MEDIEVAL DANCE BATTLE (Renaissance Faire Vlog)

We partied in the 1600s for a day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire! Damien tries to get his hands on some olde medieval fare, Courtney and Shayne outdance the fairest of maidens, and Ian’s bowl cut finally makes a comeback.
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  1. Smosh Pit

    Smosh Pit8 ヶ月 前

    16:15 it what happens when Kevin edits the video

  2. Bella Sofia

    Bella Sofia4 ヶ月 前


  3. Chance Bowen

    Chance Bowen4 ヶ月 前

    I wanna bang Courtney soooooo bad

  4. purple elephant

    purple elephant7 ヶ月 前


  5. Chance Bowen

    Chance Bowen8 ヶ月 前

    Boy is Courtney sexy

  6. HAMIX

    HAMIX8 ヶ月 前

    Was she drunk at the end😂😂😂

  7. Zoe Kennedy

    Zoe Kennedy23 時間 前

    "What kind of knight are you?!" "a wEEB"

  8. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian Rodriguez3 日 前

    Next time get the fish and chips it’s the best food there

  9. greenhalo 2

    greenhalo 23 日 前

    Damien is a barbarian

  10. JustYourLocalPaffuto

    JustYourLocalPaffuto4 日 前


  11. Just Will :l

    Just Will :l5 日 前

    Imagine not having Scotch Eggs on lock

  12. Kawaii Jacinta

    Kawaii Jacinta5 日 前

    Is Damian single?😂😍😂

  13. Heather Ker

    Heather Ker7 日 前

    Damien just proving why he’s my favorite human

  14. Zach Kleinwort

    Zach Kleinwort7 日 前

    12:36 this didnt age well now did it.....

  15. Flikk

    Flikk7 日 前

    Ian: you have to say kobe Me: cries

  16. Munchausen45

    Munchausen458 日 前

    “I can’t tell if I’m being a monk...or a Jedi “

  17. SaylorDreamer

    SaylorDreamer9 日 前

    anyone know where Courtney’s white shirt is from? It’s so cute!

  18. fan of every thing

    fan of every thing10 日 前

    Im trying so hard not to correct them on their medieval edict

  19. Steven Whitton

    Steven Whitton10 日 前

    Ian was wearing a wig

  20. Sam Parseghian

    Sam Parseghian11 日 前

    He lost his faith when he left the jtp

  21. Phú Phạm

    Phú Phạm12 日 前

    Courtney is so hot🔥🔥😍😍😍

  22. Socks

    Socks12 日 前

    We need scotch egg merch.

  23. The_chairsofter_next_door ._.

    The_chairsofter_next_door ._.12 日 前

    That old guy was hilarious walking up with that face 😂 I’d be like ._.

  24. Christi Bailey

    Christi Bailey13 日 前

    Is anyone watching this after Kobe died?

  25. Thomas Matthias

    Thomas Matthias13 日 前

    I NEED the bro-monks and the bro-ther "Hood" ( backwards hat)

  26. The Levitator

    The Levitator13 日 前

    Scottish egg is okay, but for me, it is the mcchicken. The best fast food sandwich.

  27. Aaron Harris

    Aaron Harris14 日 前

    Top 10 Most Legendary DnD Parties of All Time

  28. Delaney Johnston

    Delaney Johnston14 日 前

    this makes me want to go to a renaissance festival

  29. Luis Alfonso Pérez

    Luis Alfonso Pérez15 日 前

    09:19 Courtney's most sincere laugh ❤️

  30. Rickard Bergendahl

    Rickard Bergendahl15 日 前

    Is it medieval or renaissance? the diffrence is about 600 years

  31. Stray Nora

    Stray Nora15 日 前

    A WEEB! 😍😍😍

  32. Brian DeKam

    Brian DeKam16 日 前

    This brightened up my otherwise very depressing mood

  33. Davie Bean

    Davie Bean16 日 前

    He said Kobe... 😢😢😢

  34. Eve Holzinger

    Eve Holzinger16 日 前


  35. Eve Holzinger

    Eve Holzinger16 日 前

    Im in ar hery and their lack of skill bothers me lol

  36. Evelyn Ward

    Evelyn Ward17 日 前

    12:37 when they were mentioning kobe :((

  37. Cannon Bates

    Cannon Bates17 日 前

    what a man gotta do for some scotch eggs?

  38. Emma Stanton

    Emma Stanton18 日 前

    I just need to know where Courtney got that outfit from. It's so cute!

  39. Galax GLX

    Galax GLX18 日 前

    Where Keith ,Olivia and Noah?

  40. Life’s a party so have fun

    Life’s a party so have fun19 日 前

    15:20 ha! In my school we learn javelin throwing!

  41. Niya

    Niya20 日 前

    Why is Courtney’s dancing sooo good tho

  42. Benjamin Joseph Doncom

    Benjamin Joseph Doncom20 日 前

    sims medieval music used. is all the sims music royalty free?

  43. katelyn shafer

    katelyn shafer21 日 前

    me in 2020 watching this immediately after Kobes death

  44. AstroNut Productions

    AstroNut Productions21 日 前

    12:37 Kobe 😔

  45. Caleb Wray

    Caleb Wray21 日 前

    Hail Companion!!

  46. Caleb Wray

    Caleb Wray21 日 前


  47. Inisii_3

    Inisii_321 日 前

    Miller, is actually derived from Millworker. So Courtney's ancestors were Millworkers.

  48. A Aguero

    A Aguero22 日 前

    Omg Kobe 😢

  49. Sophia Balentine

    Sophia Balentine22 日 前

    5:43 Damien can for real sing

  50. Army Berry

    Army Berry22 日 前

    That Filipino magic 🇵🇭🇵🇭

  51. Emma Wiatrak

    Emma Wiatrak22 日 前

    Bull whip #12 was my favorite

  52. Miah Mikayla

    Miah Mikayla23 日 前

    Anyone watching in 2020 😬

  53. Katherine Galaxy

    Katherine Galaxy23 日 前

    The Kobe part *cough *cough

  54. Mancala Board

    Mancala Board21 日 前

    Katherine Galaxy they knew

  55. Aids Etc.

    Aids Etc.24 日 前


  56. Makayla Buck

    Makayla Buck24 日 前

    Oof, "just gotta say Kobe before you do it."

  57. Anonymous

    Anonymous15 日 前

    I almost cried

  58. Monsieur Paburu

    Monsieur Paburu25 日 前


  59. Renford Moore

    Renford Moore25 日 前

    Courtney look so darn cute in that dress

  60. Dan's Factory

    Dan's Factory25 日 前

    Maryland Ren fair is the best fair in the states!!

  61. The psycho artist

    The psycho artist26 日 前


  62. mary mccourt

    mary mccourt26 日 前

    12:37 just gotta say kobe before you do it...

  63. Marx

    Marx25 日 前

    mary mccourt now you have to say “For Kobe” and he will guide your hand...

  64. Ben C

    Ben C26 日 前

    Damien is such a pretty man

  65. Lily McCabe

    Lily McCabe27 日 前

    ‘you have to say kobe’ that didn’t age well

  66. Samantha RIley

    Samantha RIley27 日 前

    Watching after Jan 26th 2020 hearing them say Kobe 😭

  67. Snow Jade

    Snow Jade27 日 前

    I would love to go to one of these it looks sick

  68. carly joe

    carly joe28 日 前

    Damien: "I'm going to kill a horse and add it to my collection" Damien literal sections later: is the most well behaved man enjoying some fowl