Jungkook's Vocal


  1. MyPurity

    MyPurity年 前

    This is list songs if you need: 0:37 - 1:10: Lost child - IU 1:50 - 1:59: This song - 2am 2:13 - 3:24: 프라이머리(PRIMARY) - 만나 (Feat. Zion.T) 3:27 - 4:01 : Marry me - Jason Derulo 4:02 - 4:22: Boyfriend - Justin Bieber 4:24 - 5:53 : Eyes nose lips - Taeyang 5:54 - 6:00 : I need u - BTS 6:01 - 6:08 : Love is not over- BTS 6:12 - 6:17 : Dope - BTS 6:19 - 6:31: Love is not over - BTS 6:32 - 6:42: Whalien 52 - BTS 6:47 - 6:52: Butterfly - BTS 6:53 - 7:08: Hold me tight - BTS 7:09 - 7:16: Run - BTS 7:17 - 7:27: Perfect man - Shinhwa (BTS had a cover stage in 2015 jpgo.info/bideo/9pTp7kTV-qgyFpc.html ) 7:28 - 8:37: Dear no one - Tori Kelly 8:38 - 8:48: Paper heart - Tori Kelly 8:55 - 9:44: I know - RM & Jungkook 9:45 - 11:10: Memory Of The Wind -NAUL(나얼) 11:13 - 11:22: Spring day BTS 11:23 - 11:34: Blood sweat and tears - BTS 11:35 - 11:42: Nothing Like Us - Justin Bieber 11:43: 12:12: See you again - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

  2. edison gazzingan

    edison gazzingan3 日 前

    Thanks man

  3. Sandra Hatake

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  4. Ella Diass

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  5. Samantha Flores

    Samantha Flores11 日 前

    Thankyou 😍

  6. nouha sellali

    nouha sellali24 日 前

    Thank yOuuuu

  7. Eve gralez

    Eve gralez日 前

    Sentí bien bonito cuando aparecio de bb haaa😍

  8. hasny azzhrah

    hasny azzhrah日 前

    Perfect 👌

  9. Subashini Alwis

    Subashini Alwis日 前

    How could someone ever be this perfect??...😍😍

  10. Şule Bay

    Şule Bay3 日 前

    8:30 daki şarkının adı ne

  11. Zarina Milk

    Zarina Milk4 日 前

    Конец просто бомба💣💗 Обожаю Чонгука💜💗

  12. I did What!

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  13. Swoyam Bhandari

    Swoyam Bhandari5 日 前

    Why is no one talking about that note in 3:46-3:50

  14. Maria eduarda L.

    Maria eduarda L.6 日 前


  15. abigail mp

    abigail mp9 日 前

    even before his debut, little makane has been singing and admiring IU T_T

  16. llyn宁

    llyn宁9 日 前

    8:55 ❤

  17. Joshua Oñate

    Joshua Oñate10 日 前

    This Video saying that theres no need Highnotes to be a Great Singer😊

  18. Leila Santos

    Leila Santos10 日 前

    Ele se prepara bem para levar sua voz do grave para o agudo 🤗

  19. Andreea H

    Andreea H10 日 前

    4:57 lmao Jimin the local fboy

  20. Jasmine Kwong

    Jasmine Kwong12 日 前

    Jungkook's voice is like an angel's... so beautiful 😍💜

  21. Yusimi Campillo gonzalez

    Yusimi Campillo gonzalez12 日 前

    Such a little baby that like to sing

  22. Yusimi Campillo gonzalez

    Yusimi Campillo gonzalez12 日 前

    Cute baby

  23. no name

    no name12 日 前

    10:00 which song?can someone tell me plz....

