Lil Yachty Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ

You truly won't believe some of the pieces rapper Lil Yachty has in his collection. From his $55K 'Super Big Stone Chain' to his custom made Bart Simpson chain, Lil Yachty breaks down his impressive jewelry collection.
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Lil Yachty Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ


  1. Veronica Talakouras

    Veronica Talakouras9 時間 前

    Drops Maybach car key and an iced out key used to unlock his diamond necklace like it nothing

  2. idk idk

    idk idk11 時間 前

    I barely got 1 grand and I feel rich this video just broke my heart

  3. BigInDaPants 1

    BigInDaPants 112 時間 前

    Juice world

  4. Danzell Gonzales

    Danzell Gonzales日 前

    You ain’t losing jewelry bro, somebody hittin licks lol

  5. Kevin Coughlin

    Kevin Coughlin2 日 前

    I’m so poor I don’t even know what a grill is 😂

  6. phunk assassin on yt

    phunk assassin on yt2 日 前

    Lil yahtey has a mansion in a jewelry box

  7. julio cesar sousa

    julio cesar sousa2 日 前

    Eu tenho um da wish igual o dele gastei 25 reais skskksksksksks

  8. vidbox kanglei

    vidbox kanglei3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="469">7:49</a> do u travel with all this stuff? LilYatchy-shuuuu....sometimes If he tells u that's probably some robbers gotta rob him u know I'm saying 😂😂

  9. Skrt Skrt

    Skrt Skrt3 日 前

    He's wearing my High School and College tuition combine


    RENIX BUG3 日 前

    Is anybody tired of seeing this galaxy 20 phone ad



    I got a red buss down

  12. William Baldus

    William Baldus4 日 前

    Aye let meeee get all that money😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😝😝😝😝 Big fan

  13. Blakeh Boy

    Blakeh Boy4 日 前

    I want those toys

  14. JDub 44

    JDub 444 日 前

    All those great watches destroyed

  15. JDub 44

    JDub 444 日 前

    That wasn't a Cuban link. That was a Gucci link aka Mariner link

  16. 2M_oh

    2M_oh5 日 前

    “When/if he gets rob his life is OVER lol 😂

  17. Hope Sunshine

    Hope Sunshine5 日 前

    Homie. One of those chains could pay my rent for over a year homie.

  18. Lil CHOPPA

    Lil CHOPPA5 日 前

    What’s the deal with Lil Yachty stealing 69 grills

  19. Joel Lambino

    Joel Lambino5 日 前

    20k mad cheap


    ITZ AARSHY5 日 前

    Lil yachty: Its kinda cheap its only $20,000 Me: Can't even afford a $2 candy bar

  21. Sam

    Sam5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="343">5:43</a> *im not tryna flex or nothing*

  22. Andy Guerrero

    Andy Guerrero6 日 前

    20 grand is cheap

  23. SaMuEL FoYE

    SaMuEL FoYE6 日 前

    $20000 kinda cheap

  24. ToTheMax

    ToTheMax7 日 前

    My man lost around 300K

  25. Elizabeth Munson

    Elizabeth Munson7 日 前

    black men are looking pathetic

  26. Petunis

    Petunis7 日 前

    Whe know what your saying

  27. Not_aqua YT

    Not_aqua YT7 日 前

    Wo ist justins Reaktion?

  28. couldn't think of a good name

    couldn't think of a good name8 日 前

    That moment in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="637">10:37</a> had me dead😂👌

  29. clky

    clky8 日 前

    There got lmafo

  30. Ian Toonice

    Ian Toonice8 日 前

    His homies took his watch and rings

  31. Kameron Cooey

    Kameron Cooey8 日 前

    The internet says his net worth is $8 😂 I don’t believe that

  32. Isaiah Licea

    Isaiah Licea8 日 前

    Ay GQ explain why i enjoy gettin flexed on

  33. febe 72

    febe 729 日 前

    Who is the reaktionsboss justinlite

  34. ClassyfrIe

    ClassyfrIe9 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="318">5:18</a> music name plz?

  35. Ollie Gang

    Ollie Gang9 日 前

    Can I get a chain

  36. Its Dior

    Its Dior10 日 前

    He don’t care that he losing chains that cause more then my rent

  37. Michaela Höck

    Michaela Höck10 日 前

    Justin weist du

  38. Kai Kröker

    Kai Kröker10 日 前

    We're is that reaction bossssss

  39. Dan Dan

    Dan Dan11 日 前

    Can someone tell me how much the giant lock chain was? I'm not sure if I missed it or if he just didn't mention it, thanks

  40. Thom

    Thom11 日 前

    If i sell all of his life would be perfect..actually rappers buy useless things..personally i would buy a car house and i would be able to die

  41. Kastanaras Xronis

    Kastanaras Xronis11 日 前

    Wo ist der Reaktions Boss Haha

  42. Music Mask

    Music Mask11 日 前

    Don't know why but stuff like that always makes me feel like these kind of people are idk just cheap, not rich. It just doesn't represent real actual wealth for me.

