Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer

Marvel Studios' Black Widow is in theaters May 1, 2020.
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  1. МЕХАНИК 99

    МЕХАНИК 997 時間 前

    Фиминистки оценят

  2. Queen Rel

    Queen Rel10 時間 前

    I’m so sad I couldn’t watch this movie due to national lockdown because of this corona virus 😭

  3. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo8 時間 前

    Queen Rel it hasn’t been released yet. Due to the virus, Marvel postponed the release until everyone can watch this masterpiece together. :)

  4. Josh Mayer

    Josh Mayer17 時間 前

    My friend told me this interesting theory that even though this movie takes place in between Civil War and IW, that’s because Nat is alive and when she fell off the cliff, the extra Pym particle she has was set off and she went back. Except the only problem is that we saw her lying at the bottom of the cliff.

  5. Killer YT

    Killer YT18 時間 前

    why there Vietnam pass?

  6. amit kumar

    amit kumar22 時間 前

    Where is the Robert Downey,Jr.

  7. amit kumar

    amit kumar7 時間 前


  8. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo8 時間 前

    amit kumar he might be a surprise cameo

  9. Gabriel Cunha

    Gabriel Cunha日 前


  10. Citta Leiste

    Citta Leiste日 前

    I love yelena voice💗💗

  11. CorporateRaider97

    CorporateRaider97日 前

    Scarlett Johansson's voice is so bloody sensual

  12. Churni Bhattacharya

    Churni Bhattacharya日 前

    Why does the theme remind me of contagion's eerie theme?

  13. Elvira Villon

    Elvira Villon日 前

    Black wido

  14. Maddye DBA

    Maddye DBA日 前

    In memory of B.W

  15. Alex Gomes

    Alex Gomes日 前

    Black Widow delayed to September 25, 2020.

  16. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo日 前

    Alex Gomes it has a new release date now?

  17. Nutcracker’s Crack

    Nutcracker’s Crack日 前

    A little prediction... you won’t watch this movie in May.

  18. back to EJ world

    back to EJ world日 前

    Best Movie It Will Be ❤️

  19. S S

    S S日 前

    After Endgame, "Ok guys! What do we now?" Marvel- *Let's start at the beginning of the end, One last time....*

  20. Melissa Marie

    Melissa Marie日 前

    I can’t stop thinking about the SNL trailer for black widow lmao

  21. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo日 前

    Melissa Marie that was gold 😂

  22. theagscreations 2020

    theagscreations 20202 日 前

    Who thinks captain marvel was not what we so expected

  23. BIG rat

    BIG rat2 日 前


  24. Jax Dennis

    Jax Dennis2 日 前


  25. l u s h

    l u s h2 日 前

    Just to tell u guys, marvel is gonna up load lots of movie in 2020 n 2021 Watch ur money fly away high high high

  26. Aaron James Dela Cruz

    Aaron James Dela Cruz3 日 前

    Marvel should consider Nat being cloned just like in the comics. Nat died in Secret Empire, then, not really. Bucky knew that she's still alive, and so, he talked Hawkeye into finding Natasha. Then voila, cloned/resurrected Nat is on killing spree. How she was cloned? In the comics, Red Room has this cloning factory, it's for every trainee they have. I think it's a great way for Winter Widow to be established.

  27. stormlighter82

    stormlighter823 日 前

    There is no way they’ll be able to release this movie in May

  28. Wrigley is Home

    Wrigley is Home2 日 前

    They should put it on Disney+ and eat the cost

  29. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo3 日 前

    stormlighter82 they’ve already postponed it. No new release date is set yet.

  30. ginagg72

    ginagg723 日 前

    Budapest ..Hungary not ask why....perhaps costs a lot of money to make a movie in the U.S :)))

  31. Michelle Acco

    Michelle Acco3 日 前

    Adorei estou muito ansiosa pra assistir a viúva negra caraca que filme uhhullll Minha personagem favorita.

