn for true gender equality.

  37. definitelynotlu

    definitelynotlu22 日 前

    parking space for only women is a thing in germany too

  38. chuck norris

    chuck norris22 日 前

    Me: *does anything* Singapore police: *wait, that’s illegal*

  39. wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •

    wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •23 日 前

    The thumbnail looks like someone has excessive sweating like me 😂😂

  40. fluffykittycat

    fluffykittycat23 日 前

    0:12 *Harry potter-themed plays loudly*

  41. Creepy pasta Fan

    Creepy pasta Fan23 日 前

    9:59 Denmark yessss❤️❤️❤️❤️🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

  42. SirNoobington

    SirNoobington24 日 前

    4:22 I would fucking run as far as I could if I saw that thing

  43. Happy Egg

    Happy Egg24 日 前

    3:29 It seems the person who owns the hydrangea has a healthy garden and it seems the flower was thanking the person bc of taking a good care of it :)

  44. supereldinho

    supereldinho24 日 前

    Fuck you people and your copy&paste Singapore memes. Be original for once in your lives.

  45. ShadowFoxSF

    ShadowFoxSF24 日 前

    Shipface The drunk and non-submergable cousin to Boaty McBoatface.

  46. Ahren Dayal

    Ahren Dayal24 日 前

    (Me) phew no more scary memories like Dhmis or salad fingers (The video) ima bout to end this mans whole career

  47. Ahren Dayal

    Ahren Dayal24 日 前

    0:00 me after 10 hours of battleship

  48. That Hufflebix

    That Hufflebix24 日 前

    Wait wait wait, so you're telling me that if I had a house in Singapore and I walk around naked in said house I'd get fined for someone seeing me doing it? Maybe the bitch shouldn't have seen this blob in her true form and we wouldn't have a damn problem!

  49. jonah alexander

    jonah alexander24 日 前

    1:45 this looks exactly like the top of my house

  50. julian szymczak

    julian szymczak24 日 前

    1:38 actually thats becouse something died there and mushrooms like these grow in a pattern like this on the soil where the body lies lol

  51. Stephen Spendlove

    Stephen Spendlove24 日 前

    How would the police know if you were naked in your house Oh god