Investigating TRUE Animated Stories To See If They Are Actually FAKE

Today I'm investigating the world of "TRUE" animated stories again. However, this time, I'm actually INVESTIGATING these ridiculous stories to see if they're actually FAKE or not...
Actually Happened:
My Story Animated:
Part 1 TRUE Animated Stories That Are Actually FAKE:
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  1. 대박ItzYuri

    대박ItzYuri時間 前

    On the thumbnail it say "My mom is pregnant for 4 years" is actually possible in muslim book

  2. Emilie B

    Emilie B2 時間 前

    Who Else thought she was going to say troom troom? 0:23

  3. A Piece Of Toast

    A Piece Of Toast3 時間 前

    *Video: Says That "Kelly" didn't want to share it on JPgo* *Lauren's Logic: Google's "Kelly" about her Painting*

  4. winter wolf

    winter wolf3 時間 前

    my mum had 6 miscarriages

  5. MPG masterprogaming

    MPG masterprogaming3 時間 前

    who else watching this in 2019

  6. ninna Miller

    ninna Miller3 時間 前

    has any one ever noticed how pretty Lauren's eyes are

  7. Taylor Witts

    Taylor Witts6 時間 前

    Wait I'm adopted ahhhhhhhhh!

  8. amanda benton

    amanda benton6 時間 前

    this is weird and random but who knew there are 3 ways to be right well even cooler i'm doing lesbian wrong XD

  9. Crystal & Book

    Crystal & Book8 時間 前

    I’m shocked that the fake pregnant woman story is true

  10. Wolfy Kaye

    Wolfy Kaye10 時間 前

    Um on the she could have an eleven year old at twenty eight your login is flawed my mum is twenty eight and I'm twelve turning thirteen at the end if the month... So teen pregnancy happened my mum got pregnant at fourteen and had me at fifteen. So it's plausible that the twenty eight year old women did have the daughter like in the story...

  11. Angel_Playz 18

    Angel_Playz 1813 時間 前

    Me: **eating pizza and watching this** this is the life..- My little bro: EOMFHRIGEUSBFORJWGSIINRGQRBISBFYEJSGGDUFGEKOMBCUFKE Me: great........

  12. Angel_Playz 18

    Angel_Playz 1813 時間 前

    Storybooth is the only channel that does realistic stories (which are true)

  13. A piece of toast

    A piece of toast15 時間 前

    ! Please do this with Kassie !

  14. RivloDraws

    RivloDraws20 時間 前



    IEDITTHING S21 時間 前

    ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Born as a hybrid dog and dating a shark Me:I was born as a human being everybody else:Ya'll werid

  16. Ry Smith

    Ry Smith21 時間 前

    No no no no no no nooooooooooo

  17. Kerrie smith

    Kerrie smith22 時間 前

    I hope this not real it’s horrible and it’s horrible and it’s not nice and I love this so much and u going to look at it and it’s so crazy and invagation and it’s so cool

  18. Julianne Wood

    Julianne Wood日 前

    Is it what you can only be pregnant for like 10 months or 6 how can someone be pregnant for 4 years

  19. Terry Himes

    Terry Himes日 前

    I watched the 14:55 one

  20. Akari Creates

    Akari Creates日 前

    I don't want to meet my bio dad now ;w;

  21. AlexasWildAdventures WithGames

    AlexasWildAdventures WithGames日 前

    Who else is wondering what’s gonna be in her recommended after this video?

  22. Oofy playz :3

    Oofy playz :3日 前

    I loved the last one!

  23. TeaChella

    TeaChella日 前

    *Who took the time and said “these stories are a great idea”*

  24. Gacha sophie xxx

    Gacha sophie xxx日 前

    my mom is 28 and im 10 my dad is 29

  25. Maria Sanchez

    Maria Sanchez日 前

    Welp the person who was ya know that story was werid

  26. Kiera Hill

    Kiera Hill日 前


  27. SukiU games

    SukiU games日 前

    Errr Lauren people in the UK mostly get pregnant at 17-18 and some have got pregnant at 15. Teenage pregnancies are more common over here ya know.