  32. Thyago yan

    Thyago yan4 日 前


  33. King Newpel

    King Newpel4 日 前

    Plot twist Hawkeye=Taskmaster

  34. Kiki14 Favorite14

    Kiki14 Favorite144 日 前

    Hopper is now a Russian

  35. No ;

    No ;4 日 前

    Looks sick

  36. TomtheMagician21

    TomtheMagician214 日 前

    Hopper from stranger things is in Russia in stranger things and black widow

  37. nourelle calam

    nourelle calam4 日 前

    Cant wait for the when this coronavirus pandemic will finally be over and we can finally get to see this IN THE THEATERS WHERE IT BELONG ❤️❤️

  38. Night Wing

    Night Wing5 日 前

    I'm calling it.. Taskmaster is the original white wolf of Wakanda

  39. mia vinson

    mia vinson5 日 前


  40. Music Is Life

    Music Is Life5 日 前

    I wanna know what happened in Budapest

  41. p s

    p s5 日 前

    this movie is going to be great and will beat wonder woman 1984 😍😘

  42. Ben J. Johnson

    Ben J. Johnson4 日 前

    Biased Marvel fan, both of these films will do great.

  43. kushal chandra

    kushal chandra5 日 前

    Music is good

  44. strange

    strange5 日 前

    jim hooper: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>(stranger things)

  45. Paul Flynn

    Paul Flynn5 日 前

    I hate that Corona has delayed this movie for me

  46. anisha harris

    anisha harris13 時間 前

    It delayed wonder woman 2. I was so looking forward to seeing both

  47. Fouzia Fathima

    Fouzia Fathima6 日 前

    But she was dead on avengers endgame

  48. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo5 日 前

    Fouzia Fathima this is a prequel that takes place before Infinity War.

  49. aslan Kavlak

    aslan Kavlak6 日 前

    Stranger things hopper

  50. Danny O'Dee

    Danny O'Dee6 日 前

    So is the what hopper does in season 4 of stranger things?

  51. Kareen G

    Kareen G6 日 前

    Whats OST pls??


    RINESU KUNO6 日 前

    Black Widow has the same vibes as Winter Soldier

  53. Amme.

    Amme.12 時間 前

    In the comics, they were in love and I really wished that we could have seen this in the origins of Black Widow but they chose to make an after Avenger movie

  54. Diana Rosary

    Diana Rosary6 日 前

    Oh Flo!!! (florence pugh)

  55. Martyshka

    Martyshka6 日 前

    Is she alive? Because looks strange

  56. Turtle

    Turtle6 日 前

    I feel like this movie isn’t going to do her any justice.

  57. Claudio J. Sanchez

    Claudio J. Sanchez6 日 前

    Hopefully this movie doesn't fall for the "politically correct" that Hollywood has been promoting lately. That everything that has been fought for equality, respect and identity is thrown overboard. Since Hollywood lately it only foments hatred of everything. Hate for another gender, race, identity and religion. Hopefully this movie, hopefully not fall into that delay. Since the black widow is an incredible character that we all want to see and enjoy in the cinema. We have been waiting for this movie for a long time. And as seen in the trailer, it looks great. All a heroine. Let's hope that "politically correct" which is very incorrect does not end up ruining it. I hope not, because I want to see this film without being shot in the face, I hate everything, out of pure hatred for men, race or sexual identity. The black widow is great and I hope this movie is amazing. This is how it looks in his trailer. I hope they do not spoil this film with the "politically correct", as other films have done and they have disappointed me ... That they only foment hatred of everything. Like birds of prey, angels of Charly, captains Marvel, etc.

  58. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo5 日 前

    Claudio J. Sanchez I cannot wait! I hope we will see her shine in theaters soon!

