Luffy vs Katakuri「AMV」- Kings / One Piece

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This high-quality edited video composes different scenes from multiple commercial free-to-use Animation footage, thanks to the Animation developers! Fidus provides unique value in this AMV by editing videos using various scenes from different Animation to create something totally unique.
► Song: Tribe Society - Kings
►Source: One piece Episode 869
Luffy vs Katakuri
One Piece Episode 870
One Piece Capitulo 870
Luffy vs Katakuri Full Fight
Luffy Snake Man vs Katakuri AMV
Luffy Gear 4 Snake Man Vs. Katakuri full fight hd
One Piece
One Piece AMV
One Piece Episode 870
One Piece Episode 871 Preview
One Piece Capitulo 870
One Piece Capitulo 871 Adelanto
Katakuri vs. Luffy
Luffy Snake Man vs Katakuri Full Fight
871 preview Gear 4


  1. Aizawa YT

    Aizawa YT10 日 前

    luffy suddenly turns goku and seen a glips of a power of god

  2. Mohammed Salim

    Mohammed Salim10 日 前

    لا إله إلا الله وأن محمدا رسول ❤️

  3. Behrad At

    Behrad At10 日 前

    الله =الشیطان الرجیم

  4. Knågen

    Knågen11 日 前

    I must say the lyrics in this song is fucking on point with this amw, fucking great job choosing it it fits SO WELL

  5. HERNANHC715

    HERNANHC71511 日 前

    En q capitulo paso eso

  6. Phénixal .D

    Phénixal .D11 日 前

    Best amv x)

  7. Nightmar Ionne

    Nightmar Ionne11 日 前

    My second favorite one piece villian My favorite is doflamingo

  8. Mohammed Salim

    Mohammed Salim10 日 前


  9. Mephisto Pheles

    Mephisto Pheles11 日 前

    Copi coler ultra instinct

  10. Huu Asdfghuu

    Huu Asdfghuu12 日 前

    Du me may lam an ki cut

  11. anh le hoang

    anh le hoang11 日 前

    sủa lắm

  12. พี่แม่งโคตร เต้

    พี่แม่งโคตร เต้13 日 前

    ลูฟี่ ปะทะ คาตาคุริ

  13. NorthernRedStar

    NorthernRedStar16 日 前

    This video is _manly_ .

  14. Mirta Carhuanina

    Mirta Carhuanina18 日 前


  15. Ok Okay

    Ok Okay18 日 前

    The song looped like 20 times.

  16. Mauricio V

    Mauricio V19 日 前


  17. Israel Martínez

    Israel Martínez20 日 前

    Muy buena batalla

  18. M4xECuTIoN

    M4xECuTIoN22 日 前

    katakuri is stronger than ruffy makes no sense to me that he lost the fight

  19. Cyber Orchestra

    Cyber Orchestra22 日 前

    I actually wanted this fight to be a draw...I adore StrawHats, don't get me wrong, but Katakuri is such a badass in every single way. Fight vs Lucci was brilliant, but Lucci was an asshole. Katakuri, on the other hand, as honorable as Luffy.

  20. Pumpking

    Pumpking23 日 前

    How could it that it is so perfect?! Can't get enough of this 😍

  21. Film & animation amv Amv

    Film & animation amv Amv23 日 前

    I’m a beginner you-tuber Can u guys watch my amv....

  22. adhejeejejtgrj djfjgfjrtjjr

    adhejeejejtgrj djfjgfjrtjjr23 日 前

    great choice in music just saying

  23. Ramazan Celik

    Ramazan Celik23 日 前

    When you think the fight will end and you realize you just watched the half of the Video

  24. Dx vT

    Dx vT15 日 前

    ahm not even a half the fight between luffy vs katakuri is litteraly 2hours

  25. Thomas y sus amigos dokkaneros

    Thomas y sus amigos dokkaneros24 日 前

    el mejor de todos el mejor puto amo luffy es mas fuerte que esa sorra

  26. Vinet Tirumala Kanduri

    Vinet Tirumala Kanduri25 日 前

    If you forgot the snake man scene I would have been dissapointed

  27. Cricketjuice 5ive

    Cricketjuice 5ive25 日 前

    I love how the music matches so well

  28. Diego Didier Figueroa Sanchez

    Diego Didier Figueroa Sanchez25 日 前

    Me dieron ganas de volver a ver one piece

  29. Vitao

    Vitao26 日 前

    esse cara e algum tipo de final boss ?

  30. Ewerton Boritza Séglia

    Ewerton Boritza Séglia25 日 前

    Nem, é "só" um filho da Big Mom

  31. супер Матвей

    супер Матвей28 日 前

    Кстати я Все Пис знаю лучше всех и он мне нравится больше всех особенно луффи

  32. Chris Hahn

    Chris Hahn28 日 前

    I've read way too many opinions on how Luffy should of lost. Remember this, if his opponent was someone he could easily beat, the fight wouldn't of been so memorable. Also, just to put some logic into an anime, Katakiri is like 40 or 50 years old, and Luffy 19. Ita reasonable to assume a teen Can bounce back from physical damage a lot better than an old man.

  33. JC

    JC19 日 前

    Not to mention the fact that Luffy is made of rubber and could take hits even with haki being used against him

  34. Volodymyr Merkulov

    Volodymyr Merkulov29 日 前


  35. Pedro Gustavo

    Pedro Gustavo29 日 前

    segunda melhor luta do anime 1 e luffy vs luciu

  36. mohamedelmahdi abdallaoui

    mohamedelmahdi abdallaoui29 日 前

    it's so cool

  37. Miguel Menes

    Miguel Menesヶ月 前


  38. Cameron Wiley

    Cameron Wileyヶ月 前

    4:56 Oops, careful with those song cuts. The music messes up and it throws the mood, in my opinion atleast. Honestly though I like this song and show too much to complain.

  39. Goku Gamer

    Goku Gamerヶ月 前

    um dos attack mais fortes do luffy e o Thor axe

  40. Goku Gamer

    Goku Gamer28 日 前

    @S1mple Bπ what kkkkkkkkk

  41. S1mple Bπ

    S1mple Bπ28 日 前

    @Goku Gamer hauahauua nmrl Luffy e Nami nmrl COMBINA MAIS QUE GOKU E VEGETTA SLK KK

  42. Goku Gamer

    Goku Gamer28 日 前

    @S1mple Bπ kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  43. S1mple Bπ

    S1mple Bπ28 日 前

    Tinha que ser o Goku..

  44. S1mple Bπ

    S1mple Bπ28 日 前

    Kkk o mlk vem comentar em canal gringo pqp kk

  45. 노밍구빙구

    노밍구빙구ヶ月 前


  46. Orangy apple

    Orangy appleヶ月 前

    I'd be cool later in the series if he just switches while in bounce man form into snake by just blowing out the air, that'd be an epic Scene!

  47. Orangy apple

    Orangy appleヶ月 前

    I like the fact that they showed luffy evolving his haki to the point he can see into the future, although its not long, hopefully they dont kill it off, and they'll show us that he still has that ability. I'd like to see wheter he'd be able to use it in a fight, and show us something badass later on in the series.

  48. Dio Brando

    Dio Brandoヶ月 前

    So they basically are muda and ora

  49. busted blader

    busted bladerヶ月 前

    This is bs, luffy acting like katakuri's hits deal no damage to him, he just keeps getting back up.plot armor bs

  50. asagod 876

    asagod 876ヶ月 前

    4.500.000 !!!

  51. Song Batu

    Song Batuヶ月 前

    Siapa yg menangbtuh terlalu cepat