J. Cole - Everybody Dies

Music Video for "Everybody Dies" by J. Cole
Directed by Scott Lazer
'4 Your Eyez Only' by J. Cole available everywhere 12/9


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    sahsa pasha lopa5 時間 前

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  2. Malechi Guess

    Malechi Guess6 時間 前

    2019 anyone

  3. Ian Thomas

    Ian Thomas19 時間 前

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  4. CPA

    CPA日 前


  5. Amxr.99

    Amxr.99日 前

    goes to Area 51 raid the news :Everybody Dies

  6. Tomás Miranda

    Tomás Miranda日 前

    la psu conchetumare

  7. DookieSmellGud

    DookieSmellGud日 前

    Not talking about money or bitches just actually rapping

  8. Aanaa

    Aanaa日 前

    *video editor has left the chat*

  9. O sklavos toy mariou

    O sklavos toy mariou日 前

    2 years have passed. Came back to remember the good old 2016 days. Still cole never needed to put cars women and money to make a fire song

  10. Monkey D Qasem

    Monkey D Qasem日 前


  11. Jaime Chavez

    Jaime Chavez日 前

    Fucken Cole Killin Em Softly

  12. Zech Wilson

    Zech Wilson2 日 前

    This might be one of my favs from him ever

  13. joe hiser

    joe hiser2 日 前

    he talks alot of shit to white people but hes 50 percent white atleast

  14. Emiro Filosofo

    Emiro Filosofo3 日 前

    Remember: He has a style YOU can’t eff with.

  15. Idle Asf

    Idle Asf3 日 前

    Cole is the GOAT & thats a fact

  16. itsme Dead

    itsme Dead4 日 前

    Wtf track 3adi old Scholl clip 3adi fo9 tonobil lflow m5rb9 dinmo l instru 3aaadi l7asoul lhayat gi zhar😂😂


    KING OF NOOBS4 日 前

    His flow is out of the world and so is the bars

  18. SynsterBros

    SynsterBros5 日 前

    10k dislikes y'all the 8 week rappers and pitchfork rappers he talking about............... Ima leave it 🚶

  19. TheRapSheet Ent

    TheRapSheet Ent5 日 前

    This sounds like it samples Tupacs "Me against the world"

  20. TheRapSheet Ent

    TheRapSheet Ent日 前

    @Karlo wow, thanks man. I was on a Nas vibe all day. Got lost.

  21. Karlo

    Karlo日 前

    me against the world*

  22. Colin Kamerer

    Colin Kamerer5 日 前

    Who’s better j. Cole ( like ) or J.I.D (comment)

  23. Orbit puke Lissop

    Orbit puke Lissop5 日 前

    i mean.. i cant say it any other, but fuck you when you hate on j cole.

  24. Mg

    Mg6 日 前

    September 2019 ?

  25. The Green Shadow

    The Green Shadow6 日 前


  26. Kalan

    Kalan6 日 前

    J cole best rapper alive❤️

  27. Charlie Kake-White

    Charlie Kake-White6 日 前

    still bumping in 2019 fr

  28. Da Ka

    Da Ka7 日 前

    Nujabes styles , an echo from the past

  29. SanFrancisco Bay

    SanFrancisco Bay7 日 前

    why people told me to listen to this guy ? he is actually trash

  30. Stocks is a Virgin

    Stocks is a Virgin4 日 前

    You definitely listen to playboy carti

  31. Zain Khan

    Zain Khan5 日 前

    SanFrancisco Bay stfu bitch

  32. Nothing Nothing

    Nothing Nothing7 日 前

    J cole short bus now I’m here

  33. Mon Cruz

    Mon Cruz7 日 前

    If yall aint play this at my funeral, i aint even comin😤

  34. Isiah Emerson

    Isiah Emerson21 時間 前

    Mon Cruz took me a second 😂😂

  35. Bruised Champions

    Bruised Champions2 日 前


  36. Waldemar Rodriguez

    Waldemar Rodriguez7 日 前

    this song called inside my love is where cole sampled that intro

  37. Victoria Evelyn

    Victoria Evelyn8 日 前

    10k people couldn’t handle the truth of this song. I can bet J never got any help from *AUTHETICVIEWS D O T C O M*

  38. Rogelio Lara Jr

    Rogelio Lara Jr8 日 前

    Best of this Generation🤷‍♂️

  39. Thabo Makhubele

    Thabo Makhubele8 日 前

    The instrumental thou

  40. Skiiny pg

    Skiiny pg8 日 前

    September 2019 any 1?