  59. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo5 日 前

    Claudio J. Sanchez It was a disaster. The chair rolling and knocking out a grown man had me laughing! 😂

  60. Claudio J. Sanchez

    Claudio J. Sanchez5 日 前

    @Ducky MoMo I love the black widow. so I hope this movie is great. his trailer is super 😁✌️👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  61. Claudio J. Sanchez

    Claudio J. Sanchez5 日 前

    @Ducky MoMo Yes, I saw the movie too ...🤦🏼‍♂️....... 😁

  62. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo5 日 前

    Claudio J. Sanchez I think Marvel learned from Captain Marvel’s mistake. This movie will be great! Also, never mention Charlie’s Angel’s again. 😂 That movie was HORRIBLE! I gave it a chance despite what people said and it was awful. The story was predictable and the acting was cheesy.

  63. terry noonan

    terry noonan6 日 前

    Oh golly am I the only one loving the synth sound on this,epic.

  64. Abhishek Jadhav

    Abhishek Jadhav6 日 前

    Spoiler Alert: Black Widow won't die in this. 🤪

  65. Jim Hults

    Jim Hults6 日 前

    Pray the lord for this movie to be released on May 1. It won't be delayed when every movie releases are not delaying in every year.

  66. Jim Hults

    Jim Hults5 日 前

    @Ducky MoMo OK.

  67. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo5 日 前

    Jim Hults as of now, this movie is delayed. If all is well by May 1st, I would think Marvel will release the movie on the planned date.

  68. PManPlays

    PManPlays6 日 前

    now we need a hawkeye movie.

  69. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo5 日 前

    PManPlays he’s getting his own Disney+ show. It should be 6 one hour episodes.

  70. Nelsie Geografo

    Nelsie Geografo6 日 前

    The opening of the sound track reminds me of the Wonder Woman soundtrack for some reasons especially with the electric cello or whatever strings instrument that is... But I look forward to this Black Widow movie, been waiting for years. It should be good. I wished they had this done before Captain Marvel's...

  71. tia veršič horvat

    tia veršič horvat6 日 前

    Me: I'm watching this in cinema CORONAVIRUS: yes but actually no

  72. Ninja Kid 777

    Ninja Kid 7777 日 前

    Yay! Issue a floating ghost like she should be SINCE SHES DEAD?!

  73. Kwol N.

    Kwol N.7 日 前

    TaskMaster failed.... So he lived by NoobMaster as seen in Endgame

  74. TheBritishJackalope

    TheBritishJackalope7 日 前

    This film gives me Fast 8 vibes.

  75. Planet2 NTBFW

    Planet2 NTBFW7 日 前

    Can't wait for it on VHS

  76. William Chollick

    William Chollick7 日 前

    When do you think this movie should come out since it lost it’s 5.1.20 release due to the coronavirus?

  77. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo7 日 前

    William Chollick I doubt it’ll go to Netflix. Disney+ has all Marvel movies and will soon have original Marvel shows.

  78. William Chollick

    William Chollick7 日 前

    Ducky MoMo It might end up becoming a NETFLIX original movie due to the coronavirus.

  79. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo7 日 前

    William Chollick I would hope the virus will be gone by May and Black Widow can have the original date. But if not, who knows. If the virus sticks around, Black Widow may go to demand, DVD, and Disney+.

  80. Jesse James Dela Cruz

    Jesse James Dela Cruz7 日 前

    I came for Scarlett but stayed for Florence . What a dessert to see them in a movie 😍

  81. Dinesh Raghu varan

    Dinesh Raghu varan7 日 前

    What's the background music ?

  82. Angelus Rufus

    Angelus Rufus7 日 前

    Don't stop Black Widow. Give to us see her on vod - Netflix and HBO! Why we must wait to see her on cinemas? And second: Create her solo movie! :-)

  83. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo7 日 前

    Angelus Rufus she deserves a billion dollars! Plus, Disney can’t afford to loose this much money on a film.

  84. Cristin Clark

    Cristin Clark8 日 前

    David Harbors charcters name is Alexi?!!??? quinicidence? i think not

  85. Youichi Minagawa

    Youichi Minagawa8 日 前

    Omg is that Rachel Weisz?! Haven't seen her since Constantine in 2005! Glad to see she's crossed over. :)

  86. JEAN

    JEAN8 日 前

    shes dead?...

