Key Glock - Look At They Face (Official Video)

Listen to the single "Look At They Face". Out now!
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Official music video by Key Glock performing "Look At They Face" (Official Video) © 2020 Paper Route EMPIRE


  1. Lilbreezzy 4pf

    Lilbreezzy 4pf18 時間 前

    I like how he having fun with it now.

  2. Fcm Trell

    Fcm Trell19 時間 前

    Ts Way Harder Than My Song🤧❗️🔥

  3. DOUTCH (b2b)

    DOUTCH (b2b)20 時間 前

    Up Now

  4. un attained

    un attained20 時間 前

    this is great

  5. UnreleasedMusicIncorporated

    UnreleasedMusicIncorporated21 時間 前

    One of the hardest niggas out there bro frfr

  6. VSS 1017

    VSS 101721 時間 前

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 love from uk, love this video 💥👊

  7. Ether 4Real

    Ether 4Real23 時間 前

  8. Jeremy Kentish

    Jeremy Kentish23 時間 前



    Da Wuurry da woood

  10. Kimberly Robertson

    Kimberly Robertson日 前

    4:30 dey WIIIILLD....👀ET DEY FACE🤣🔥

  11. oneOfour

    oneOfour日 前


  12. Jennifer Fewell

    Jennifer Fewell日 前


  13. Scott Craig

    Scott Craig日 前

    Super dope

  14. Munira Ahmed

    Munira Ahmed日 前


  15. YoungBaby Boy6

    YoungBaby Boy6日 前


  16. Recklezz Garcia

    Recklezz Garcia日 前

    Giving Eddie Murphy & Tyler Perry a run for they money

  17. Sing So

    Sing So日 前

    1:23 thank me later

  18. FGO Finesse Game Official

    FGO Finesse Game Official日 前

  19. FGO Finesse Game Official

    FGO Finesse Game Official日 前

  20. James McIntosh

    James McIntosh日 前


  21. BankMan

    BankMan日 前


  22. Shaquilla Ivey

    Shaquilla Ivey日 前

    I can dig it

  23. Damon Figures

    Damon Figures日 前

    I hate when OGs say our music mumble rap I'm sorry that's just how it is now I understand bro perfectly...

  24. Rugar ReL

    Rugar ReL日 前

    Killing da gelato c'now ? I got to see Dolph bout dat ....

  25. Safa Karu

    Safa Karu日 前

    Sound like a mix of Juicy J n Dolph

  26. T Anderson

    T Anderson日 前

    Too fye

  27. 40 KEVINS

    40 KEVINS日 前

    This nigga Eddie Murphy wit the characters 😂😂😂

  28. Ush Yamamoto

    Ush Yamamoto日 前

    Always thought this nikka was trash seen this in a JPgo ad...keep it 💯 he don’t got no bars but this some real winner music I fw

  29. Adam Gonzalez

    Adam Gonzalez日 前

    The intro wit glock kill me ever time 😂😂 “Glizzzop?!?!”

  30. Fresco Dijon

    Fresco Dijon日 前

    3:50-3:55 THATS WHATS I'M TALM BOUT!

  31. Donovan Duffy

    Donovan Duffy日 前

    Dats one cold mofucka right there boa

  32. Dubrian Burton

    Dubrian Burton日 前

    Ain't hatin but dis shit is garbage



    ? 1:57 ?? ? ? ? ? ?

  34. Jose Castillo

    Jose Castillo日 前

    Ayee 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. ObOy Da PhanTom

    ObOy Da PhanTom日 前 💯🧟‍♂️

  36. Adam Noyb

    Adam Noyb日 前

    DaBaby making everyone be creative. Love it

  37. Jando ochoa

    Jando ochoa日 前


  38. Philly Breeze

    Philly Breeze日 前

    Glizzockkk snapped 🔥🔥

  39. Billy Crockett

    Billy Crockett日 前

    I fw it GLOCK keep goin hard G 🔥✊🏾✈️

  40. mourtada anne

    mourtada anne日 前

    This different🎃🙌🎯




  42. JarHead SS

    JarHead SS日 前

    Them buffs tho 🥽😈

  43. Ecoboost Deesnuts

    Ecoboost Deesnuts日 前

    This the glock we was waiting for

  44. lenzing koyu

    lenzing koyu日 前


  45. Cookieman sfe

    Cookieman sfe日 前

    Sfe in this bitch

  46. nigel vaughan

    nigel vaughan日 前

    This nigga fire

  47. Ace

    Ace日 前

    I made this beat.

  48. NooBooCoop

    NooBooCoop日 前

    Ima couch pillow ?

  49. WorkingProgress

    WorkingProgress日 前

    Playing back to back and watching the ads. Big support

  50. Don Yae

    Don Yae日 前

  51. Carlos Fraire

    Carlos Fraire日 前


  52. young draco

    young draco日 前

    Ay the nerd is key glock

  53. Avent Smith

    Avent Smith日 前

    Hard af

  54. T_o H

    T_o H日 前

    Love the video Talented young man) (one of the hood greats

  55. Troy Williams

    Troy Williams日 前

    Yea he stepped his bars up. I rmbr a couple years ago he had dat abc flow

  56. Derrick & Derrion

    Derrick & Derrion日 前

    Be got up threw a rock😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  57. BMoney PL

    BMoney PL2 日 前

    Smiled and laughed the whole way thru. Deserved a thumbs up 👍

  58. WordPlay WRLD

    WordPlay WRLD2 日 前

    "Shhhh be quiet your life is a disguise, you rappin nuttin but lies" 🔥

  59. Jeremy Kentish

    Jeremy Kentish23 時間 前

    WordPlay WRLD

  60. Zdzisio Malegan

    Zdzisio Malegan2 日 前

    young quavo?

  61. Dutch Dondada

    Dutch Dondada2 日 前

    Glock acting game on fleek