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    new channel here ! working on them CURVES. join me xo

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    Emma took your #1 on trending tab James, sorry about that

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    And,yes.At the movie you must choose a movie from that list . Lemme have a quick review: Annabelle 10/10 scary demon doll,Bride of Chucky 8/10 scary bcs there are more sex scenes there so it should be like 18+ Annabelle tho it's also 18+ so good luck.IT 5/10 scary there are more sad and comedy scenes.The ring 9/10 scary sometimes it could me disgusting you should not watch if you guys are going to get popcorn and drinks. I reccomend you to watch either IT or Bride of Chucky.Annabelle is good but there are some really scary scenes do not forget it's 18+ for a reason bcs it IS really scary.If you're not a fan of horny scary movies then,don't watch Bride of Chucky.IT is only scary at the beggining,mind you it gets mote comedic and sad as you watch the movie.It's your choice.Byee!!❤️❤️❤️😊😊

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    *Gets #1 on trending* Taylor swift- You need to calm down. James charles- Hi Sister

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    She got them Walmart scrunchies yesss

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    *Wait why were the drawings low key good tho?* 😂

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    Emma at 12:42 all u could see is her eyes 😂

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    11:38 those gag reflexes thoe

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    where did you get that thermos bottle?

  12. Grace Lee

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    Love how she chooses to sleep on the concrete when there were chairs behind her that she could have slept on 😂👌🏻

  13. Wilmari Botha

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    Did she just use all the Dolan's camping gear?

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    Just vlog

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    Omg that fart was the best part of the video 😂😂😂

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    That tent is so easy XD

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    80 degrees isn’t even hot lol

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    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu❤️

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    Omg she cleaned her feet for the thumbnail 😳 go off sis 😌💅🏼

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    Sub me

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    emma: to be completely honest my rash is probably ring worm soo... *tana has entered the chat* emma’s next video: *GOIN TO THE WORST RATED HOSPITAL ft TANA*

  26. Senjuti Dutta

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    Yassss queen....trending 1.... Love that for you..

  27. Senjuti Dutta

    Senjuti Dutta時間 前

    Yassss queen....trending 1.... Love that for you..

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    I have 3 Words I Love You ♡♡☆☆♡♡

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    Why does everyone in LA have ringworm?

  30. Senjuti Dutta

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    Yassss queen....trending 1.... Love that for you..

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    Live you but please stop cussing 😶😗

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    Living on yo Balcony? If you were living😎you would be sleeping there all night n prolly die so like I don’t think u can live there for ever but then agian 24 hours who’s confused here!?

  33. C’est Zelie

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    Emma is my favourite JPgor ever!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. Yusef Joe

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    Emma: should I read the directions/instructions?!! Instructions: unbox the tent Emma: why is this so complicated?!! Ugh

  35. nasra sokra

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    Morgz 2

  36. Astronaut Primate-G

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    IF this was a legit 24 hour video,, shouldn't this video be a full 1440 minutes long 🤔😅

  37. maya aF

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    Her drawings are actually brilliant like.. I-

  38. Liam Bennett

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    Thumbnail: Emma on towel Me: use. A. Sleeping. Bag.

  39. Nadia Day

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    like if emma and the dolan twins should do truth or dare xx

  40. Jacqueline T

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    i can’t wait to see the next video to this series: *LIVING IN MY FRONT YARD FOR 24HRS*

  41. justfor fun

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    16:21 me when i arrive home from school

  42. Hd Djhd

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    Emma:Should have brought a watch Phone:Has time

  43. Nadia Day

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    is it just me or did anyone else just know emma was going to give up building her tent luv u xx ❤😂

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    You should put your drawing on a tee shirt

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    Number 1 on trending...



    #1 on trending

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    Need beach trip homie with some cooking and massages 💆 all night long

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    I dont thiunk you wouldve survived DDAY, sorry :((((((((((((((((((((

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    take a shower you smelly human being

  50. Jacqueline Marie

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    does she know that like, actual homeless people exist

  51. Overwave GD

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    "I don't know why I'm doing this" Me: Hmmmmmm MRBEAST????