  87. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo7 日 前

    JEAN this is a prequel that’ll tie into the future of the MCU

  88. Big K

    Big K8 日 前


  89. Christine Starr

    Christine Starr8 日 前

    Okay I loved Scarlett in the phenomenal film Match Point but maybe it's because I am not a Marvel fan; this trailer started out great but got worse as it went along. I guess when I saw the title Black Widow I thought of the incredible Teresa Russell in a film baring the same title so i thought this would be the same story line of a woman who keeps killing her husbands. Can't win 'em all; will still probably see this because I love Scarlett & it looked interesting in it's own insane way.

  90. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo7 日 前

    Christine Starr I think it’ll be worth seeing!

  91. Azfar03 Official

    Azfar03 Official8 日 前

    But she's dead💔

  92. Cristiano Furquim Bianchini

    Cristiano Furquim Bianchini8 日 前

    What Marvel hides about the fight scenes is that the actors participate minimally in them. The little they record is shown in the making ofs, making the audience believe that they do the fights. The high kicks, stunts are done by stunt doubles. To disguise this, the stunt-double has its back to the camera, its face covered by hair or by a mask. When this is not possible, the face is digitally replaced by the actor's face.

  93. Nick Wolf

    Nick Wolf9 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="40">0:40</a> whats dat song

  94. VertyVertTV

    VertyVertTV9 日 前

    so, she gets superpowers in this one???

  95. Rashid Iqbal

    Rashid Iqbal9 日 前

    I think so Nat is alive coz when HULK went to bring her back he said he couldn't, but according to time she would be in Vormir around 2014 and maybe the movie is all also after Civil War so... there you go

  96. Erik

    Erik9 日 前

    Music reminds me of the Prowlers music in Spider-verse, I’m loving it

  97. greenfrog12

    greenfrog129 日 前

    I am so excited 😁

  98. John Kang

    John Kang9 日 前

    Hey any of you marvel fans if any of you want to sign my petition on FB about developing a better Avengers theme park I'm planning, please reply to me and I'll give you further details.

  99. John Kang

    John Kang9 日 前

    jin lee in google type “Myeong Cho Facebook Downey” and the first result will be me. I’m holding up a peace sign and am in glasses

  100. jin lee

    jin lee9 日 前

    Link please.

  101. CM V

    CM V9 日 前

    Just got delayed indefinitely.

  102. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo9 日 前

    CM V 😭

  103. Mysterious Marvel Fan

    Mysterious Marvel Fan10 日 前

    Free Guy: Steve Harrington Ghostbusters 2: Mike Wheeler Black Widow: Jim Hopper

  104. dylan james

    dylan james10 日 前

    Ocean Grove jacked your trailer music for a song on their new album fam.

  105. Jim Crow

    Jim Crow10 日 前

    She looks too old to really pull off the whole prequel thing tbh 😂

  106. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo9 日 前

    Jim Crow she looks exactly like she did between Civil War and Infinity War. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  107. jin lee

    jin lee9 日 前

    That's what makes it even better.

  108. Alfonso Amaya

    Alfonso Amaya10 日 前

    So has anyone notice this trailer starts with the exact same shot as the Red Sparrow trailer?

  109. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo8 日 前

    Not Mirror Guy I was surprised by how bad it was. 😂 With Jennifer Lawerence, I expected better and I expected a lot more action than we got.

  110. Alfonso Amaya

    Alfonso Amaya8 日 前

    Yeah that movie was garbage 🤣

  111. Ducky MoMo

    Ducky MoMo9 日 前

    Not Mirror Guy yeah but Black Widow will be one million times better that that garbage!

  112. Cultura HN

    Cultura HN10 日 前

    Mayo? Como que esa era la fecha que tenían que dejar desde un inicio 😯

  113. Tongyun Shang

    Tongyun Shang10 日 前

    Black Widow puts two sexiest voices in the world together 😊

  114. Zoe Nightblue

    Zoe Nightblue10 日 前

    Çok güzel karı be