  28. ItzLexy_Chan Shine

    ItzLexy_Chan Shine2 日 前

    My grandfather and great Grandmother had died (I think today is when I am going/ WHEN I POSTED THIS)

  29. Swirly - DonutEditz

    Swirly - DonutEditz2 日 前

    Your birthday likes didn't come cause ya didn't say anything about it

  30. XxGachaKittyUwUxX

    XxGachaKittyUwUxX2 日 前

    You said that 28 year couldn't have had an 11 year old child, however she only would've been 17.. I mean, my mom had me when she was 17. owo I luv u ❤

  31. I Kidz Bop but I want you to sing Cruz okay

    I Kidz Bop but I want you to sing Cruz okay2 日 前

    OMG I'm adopted but I have not met him but seen a photo

  32. NathaliaTHEalpaca

    NathaliaTHEalpaca2 日 前


  33. Rowena MacDonald

    Rowena MacDonald2 日 前

    They could have just taken the stories off of the Internet....

  34. Anna Bates

    Anna Bates2 日 前

    Why couldn't they just adopted

  35. Fur Chan

    Fur Chan2 日 前

    As SOON as i clicked on this vid, Wansee entertainment sent a notification for animations.

  36. mandy austin

    mandy austin2 日 前

    No shade but just so you are aware ...I'm 28 with an 11 yr old lol ... had her just before I turned 17....soooooo totally feasible lol

  37. skylar storm

    skylar storm2 日 前

    They were reading off 700 chemicals from a list!😂

  38. Daphne Brea

    Daphne Brea2 日 前

    My mom was 22 years old when I was born and I’m 9 and my mom is not 31 so it is possible

  39. skylar storm

    skylar storm2 日 前

    During the start, i watched a 30 min ad, WhEn I cOuLd HaVe SkIpPeD

  40. puppychu

    puppychu2 日 前

    They copy stories online

  41. Dasol Danielle Lee

    Dasol Danielle Lee2 日 前

    8:45 "Vincent van sloth" Lol

  42. Warren Stolow

    Warren Stolow3 日 前

    My dad is 62!!!!!😅

  43. Blah Blah

    Blah Blah3 日 前

    My moms 28 I’m 11

  44. { K a n d y _ K a t }

    { K a n d y _ K a t }3 日 前

    I like potatoes *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

  45. Wolf Pupper

    Wolf Pupper3 日 前

    There WAS a story of a woman who was pregnant for like 40 years or something I think (can’t remember the exact number) but like, she went to full term then the baby pretty much just turned to stone. Sooo.. yeah. It was on google :/

  46. PugaPaige YT

    PugaPaige YT3 日 前

    acually my mommhad me when she was 22 and im 11 so it is poesible

  47. The Crystal Wolf

    The Crystal Wolf3 日 前

    Lizzy! My mom is 28 or 29 and I'm 11!!!!!

  48. Gene

    Gene3 日 前

    In regards to the first one Lauren. My mum had me when she was only 15, I'm now 24 and she's turning 40 later this month ngl i was a bit sad when u were like I don't see how she has an 11yr old. Teenage mom's do exist and it sucks most of the time but even so hello I'm an adult from a teen mom

  49. Chelsea Fani

    Chelsea Fani3 日 前

    Sorry girl your mom is fat

  50. Bonifacio Baer

    Bonifacio Baer3 日 前

    And why do you look evil

  51. xtenshi x

    xtenshi x4 日 前


  52. GalaxyGirlGrace

    GalaxyGirlGrace4 日 前

    I feel like these strange story channels are probably just made up stories and the actual channel just voiced it. Some 9f them might be real but like a teenager would do ALL THESE STORIES. Like these voices are adult’s. I’m not hating on this channel I’m just saying.

  53. Marshmallow Fluff

    Marshmallow Fluff4 日 前

    I'm a sleepwalker too and I also talk when I'm asleep and I open my eyes

  54. WolfMoonlight Luna

    WolfMoonlight Luna4 日 前

    I'm 11 but my mum is 27 bro

  55. Alison Andrews

    Alison Andrews4 日 前

    please make more of these vidoes

  56. Carmen Wooten

    Carmen Wooten4 日 前

    Can you do moreeee please

  57. iiLumixnate

    iiLumixnate4 日 前

    Lauren she could’ve actually had a kid one of my friends mom was around 19 and their 10 :[

  58. Elaiza Rein Dela Fuente

    Elaiza Rein Dela Fuente4 日 前

    I Got Born Thats Why Im Alive ACTUALLY HAPPEND

  59. Moonlight

    Moonlight4 日 前

    Blauw eww :(.

  60. Hypno

    Hypno5 日 前

    Hmmmm...... drinking while pregnant SHES FAT FOOL