Live PD: The Best of Calvert County, MD | A&E


  1. A&E

    A&Eヶ月 前

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  2. dokerjams

    dokerjams14 日 前

    A&E+ No, in fact, it should be against the law for you to ride in a police vehicle to film alleged complaints and crimes (real or simulated) It is an outrage that you're allowed to publicly degrade and humiliate people for your enrichment. I think what you do is deplorable and quite possibly it is illegal, but hey, as people say from the streets, "Nice tv station, how many people did have to f%@# over for that" (Insert middle finger emoji here)

  3. dokerjams

    dokerjams14 日 前

    @Sp1nks24 They're illegal because some rich asswipes kids cut themselves playing around with them. It gave them an excuse to miss label them and give them further overreach to take more of our money for their christmas banquet.

  4. jacob william

    jacob william16 日 前

    @Futnut what? a n e has all rights reserved bro

  5. Hip Hop & R&B Global

    Hip Hop & R&B Global19 日 前

    Stop the ads

  6. The fighters__raptor

    The fighters__raptor21 日 前

    PLZ dont mess with Donut Operator

  7. Pam Miller

    Pam Miller4 時間 前

    Man bun guy needs arresting just based on his hair. 😂

  8. Trident Le

    Trident Le6 時間 前

    u guys should do this in PG county MD.

  9. Joseph Hamby

    Joseph Hamby7 時間 前

    This is part of America? Getting in trouble for novelty knives and pellet guns. How silly.

  10. manictiger

    manictiger4 時間 前

    To be fair, it was next to a ski mask and some gloves...

  11. Oneshot Onekill

    Oneshot Onekill8 時間 前

    Tag light is the biggest scam, don't you have headlights on high & get dangerously close anyway?

  12. Ethan Miller

    Ethan Miller8 時間 前

    Kid is so dumb for letting him search

  13. boompatrol

    boompatrol9 時間 前

    14:52 Okay Officer, how much have you had to drink tonight?

  14. fubu b

    fubu b9 時間 前

    The cops acting nicely when they are been filmed live by their police network 😂😂😂

  15. Jeremiah Leonard

    Jeremiah Leonard10 時間 前

    Calvert will get you every time

  16. Joey Lidd

    Joey Lidd10 時間 前

    I’m from MD and this is accurate AF to Maryland criminals and cops 😂

  17. HolySpider

    HolySpider11 時間 前

    Saint Mary’s county stand UP!

  18. D Gray

    D Gray12 時間 前

    The best of lol and they start with MAYBE A SNAKE

  19. Bertha Hernandez

    Bertha Hernandez12 時間 前

    Pause at 12:45 you can see the guys face lol

  20. Thicc Nigga

    Thicc Nigga13 時間 前

    I love how the cops think that every item in a persons vehicle has to have a detailed reason for it being in the vehicle.

  21. Mikey Dudek

    Mikey Dudek14 時間 前

    Are knives seriously illegal in California?! Wtf! I don't understand

  22. CoolAsFreya

    CoolAsFreya19 時間 前

    Toxic masculinity is literally lifting the back of a pickup up and moving it over

  23. Carson k

    Carson k20 時間 前

    Lol they look upset when there isn’t a crime.

  24. 1134gh

    1134gh23 時間 前

    Nah....I'm holding it for a friend

  25. aKitchenChair

    aKitchenChair23 時間 前

    NA cops

  26. bob77953

    bob77953日 前

    Why would you need two Cold Steel Espada XLs? Knife Jackass-ery at it's finest!

  27. User Name

    User Name日 前

    1:10 Me, as a kid playing cops and robbers

  28. coyote lady 613

    coyote lady 613日 前

    15:30 dude has a man bun, you know that boy has drugs in there...

  29. knight Tyler

    knight Tyler日 前

    If there snakes invading your land you got to shoot emm

  30. L33t gfx

    L33t gfx日 前

    And this is how white privilege works.

