Investigating TRUE Animated Stories To See If They Are Actually FAKE

Today I'm investigating the world of "TRUE" animated stories again. However, this time, I'm actually INVESTIGATING these ridiculous stories to see if they're actually FAKE or not...
Actually Happened:
My Story Animated:
Part 1 TRUE Animated Stories That Are Actually FAKE:
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  1. Alicia lovis

    Alicia lovis17 時間 前

    My sleep walking talent is lying in the tub and falling down the stairs.

  2. Caleb Selvan

    Caleb Selvan日 前

    lov it

  3. C

    C2 日 前

    I have seen all of these stories

  4. Jade Johnson

    Jade Johnson2 日 前

    hi my naeb is chevelle

  5. XXMakayla_ GachXX

    XXMakayla_ GachXX2 日 前

    Uhhhm my last name is pollard lol

  6. christine jones

    christine jones4 日 前

    You cant be pregnant for 4 years they would cut here open and take out the baby

  7. Creeper Noodles

    Creeper Noodles4 日 前

    All those people who clicked the dislike button must have thought it meant Dis-i-like

  8. Pearakeet

    Pearakeet6 日 前

    I remember a story of a woman that got pregnant quite young. It was a time before ultrasound and the baby ended up being ectopic. The day she was supposed to have the baby/c-section she ran off. She ended up never having the baby. I believe in her 70's or 90's she started having severe stomach pains. One ultrasound later, the baby was still there. Weird phenomena.

  9. Hayleigh Haggett

    Hayleigh Haggett6 日 前

    you don,t read them you watch them

  10. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf6 日 前

    Well she could of had her daughter at 17. That happens you know.

  11. Donna Dudley

    Donna Dudley8 日 前

    wow...just wow

  12. sophia Haines

    sophia Haines8 日 前

    My name is sophia

  13. LT Trickster

    LT Trickster9 日 前

    How are half of these not on the news

  14. The magic Glaceon

    The magic Glaceon9 日 前

    Cindy was on a waffle computer at 3:09

  15. Mythical studio

    Mythical studio9 日 前

    When a woman is in her 3rd trimester she can have 2 glasses of red wine a week I think it's a week ik it's 2 glasses

  16. David Richardson

    David Richardson10 日 前

    This is not true

  17. Stxrie_night

    Stxrie_night10 日 前

    Is the girls head in the pillow at 15:37 Just wondering

  18. Panz Animations

    Panz Animations11 日 前

    Is it sad I used to watch these and believe ALL of them where real

  19. Sonia Jimene

    Sonia Jimene12 日 前

    My cousin is addicted to breathing FILM IT

  20. Lanah Slay

    Lanah Slay13 日 前

    Some people get pregnant at a young age

  21. Chloe Roberts

    Chloe Roberts13 日 前

    These stories just rip off other real stories and pretend people this happened to sent them their story

  22. Michaela Levy Løseth

    Michaela Levy Løseth13 日 前

    Omg (the 2 story) MY name is Michaela! Coool

  23. Dee Anna Maschino

    Dee Anna Maschino14 日 前

    She did not have 24 babies

  24. XxItZoexX :3

    XxItZoexX :315 日 前

    Lauren: If your an adopted child you'll be attracted to your biological relatives Me: I'm adopted and I know my biological relatives... Also me: *cries in fear in bed*

  25. Gacha_ Z cake pops

    Gacha_ Z cake pops15 日 前

    Lol 😂

  26. Cat Tim

    Cat Tim15 日 前

    hmm it seems i may have accidentally married my father how could this be

  27. Tats Arts Creations

    Tats Arts Creations16 日 前

    Do more pls

  28. Vitoria Persson Diniz

    Vitoria Persson Diniz16 日 前

    Lauren, can you maybe do a video of you sending a Email about some crazy story that is made up, and see is they post thata story, and please make a parody of one of their videos, pleasssseee 💕✌

  29. Aly Za

    Aly Za17 日 前

    Bruh my dad is 28 in 12🙄

  30. Pipshroom

    Pipshroom17 日 前

    Jarvis Johnson actually found out that they were fake because someone sent him a email they got from actually happened,and the email said that it was fake. Or that they just steal from reddit.

