J. Cole at "Fresh Produce NYC"

Video of J. Cole performing a couple of songs and By Any Means Entertainment's Fresh Produce show...


  1. Siyabonga Rabothata

    Siyabonga Rabothata4 ヶ月 前

    _ Cameras Were Bad Back Then The Quality Of The Sound Didnt Stop Him To Being The Cole He Is Today

  2. Young Fu

    Young Fu年 前

    that last cole song has never been released to the public.. the only people other than the ones that know Cole that have heard it are us!

  3. Imyo Daddiee

    Imyo Daddiee年 前

    Hands to the Sky 🧐 I can’t find it anywhere

  4. John '94

    John '942 年 前

    Can't believe he did 'Mighty Crazy' from the Come Up live 😮😮

  5. Aniela arce

    Aniela arce5 年 前

    Aw Melissa 😭😭 dude j Cole came so far he makes me so proud #COLEWORLD

  6. Muhammad Patel

    Muhammad Patel2 年 前

    Aniela arce you know his wife?

  7. Brittany Haynes

    Brittany Haynes6 年 前


  8. Jorge R

    Jorge R6 年 前


  9. HotNewGeniuses

    HotNewGeniuses7 年 前

    I always come back and watch his old videos... feels amazing to witness how far he's come and how far he'll continue to go. Wish him the best. Cole World, FOREVER.

  10. Bryant721

    Bryant7217 年 前

    Cole used a line in the song that played on 6:20 on his verse for Tyga's song "Let it Show" (And I'm still throwing five in the tank). Still have no idea what song that was, tho.

  11. diddisdiddat

    diddisdiddat8 年 前

    Never noticed around 6:20 that's a Cole song I never heard. Probably it's on the album. Hopefully.

  12. Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson9 年 前

    whats the song at 7:20?


    KILLAxCAM9 年 前

    the beat itself is ill but the band brought it to life j.cole is the best

  14. Jamere Walton

    Jamere Walton9 年 前

    if you a true fan of hip hop go to youtube search box and type in "jay jay check my vision"

  15. Muhammad Patel

    Muhammad Patel2 年 前

    Jamere Walton you make it?

  16. Ikenna Douglas

    Ikenna Douglas9 年 前

    love how the band did the beat ..made it so grovy babyyyyyy

  17. king koom

    king koom10 年 前

    what song was the second one he performed

  18. ClaytonTV

    ClaytonTV10 年 前

    Yo man I don't know if this is your page or not. But you should release a version of this song with live instruments - Shit's crazy!

  19. Joshua Benson

    Joshua Benson10 年 前

    live instruments make that song so much better

  20. Akiyah Francis

    Akiyah Francis10 年 前

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  21. RDoubt96

    RDoubt9610 年 前


  22. Nac723

    Nac72310 年 前

    Haha, meems dont be nervous! J.Cole all day!!