Let Me Tell You About Billy

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Billy.....where do I begin....Welp I guess I could start from the beginning


  1. Trenton Lussier

    Trenton Lussier4 時間 前

    Bilbo = hobbit from the hobbit

  2. 20 dogdogfluffs

    20 dogdogfluffs7 時間 前

    I COSPLAY TSUYU FROM MHA!!! and I have vrv

  3. Aesthetic Kermit ツ

    Aesthetic Kermit ツ23 時間 前

    Billy nye the STUPID guy

  4. Apex studios Gachatuber

    Apex studios Gachatuber23 時間 前

    That kid broke him 😡

  5. Eliminator

    Eliminator日 前


  6. Beqa Abramidze

    Beqa Abramidze日 前

    Frink billy

  7. Imran Huq

    Imran Huq日 前

    My Hero Academia=Best show in the Omni verse

  8. Kinzley Chandler

    Kinzley Chandler日 前


  9. Mohammed Yamaan

    Mohammed Yamaan2 日 前

    4:21 me in my head: sounds like your parents after creating you!!!!!!!!!😠

  10. Erwin Sanchez

    Erwin Sanchez2 日 前

    The billy who wasted f*cking 100 friken dollars

  11. Ghostin Neo

    Ghostin Neo2 日 前

    Fun fact: the bulky models screens broke easily

  12. Wolfie 2008

    Wolfie 20082 日 前

    My favorite show is sponge Bob, billy. Try it 😝

  13. Gaming2DMx 1

    Gaming2DMx 12 日 前

    The face of childhood trauma 2:11

  14. Michaela Muchýová

    Michaela Muchýová3 日 前

    Spoiled avocado XDDDDD

  15. Michaela Muchýová

    Michaela Muchýová3 日 前

    Xd that inro Billy bil bil blb bilbo bil bouhgfxyfgg oh Billy where do iiiiiiii staaaarrrrrttttttt?

  16. Chicken engineer Gaming

    Chicken engineer Gaming3 日 前


  17. RazorGames

    RazorGames3 日 前

    He rode over the pins. Then his bike's front tire popped and he fell on the spike covered concrete. After his plunge, he stood up and screeched with the fury of a thousand 20 foot tall bears. I looked behind me and saw the pins had punctured his eyes. In the end he went blind.

  18. shalom the master gamer

    shalom the master gamer3 日 前

    I get a lot of mood swing

  19. Lielenei Gentry

    Lielenei Gentry3 日 前

    Ok, so am I the one who has already been watching my hero acadamea? I love that show I can also talk about that for hours!

  20. Jayden Noh

    Jayden Noh3 日 前

    r.i.p DS stab billy

  21. Jade OOF

    Jade OOF4 日 前

    I have a billy in my life...OOF

  22. Emma Putnam

    Emma Putnam4 日 前

    Haha ravens is my middle name, the boys in my class have scares😈

  23. Benjamin Brighton

    Benjamin Brighton4 日 前


  24. Just Chill Gaming

    Just Chill Gaming4 日 前

    2:10 MHA refrence

  25. Shanno So

    Shanno So4 日 前

    When Adam's Mr. Chubbs the 1st was broken, Billy and Adam were walking the same direction, so the only way that Adam could've been knocked down on his back was if Billy knocked him down intentionally, proving even *FURTHER* that Billy is a cold, heartless, poopy-faced monster!!

  26. AGT Yeet

    AGT Yeet5 日 前

    ah yes.... puebilly. sad and confused

  27. Zoya Giri

    Zoya Giri5 日 前

    Adam: I hate him!! Wait I shouldn't say hate that's a pretty strong word Me: says the guy who CUSES!!! Adam: I should probably use an even STRONGER word!!!!! Me: that's better

  28. Kawaii Tiger

    Kawaii Tiger5 日 前

    Adam: I don't condom violence or any form of harm onto others in anyway Me: what the frick, a demon doesn't "condom violence or any form of harm onto others in anyway!?



