⚡️MEETING ENEL⚡️One Piece ep 166-167 REACTION

Hi! We're Ewa & Marta c:
There're no video reactions to previous episodes, but OBVIOUSLY we've watched them
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  1. Ragnork 101

    Ragnork 10112 日 前

    3:15 i was happy as marta when i saw the wolfs dancing for the first time 😂

  2. 1243qwfull

    1243qwfull18 日 前

    That’s lit y’all watched Full metal before

  3. nonStop Kangaroo

    nonStop Kangaroo18 日 前

    Please dont skip 187-189. Thank u.

  4. Frendy Johan

    Frendy Johan18 日 前

    Enel pants is BATIK motif from Indonesia.. :)

  5. farid ariffin

    farid ariffin17 日 前

    @Muhammad Sanusi semuanya dari indonesia

  6. Muhammad Sanusi

    Muhammad Sanusi17 日 前

    Iya kok.. Bumi ini milik Indonesia

  7. Macae

    Macae19 日 前

    Jak szukacie załogi to moge zostac Zoro XD

  8. Sariah Haiyes

    Sariah Haiyes19 日 前

    One piece reactions are kind of dying out now but girls I swear if you do Naruto reactions you will get 100k views a video they are popular right now. You guys are way prettier than Suzy too

  9. Nackols

    Nackols18 日 前

    oh shut up

  10. Super rekodu sennin gear 2nd

    Super rekodu sennin gear 2nd18 日 前

    😂😂yoo sis chill, but shes into dubbed so no no lmao

  11. Asip

    Asip19 日 前

    finally they meet RAP GOD

  12. Jhony Galindo

    Jhony Galindo20 日 前

    Enel = Eminem caracter made Oda sensei

  13. Lokim -jm-

    Lokim -jm-20 日 前

    The one repairing Merry is... (sniff) 😢😭😭😭

  14. Super rekodu sennin gear 2nd

    Super rekodu sennin gear 2nd18 日 前

    🤐🤐🤐🤐shhhhhhh nooo spoilers

  15. SkiLLoF

    SkiLLoF20 日 前


  16. Alexios Komnenoglou

    Alexios Komnenoglou20 日 前

    Where are those two from?

  17. Alexios Komnenoglou

    Alexios Komnenoglou20 日 前

    I am going to create a pirate crew. Join me Ewa and Marta. I will be the king of pirates :)))

  18. ガリタガリガリクソン

    ガリタガリガリクソン20 日 前


  19. ibra om

    ibra om20 日 前

    as we said before like and start watching

  20. アジアン敦子

    アジアン敦子20 日 前


  21. Crossover covers

    Crossover covers20 日 前

    Instagram? Twitter? Facebook?

  22. I WONDER

    I WONDER21 日 前

    Still yet this part;; So~much left going to watch ^^

  23. Harold Miguel Ángel Chávez Rivera

    Harold Miguel Ángel Chávez Rivera21 日 前

    Jajaja creo que decir esto es spoiler, pero Enel es uno de los personajes mas fuertes de One Piece xd

  24. jonathan morales vargas

    jonathan morales vargas21 日 前


  25. jalm 28

    jalm 2821 日 前


  26. monkey d kid

    monkey d kid21 日 前

    *from episode tnn to tin tnn 😂😂😂*

  27. Cold Cafe

    Cold Cafe21 日 前

    7:53 when she sees your mantra

  28. Lomas Turbas

    Lomas Turbas21 日 前

    Instagram? U.U

  29. DutyofCall

    DutyofCall21 日 前

    Which language do you speak because it's sounds familiar but I can't figure out why.

  30. Ben Layers

    Ben Layers21 日 前

    enel seem to be marta type man 7:55 xD


    REDOUANE21 日 前

    I wonder when they gonna get to marine ford ?

  32. ka mi

    ka mi21 日 前


  33. Grisza

    Grisza21 日 前

    8:04 Wspaniałe było to tłumaczenie, aż się wzruszyłem ;D

  34. 2まーく

    2まーく21 日 前


  35. Mit Silvan nackt duschen

    Mit Silvan nackt duschen21 日 前

    Why are you just skipping episodes? Or am I missing something?

  36. Zelin XB

    Zelin XB21 日 前

    they are watching those episodes but they do not record therselves watching it, cuz no one cares about those episodes...

  37. peeply lulu

    peeply lulu21 日 前

    Mokong will stop Eminem

  38. peeply lulu

    peeply lulu21 日 前

    Youre like ace burning the baby might likely fall or burn

  39. peeply lulu

    peeply lulu18 日 前

    Or might kill obama

  40. Berkan Ôcal

    Berkan Ôcal21 日 前

    Enel is a cool and Strong character. Hehe

  41. Shanks El Pelirrojo

    Shanks El Pelirrojo21 日 前

    Esta inspirado en eminem

  42. Deiván Puppet

    Deiván Puppet21 日 前

    Buena reacción al capítulo :3

  43. RS 9

    RS 921 日 前

    So cute girls 😉😍

  44. Thor Dhamanurak

    Thor Dhamanurak21 日 前

    I love you

  45. زيۆني ' ِ

    زيۆني ' ِ21 日 前

    حلغوم موش بنسوان🙂💔

  46. Tomo S

    Tomo S21 日 前


  47. - qderKL

    - qderKL21 日 前


  48. edgar Petit pied

    edgar Petit pied21 日 前

    I want to be in Emiu’s crew and go to an adventure with them 😍

  49. Gauss24

    Gauss2421 日 前

    love that braid in eva's hair. yes it's been a while since u guys shitted on tashigi, i was ready for it but it didn't happen. was sort of hoping to see ur reaction to enel attacking the blonde girl with luffy with a lighting bolt in the city, that scene was so badass, also all the fun conversations luffy, sanji, and ussop have as they go into the forest on that boat