  43. Julian Hollywood

    Julian Hollywood11 日 前

    “A little shisty”

  44. Yung Ice

    Yung Ice11 日 前

    Yo lil boat ⛵️ can you get me a chain or f you ever see this hit me up on my instagram the real bald king

  45. Tanner Brown

    Tanner Brown11 日 前

    semes like he buys a rolex thats 100000 and he still has that 100000

  46. Ivo Klarof

    Ivo Klarof12 日 前

    You didn't pay nothing ,the fans did

  47. statiic horses

    statiic horses12 日 前

    Spending over a million on jewelry

  48. Daffey- Duck727

    Daffey- Duck72712 日 前

    To dis day I still haven’t seen those Diamond beeds

  49. Teddy McNally

    Teddy McNally12 日 前

    Roddy rich

  50. Teddy McNally

    Teddy McNally12 日 前

    Get Roddy rich on here

  51. Teddy McNally

    Teddy McNally12 日 前

    This is the best on the rocks so far

  52. Nicole nichols

    Nicole nichols12 日 前

    i agree if lil yachty thinks 20 grand is cheap then he must spend too much maney on gold bruh

  53. Ishould Dohomework

    Ishould Dohomework12 日 前

    Am i the only one who is trying the find the artist who makes the beats

  54. Mcc

    Mcc12 日 前

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="24">0:24</a> you can see a faze chain there on the left side next to on

  55. Sonny Blaze

    Sonny Blaze12 日 前

    Gucci mane. He's sooooo poor

  56. Sangeeta kumar

    Sangeeta kumar12 日 前

    This how many times he said u know what I'm saying ! !

  57. Arctic Daniel

    Arctic Daniel12 日 前

    A chain that cost a single testla......

  58. Manu Diop

    Manu Diop13 日 前

    to really all these Lil yacht necklaces

  59. Molithon1

    Molithon113 日 前

    This ones like 25k you know like it’s real cheap 😂

  60. Hidric LOL

    Hidric LOL13 日 前

    The self portrait look more like Tupac

  61. Senna Taylor

    Senna Taylor13 日 前

    He just casually holds a handful of diamond chains like they're mardi gras bead necklaces😱 Lil Yachty definitely has one of the most insane collections on this channel.

  62. Scythe Gen

    Scythe Gen13 日 前

    How has this man never been robbed or mugged

  63. wendxhvw

    wendxhvw13 日 前

    Took me a while but i finally do know what he's saying

  64. Sky is Limit

    Sky is Limit14 日 前

    No one: Not a single: Lil Yatchy: this was 20 grand that was dirt cheap

  65. Henry Polega

    Henry Polega14 日 前

    No wonder he almost went broke

  66. Gaming with LILllama 18

    Gaming with LILllama 1814 日 前

    My boys got so much tennis chains ⛓ dam boi 🥶🥶🥶

  67. Ghetau Luca

    Ghetau Luca14 日 前

    he sounds like bacteria

  68. Tai Smith

    Tai Smith14 日 前

    Get Youngboy one here

  69. Johanna Hederich

    Johanna Hederich14 日 前

    Wo is Justin’s reaction haha

  70. Danny lee

    Danny lee15 日 前

    His toy collection is worth a at least a million

  71. crazy Robot 32

    crazy Robot 3215 日 前

    Lil yachty shows of his jewelry collection Me: can't afford a quarter of is his cheapest piece.

  72. TwoFootballbrothers

    TwoFootballbrothers16 日 前

    Ich warte auf die Reaktion von Justin

  73. Real 6thCypher

    Real 6thCypher16 日 前

    Lmao didn’t he get smacked for not paying his jewelers back😂

  74. Leon Schneider

    Leon Schneider16 日 前

    Wo bleibt justin?

  75. Grape Chin

    Grape Chin16 日 前

    This ones kinda cheap only 20 to 25 GRAND

  76. Aftab J.

    Aftab J.16 日 前

    Ya know I just lost like diamonds and stuff nothin much

  77. Griffin Wilson

    Griffin Wilson17 日 前

    Why is he wearing a lock???

  78. JGiffy1

    JGiffy117 日 前

    1,00009909 On Gold

  79. Joshua James

    Joshua James17 日 前

    This guy is careless with his jewelry

  80. Jayl Lujan

    Jayl Lujan17 日 前

    "He has more ice than my freezer"