Jack Dylan Grazer Plays the ultimate 'It' Plot Quiz | Plot Quiz

We gave Jack Dylan Grazer (aka Eddie Kaspbrak from 'It' and 'It: Chapter Two' and Freddy Freeman from 'Shazam!') the ultimate 'It' Plot Quiz to see how much he remembers from the movie. We'll see if he stacks up and if he's ready to come back for more in 'It: Chapter Two' this fall.

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  1. BAD BOY

    BAD BOY10 時間 前

    Есть тут русские?

  2. Hxley_alldxily

    Hxley_alldxily5 日 前

    Idk why, but I wanna say "SHUT UP JACK, YOU'RE STILL A BABY"

  3. SourLemon Cos

    SourLemon Cos6 日 前

    I just got reminded of the blood oath and remembered what me and my friend did the other day We were cosplaying Richie and Eddie and I found fake blood so I threw it at them and then they dumped some on my hand and we held hands longs story short we overdramatized the blood oath. My hand is still red and their hand and leg is red still

  4. Pennywise Shjdhdgxhxjzh

    Pennywise Shjdhdgxhxjzh7 日 前

    He’s so adorable awwwwwwwwwjsjsjjsjsjsjsh dheh

  5. danielle

    danielle7 日 前

    Why is he so adorable I-

  6. Kiyah Massey

    Kiyah Massey8 日 前

    Him and Finn are my favorite people and if I ever meet them(witch probably won't happen) I will cryy

  7. Kiyah Massey

    Kiyah Massey8 日 前

    I knew all of them and I'm proud of it

  8. Rachel Flores

    Rachel Flores9 日 前


  9. mira 1312

    mira 13129 日 前

    I love him

  10. Massimiliano Zeoli

    Massimiliano Zeoli9 日 前

    yep,richie is absoultely scared of clowns.

  11. mills

    mills11 日 前

    jack is the cutest thing on planet earth bye

  12. Cheyanne_duncun

    Cheyanne_duncun12 日 前

    Can this stop coming up on my recommendation thanks

  13. rvdiohead

    rvdiohead13 日 前

    Jack is an angel, ok.

  14. Dina Satlukova

    Dina Satlukova13 日 前

    **Делаю вид,что все понимаю**

  15. Яна Богданова

    Яна Богданова13 日 前

    кто тут из России

  16. Gabrielle Yu

    Gabrielle Yu14 日 前

    I love jackkkk

  17. 2 Great Sisters !

    2 Great Sisters !15 日 前

    hE iS sO cUte

  18. Aayan hammad tube review

    Aayan hammad tube review15 日 前


  19. Csc FAMOUS

    Csc FAMOUS16 日 前

    Hey! 😃 If you love Jack, like me, and you want to see photos and edits of him, follow @loves.grazer on Instagram, please! Help us to grow that account. Thank you! Have a good day! ❤

  20. Dia Amin roblox Kurdish gamer

    Dia Amin roblox Kurdish gamer17 日 前

    Eddie is jack dylan grazer


    GALAXY_ GIRLS20 日 前

    Тут хоть кто нибудь из России есть???

  22. Teahbear_love Awkward girl

    Teahbear_love Awkward girl20 日 前

    “I’m a rebel” dude u play a kid that Germphobia and has a ton of pills and mental problems

  23. IAmKomet

    IAmKomet22 日 前

    Yo Eddie have you ever heard of a staff infection

  24. Zainab Kapadia

    Zainab Kapadia23 日 前

    I got 10

  25. Cathxllee Builds

    Cathxllee Builds23 日 前

    He cute

  26. dino Games

    dino Games25 日 前


  27. Eddie Spaghetti

    Eddie Spaghetti26 日 前

    Jack usually emits such insane energy but he’s just chill right now

  28. Dylan Thomas

    Dylan Thomas28 日 前

    "What is Richie afraid of?" Jack: "Clowns" *IT Chapter 2: "I WILL RUIN YOUR CAREER."

  29. ava healy

    ava healy28 日 前

    I’m not the only one that saw the mistake when he breaks his arm the first scene it’s fine then when it goes back to him it’s broken

  30. Natalia Vlogs

    Natalia Vlogs28 日 前

    Why is he so cute?😍

  31. Vladimír Račok

    Vladimír Račok29 日 前

    He is so cuute

  32. Evan Lopez

    Evan Lopez29 日 前


  33. Iconic FlimFlam

    Iconic FlimFlamヶ月 前

    No jack.. your not a rebel. Your a dull boy

  34. Julia Montañes Larraz

    Julia Montañes Larrazヶ月 前

    Love jack😚😚😍😍😍

  35. Ashra Kemp

    Ashra Kempヶ月 前

    "I think he falls on a fire hydrant. Or something."

  36. Lunar Gacha

    Lunar Gachaヶ月 前

    Jack: "don't forget to check out Shazam" Me: **has never seen Shazam** " YOUR IN SHAZAM?"

  37. dumb ass

    dumb assヶ月 前

    "have you ever heard of a sTAfF inFEctIOn??"

  38. Light Ny

    Light Nyヶ月 前

    He grew up sm

  39. Brynnduncan2017

    Brynnduncan2017ヶ月 前

    My husband ohmygod

  40. Yaremi Canas Periban

    Yaremi Canas Peribanヶ月 前

    I love you so much Jack💗💗💗💕💕💕💕💞💞💘💘❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