I'm Switching To The Galaxy Note 10


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapyヶ月 前

    The Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold - jpgo.info/bideo/l62nsG6Fq4iSz6w.html

  2. ashrafc

    ashrafc2 日 前

    It’s a lot of $$$, but my Samsung store in Edmonton is sold out of the Note10+ already. Was just there today. Came home with the regular Note10 :/

  3. Dave Mccain

    Dave Mccain3 日 前

    @ILogic 1 a

  4. Attiksh Ansool Panda

    Attiksh Ansool Panda10 日 前

    Can you give the One Plus 7 pro?

  5. Amy Etha

    Amy Etha21 日 前

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  6. Amy Etha

    Amy Etha21 日 前

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  7. Thorsten Münchow

    Thorsten Münchow2 時間 前

    Quick one... is it possible to switch between wide angle all the way down into zoom during recording? 🤔

  8. Omer Aamer

    Omer Aamer3 時間 前

    Hey lew! Where is the review for note 10. Waiting on it!

  9. ...

    ...6 時間 前

    I’m gonna get the S10+ because of headphone jack

  10. barry barry

    barry barry6 時間 前

    This man literally posted a vid just showing himself putting the sim card in

  11. InseenFX

    InseenFX10 時間 前

    switch to the new vivo nex much more faster charge and cool display

  12. Howy

    Howy12 時間 前

    Ive got a samsung s7 and its never crashed on me, works flawlessly.

  13. Gnarlycharlie17

    Gnarlycharlie1714 時間 前

    No one: JPgo commenters with this meme format:

  14. protectorofillinois3

    protectorofillinois318 時間 前

    You switch more phones than you switch underwear 🤣

  15. Kent Thalman

    Kent Thalman日 前

    have to use cover to protect against the next time I drop my phone. So much for bezel-less.

  16. Morui Moloko

    Morui Moloko日 前

    So u made A vid jxt to tell us that u switching phones

  17. LatvianBaker

    LatvianBaker日 前

    I love how he hides his face on all of these thumbnails on why im switching to videos

  18. Liu Lala

    Liu Lala日 前

    AKG is owned by by Harman kardon Harman kardon is owned by Samsung AKG is owned by Samsung

  19. ivorysteele

    ivorysteele日 前

    I never want to see another Samsung phone ever again. Those google apps are horrible. The battery will slow down in 12 months

  20. izaac v

    izaac v日 前

    *Samsung galaxy team here* 👋🏻

  21. Nicholas Galvan

    Nicholas Galvan日 前

    Apple:give me your money Samsung: sells refrigerators you can tweet from

  22. Kaine Oduah

    Kaine Oduah時間 前

    @MenoNetz No they don't, stop spreading false info. the iPhone 6s that was released 4 years ago is still crazy fast, faster than some mid to high tier androids.

  23. That crazy Guy

    That crazy Guy13 時間 前

    @MenoNetz They probably have auto updates off

  24. MenoNetz

    MenoNetz13 時間 前

    @Ulises Hernandez What? Sorry but you may not know that fucking apple kills and slows down their phones each year for people to buy their newer phones. No wonder I switched.

  25. Zoe Baker

    Zoe Baker日 前

    Battery inflates? How do I do that? I have a note 9.

  26. Ulises Hernandez

    Ulises Hernandez日 前

    Apple: sells you a 5+yrs usable phone Samsung: Heres the Note 10 with a magic Wand for a pen, battery inflates and the phone is useless in 6 months

  27. Emilio Palomeras

    Emilio Palomeras日 前


  28. Death Scythe

    Death Scythe2 日 前

    Best garbage of the year compared to that fucking beast rog 2 phone all of that and still has a headphone jack

  29. JimmyJak

    JimmyJak2 日 前

    Why does he sound like he's from the hood all of a sudden? Like....wtf

  30. Deven

    Deven日 前

    JimmyJak seriously! i thought i was the only one who noticed!

  31. Pain Jammin

    Pain Jammin2 日 前

    Why are you trying to sound black, Canada Boy, eh?

  32. KC's World

    KC's World10 時間 前

    I didn't know black had a sound ? Do you mean Urban ?

  33. Byron Branch

    Byron Branch2 日 前

    yeah right, till the iphone 11 comes out and he will go right back to the phone that already came out like two years ago

  34. Panda _DVA

    Panda _DVA2 日 前

    That colour is cool and all but its just not for me. Picked up the white one. Looks sick

  35. Jacob Simpson

    Jacob Simpson2 日 前

    This phone design annoys me because that chrome rainbow is so annoying Then if you put on a giant case to cover the rainbow then whats the point of the rainbow

  36. Remedie X

    Remedie X2 日 前

    We have note 10+ The auraglow looks very different in person and it honestly looks good (My mother has it). I have the black one though since it's my personal preference. I do use a clear protective case because it looks nice and I also heard these phones are more susceptible to cracking due to the curvature of the screen.

  37. Jesse Rodriguez

    Jesse Rodriguez2 日 前

    What is up with the accent in this video haha?

  38. Mad Benco

    Mad Benco2 日 前

    He speaks differently in this video.

  39. chris byington

    chris byington2 日 前

    Oh my god, no wireless charging, god forbid he has to plug his phone in, lol. I just got my One Plus 7 Pro and the phone is great. This guy changes phones way too often.

