Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ

Celebrity jeweler Trax (Maksud Agadjani) knows his grillz. Join him as he breaks down and critiques the grillz of some of today's biggest rappers, including Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Quavo, Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Trippie Redd, Riff Raff, Pharrell Williams, Travis Scott and Young M.A.
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Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ


  1. Jesse Whitford

    Jesse Whitford2 時間 前

    Lil Wayne's grills permanent lol

  2. Tino Mascardi

    Tino Mascardi8 時間 前


  3. YeetMan2009

    YeetMan2009日 前

    You could just get tinfoil

  4. ll crackhead

    ll crackhead日 前

    My guy looks like tony Ferguson’s cousin

  5. Dustin Schimkat

    Dustin Schimkat2 日 前

    Johnny dang diamonds don’t fall out

  6. Mahdi_A

    Mahdi_A2 日 前

    how do you look so sophisticated yet like a rapper at the same time

  7. Jason muhleman

    Jason muhleman2 日 前

    All I've learned is I dont want grills anymore because I don't want cracked teeth

  8. Fabric Designer

    Fabric Designer3 日 前

    Yea but who really be eating with grills

  9. Oll

    Oll3 日 前

    Am I the only one who tryed biting down on nothing when he mentioned the diamond crackin your teeth

  10. Mohamed FAOUZ

    Mohamed FAOUZ3 日 前

    We get it You shouldn't bite diamonds

  11. Jesuz Jimenezz

    Jesuz Jimenezz3 日 前

    Where Zilla in here? His grillz are also crazy

  12. talsapps

    talsapps3 日 前

    That's pretty gross gotta say..

  13. 29ch

    29ch5 日 前

    And then we have Lil Tecca

  14. skate progression

    skate progression5 日 前

    Pharrell William looks like 69's lol

  15. Dreams ツ

    Dreams ツ6 日 前

    He looks like he’s in the mafia

  16. S MAN

    S MAN7 日 前

    This guy says that everyone wants it Baguette.Nobody is fking idiot and also these guys looks ugly with this diamond teeth. Original is way better than this

  17. Fearthe90s Kevin

    Fearthe90s Kevin7 日 前

    My son is judging grills but look at his teeth

  18. Joseph Larrivy

    Joseph Larrivy7 日 前

    Who TF are any of these people!?

  19. Kyron Cazot

    Kyron Cazot9 日 前

    worst photo for travis lol

  20. Manitez

    Manitez9 日 前

    Lil Wayne doesn't use grillz, the diamonds are actually encrusted in his teeth

  21. Potato Luvv

    Potato Luvv9 日 前

    Is getting braces a grill? But nock off😕

  22. NatDiazC 14

    NatDiazC 149 日 前

    I mean... why ¿?

  23. Lance Miller

    Lance Miller10 日 前

    trippie lookin like bowser off of mario lmao

  24. zawarudo

    zawarudo11 日 前

    Jewelry Expert Explains Rich Morons




  26. Salty cracker

    Salty cracker12 日 前

    Why does he looks like he commited numerous war crimes during the Yogusliavian civil war including slaughtering woman and children of the muslim albanian minority?

  27. Ashlea Herdman

    Ashlea Herdman12 日 前

    Travis scott is so amazing

  28. Animated Sins

    Animated Sins12 日 前

    I want sharp teeth but I only want them on my k9 teeth

  29. Barf

    Barf13 日 前

    Put jewels on a guy and boom hes an expert

  30. Eric1400

    Eric140013 日 前


  31. kenneth Lopez

    kenneth Lopez13 日 前

    A little tip on how to get grilz grab any wrapper of 5 gum and put it in your teeth your welcome


    GAMOR DOOD14 日 前

    5:35 what did he just say?

  33. Extreme Bass Boosts

    Extreme Bass Boosts15 日 前

    My grandpa telling me what he had when he was 20 years old

  34. HowManyBites DKane

    HowManyBites DKane15 日 前

    Wayne’s ain’t regular grills they’re cemented in

  35. Fares Almasri

    Fares Almasri17 日 前

    If you know so much about teeth why won’t you use braises

  36. Timos Liveris

    Timos Liveris17 日 前

    wearing 100k in jewelry cant give 5k for teeth aligners....

  37. Alice Chapman

    Alice Chapman17 日 前

    My dumbass not realising a grill goes over teeth not replaces them

  38. FateFaust

    FateFaust17 日 前

    More of a dentist than jeweller

  39. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski17 日 前

    Will it hurt more if Trippie Redd bit his tongue while wearing his grillz

  40. John Mitchel

    John Mitchel17 日 前

    I just see this as a waste of money. Not to mention it looks trashy.

  41. JJ Skeen

    JJ Skeen18 日 前

    Ummmmmm nf dont have grills -_-

  42. Pikey’s Tech Tips

    Pikey’s Tech Tips18 日 前

    Who was waiting for 69 but never got it

  43. Solo Vanity

    Solo Vanity18 日 前

    Didn’t even have DaBaby in this 🤦‍♂️

  44. 2963gloydboy

    2963gloydboy18 日 前

    Johnny said it’s emerald cut not baggette

  45. Huh

    Huh18 日 前

    I didn't brushed my theeth so I can get myself Natural Grillz

  46. Wise words With Ben

    Wise words With Ben18 日 前

    “If their doing something big” Me: You got a big nose

  47. Someone Playing

    Someone Playing19 日 前

    I’m about a get a sharpie and color my teeth 👍

  48. charles Ralph

    charles Ralph19 日 前

    So is nobody gonna say that they look like a bunch of ducking idiots

  49. maggie williams

    maggie williams20 日 前

    i painted my retainer gold once

  50. Boyo the Wise

    Boyo the Wise20 日 前

    But anyways good job

  51. Boyo the Wise

    Boyo the Wise20 日 前

    Don’t mess with my man Johnny Dango

  52. Kevin Brooks

    Kevin Brooks20 日 前

    I only know like 2 people here....

  53. Hobo Tram

    Hobo Tram21 日 前

    So dumb.

  54. FBI

    FBI21 日 前

    Dude get some sleep u look very exhausted and tired

  55. Bunker Sieben

    Bunker Sieben21 日 前

    Bacteria magnets.

  56. Jon Ultime

    Jon Ultime21 日 前

    Grills are some of the ugliest jewelry ever.

  57. Nolan Kennedy

    Nolan Kennedy21 日 前

    Yall should have done Kevin gates he got a full ice grill top and bottom

  58. King

    King22 日 前

    Trippie is the ugliest rapper I know

  59. Yeet boi

    Yeet boi22 日 前

    7:52 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵

  60. Weiser Adler

    Weiser Adler21 日 前


  61. thelegend 27

    thelegend 2722 日 前

    The fact that he faked the lil Wayne thing makes me doubt everything hes saying