    Haahaa you are so funny😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  30. Kid behind a camera

    Kid behind a camera5 日 前


  31. Angel Mendoza

    Angel Mendoza5 日 前


  32. Angel Mendoza

    Angel Mendoza5 日 前

    Help Hi

  33. Ravenclaw Gacha

    Ravenclaw Gacha5 日 前

    Billy: MY GOSHDAMN BBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKEEEEEE!!! Adam: there is no guilt coming out of me in the face of this occurrence Me: 😹 get REKT stupid bi- JPgo be like: KID FRIENDLY PLEASE But he murdered Adams DS, soooo...

  34. Avery Havice

    Avery Havice5 日 前


  35. Michał Ryciak

    Michał Ryciak5 日 前

    Kermit hated him too

  36. Sam Hill

    Sam Hill5 日 前

    Kid Deku: *doesn’t have a quirk* Also Kid Deku: 2:11

  37. Bryce Ratcliffe

    Bryce Ratcliffe5 日 前


  38. Lisa Padgen

    Lisa Padgen5 日 前

    I love my hero

  39. courtney cole

    courtney cole5 日 前

    What you reading the jimmy book that’s actually say bibl How day you question the almighty jimmy!

  40. courtney cole

    courtney cole5 日 前


  41. courtney cole

    courtney cole5 日 前

    Hmm let me see billy big boy bad boy and almost became student president hmmmm I got it here he is! {\__/} ( •-• ) 🍩< \ ---- | | Me: here he is! Billy: what?! Me: boi you gonna get that wap Billy: ;-;

  42. Amira :3 angel El jattari.

    Amira :3 angel El jattari.5 日 前

    Buy. That. Merch

  43. Amira :3 angel El jattari.

    Amira :3 angel El jattari.5 日 前

    Common sense

  44. Amira :3 angel El jattari.

    Amira :3 angel El jattari.5 日 前

    U. R. Not. A. Demon. U. Still. A. Nice. Little. Cute. Angel

  45. Amira :3 angel El jattari.

    Amira :3 angel El jattari.5 日 前

    Am. Little. Bit. Fat

  46. Amira :3 angel El jattari.

    Amira :3 angel El jattari.5 日 前

    Omg. U horrofine.

  47. Amira :3 angel El jattari.

    Amira :3 angel El jattari.5 日 前

    I’m. Angel

  48. Amira :3 angel El jattari.

    Amira :3 angel El jattari.5 日 前

    Why. Ar u. Eyes. Put

  49. Amira :3 angel El jattari.

    Amira :3 angel El jattari.5 日 前

    U. Cray. Cray.

  50. J3lly F1sh

    J3lly F1sh5 日 前

    Billy looks like the guy from Meet Arnold ( a yt channel)

  51. St.Bernard Sunny

    St.Bernard Sunny5 日 前

    Freaking Billies everywhere. Oh frisking I’m out of billy repellent sheet I need my mere gun frik the smart and final oh frik there is a war of mr chubs and the frisking billyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh frisking billy just took my last billy repellenttttttttttttttttttttttttt I just want frisking colas I’ll go home and get some cola but wait......... THE BILLYSTOLEMYCOLACSNSANDWILLNEVERFORGETMYBROTHEREIWILLFRISKINGKILLBILLY

  52. Jack3_YT

    Jack3_YT5 日 前

    Fuck billy.

  53. Casey Beheler

    Casey Beheler5 日 前


  54. Camolasso blue

    Camolasso blue6 日 前

    Bilbo billy Oord of the ringos

  55. KittenKraze09 YT

    KittenKraze09 YT6 日 前

    pretty sure my dads getting married. *yay.......*

  56. Jayson Raysag

    Jayson Raysag6 日 前

    *sucks to suck*

  57. Walkiria Sepulveda Ordoñez

    Walkiria Sepulveda Ordoñez6 日 前

    billy watching:*cryies* ;-;

  58. rajiv8sp

    rajiv8sp6 日 前


  59. Icy Ohle

    Icy Ohle6 日 前

    my daughter loves my hero acidemia

  60. yogurt man

    yogurt man6 日 前

    2:11 hmm mm mm dis reminds me of izuku