  31. Pratt The Beagle

    Pratt The Beagle17 日 前


  32. Lydia Harris

    Lydia Harris17 日 前

    Callie: i Drew a picture while i was sleep walking but i'm not showing it to the world me: but your filming this so most people will know

  33. Katelyn Correia

    Katelyn Correia17 日 前

    Me:*reads the title* FOOD BABY

  34. chill productions

    chill productions18 日 前

    im not joking but once i had a dream i was in my school acfeteria getting food and then they said 'what do you want?' and then i said turkey out loud and then woke up

  35. Galaxy Cat123000

    Galaxy Cat12300019 日 前

    I got one for you get this I was watching one of these videos myself and I came across one called I am the only boy born in an all female village for over 20 years now think about this they don’t let other males come from different villages to repopulate with other females so where did the male come from that’s why I think that was super fake!

  36. peyton briscoe

    peyton briscoe19 日 前

    Mom is not or else ☠️

  37. army boi1880

    army boi188019 日 前

    Did you get permission from each JPgor to film their video if not this is going to have to go down because of copyright

  38. Addison McKay

    Addison McKay19 日 前

    I’m very great full for the internet because without it I would have never found out about Lauren

  39. Jasmin

    Jasmin19 日 前

    The first few seconds playing: *Oedipus has left the chat*

  40. Del Synnott

    Del Synnott19 日 前

    Seriously for four years Jesse get a doctor 😱

  41. Clueless Potato

    Clueless Potato19 日 前


  42. Grace

    Grace19 日 前

    Nah, Indian jails are portrayed wrongly. I was screaming when I saw their house in that village.

  43. GatchaIs Fun

    GatchaIs Fun20 日 前

    How come these stories get a lot of attention but storybooth gets like no attention?????

  44. Jennifer Shaw

    Jennifer Shaw20 日 前

    Im 9 and my mom is 29...

  45. Fox lover gacha

    Fox lover gacha20 日 前

    Lauren: *robbing my house* Also lauren: *hears one of her videos playing* Laruen: I guss im not robbing this house

  46. Tortellini

    Tortellini20 日 前

    My mom is named Cindy and I swear this ruined it, my mom has blue eyes and brown hair edit: she dyed it blonde

  47. Ashley Ternent

    Ashley Ternent20 日 前

    mum: Hey kids im pregnant! ive been pregnant for 4 years! Kids: Yay! Dad: hate to break it to you kids...she is just fat Mum: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im giving birth!!!!! Doctor: its just poo

  48. Cather Pope

    Cather Pope21 日 前

    Okay but doesn’t this remind anyone of Rumor Has It/The Graduate

  49. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf21 日 前

    I’m pretty sure some of these are realistic fiction

  50. Antara.

    Antara.21 日 前

    Galaxy Wolf ‘Realistic’

  51. sound beetdj

    sound beetdj22 日 前

    my moms 28 she has a 13 year old a 10 year old and 9 year old

  52. sound beetdj

    sound beetdj19 日 前

    oh and i know i spelled my channel name wrong

  53. sound beetdj

    sound beetdj19 日 前

    ok thank you

  54. Antara.

    Antara.19 日 前

    If you want me to rephrase that sentence to be grammatically correct, here: My mom’s 28 and she has a 13 year old, a 10 year old and a 9 year old.

  55. Antara.

    Antara.19 日 前

    sound beetdj I-

  56. sound beetdj

    sound beetdj21 日 前

    and what’s wrong with my grammar

  57. Maya Walker

    Maya Walker22 日 前

    I'm pretty sure that at least in the United States it's illegal to pay a surrogate. I'm pretty sure that's also the case in England, but I'm not sure.

  58. Emily Tondreau

    Emily Tondreau23 日 前


  59. Isobel Ash

    Isobel Ash23 日 前

    She couldve had a baby at 17 you don’t know that

  60. Manu B

    Manu B20 日 前

    No. The child was 11 when it began and it lasted 4 years. The mom was 28 when she was arrested. She would have been at most 13 when she gave birth.

  61. Kitty Games

    Kitty Games23 日 前

    Your mom is just *t h i c c*

  62. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf24 日 前

    She wasn’t preg for 4 years she was preg had the baby and put it into adoption and did it over and over

  63. 안녕No.

    안녕No.24 日 前

    A lady in Africa has been pregnant for 10+ years, the baby was never delivered and because there were no doctors in that area so the baby actually fossilised inside her. I think she’s still alive.

  64. I SHIP IT!

    I SHIP IT!24 日 前

    Wat da frisk...

  65. Jumper Swinson

    Jumper Swinson25 日 前

    Can you react to more Gacha life please and thank you

  66. All.Things.FoodNAnimals

    All.Things.FoodNAnimals26 日 前

    Uhm im 11 and my mom is 28 or 9 is that weird?

  67. TheBlackandWhitePineapple

    TheBlackandWhitePineapple26 日 前

    There were these African people who were a couple and were going to get married, and they asked their parents to meet each others, and it turns out they were brother and sister.