Let Me Tell You About Billy

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Billy.....where do I begin....Welp I guess I could start from the beginning


  1. RealRhianRainbow

    RealRhianRainbow時間 前

    bill, bob, what else? o wait *BILLY*

  2. Lauren Reeve

    Lauren Reeve2 時間 前

    so like puberty but with more billy

  3. Chloclax Playz

    Chloclax Playz9 時間 前

    i want to hit billy so hard right now cuz thats legel

  4. Ali- B

    Ali- B9 時間 前


  5. Ali- B

    Ali- B9 時間 前

    RIP DS

  6. Clarissa Molina

    Clarissa Molina16 時間 前

    4:19 sucks to suck?.....s-SUCKS TO SUCK?!

  7. Mystical Gacha908

    Mystical Gacha90818 時間 前

    Honestly for the whole beginning i was just repeating in my head "the DS is gonna break" and my predictions were were right

  8. Josh Ballauer

    Josh Ballauer18 時間 前

    Why do you have horns

  9. Lilly Gibbs

    Lilly Gibbs21 時間 前

    I am a girl!!! So I'm grandma!

  10. I like Pizza

    I like Pizza22 時間 前

    5:15. pubilly. bad puns

  11. Harris Richards

    Harris Richards日 前


  12. shazia sajid

    shazia sajid日 前




    Maybe He Is Secrently Robloaid All The Time

  14. Cristina Margulescu

    Cristina Margulescu日 前

    If they break my game *i break their life*

  15. Minecraft Queen

    Minecraft Queen2 日 前

    My friend when she sits beside her crush 4:08

  16. ツSushi

    ツSushi2 日 前

    "His face... Looks.... *_POOPY_* "

  17. Lucyfuroshus

    Lucyfuroshus2 日 前

    I clicked on this mistaking it for Domic’s Steve guy

  18. its_CookieG Gamer and Adventures

    its_CookieG Gamer and Adventures3 日 前

    i knew it! when u fell it was broken!!

  19. PBArickyplayz

    PBArickyplayz3 日 前

    looks like mob to be honest...

  20. Manos Mor

    Manos Mor3 日 前

    2:10 is this a midoriya reference??

  21. TurnerArc Shading Systems

    TurnerArc Shading Systems3 日 前

    Holy frick I have a billy In my class and he’s so annoying!

  22. OxBADc0d3 YT

    OxBADc0d3 YT3 日 前

    Billy bob boy BannaBiscute299

  23. spooky Tafoya

    spooky Tafoya3 日 前

    B Bi Bil Bill Billy Bill Bil Bi B

  24. Lexi Murden

    Lexi Murden3 日 前

    Billy is a version of one of my friends

  25. something else yt

    something else yt4 日 前

    Bill's is a f*******

  26. Denny Muniarto

    Denny Muniarto4 日 前

    100 like for hero adam

  27. Denny Muniarto

    Denny Muniarto4 日 前

    1 like 1 punch in billy

  28. CryingCactusTears

    CryingCactusTears4 日 前

    "So like puberty...but like with more Billy" that killed me

  29. Xxpink StarxX

    Xxpink StarxX4 日 前

    Ur vids are the best ive watched every single one of them

  30. Jaylie Davila

    Jaylie Davila4 日 前


  31. black cat banonzai

    black cat banonzai5 日 前

    He didn't destroy it Billy turned it into a gameboy advance

  32. Ella Paxton

    Ella Paxton5 日 前

    Oh, fuck you Billy.

  33. Love Rainbow

    Love Rainbow5 日 前

    When I saw the thumb nail I said “stupid billy”

  34. Sevando Aburto

    Sevando Aburto5 日 前

    Rip mister chubs

  35. Sevando Aburto

    Sevando Aburto5 日 前

    Hecking billy!

  36. Andy Baughn

    Andy Baughn5 日 前

    Rip ds

  37. Rebecca Freeman

    Rebecca Freeman6 日 前

    Ur face is POOPY ಠ︵ಠ

  38. Ashie Fox

    Ashie Fox6 日 前

    OH MEH GAWD BILLY!!!!! WHY BILLY, WHY??!!!!?!!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

  39. bull Lebeouf

    bull Lebeouf6 日 前

    Bro bro. That anime my life

  40. Frosting Duck

    Frosting Duck6 日 前

    5:20 omg you got that image from the amazing world of gumball my favorite show.

  41. NO U

    NO U7 日 前

    bilbo dildo

  42. Stefan Bandas

    Stefan Bandas7 日 前


  43. V the Weirdo

    V the Weirdo7 日 前

    For every time Adam says Billy Billie Eilish says “Billie” from Bury a friend

  44. Julie Allen

    Julie Allen7 日 前

    This ronchy ispariges Me: 0-0

  45. MyOwn Meadow

    MyOwn Meadow8 日 前

    “How can somebody be so evil?” Considering that he is a demean, that MUST be evil.

  46. Tomy Stern

    Tomy Stern8 日 前

    Yup i had a billy in my Life just a difrent name but the same personality

  47. Arie Cowan

    Arie Cowan8 日 前

    In my experience I had 2 Billy's in my life and both were udirhrhrv -.-

  48. Its your friendly neighborhood friend

    Its your friendly neighborhood friend8 日 前

    I literely laughed

  49. GamerMariahShadow Roleplayer

    GamerMariahShadow Roleplayer8 日 前

    Hold up… SIS DO U HAVE A BILLY! Sister:WHAT IS BILLY! U MONSTER U DONT KNOW THIS *shovels IPad to face Sister:I’m- i- AHH!

  50. Galaxymoon

    Galaxymoon8 日 前

    I hate billy

  51. jon raburn

    jon raburn8 日 前

    pause at 1:32 there's a black dot in the top left corner

  52. Ethan Writes the Lyrics

    Ethan Writes the Lyrics9 日 前

    Bill bill bill bull ball bill billy billbo bob bill

  53. Ciel

    Ciel9 日 前

    You can remember things from childhood.... I can’t even what I had for dinner last night...

  54. TheChargedFoxie 456yt

    TheChargedFoxie 456yt9 日 前

    Billy DA beetch

  55. frankiethe killer2010

    frankiethe killer20109 日 前


  56. Mc Mikey

    Mc Mikey9 日 前

    One like equals a broken bone for billy

  57. johan afrilian

    johan afrilian9 日 前

    i would have punched him many many times

  58. Gibson 10098

    Gibson 100989 日 前

    SCREW YOU BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Pranjal Sharma

    Pranjal Sharma9 日 前

    You got away with it! I can't even insult someone with words.

  60. Nick Gur the Video Commentator

    Nick Gur the Video Commentator10 日 前

    4 words... *Fricc Billy the A-hole*

  61. Razorsharp Blade

    Razorsharp Blade10 日 前

    You forgot about bilbo bagins

  62. An Nguyen

    An Nguyen10 日 前

    He’s a piece of sh*t