Marmite Pizza Taste Test


  1. Liam T

    Liam T4 時間 前

    1:34 Link throws a dart at a pizza a foot away from him and still misses

  2. Bonny Brownridge

    Bonny Brownridge日 前

    My town's old pizza hut is now a bail bond place😅

  3. Lucas Pereira

    Lucas Pereira3 日 前

    i live in nz and i have never seen that

  4. SCBJQ

    SCBJQ6 日 前

    That pizza looked good.

  5. Zachary Cole

    Zachary Cole7 日 前

    They use a conveyer belt bc I used to work at pizza hut.

  6. Wackman 309

    Wackman 3098 日 前

    1:35 lol 😂

  7. redHudson8

    redHudson811 日 前

    The conveyor belts for Pizza ovens started with Little Caesar's!

  8. Autumn Doyle

    Autumn Doyle12 日 前

    The pizza place I work at has a conveyor belt oven.

  9. Roger S

    Roger S12 日 前

    is it just me, or does it seem like Link is getting tired of doing GMM with Rhett?

  10. Xaviah Russell

    Xaviah Russell13 日 前

    Tht pizza does not exist here... Not at all.... But I want it

  11. ItzVarials

    ItzVarials13 日 前

    10:24 That's my Pizza Hut, lol

  12. Submariner The best

    Submariner The best14 日 前

    My power is rhett

  13. Addison Bradley

    Addison Bradley15 日 前

    You should do a fan nail thing again thing again

  14. L L

    L L15 日 前

    I love when you talk about NC because I live near Raleigh

  15. Capt SkyZ

    Capt SkyZ18 日 前

    In aus marmite is called vegimite

  16. Impulsive Nerd

    Impulsive Nerd20 日 前

    Stephanie should do asmr

  17. Brian L

    Brian L22 日 前

    Mike Ilitich is pronounced ILL -ITCH. He founded Little Ceasars

  18. Corbin Frye

    Corbin Frye22 日 前

    My parents used to basically own a Marcos pizza and the have the oven they were talking about.

  19. Emilee Ryon

    Emilee Ryon23 日 前

    The Holiness Tabernacle is in Woodbridge, VA!

  20. CthulhuWorshiper

    CthulhuWorshiper24 日 前

    at first glance it looks like a pizzaghetti (which is awesome btw) but then you see the inside and OH THE DISAPPOINTMENT

  21. Edwin Niemandt

    Edwin Niemandt25 日 前

    I lover marmite tf

  22. Ajaz Ibrahim

    Ajaz Ibrahim26 日 前

    How do u get pizza from other countries????

  23. Meagan Magimel

    Meagan Magimel26 日 前

    how do they get these pizzas is what I wanna know

  24. teff7

    teff727 日 前

    Does link have dyspraxia?

  25. ham4fun

    ham4fun27 日 前

    most pizza places have conveyor belt ovens

  26. DDawg612

    DDawg61227 日 前

    Why did Link decide to totally kick Rhett curb in that superpower thing at the beginning. Reminded me of when kids are playing and one refuses to let the other one play along properly.

  27. Samsung Lanos

    Samsung Lanos27 日 前

    Why don't you guys take some darts lessons, please, it's so frustrating to watch 😂😂😂

  28. zhxggyboi

    zhxggyboi28 日 前

    I work at Domino's, and we do in fact have a conveyor belt oven.

  29. John Doe

    John Doe29 日 前

    Yes Pizza Hut uses conveyer belt ovens

  30. Austin Pearce

    Austin Pearce29 日 前

    "it's like if you had an uncle that worked in a salt mine all his life and then you ate it" LMAO

  31. mama 79

    mama 7929 日 前

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Rhett's "dad bod"?

  32. James Williams

    James Williamsヶ月 前

    Im from nz an i can tell you now this does not currently exist here lol. We had a marmite stuffed crust but dammm not the whole thing 😂

  33. James Williams

    James Williams28 日 前

    @Ryan Rohloff ohhh ok possibly, im about 2 an a half hours away from chch an we dont have it 😂

  34. Ryan Rohloff

    Ryan Rohloff28 日 前

    I'm not from NZ, but have a friend who lives near Christchurch. He says they do have it, but no one eats it. So maybe its regional?

  35. R6 CLASSIC

    R6 CLASSICヶ月 前

    He litterally didnt even eat the pizza wtf...

  36. Lila A

    Lila Aヶ月 前

    "It's like you had an uncle that worked his entire life on a salt mine, and then you ate it" Link's descriptions always make me laugh

  37. Viden

    Videnヶ月 前

    During the superpowers bit Rhett was really dying on the inside...

  38. James Black

    James Blackヶ月 前

    some use conveyor ovens, some use the old style wall ovens

  39. Mr. DJ

    Mr. DJヶ月 前

    Hey guys would you be interested in hosting a segment of pizza making? Maybe live, in your video location?

  40. theattch

    theattchヶ月 前

    This quickly turned into a google deep dive...

  41. Phillip Kushman

    Phillip Kushmanヶ月 前

    Josh is going to throw it hard ....right in both of these guys after the show

  42. js39193

    js39193ヶ月 前

    As a kiwi that honestly does not look bad

  43. Gab

    Gabヶ月 前

    Bro link at 1:34 got me

  44. Lorri

    Lorriヶ月 前

    Little fyi to any MB that wants to know, Papa John's uses a conveyor belt oven. It gets up to about 430 F and cooks for about 6 and a half minutes. They also have metal stoppers at the end to prevent pizza spillage.

  45. FuturePants

    FuturePantsヶ月 前

    Pizza places often use that conveyor oven Source, I worked at Casey's as a pizza chef

  46. Micah Philson

    Micah Philsonヶ月 前

    Oh my God, Link's world just got revolutionized, this game is forever changed!

  47. NoNameJustWords

    NoNameJustWordsヶ月 前

    I was a Manager at Pizza Hut and we definitely use conveyor belt ovens

  48. Thdetdestro

    Thdetdestroヶ月 前

    I've never seen a conveyor belt oven at ANY of the pizza places I've been to.

  49. Warrschu Mauve

    Warrschu Mauveヶ月 前

    My cousin's name is Steve that's funny

  50. Kenda Irene

    Kenda Ireneヶ月 前

    The Verizon store I work at used to be a Pizza Hut and everyone knows even if they come from some other country that it was a pizza Hut before 😂

  51. Shadeslayer 432

    Shadeslayer 432ヶ月 前

    It is pizza hut.

  52. Foundeadd

    Foundeaddヶ月 前

    Being a kiwi, I've never seen a marmite and Cheese pizza