  31. lellius

    lellius日 前

    An inoperative tag light is pretty lame excuse for a fishing expedition, but that man-bun should be a felony.

  32. none none

    none none日 前

    Go calvery hall lacrosse

  33. Justin the Great

    Justin the Great日 前

    Driving 110, with 4 fingers on the wheel. Nice

  34. NetTubeUser

    NetTubeUser日 前

    8:06 -- This cop definitely needs to open his mouth and A.R.T.I.C.U.L.A.T.E. 10:06 -- "They are for my freezer..." like, yes... we can trust you, for sure. Yeah, riiight. 10:30 -- See? We can trust him! [put your sarcasm here] 11:00 -- Is this cop drunk or what? Oh, man... open your mouth and A.R.T.I.C.U.L.A.T.E!!

  35. EM.x.FIVE

    EM.x.FIVE日 前

    Dam they just lifted that truck and moved it haha beasts

  36. Authentic Username R6

    Authentic Username R62 日 前

    The second clip is how to act with cops, not be aggressive and comply

  37. Smuggerino

    Smuggerino2 日 前

    11:25 They just pulled a PewDiePie

  38. CQTV

    CQTV2 日 前

    If this dude was black it wouldn’t have gone like that

  39. Viewer

    Viewer2 日 前

    Maryland has a ban on concealed deadly weapons which that cop even says. That knife was not on his person and therefore not concealed when it was found. I hope that guy fights it in court.

  40. ツDocEcksDee

    ツDocEcksDee2 日 前

    Yooo I know the dude at 14:40 (cop)

  41. Ben Donahue

    Ben Donahue2 日 前

    These officers sure do mumble a lot haha

  42. Randall Goguen

    Randall Goguen2 日 前

    How cops act when they know they are being filmed.

  43. fubu b

    fubu b9 時間 前

    I noticed that one too lol

  44. Cremepuff

    Cremepuff2 日 前

    Little did that officer know that all that was KIEF, its stronger than just bud. Like thats the collection of trichomes that you get from grinding and you get super high lmao. I learned all this on the internet its incredible a police officer isnt aware.

  45. Jabaron Stevens

    Jabaron Stevens2 日 前

    Officer: This belongs to a torch? Guy: No, that goes onto a Bong piece Officer: So this is yours? Guy: I'm holding that for a friend. Officer: Man you hold everything for everybody ROFL I'm dead

  46. ZI GEE

    ZI GEE2 日 前

    "You cant have switch blades either, you stab someone in the chest with this. Something to get off the street." Does this guy hear himself, that is one of the stupidest things ive heard an officer say. Is this LIVEPD London.



    Whoever shot the snake should be locked up in prison. Well you know for getting the law that far involved like that.

  48. Shannon Joker

    Shannon Joker3 日 前

    At 1530 if he has it or not gospel use this tactic to get into your car to search it they will always say they smell a little bit of weed and that allows them for probable cause oh yeah yeah yeah

  49. Joseph Hoenisch

    Joseph Hoenisch3 日 前

    Bro, that Mholer guy is so awesome. he chill.

  50. Zaqariah Lowell

    Zaqariah Lowell3 日 前

    What kind of knives are those?!?

  51. Nicolas Lorenzen

    Nicolas Lorenzen3 日 前

    This vs Patty Mayo. It's a lot better.

  52. andy kane

    andy kane3 日 前

    thank god i was white

  53. snooogly

    snooogly3 日 前

    Cant you see how much safer we are with all these guns around?

  54. John McWay

    John McWay3 日 前

    Good thing that my c4 preworkout got preworkout only.

  55. Brandon

    Brandon3 日 前

    Can we say overkill

  56. MrBabyBitch666

    MrBabyBitch6663 日 前

    humans are weird

  57. clay longest

    clay longest3 日 前

    maryland state law a knife is a tool not a weapon. but you cant carry a butterfly knife or a knife operated by a trigger.