  24. Ve La

    Ve La9 日 前

    U can see at the comment that has been pinned

  25. Yoongi Bias8

    Yoongi Bias813 日 前

    Se supone que debería estar orgullosa de su voz y lo estoy, es tan hermosa, me largué a llorer en el primer clip

  26. ɥ s o ɾ

    ɥ s o ɾ13 日 前

    wow he glowed up

  27. Alexis Valenzuela

    Alexis Valenzuela14 日 前

    His voice is so beautiful and so cute and also hot 😍😻🥵🥰😘🧡❤

  28. Anna T_T

    Anna T_T15 日 前

    And they said nobody is perfect! Pffff lol

  29. Noemí Salazar

    Noemí Salazar15 日 前

    Jungkook you are an amazing lovely boy. And also what a marvelous voice you have God bless you always forever 😍♥️

  30. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY16 日 前

    i really love jungkook voice

  31. Leyde laura Sousa coelho

    Leyde laura Sousa coelho16 日 前

    explodindo de amor 😍😍😍😍

  32. Zayaan Khan

    Zayaan Khan16 日 前

    Jungkook voice is Osama's lovely and beautiful jk I am very big fan jk my best friend forever I love you


    JUST STAN BTS16 日 前

    This why he is the main vocalist. I really love his voice, it's heaven.

  34. Rhesa Desky

    Rhesa Desky16 日 前

    With her vocal i sleep beacuse voice so beutiful ($$$)

  35. Julia Alves Gonçalves de Sousa

    Julia Alves Gonçalves de Sousa18 日 前

    Jungkook My Love

  36. don't trust anybody

    don't trust anybody19 日 前

    Debut jk is so cute

  37. JiKook Uzumaki

    JiKook Uzumaki20 日 前

    7:28 is my favorite part! 💜💜💜🔥🔥🔥😍😍💯

  38. Kpop Army bts

    Kpop Army bts20 日 前

    Jk is so kawaï

  39. Somos Bakas

    Somos Bakas20 日 前

    Omg Esse menino no começo é o mesmo Jungkook q nós conhecemos? Não dá pra acreditar O Kook é a prova viva d q dinheiro é a solução para rostos (Obs: antes q venham pessoas me xingar eu disse "rostos", não disse q dinheiro resolve tudo, apenas rostos)

  40. Somos Bakas

    Somos Bakas18 日 前

    @Esther Guimarães Não disse q ele não era fofo kksksks

  41. Esther Guimarães

    Esther Guimarães18 日 前

    Concordo plenamente,mas meu kookie sempre vai ser fofo,e todo mundo e feio na infância ne,eu aki sou um ótimo exemplo disso 🤣😂😂rsrsrs

  42. jimin san

    jimin san20 日 前

    7:28-8:36 taehyung being an army for over a minute

  43. kim Taetae

    kim Taetae20 日 前

    Kookies voice is one of a kind ..im so inlove with his euphoria😍😍😍

  44. 가브리엘리- BTS

    가브리엘리- BTS20 日 前


  45. Nico Robin

    Nico Robin20 日 前

    He is so cute!!!

  46. Blood Kon

    Blood Kon21 日 前

    Бл* какой он великолепный!!!(не сдержался 😂)

  47. اكسوال فخمهه

    اكسوال فخمهه21 日 前

    مدري بس مرااا احب صوتهه

  48. Tesa Young

    Tesa Young21 日 前

    Golden vocal, golden artist. JUNGKOOK.

  49. Melzinha FéNoChute'-'

    Melzinha FéNoChute'-'22 日 前

    Jikook is real

  50. ɑ ϲմթ օƒ եɑҽ íѕ ɑӏӏ աҽ ղҽҽժ :3

    ɑ ϲմթ օƒ եɑҽ íѕ ɑӏӏ աҽ ղҽҽժ :322 日 前

    *I sometimes wonder if jungkook ever went thru puberty....*

  51. Shweta Mase

    Shweta Mase22 日 前

    Jk vocals aren't joke

  52. 나는 모른다kimtaehyung

    나는 모른다kimtaehyung22 日 前


  53. martha debbarma

    martha debbarma23 日 前

    😍my bias💜

  54. Sophie Stephenson Reade

    Sophie Stephenson Reade23 日 前

    HE. WAS. SO. SMOL. I cry

  55. Tinrit 19

    Tinrit 1923 日 前

    Jimin arrogant and narcissistic. Jungkook's beautiful voice !!!!

  56. 이안뇽

    이안뇽24 日 前


  57. Wonchungla Shimphrui

    Wonchungla Shimphrui24 日 前

    Handsome plus amazing voice you're so blessed

  58. SHANTA_FANS FOREVER dwaine and shanta fans

    SHANTA_FANS FOREVER dwaine and shanta fans25 日 前

    jeon jungkook🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