I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work

I tested viral TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work! Let’s see these diy lifehacks in action... Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one jpgo.info/bideo/k5Wbo26Z05-Zy3E.html Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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  1. Mike

    Mike時間 前

    You think that guy is hitting it or he is too much cuck..

  2. FazenBlaze gaming

    FazenBlaze gaming時間 前

    How many times did sssniperwolf said I'm pregnant

  3. Gygoty Lama

    Gygoty Lama時間 前


  4. sloth lover

    sloth lover時間 前

    J'aime tellement Lia

  5. Bad Apple

    Bad Apple時間 前

    What happed to ur arm?

  6. After_ Disaster

    After_ Disaster時間 前

    Hi queen

  7. trend-O-rama studios

    trend-O-rama studios時間 前

    nice booty

  8. itsmackenzyy

    itsmackenzyy時間 前

    Who else like SSSniperWolf 👇🏽 I'm gifting my next 10 subscriber

  9. ii_Leah

    ii_Leah時間 前

    You should react to I got stuck inside my crush’s locker and I seen everything it’s on my story animated tbh it gets really starange🤣

  10. WWEdjs2005 Jeffy

    WWEdjs2005 Jeffy時間 前

    Is she a stripper she pulled money out of every piece of clothing

  11. Bryson Banks

    Bryson Banks時間 前

    the ice just lifs the liqid up so it looks full

  12. FlyingFucks 123

    FlyingFucks 123時間 前

    Actually the one with ventis isnt always true cuz if u order a frap u get the whole thing

  13. Alli Thompson

    Alli Thompson時間 前

    Sniper Wolf: THERE IS NO WHAT IF. I am pregnant, and it is popcorn. Me: OOO I watched that video of you reacting to that girl on doctor phill!!!

  14. ItsKingKris10 0

    ItsKingKris10 0時間 前

    Play fortnite again plz

  15. destiny mathis

    destiny mathis時間 前

    What is your fortnight name

  16. Livee

    Livee時間 前

    the whole intro is just sniffer wolf screaming...no hate tho :)

  17. Lewis H

    Lewis H時間 前

    Most of these don't make life easier

  18. Johnny T

    Johnny T時間 前

    If you always have your mouth open in your thumb nail, a fly is going to fly in it one day.

  19. Thomas Garrison

    Thomas Garrison時間 前


  20. Jenniflower 65

    Jenniflower 65時間 前

    Lia: Delishous Also Lia: a little icey.

  21. Jenniflower 65

    Jenniflower 65時間 前

    @Behesh Khan hello :3


    ONƎ MOMENT時間 前

    sss nipple wolf

  23. Be Amazed

    Be Amazed時間 前

    What happened to my French JPgor😭

  24. Rodrigo Martinez

    Rodrigo Martinez時間 前

    Hey sssniperwolf can u do more 911 calls?

  25. Tactical_Fatso

    Tactical_Fatso時間 前

    it formed into a vente because there was ice if there was no ice there would be no vente

  26. amal zuhair

    amal zuhair時間 前

    You know don’t even buy the ice usually it’s disgusting toilet water anyway

  27. MPOneTime

    MPOneTime時間 前

    [insert 2:18 from Vanossgaming’s Thanksgiving Deathrun 2016]

  28. Joeynat

    Joeynat時間 前


  29. vip สุดยอด

    vip สุดยอด時間 前


  30. Gacha kitty kat Mew :3

    Gacha kitty kat Mew :3時間 前

    1:45 Me

  31. Angel crak

    Angel crak時間 前

    Mm que dice??

  32. Fathullah Matnor

    Fathullah Matnor時間 前

    3:41 No Lia, Thats a chicken nugget .

  33. KooKooBird Vlogs

    KooKooBird Vlogs時間 前

    The Starbucks life hack works because the ice takes up space in the cup

  34. Garrett White

    Garrett White時間 前

    When did life hacks become microwaving a chip bag for no reason?

  35. Ariana Anime

    Ariana Anime時間 前

    nobody: SSSniperwolf: *uses plastic straw*

  36. Outraged Gaming

    Outraged Gaming時間 前

    When you start watching a youtube video but you relise youre losing brain cells so you click off the video

  37. Aviationn 19

    Aviationn 19時間 前

    *Her Christmas tree is still up..* Pre recorded?

  38. Yeontan •

    Yeontan •時間 前

    I’m sorry but the channel is so boring

  39. Hair smells good

    Hair smells good時間 前

    I hate this channel so much

  40. Ankit Gupta

    Ankit Gupta時間 前

    Whose gonna pay for the airpords🤣🤣🤣

  41. Lisa Mahadeo

    Lisa Mahadeo時間 前

    U can even iron the money and it will get the same way

  42. Gacha Sunflower

    Gacha Sunflower時間 前

    *grabs popcorn* What?! I’m hungry 😋

  43. Siri Turner

    Siri Turner時間 前

    I tried the headphone one and it made it worse 😑

  44. c0d

    c0d時間 前

    Why are you still on the internet?

  45. The Lazy Narwhal

    The Lazy Narwhal時間 前

    That's why you ask for no ice when ordering a venti.

  46. tabs bro

    tabs bro時間 前

    "you should get air pods" All Android users 🙄🤨

  47. Мария Насека

    Мария Насека時間 前


  48. somebody you should not know

    somebody you should not know時間 前

    I actually saw this vid on tiktok first ehehhe

  49. Vince g

    Vince g時間 前

    Idc how much hate she gets, Lia is pretty entertaining.

  50. Daniela Platt

    Daniela Platt時間 前

    Yes please do a part 2

  51. Darren Jones

    Darren Jones2 時間 前

    Can’t be a crackhead unless you smoke crack on the regular

  52. Selena Marie Jarvis-Jordan

    Selena Marie Jarvis-Jordan2 時間 前

    I used to iron my collar on my shirt with my flatiron if I noticed that it needed it after I put the shirt on while doing my hair

  53. SALMAN Sm

    SALMAN Sm2 時間 前

    Your so biutifull

  54. Brandy Hampton

    Brandy Hampton2 時間 前

    I always daydream about me meeting you!!! Love you, Lia!!

  55. Julia Ortiz

    Julia Ortiz2 時間 前

    I think you should make a video on where Lil Tay is now since it's been so long, and she is back. Just a suggestion

  56. Amal Awad

    Amal Awad2 時間 前

    Are sausage and sssniperwolf still together?

  57. Kirill Berezin

    Kirill Berezin2 時間 前

    But airpods has extremely bad sound. Why.

  58. Urijah Myers

    Urijah Myers2 時間 前

    When ever I’m sad I watch you and you make me so happy 🦄



    ????? 1:07 ?? ? ? ? ? ?

  60. Ashley Riggs

    Ashley Riggs2 時間 前

    I BV KK

  61. scotty fetherlin

    scotty fetherlin2 時間 前

    Love the borré. I think that's how ou spell it\what it called