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    HAHA her pants change at 16:23 good one emma

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    Almost 8 million subs and trending no 1 the world is lost

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    Bruh this is nothing mr. Beast literally spent 24 hours in a desert, slab city, and on top of a mountain, go watch him

  56. Lisbeth Elizarraras

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    You can tell youre running out of good ideas

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  58. Lisbeth Elizarraras

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    One of your worst videos honestly

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    James Charles hits #1 on trending Emma: hold my coffee ☕️

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    Video suggestion cuz me Pisces and i am creative sry: - James Charles doing your summer makeup 2019 - Going to the beach in California w/Josie,Olivia and Amanda - Baking with Emma : Chocolate Cake or homemade pizza or both - Photoshoot on your street - A trip to NYC - Gaming with Emma : Doki Doki Literature Club / Yandere Simulator - Thrifting haul - DIY celebreties Met Gala 2019 Looks - Music Festival Vlog - Beach in Spain Vlog w / Dolan Twins - review some old fav songs/ vines - Anime cosplay - Movie night w/Olivia,Josie and Amanda Horror Movie edition: Annabelle/Bride of Chucky /IT/The Ring - Dance Battle Emma vs Amanda - Try not to get scared challenge - Going to Vegas w/ Hannah and Lily - Multi-Task: order some cute outfits from forever 21,drink cofee ,play brawl stars,do a q&a - Story Time with Emma Theme: Fights with your friends ( the badest) - Your summer workout routine 2019 - Spending a day in the Mall from 11:30 AM- 06:15 PM - A week in Budapesta w/ Amanda,Hannah,Olivia and Lily - Gaming with Emma : Five Nights At Freddy's 2 / Bendy And The Ink Machine - A day in Hollywood - Photoshoot in Canada - Spending a Night in a 5 Star Hotel Vlog - Try to Drink A jar of coffe at every half an hour a day Thanks ❤️😊

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    You are literally my entire mood Hermit crabs for life!

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    Omg #1 on trending go girl

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    Shout out to Emma for getting #1 on trending

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    What The he'll is that

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    This alien kinda looks like Ethan 🤭😂

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    she shouldve bought one of those pool chairs

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    How the heck did this shit get #1 on trending?! Congrats tho 👌👏😁

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    I remember when JPgo didn’t have as much BS

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    You complain too much.

  72. Kiki Mar

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    is it bad i think setting up a tent is literally the easiest ahaahahahahhahaha

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    as famous and wealthy as you are, your life seems like its fucking terrible

  74. Bea Smith

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    what’s the song called at 3:29

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    #1 trending omg even before James!!!

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    House to offend the homeless:

  77. Lucy Donovan

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    Plz go camping with the Dolan twins Or switch houses with the Dolan twins Or no coffee for a day

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    You're #1 trending!

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    emma you looked hella mad for this entire vid 😂

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    Omg pleaseeeee go with Tana to the 1 star hospital to get your ringworm treated😂😂😂 invite Morgan Adams too😂😂😂

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    Stop copying mr.beast! Be creative!

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    Why ring worm so trendy to have tho!?

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    People live on the Street 24/7 get over yourself

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    Emma: omg I love my suitcase Emma again: this suitcase!!!! Once more: My suitcase WAIT WHY AM I CALLING IT A SUITCASE ITS NOT A EFFING SUITCASE ;)

  85. Brandon Lee

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    So actually is 17 hours instead of 24 also you're disgusting as a person have a nice life and I hope you don't get pregnant

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    good job #1 on trending

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    {\_/} (•~•) />🍰 Hmm, you want my cake? {\_/} ( •-•) 🍰🍰 Just kidding, you can have my cake {\_/} ( -_-) />🍰 But just a bite {\_/} ( -_-) 🍰

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    Emma and Billie eillish would be good friends 👇 agrees

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    Put your self portrait on some merrch!!!!

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    The new mr.beast video is looking good ❤️

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    Pfffff, Emma: *It's so hot here, it's like 80 degrees* Me: *I live in the FLIPPING SONORAN DESERT where it gets up to the 100, that's like winter to me.*

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    Its my birthday todayyyy 😚😝🎂🌈🦈🐳

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    Sitting on my toilet for 24 hours while eating burritos because that would be better then these shitty type of ideas.. But I think she's a cool girl

  95. Reese Akers

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    lol can I have your tent if you aren’t gonna use it 😂😂😂🤪

  96. Lilbug 116

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    Start of video Emma: I packed everything I’m so organised Near end of video Emma: UGGGHHHH I didn’t pack enough food! OH NO I DIDNT PACK A BLANKET!

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    So fake

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    Whhhyyy is this #1 on trending?

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    clay. because it isnt

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    #1 on trending yeessss