I Try Tampons for the First Time | Seventeen Firsts

For many people who menstruate, using a tampon is a rite of passage. After all, tampons can be serious game-changers when you have your period. Anyone who's used tampons knows how hard it can be to put them in-especially when it's your first time. If you're not sure how to put a tampon in, don't worry, we've got you. We asked three girls who have NEVER used tampons before to try using them on camera. Some of the girls had a way easier time than others. If you've ever wondered exactly how to use a tampon, you're definitely going to want to watch this.
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  1. Seventeen

    Seventeen4 ヶ月 前

    Do you use tampons? What was it like the first time you tried to use one?

  2. ziva vanrijn

    ziva vanrijn3 時間 前

    The first time I tried to use a tampon, I was very very scared so because of that I did it wrong, the day after that I tried it again but with an applicator and I did it! I'm 11 lmao😂

  3. Lacey Jeffrey

    Lacey Jeffrey15 時間 前

    @taltos _ I meant *y

  4. Lacey Jeffrey

    Lacey Jeffrey15 時間 前

    @taltos _ then I found the right one n I started panicking idk you

  5. Angelica Lamour

    Angelica Lamour18 時間 前

    Gabrielle Derr-Rosius it iss

  6. taltos _

    taltos _日 前

    @Lacey Jeffrey definitely put it in the right hole. Still not comfortable

  7. ziva vanrijn

    ziva vanrijn3 時間 前

    I'm 11 and I use tampons lmao😂

  8. G Zukow

    G Zukow13 時間 前

    dude I can't wear pads like it feels like I'm wearing a diaper...

  9. ziva vanrijn

    ziva vanrijn3 時間 前


  10. Angelina Lord

    Angelina Lord14 時間 前

    I used a tampon for the first time yesterday at a friends house. My mom doesn’t use tampons ( except for like when she goes in water ) but she still buys me pads. I play a sport and it’s usually a little tougher playing a sport with a pad because when you’re moving blood is just flowing and if it’s a heavy day I can feel it flow, which I don’t mind unless I’m exercising. Anyways I was very rushed and I figured I would try it. First, from the outside of the wrapper I felt it was very hard, like I felt plastic. I thought to myself that it was going to be really uncomfortable if I was sticking something like that up my vagina. When I unwrapped it i was confused, because there was this blue thing and the white part was inside of it with a string attached. I then realized it was the applicator ( didn’t know it was called that until this video ) and it just held the cotton part. I had a little trouble getting it out of there ( I guess I pulled the strong the wrong way or something, idr ) but I got it out in a number of seconds. It looked small. Like I said, I was in kind of a rush because I had to get to practice so I didn’t question it and just stuck it up there. I didn’t try looking, I just went bam ( I’ve put fingers up there so it’s not like my hymen was breaking ). It didn’t hurt and I did have to push it in a little, but maybe I pushed it to far? Idk if I did but the string was still showing sooo. I wore a pad just in case, I guess I was kinda of testing it. When I got up I felt it in there. Like it didn’t feel uncomfortable but at the same time I still felt that something was there. At practice it didn’t bother me that much. When I ran I wasn’t focused on it but when I rowed ( I do rowing ) I definitely felt it. Cut to when I took it out, it was very bloody. The blood leaked into my pad and the string was covered in blood too. It just like slipped out when I pulled on the string. The tampon was short and I thought it would be longer, maybe it was just that type? But given that it was in there for less than 8 hours and it still leaked, I either put it in wrong ( I think I did it right ) or probably should’ve went with one that absorbed more? I think I would stick with pads for normal activities and maybe I can try to get used to it for sports and going into water. Usually when I was on my period before and wanted to go for a swim I would just go in and made sure that when I got out I put a pad on immediately. Here’s my review lol: Pain? No Hard time using? No Efficiency? Ehh Comfortability? Ehh Do I prefer it over pads? Not rlly Would I try it again? Probably ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3/5 stars

  11. Tabby Roles

    Tabby Roles14 時間 前

    Wow being a swimmer sucks we wear tampons as soon as we start 😂😂

  12. Cassidy Craig

    Cassidy Craig15 時間 前

    ok the girl in dark blue is funny as hell yet she’s the calmest out of all of them

  13. Carsyn J

    Carsyn J15 時間 前

    is it weird that when i first tried (12) i wasn’t scared

  14. E- Girls

    E- Girls18 時間 前

    I’m 13 and I use tampons lmao

  15. Skye Mccready

    Skye Mccready21 時間 前

    Good luck taking them out for the first time 😂

  16. Uxue Perkaz Diaz

    Uxue Perkaz Diaz23 時間 前

    lol i start using tampons at 13

  17. Koral Jackson

    Koral Jackson日 前

    If u can feel the tampon it isn’t in all the way

  18. Krystal Toogood

    Krystal Toogood日 前

    Tampons r awesome! When inserted correctly u dnt feel then at all! No smell n u dnt feel like ur wearing a nappy like with pads! I hate pads haven’t used them since was a teenager other then after I had a baby!

