Keanu Reeves


  1. PewDiePie

    PewDiePieヶ月 前

    Ill post donation on twitter in 30 days, just fyi

  2. Alpaca Queen

    Alpaca Queen22 時間 前

    Pewds, post the donation. It has been a month already.

  3. apu nahasapeemapetilon

    apu nahasapeemapetilon日 前

    I swear if JPgo rewind doesn't add Keanu Reeves......

  4. C R I M S Ø N Ø T T E R

    C R I M S Ø N Ø T T E R2 日 前


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    If you know Your vids get on lebanon gets#1 on trending

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  8. Peter Stange

    Peter Stange54 分 前

    You are breathtaking

  9. Shadows Within

    Shadows Within時間 前

    He's a superb guy...Keanu, your okay too Pew.

  10. Asri Usman

    Asri Usman3 時間 前

    0.30 I like that Indian accent

  11. Ruan Schnetler

    Ruan Schnetler6 時間 前

    *Keanu Reeves enters chat* Keanu Reeves: You're Breathtaking

  12. Truth Teller Productions

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  13. Allison Johnson

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  14. pprkt0

    pprkt010 時間 前

    Soon we will have Brie Larson become lady John wick

  15. Fateful

    Fateful14 時間 前

    0:16 "but I have been diggin' a little deeper into keanu reaves, and its some pretty fascinating fun stuff"

  16. daisy

    daisy15 時間 前

    dyslexic kings rise

  17. TheSwiftscout

    TheSwiftscout16 時間 前

    Your Breathtaking!

  18. xLil_Siriusss

    xLil_Siriusss21 時間 前

    Petition to make “Meme review with Keanu Reeves”

  19. Why you bulling me

    Why you bulling me21 時間 前

    Keanu Reevs (sorry for my bad english)

  20. Cod Psynyte

    Cod Psynyte21 時間 前

    all this dislikes r from shitheads.

  21. Payy_lil_ I

    Payy_lil_ I日 前

    Keanu reeveism

  22. Bobby Sowa

    Bobby Sowa日 前

    Taught me to let go of my past

  23. JP Hacker

    JP Hacker日 前

    GOOD ON YOU BRO! Great vid!




  25. Awab Khalifa

    Awab Khalifa日 前

    Keanu is one with universe



    he laughed at his gravity joke and I cried a bit...



    Petition for pewdiepie to play Minecraft with Keanu Reeves ⬇️ Just a small channel trying to grow 🎮📈📈

  28. Gadolini Rutherfordium

    Gadolini Rutherfordium日 前

    How much would you pay to buy PewDiePie’s original headphones?

  29. Just No

    Just No2 日 前

    A legend talking about a god

  30. Fonzies

    Fonzies2 日 前

    you're a good guy

  31. Jian Franco Nuñez

    Jian Franco Nuñez2 日 前

    He can be like a new iron man lecturing Tom Holland's Spidey since he is coming to MCU lol

  32. McNoodle Doodle

    McNoodle Doodle2 日 前

    Poor Meme review got taken over by MINECRAFT

  33. Abuumdumsadd Granum

    Abuumdumsadd Granum2 日 前

    Kee on oo ree vehs? Who's that?

  34. LbMeKing

    LbMeKing2 日 前

    Keanu try’s to stay low key because he’s a time traveler and doesn’t want people to know it. Also, this is the first time I’ve seen and liked a PewDiePie video.

  35. HABIB TECH - شروحات الحبيب

    HABIB TECH - شروحات الحبيب2 日 前

    جون ويك ازبي شمن كيانو و لا قلاوي

  36. HYPER OG

    HYPER OG2 日 前

    we are forgetting something (insert ytb rewind meme) keanues most exellent adventure.

  37. Dawan Kurdish

    Dawan Kurdish2 日 前

    No one: john wick:why you bulling me

  38. Mumi Plays

    Mumi Plays2 日 前

    im from Leböneen... (The real way to spell it :P)

  39. La weona Imbecil

    La weona Imbecil2 日 前

    when I hear the name Kenau Reeves, I smile for some reason ¿

  40. brain Cow

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  41. Nitro Bot

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  42. gamer knife

    gamer knife3 日 前

    WHAT!? You never know Keanu Reeves?? You know his the best right?? I'm not supposed to give opinion but search him in Google

  43. ali haydar şen

    ali haydar şen3 日 前

    Türk yokmu

  44. Nai Hunia

    Nai Hunia3 日 前

    My dad asked if I like!Edits keanu Reeves and I said no because I like John wick

  45. Lovepurplepeace

    Lovepurplepeace3 日 前

    Tbh I was gonna dislike this but he was nice to Keanu Reeves so I liked it.

  46. Vampy_Rhombus5006

    Vampy_Rhombus50063 日 前

    Rest In Peace Pewd’s grandad

  47. Vampy_Rhombus5006

    Vampy_Rhombus50063 日 前

    Does anyone know the song name at 10:05?

  48. Asia Madi

    Asia Madi3 日 前

    Keanu reeves = god

  49. Keegan Colby

    Keegan Colby3 日 前

    A great guy talking about a fellow great guy. Quality content.

  50. Erol Morgan

    Erol Morgan3 日 前

    pay it forward=keanu effect

  51. Mauve

    Mauve3 日 前

    I’m actually squealing

  52. D.T.P Gaming

    D.T.P Gaming3 日 前

    U look like shit

  53. Commenting Quota

    Commenting Quota3 日 前

    i hated john wick movie,i saw keanu reeves and..... mom:wanna go to john wick-- me:GET TO THE CAR WE ARE GOING! :D

  54. Gabriel el tipo ese

    Gabriel el tipo ese3 日 前

    Keanu is just a phase

  55. Lord Beerus

    Lord Beerus3 日 前

    Her husband in total despair: *God god has left this place a long time ago*