  40. TheRktstunner

    TheRktstunner2 日 前

    Hey Lewis..still waiting for ur full review of note 10 plus

  41. Doiteain

    Doiteain2 日 前

    I can‘t fucking believe it people in 2019 have the fucking need for a headphone jack. Like don‘t tell me you‘re rich enough to get yourself a 1000$ phone but you‘re too fucking broke to get yourself 130$ wireless headphones. I used an iPhone 8 for two years now the Note 10 and I literally never felt like damn I‘m really missing a headphone jack. I usually play my music from my laptop, or through bluetooth speakers why the fuck would I need my headphones while my phone is charging I only use them while walking.

  42. Abdelrahman Rafaat

    Abdelrahman Rafaat2 日 前

    *Any phone company* : Releases flagship phone *Unbox therapy* : Im SwItChInG pHoNeS No h8 tho lol I will just stay with my iOS 12 iPhone 6

  43. daniel yap

    daniel yap2 日 前

    Make a review about Iphone 11 thank youu!

  44. Henry Hynek

    Henry Hynek2 日 前

    I am switching to Nokia 1110

  45. Dasenior Tisdell

    Dasenior Tisdell2 日 前

    May I have your Note 10 please after you use as a daily driver lol

  46. Soshawna Gayle

    Soshawna Gayle2 日 前

    You can just ship me the one plus

  47. mensa517

    mensa5172 日 前

    But does it take a SD card for expanded storage???

  48. Wael Khali

    Wael Khali日 前

    Yes sir!

  49. Christian Sky

    Christian Sky2 日 前

    bs the screan is dark not like note 8 or sony xperia 10 plus

  50. Muhammad Siddiqui

    Muhammad Siddiqui2 日 前

    Qaseeda Burdashareef

  51. DaveKraft400

    DaveKraft4003 日 前

    I'm sorry but wireless charging is so dumb when you have Dash Charging on the OnePlus. I do like the idea of just placing the thing down and it charging, but my 5T charges up to a full day's battery level in 15 minutes. It's ridiculous that you're wanting to sacrifice that for less convenience.

  52. Ninjakid 965

    Ninjakid 9653 日 前

    Quit saying your switching and being dramatic

  53. ma6netho

    ma6netho3 日 前

    How do you fit this big phone in you Pocket ?

  54. Wael Khali

    Wael Khali日 前

    Fit perfectly

  55. Antonio Starr

    Antonio Starr3 日 前

    Me: My phone was stolen. Police: What does it look like? Me: You know that glow Captain Marvel gets when she’s lit ? Police: The comics or the movie? Me: 🤦🏾‍♂️

  56. Rosamaria Blue

    Rosamaria Blue3 日 前

    That phone is beautiful still love my iPhone but if your a Samsung liver go for it ❤️

  57. kan olop

    kan olop3 日 前

    Lol they copied iPhone X

  58. Wael Khali

    Wael Khali日 前

    Lol shut up dick head

  59. Gary Malick

    Gary Malick3 日 前

    Soooo did you switch back yet?

  60. HU ViDs

    HU ViDs3 日 前

    Note 10 plus is powerful

  61. OMGz1122

    OMGz11223 日 前

    Why the palm to face on the thumb nail? Are you disappointed that you have to switch to a flagship phone?

  62. متعة السكس

    متعة السكس3 日 前

    Can you make a video on how to film a JPgo video

  63. Deviinz

    Deviinz3 日 前

    What watch is he wearing. Galaxy watch?

  64. oneguycoding

    oneguycoding3 日 前

    Influencers are paid shills

  65. MovieClips

    MovieClips3 日 前

    Me - my phone has been stolen! Police - what colour was it? Me - LGBT community Police - say no more

  66. Ayoub 213

    Ayoub 2133 日 前

    Give me your old phone :'(

  67. Aaron's Gaming Show

    Aaron's Gaming Show22 時間 前


  68. Jonathan Restrepo Gómez

    Jonathan Restrepo Gómez3 日 前

    Hello. I just wanna know what is the watch he got? It looks good. Thanks for your time

  69. Imane&Tarik

    Imane&Tarik3 日 前

    Hi Lewis, please I actually beg of you, when you review the phone, don't just take in consideration if it's worth upgrading to the note 10 plus from recent other flagships, but talk also about if it's worth upgrading to if you have like a note 4 or something similar from that time. As a note fan I'm very biased and loyal to the serie and every note so far missed some feature, but to me at least this seems the most complete package with 3 cameras pumped s-pen fast charging wired and wireless and so on, is it worth the money or not? THANK YOU SO MUCH, your most loyal fan - Tarik.

  70. Zeki Brown

    Zeki Brown3 日 前

    3:05 why do you have a EU plug..?

  71. Mark Mykitschak

    Mark Mykitschak4 日 前

    What are those????????

  72. Emre Zuid

    Emre Zuid4 日 前

    why is he trying to sound black

  73. Gabatron

    Gabatron4 日 前


  74. Zuhayr Rahman

    Zuhayr Rahman4 日 前

    Time for a review yet?

  75. Apurv Surya

    Apurv Surya4 日 前

    2:22 that mic quality though 😶

  76. ExplodingBumfluff

    ExplodingBumfluff4 日 前

    This guy needs to cut out the bullshit and gimmicks. How many times is he going to make a video saying "Why I switched to (insert new most popular phone on the market)" and when the hypes dead its "why I switched back to (insert latest iphone)"