  41. Thabo Makhubele

    Thabo Makhubele8 日 前

    Hell YEAH

  42. Lil Jay TwisT

    Lil Jay TwisT9 日 前

    Still fire till this day🔥🔥

  43. Fahad Mohammed

    Fahad Mohammed9 日 前

    Real nigga 🔥🔥🦅

  44. Anthony Ross

    Anthony Ross9 日 前

    Nigga cold

  45. Lisaaaa The Foodie

    Lisaaaa The Foodie10 日 前

    He’s such an Aquarius man❤️😭 I love this guy!

  46. Lisaaaa The Foodie

    Lisaaaa The Foodie8 日 前

    Corell Temple I said this way( he’s such an Aquarius....man, not an Aquarius-man and Aquarius people are known to be very intelligent and creative.

  47. Corell Temple

    Corell Temple8 日 前

    Lisaaaa The Foodie And what is an “Aquarius man”, exactly? Asking for myself.

  48. Brandon

    Brandon10 日 前

    10k dislikes from people who fear death.

  49. CantFindAGoodUsername

    CantFindAGoodUsername11 日 前

    Three things happened today 1. I turned on this song 2. My neighbors heard it 3. They immediately called the fire department

  50. Lil Whatever

    Lil Whatever11 日 前

    He said my name :)

  51. Ben P

    Ben P12 日 前

    The sound, lyrics, visuals everything’s just perfect

  52. marcosfh10

    marcosfh1013 日 前

    "Cole the definition of a weapon that can end it, you know mass destruction when I mash the button I take your favorite rapper, left him independent, cryin in the corner Cause I ain't into sorta kinda dissin niggas, I'm borderline addicted to slaughter Line up niggas in order, of who you think can really fuck with me most Then I tuck the heat close, if he don't duck then he ghost" Probably some of Cole's hardest bars, even almost three years later.

  53. MF STEEZ

    MF STEEZ13 日 前

    I miss this tune man. I had always preferred this and High for Hours over false prophets

  54. Aron Adams

    Aron Adams13 日 前

    "If they don't talk about the bread these mf be toast" Yall gotta stay relevant or else yall die out. Chumps. Try harder. I'm tired of people not committing and dedicating to life that's why we get fucked up generational curses cause yall come up short cause of your lack of effort.

  55. Daniel Salazar

    Daniel Salazar14 日 前

    Nice alternative hip hop youtube Video. Kind of funny and with several messages. jpgo.info/bideo/pJabqrGlwoHY2rA.html

  56. Doc Who

    Doc Who14 日 前

    This helped me through really bad times thank u cole.

  57. The Whiz Kid

    The Whiz Kid9 日 前

    Sideline Story?

  58. Vicente Peralta2

    Vicente Peralta212 日 前

    Doc Who Same here man

  59. Blision

    Blision15 日 前

    bro j cole king no cap

  60. Flora Rosalie

    Flora Rosalie15 日 前

    wow mad results *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* is the best

  61. 𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑

    𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑12 日 前

    Hoe stfu

  62. Eon Harry

    Eon Harry15 日 前

    one day we all have to die,but untill then keep playing j cole music

  63. Ytry X Drip

    Ytry X Drip16 日 前

    just lost my grandmother a week ago and the strange feeling to listing to this banger Cole is just a GOAT I guess



    Perfect demo of how to rape in just 2min & 45 seconds

  65. lysergic acid

    lysergic acid17 日 前


  66. Jaleel Dennis

    Jaleel Dennis18 日 前

    My favorite rapper

  67. Skarango

    Skarango18 日 前

    One take on a junk pick up car, am I the only one flyin' tho?!

  68. Amy C.

    Amy C.19 日 前

    Is he the best human? Yes

  69. Casey Bertola

    Casey Bertola19 日 前

    holy shit

  70. Shine Onn ENT.

    Shine Onn ENT.20 日 前

    J cole sampled minnie riperton to make this song

  71. Tegan

    Tegan20 日 前

    Chase has a small pp

  72. Brain2

    Brain221 日 前

    We back

  73. LowKi420

    LowKi42021 日 前

    Mad love and respect J Cole one of the realest ever 💯