Joe Rogan Experience #1411 - Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Dolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.


  1. Never give up

    Never give up15 時間 前

    Joe trying to know it all once again...

  2. marc demell

    marc demell16 時間 前

    That thing inside of you or us, the creator. GOD!

  3. marc demell

    marc demell16 時間 前

    I have a resto mod bicycle.

  4. Liviu Melioth

    Liviu Melioth17 時間 前

    I love how Joe got all emotional when asking RDJ to come back as Iron Man

  5. DankMcStank

    DankMcStank23 時間 前

    J O E V E N G E R

  6. Dr Hoffmans Home of Audio Journeys

    Dr Hoffmans Home of Audio Journeys日 前

    Why the fuck did Joe instigate an ending like that.. It seemed like RDJ had more time left in him. Good podcast nonetheless I hope he does come back

  7. Hippie Leu

    Hippie Leu日 前


  8. Hippie Leu

    Hippie Leu日 前

    21:50. Johnny Depp being crazy and wild in everything

  9. Armando Guerra

    Armando Guerra日 前

    JUST 1 HOUR?

  10. Ericson Schemmer

    Ericson Schemmer日 前

    Very good to see Robert comfortable in an interview and happy to say that I am a great fan of both, great job Joe and an excellent interview you are the guy...

  11. Mazes S A

    Mazes S A日 前

    Terrance Howard got him the Iron Man gig. Guess what Robert did? He got the studio to fire Terrance Howard after doing so well in his role and demanding more $$$, money they couldn't afford unless Terrance took a pay cheque cut or was fired. Guess what scenario Mr. Iron Man pushed for? How fucking shifty!!! Piece of trash....

  12. Cross Gilliland

    Cross Gilliland日 前

    For the first time I see no negative comments fucking love iron man



    talking about actors wanting to hang out with other actors before a role...Zack Levi(shazam)went and had dinner and stayed a couple of days with the kid who played Billy and his family. He wanted to see how he as a teenager acted around his family and adults to get a sense for when he was a grown man yet playing a 15 year old.

  14. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu日 前

    Downey talks so much but says nothing. Actors or so delusional. Like wtf are you talking about bro.

  15. Fit Boy Abdul

    Fit Boy Abdul日 前

    Its hard to differentiate if robert is acting or not . Idk why but dude seems fake to me .

  16. Jacob Salas

    Jacob Salas日 前

    These 2 re geniuses

  17. Robin Culpin

    Robin Culpin日 前

    If Rogan could get Obama and Trump on the same podcast that would be insane

  18. adamunchy

    adamunchy日 前

    Wow rdj is so full of shit!

  19. Daniel Rogers

    Daniel Rogers日 前

    RDJ is wicked all around

  20. Jay Ceester Deester

    Jay Ceester Deester日 前

    I was listening to a Shannon Lee podcast that talk about how Bruce Lee applied the philosophy of Yin/Yang to every single thing he did. Everything had two sides and he sought out the harmony of those in order to be happy. Good idea.

  21. András Herceg

    András Herceg日 前


  22. Olórin Istarì

    Olórin Istarì日 前

    I can’t believe you guys were talking about age being good at something and losing confidence are keeping the confidence and did not mention Tiger Woods. In my mind he embodies this battle that you guys were talking about on your show. Just a fan..

  23. Peter Simon

    Peter Simon日 前

    FUCK IRON MAN. Fuck Marvel in all it's marvelousness too. Fuck Super Heroes. Stupid, unless you are 10 years old.

  24. Hart Dr

    Hart Dr2 日 前

    I feel like RDJ always has a great ending to each of his stories that are multifaceted and meaningful and I feel like they just whooshes off of Joe Rogans head.

  25. Thane Krios

    Thane Krios2 日 前

    Joe creates chemistry with everyone. That’s something special

  26. Great White Cat

    Great White Cat2 日 前

    That "Likewise" from RDJ at 6:05 shows what type of person he is

  27. Geronimo apache

    Geronimo apache2 日 前

    Such a good talk thank you guys ´=)) ´=DDD

  28. Jarreds Dad

    Jarreds Dad2 日 前

    Yeah. Bob stops playing Ironman, Iron man is over.

  29. SevenFoot Pelican

    SevenFoot Pelican2 日 前

    This show is becoming a national treasure

  30. Dominican_ fit

    Dominican_ fit2 日 前

    Rob is high af 😂

  31. ShVonne Burke

    ShVonne Burke2 日 前

    I love how he says “my Mrs...” this or that...but of course I would. I’m a hopeless romantic 🥰

  32. Ancient Astronaut

    Ancient Astronaut2 日 前

    Man, I've been saving this one with Robert Downey Jr for awhile...worth the wait.