  19. Kaylee Curry

    Kaylee Curry日 前

    OMG SAME I CANT FIND MY HOLE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😓😓😓😓😓😖😖😂😂😂😂😂😂


    ZANA ROSE日 前

    Tampons are amazing for being able to shower whenever you want rather than having to weight for your period to calm down for a moment. You can also go swimming whilst on your period with tampons and at night, tampons are amazing as we move around a lot and there’s either no leakage or very little compared to pads. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to use a tampon if they have health conditions that may step in the way such as vulvodynia or vaginismus s

  21. Isabel Eisinger

    Isabel Eisinger日 前

    Did anyone else just teach yourself when you first started your period??

  22. hi there

    hi there日 前


  23. Sonia Bucio

    Sonia Bucio2 日 前

    I’m 16 and I tried tampons and if I’m being honest it’s really better than a pad

  24. allie scott

    allie scott2 日 前

    I'm in 8th grade and use them on a regular basis

  25. Mbabazi Ruth

    Mbabazi Ruth2 日 前

    Wat if u want to pee

  26. Jennifer Corona

    Jennifer Corona2 日 前

    3:46 me on my 30s at the doctors by myself

  27. Eliza

    Eliza2 日 前

    I’m 13 and I have to wear tampons bc I swim

  28. Cece Coady

    Cece Coady2 日 前

    You can see through it!!

  29. Tori Liptow

    Tori Liptow2 日 前

    Comp dancers are” my first time using one was when I was like 12”🤡

  30. isabella farnsworth

    isabella farnsworth3 日 前

    i’m 13 and i use tampons, i started in july bc i wanted to go swimming but i was on my period lol

  31. daniella xo

    daniella xo3 日 前

    i hate pads now because i hate the feeling of the pad moving around and it’s disgusting 🤢

  32. My Cat's Life

    My Cat's Life3 日 前

    Some one else in the comment: Tampon's is the best Me:I HAVE NOT EVEN TRY A SINGLE PAD!!!

  33. Laura Eitel

    Laura Eitel3 日 前

    Is that Jessi vee aaaahhhhh

  34. Emily Pearson

    Emily Pearson3 日 前

    I'm 14 now but I started using tampons when I was 13 cuz of a heavy flow lmfaooo

  35. Samantha Gorvad

    Samantha Gorvad3 日 前

    at first i was scared of tampons, like i was genuinely afraid. but when i first used one it was way better than a pad and it dose NOT hurt

  36. angel bannan

    angel bannan4 日 前

    I wore them since I was eleven..

  37. Rosina Cms

    Rosina Cms4 日 前

    I think I used pads on my first two cycles and then switched to tampons. And now about 13 years later, I switched to the menstrual cup. 🤷‍♀️ I still use tampons for when I forget I'm getting my period and didn't bring my cup 😂

  38. Rosina Cms

    Rosina Cms4 日 前

    Used to always use tampons, but I switched to menstrual cups 🤷‍♀️

  39. Lara Marschand

    Lara Marschand4 日 前

    Hey:) I am from Germany and here it is actually normal to use tampons without an aplicator... you also dont see them in the shops 😂

  40. Marwah Abouali

    Marwah Abouali4 日 前

    who here is muslim and cant relate to any of this?😂

  41. Gureknsohns Enkel Lol

    Gureknsohns Enkel Lol4 日 前

    Im 12,I had only 2 periods now,I use tampons and Ihave absolutely no problem with that,I doesn’t feels uncomfortable 😂

  42. Sanne de Bruin

    Sanne de Bruin5 日 前

    i never used pads

  43. Beth’s Life

    Beth’s Life5 日 前

    I used my first tampon when I was twelve because i went on vacation to the beach and I wanted to swim so bad



    JPgo keeps putting period Videos in my recommended what is this mean please help

  45. Ellie Stobirski

    Ellie Stobirski5 日 前

    22 hah i had to start at 13 cuz of dance x

  46. Julia Victoria

    Julia Victoria5 日 前

    Tampons make craps worse. Also I hope they had a chair or something back there. I’ve never gotten one in from standing.

  47. Salty Tears

    Salty Tears5 日 前

    Julia Victoria It depends on your body but for me it makes them worse but it’s worth it in my opinion. I hate the feeling of pads.