Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ


  1. Spicy Meme Sauce

    Spicy Meme Sauce2 時間 前

    Ain't this the guy who beefed with 6ix9ine?

  2. Alisha Wise

    Alisha Wise2 時間 前

    Very informative

  3. Ezekial Aslawrath

    Ezekial Aslawrath3 時間 前

    This is an ad

  4. CaliPlays

    CaliPlays3 時間 前

    Oops wrong emoji

  5. CaliPlays

    CaliPlays3 時間 前

    How come 6ix9ine Aint on this.Like if you agree👇

  6. Potato Abby

    Potato Abby3 時間 前

    check out my grills made out of aluminum foil high quality I know

  7. Ed Ruchalski II

    Ed Ruchalski II3 時間 前

    So boring. Thought he was gonna rip people. Everyone’s great.....riveting

  8. Alpha Runic

    Alpha Runic4 時間 前

    dude he looks like brandon rogers

  9. Xenoslyce

    Xenoslyce4 時間 前

    why all these rapper's teeth looking like the Crayola logo like lmfao

  10. Daddy Long legs

    Daddy Long legs4 時間 前

    WOW didnt mention 69 wonder why😂

  11. Nepal Production

    Nepal Production5 時間 前

    *BRING JOHNNY DANG BACK u knw wot im sayin*

  12. Luke Griffin

    Luke Griffin5 時間 前

    Why trippie red look like a woman

  13. Igotbirdspigeons

    Igotbirdspigeons6 時間 前

    “These people”

  14. KingWIgz 1

    KingWIgz 16 時間 前

    I really hope lil peep is on here... Edit: welp rip :(

  15. Drietfoga

    Drietfoga6 時間 前

    These grills don't even look good lmao

  16. Loudpack Studio

    Loudpack Studio6 時間 前

    Homie looks like Tony Ferguson’s cousin.

  17. Mazani

    Mazani7 時間 前

  18. yeni toy

    yeni toy7 時間 前

    Why wasn’t Gucci Mane on this?

  19. Adriana Gomez

    Adriana Gomez7 時間 前

    I was waiting for them to bring out Kodak Black 😒😒😒😒

  20. Cancerous Biscuit

    Cancerous Biscuit7 時間 前

    If i ever get grills i would want my k9 teeth hella pointy

  21. Мирослав Кръстев

    Мирослав Кръстев8 時間 前

    And no 6ix9ine? :(

  22. RainbowInTheDark _7

    RainbowInTheDark _78 時間 前

    "Smile for me daddy." "What you looking at?" "I wanna see your grill." "You wanna see my what?" "Ya, ya grill, ya ya, ya grill." "With the whole top diamond and the bottom rows gold." I'm surprised Grillz stayed as a trend. I thought it'd die out after "the ice-man" Paul Wall days.

  23. khalisa 790

    khalisa 7909 時間 前

    I like how he's talking about how dangerous and how beautiful grillz is at the same time

  24. fifi cc

    fifi cc9 時間 前

    where lil peep at

  25. Rayce Spams L2

    Rayce Spams L29 時間 前

    I could explain these grills better than this guy he is just sayin thye are blue and sharp LUL

  26. Kapitan Knukka

    Kapitan Knukka9 時間 前

    No 69 cause they beefin

  27. Ana M

    Ana M10 時間 前

    Diamonds are the hardest rock in the world imagine biting that🤐

  28. Daniel Leon

    Daniel Leon10 時間 前

    What about the east atlanta santas grill?

  29. deoo iopg

    deoo iopg11 時間 前

    Y’all bring a jewelry expert or G Eazy

  30. TheAmberGryphon

    TheAmberGryphon11 時間 前

    I have metal grillz. braces

  31. FukMaChups

    FukMaChups11 時間 前

    Who needs grills when you got a pony made of diamonds?

  32. y not

    y not13 時間 前

    okay but where is Nelly

  33. Jacob Watson

    Jacob Watson13 時間 前

    Title should say kissing rich rappers asses like all the other ones

  34. skitty

    skitty14 時間 前

    this was very informational gg

  35. dKotaaah

    dKotaaah15 時間 前

    Am I the only one who noticed he called Trippie’s 1414 letters?

  36. Matt Ashton

    Matt Ashton15 時間 前

    There isn't a single one he doesn't like.

  37. joeh tom

    joeh tom15 時間 前

    why dose this video exist and who is consernd about grillzs there a dieing treand

  38. IloveGiroro G66

    IloveGiroro G6615 時間 前

    Why wasn’t Gucci Mane on this?

  39. Joe Marks

    Joe Marks15 時間 前

    I like the way he's talking about the grills he's smart and passionate about it 😂

  40. Haroldas Giedraitis

    Haroldas Giedraitis16 時間 前

    This foo thinks red had blue diamonds LMAO. That grill would have cost him 1 million plus. They were artificially colored diamonds.

  41. Jman Diaz

    Jman Diaz16 時間 前


  42. mangosyyrup

    mangosyyrup16 時間 前

    Dentists hate him!