  33. 777killad

    777killad2 日 前

    Goddamn I hate actors

  34. Erik Vega

    Erik Vega2 日 前

    When’s he gonna get Steve Carrel on here? I hear Michael Scott is a big fan of anything Joe Rogan does, he even did an audition tape to be on the show! :P

  35. testicular oxide

    testicular oxide3 日 前

    Disagree about old cars... Daily drive a 67' merc cougar 3 speed... And it rides like a fkn dream...

  36. vitali vitali

    vitali vitali3 日 前

    'Q: Giữa con trai và con gái có tình bạn đơn thuần không? A: Chỉ cần xấu, người dưng bốn bể đều là anh em...

  37. testicular oxide

    testicular oxide3 日 前

    The sword of Damocles...

  38. testicular oxide

    testicular oxide3 日 前

    Thulsa Doom on the show next, Joe!!

  39. Gene Tilghman

    Gene Tilghman3 日 前

    I seen it somewhere where a man raised cobras and cook them and served him at his restaurant and within so many months of eating these cobras he no longer needed his glasses he can see perfectly

  40. Jerome Jerome

    Jerome Jerome3 日 前

    Amazing how long form interviews shine a light on how full of shit celebrities' are.

  41. lordkayx

    lordkayx3 日 前

    im at 6:40 RDJ did black face in 2008 and no one gave him shit for it in the metoo era, because he was so fucking good. As in devoted to the idea of the role, it was amazing to see an actor so good that regular people could see the art in it. to me that hit a nerve in a way no other actor in recent memory has hit. And I mean that in a good way. I have plenty more to say but I Think RDJ is an interesting person and not because he is rich but because he has a wonderful mind.

  42. Michael Henderson

    Michael Henderson3 日 前

    RDJ lives in a constant state of realization lol i love this dude

  43. Elizabeth Ingram

    Elizabeth Ingram3 日 前

    Joe interviews guests sooo well, RDJ is an amazing actor loved him since the 80’s

  44. Dave Cooley

    Dave Cooley3 日 前

    when to quit...elitist conversation.

  45. Michael Castelpoggi

    Michael Castelpoggi3 日 前

    Nice to see Robert in an enjoyable interview. The Experience really lets people get into their groove

  46. Angie McCorry

    Angie McCorry3 日 前

    Joe Rogan Tsk tsk tsk You r soooh hollywood

  47. Nathanael Breuer

    Nathanael Breuer3 日 前

    Joe teaching "wax on wax off" 21:19

  48. Justin Nardine

    Justin Nardine3 日 前

    70% maintenance on what can I do to stay out of the way

  49. Robert Jacobson

    Robert Jacobson3 日 前

    Bring Joel Kinnaman on the podcast!

  50. Rob Stimson

    Rob Stimson3 日 前

    Downey should return as Rust Man. Check out Steve Cutts' work [animation] esp. the one featuring washed up cartoon characters, including superheros.

  51. Allen Larabie

    Allen Larabie3 日 前

    Awesome chat... just chilling out. 👍👍

  52. Mickey Gilmore

    Mickey Gilmore4 日 前

    Bob's character "Julian" in Less than Zero was spot on....wonderful acting

  53. MisMelony_83

    MisMelony_834 日 前

    With tropic thunder. The whole R word scandal. It actually taught me something With the movies I watch. If I see a movie about someone playing a character that’s developed mentally delayed. If I don’t see them play an actually disorder I don’t watch it. I get mad 😡 when I see someone just act retarded. So Thank you RDJ !!!! Everything he said in that scene was true.

  54. thehum

    thehum4 日 前

    He definitely understands what was meant by, "they aren't cinema." They're summer movies, amusement park rides, basically fun for 5 minutes. Things like The Avengers won't age well and merely fall under the flavor of the day mentality. Also on a separate note, you DO NOT work in that industry while remaining clueless to what's happening behind the scenes. RDJ is an ACTOR, I guarantee he's not as clean you idiots think.

  55. thehum

    thehum4 日 前

    Just wait until the Hugh Jackman stuff leaks, too. You guys think your super heroes are good people ahahahaha.

  56. Quintin Spina

    Quintin Spina4 日 前

    I honestly wonder why there are over 6 and a half thousand dislikes on this in like a month?? Seriously, was it cuz it was too short??

  57. Gustavo Perez

    Gustavo Perez4 日 前

    Just think about it JOE ROGAN AS THE. LOST SON OF THANOS

  58. Day One Daddy

    Day One Daddy4 日 前

    I love EVERYTHING about Robert Downey Jr, but PLEASE don't be Jim Carrey. All the positivity, and "idc about anything" attitude is cool, but not for others that are purposely listening to an interview your giving. A nothing answer to a something question, or answering a question with a question is kinda like a slap in the face. Plus the whole zen, mystic persona is kinda douchie, and YOU don't need that. Thank you for your work.

  59. rustedweights

    rustedweights4 日 前

    Well that was fucking cool!

  60. Charlie Bruff

    Charlie Bruff4 日 前

    Hearts and souls in Robert Downey

  61. natalie beach

    natalie beach4 日 前

    📣RDJ is the MAN!🏆