  43. Young Slick

    Young Slick16 時間 前

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Trippy: bites tongue Make sure to sub to me before I blow up 🔥🌹

  44. Gus Sfakianos

    Gus Sfakianos17 時間 前

    LOL Lil Wayne has diamond Teeth not a Grill douche


    DAT BOY WiTH THA BAG17 時間 前

    Ppl got sharp minds


    DAT BOY WiTH THA BAG17 時間 前

    Sharp minds

  47. Soheni Mrittika

    Soheni Mrittika17 時間 前

    4:18 that “individual” is Trippie Redd

  48. Jay L

    Jay L17 時間 前

    Bottom line don't buy any grills

  49. Soheni Mrittika

    Soheni Mrittika17 時間 前

    Y’all bring a jewelry expert or G Eazy

  50. Cruelo Deville

    Cruelo Deville17 時間 前

    I have aluminum foil

  51. TheRealGOAT 3871

    TheRealGOAT 387117 時間 前

    OMG I just realized that Riff Raff is the guy that said “My main goal is to blow up, and then act like I don’t know nobody”

  52. Brendan Berney

    Brendan Berney18 時間 前

    Nobody: This guy: very beautiful grill very rare but don’t bite down too hard and lose your teeth, but the jeweler did their homework beautiful

  53. gregseegreen

    gregseegreen18 時間 前

    Those are lil Wayne teeth not a grill

  54. Gabriel

    Gabriel18 時間 前

    Lil Waynes grillz are permanent

  55. Dat one boi

    Dat one boi20 時間 前

    No lil pump, 6ix9ine, or Kodak Black grills? I wanted to hear his opinion on em

  56. KingWIgz 1

    KingWIgz 16 時間 前

    And no lil peep :(

  57. Angel Vasquez

    Angel Vasquez20 時間 前

    Johnny dang the goat...


    VICTOR VIGIL20 時間 前

    why dose this video exist and who is consernd about grillzs there a dieing treand

  59. 21snipex isaac

    21snipex isaac20 時間 前


  60. Rice Dogg

    Rice Dogg21 時間 前

    Wayne's had them grillz for a long time, they're permanent "I could be broke and keep a million $ smile"

  61. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix21 時間 前

    I want fangs. The ones were you put them in the 4 corners of your month. I don’t want the ones were you cover all your teeth no thxs.

  62. J Prez

    J Prez21 時間 前

    Nice video

  63. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix21 時間 前

    Grillz are kool

  64. KD Nguyen

    KD Nguyen22 時間 前

    Johnny Dang did like 80% of these grills lol

  65. CallMeMrX

    CallMeMrX22 時間 前


  66. dynamicbeast

    dynamicbeast22 時間 前

    How did he not get post malone jesus

  67. Sheepuoboi

    Sheepuoboi23 時間 前

    No mention of zillakami?

  68. sʜɪɴsᴀᴋᴜツ

    sʜɪɴsᴀᴋᴜツ日 前

    This would be so more better if he was old and had that little thing on his eye

  69. Carlo gambino

    Carlo gambino日 前

    Grills are officially the stupidest accessory in the history of hip-hop!

  70. Hussbat FTW

    Hussbat FTW日 前

    Is MUCH rather just have white,fresh teath

  71. Blocman

    Blocman日 前


  72. that guy

    that guy日 前

    3:18 did any one else here him whistle

  73. GBE Leaks

    GBE Leaks日 前

    Atleast he loves his job

  74. F.B.I

    F.B.I日 前

    1:57 who else looked to see if the video was over🤣

  75. Orlando Cabrera

    Orlando Cabrera日 前

    And it all comes to. Dont matter if they have $100 on their mouth or a billion. They all look like idiots.

  76. Eric Thomas

    Eric Thomas日 前

    These seem dangerous

  77. Chase Oliphant

    Chase Oliphant日 前

    Why you ain't do Katy Perry grillz

  78. Mike Taram

    Mike Taram日 前

    All of this people so evil and ugly looking

  79. Ernest Frigelj

    Ernest Frigelj日 前

    easiest way to look insane

  80. Angela Öhman

    Angela Öhman日 前

    this video called me broke in 69 different languages

  81. LBG

    LBG日 前

    Does he not know that Lil Wayne grillz are permanent

  82. Born Trill

    Born Trill日 前

    GQ is talking to the wrong guy about Grillz, should have done this video with Johnny Dang.

  83. Shre k

    Shre k日 前

    Grills don't even look good

  84. Jamie Fuschi

    Jamie Fuschi日 前

    Can you keep grills

  85. Thanos The Titan

    Thanos The Titan日 前

    Is that my 🥭 is to blow up and not even know about it CHOMP CHOMP

  86. STW Tr3nched

    STW Tr3nched日 前

    Why lil yatchy got a 6ix 9ine grill😂😂

  87. Jimmy Duplessis

    Jimmy Duplessis日 前

    Grillz are so ugly

  88. Jake Buckley

    Jake Buckley日 前

    4:12 imagine biting your tongue by accident

  89. Oh yeah Yeah

    Oh yeah Yeah日 前

    Just realized how ugly trippie redd is 🤢

  90. The Big Rat Gaming

    The Big Rat Gaming日 前


  91. GuideBeauté Jeu

    GuideBeauté Jeu日 前

    Grilllz really, 2000 called they want their trash back

  92. Dequavis Kicks

    Dequavis Kicks日 前

    not finna lie XXXTentation had the best grills

  93. Amen Biru

    Amen Biru日 前

    Who else is watching this with negative $99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  94. Jaymes Martinez

    Jaymes Martinez日 前

    That's not a grill in Lil Wayne's mouth those are a permanent setting that can only be taken out at the dentist there is a difference. He doesn't ever take them out.

  95. BADGAMER 176

    BADGAMER 176日 前

    You look like a Russian Dealer

  96. Gabrielle Torres

    Gabrielle Torres日 前

    They did Travis dirty with that picture 💀

  97. Denis Isaev

    Denis Isaev日 前


  98. Lino

    Lino日 前

    Who's a dental technologist here? 🙋‍♂️

  99. Paul Flores

    Paul Flores日 前

    He makes grills but he hasn't fixed his own??

  100. schmoo

    schmoo日 前

    This guy has a relaxing voice, he comes off like a pawn shop salesman I'd trust with my life

  101. Tame

    Tame日 前

    My mango is to blow up