I Let My Best Friends Pick My Bae: Kadar | Bestie Picks Bae

You know your best friends always have your back, so why not let them pick your date, too? We set Kadar up on a blind date with 10 single guys and girls. He asked his best friends Gina and Raj to interview his potential dates and choose the best match for him. Did they choose the best boyfriend or girlfriend, or is this relationship destined to fail? Watch and see.
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  1. Seventeen

    Seventeenヶ月 前

    Who had the best eyebrows this episode??

  2. Tea Spiller

    Tea Spiller13 日 前

    Aaron had the best eyebrows, and that’s on eyebrows

  3. Rae Blanchette

    Rae Blanchette23 日 前

    Mekai has the best brows

  4. Corleone

    Corleoneヶ月 前

    stop doing bi people they are literally just looking for friends.

  5. Jdb2001

    Jdb2001ヶ月 前


  6. shanks lol

    shanks lolヶ月 前

    bryanisbae periodtttt

  7. Youluvimani

    Youluvimani7 時間 前

    This is one of the best episodes in a WHILE!

  8. Sleepy Head

    Sleepy Head13 時間 前

    This ep was cringy lmao they cute tho

  9. Shyann Small

    Shyann Small14 時間 前

    is it just me or does this man always look at everybodys ass when they walk the walk of fame

  10. Mondel Bamboo

    Mondel Bamboo21 時間 前

    Kadar fine

  11. k p

    k p日 前

    they did a horrible job and kicked out all the best people wth

  12. Sincerely. Ari

    Sincerely. Ari2 日 前

    kadar and his bae should react to this

  13. kabeer hanif

    kabeer hanif2 日 前

    They got rid of (in my opinion) the most attractive girl first

  14. Theodore Strachan

    Theodore Strachan2 日 前

    Either Kadar in an open relationship with Myles or this is completely scripted.

  15. vegan feminist

    vegan feminist2 日 前

    I scrolled through the comments for this, but did not find it: doesn't Kadar look like a total twin of Dylon Burnside (Ricky in POSE)?!

  16. Hannibal

    Hannibal2 日 前

    I would kill my friends if they didnt choise her just look at that ass tho daamn😱

  17. Katinka Ferlez

    Katinka Ferlez2 日 前

    stevie's teeth said:🎹

  18. efta k

    efta k2 日 前

    ok but that was my FAVOURITE episode

  19. Mirna Ponce

    Mirna Ponce3 日 前

    Why does the winner talk like that?💀💀💀

  20. onlylisse

    onlylisse3 日 前

    shankar has me weak

  21. onlylisse

    onlylisse3 日 前

    his wittle ponytail is so cute

  22. Angel Damra

    Angel Damra5 日 前

    so you’re telling me everyone is modeling 💀

  23. KZ

    KZ5 日 前

    this guy like frank ocean if he was an extrovert

  24. Lana Jerković

    Lana Jerković5 日 前

    Why is nobody here talking about Francesco

  25. Ava Rice

    Ava Rice6 日 前

    Bruh I lost it when Shankar went off when he was iliminated🤣🤣🤧

  26. Aaliyah Valentino

    Aaliyah Valentino6 日 前


  27. Emilie V

    Emilie V7 日 前

    I've heard of a fointain ponytail but never a PaLm TrEe PoNy BaHaHa?!?!?!? 🌴

  28. Santiago

    Santiago7 日 前

    damn... francesco hot...

  29. Santiago

    Santiago7 日 前

    not spoiling, but i think the winner and Kadar would make a great couple, they doo look good together at least!

  30. Samantha Summers

    Samantha Summers7 日 前


  31. Kawii gacha evey

    Kawii gacha evey7 日 前

    What wax the reason??

  32. Sadfuly

    Sadfuly8 日 前

    He gives off hella Frank Ocean vibes

  33. Nedboyz TV

    Nedboyz TV8 日 前

    If I was him a would pick a sexy person

  34. Cami Ines

    Cami Ines9 日 前

    I went to a concert and seen Avery Wilson close up 😍

  35. mercedes lynn

    mercedes lynn11 日 前

    YOOP AT THE END THE GUY W THE EYEBROW DEAL I WAS LIKE “ he has some nice eyebrows ima laugh if he says sum abt them” nd THEN HE GOES I GOT SOME CUTE EYEBROWS WE-

  36. You Are Gay

    You Are Gay12 日 前

    why the bae look like frank ocean

  37. Saramay’

    Saramay’14 日 前

    The girl in the pink shirt scares me.

  38. Celeste Manzo

    Celeste Manzo14 日 前

    He’s always staring at there ass

  39. Amanda Wallace

    Amanda Wallace14 日 前

    When Shankar bent his thumb like that, my soul left my body.

  40. Ally xs

    Ally xs14 日 前

    Y'all seriously had to have the one white girl be the most basic blonde you could find, smh lmao

  41. Emilie V

    Emilie V7 日 前

    i KnOw LiKe HaRrY sTyLeS?!?!? BaHaHa I sUrE dOn'T LiKe HiM!!! (I do. Im the basicest white chick ever)

  42. Riley Miller

    Riley Miller18 日 前

    Ok I wanted Bryan to win 😭

  43. Nyla Paul

    Nyla Paul18 日 前

    Dang can we get some @ please and thank you -management ‼️😂

  44. TheEntertainerAaron

    TheEntertainerAaron14 時間 前

    Nyla Paul my ig is @itsaaronj

  45. Jarek Chleborowicz

    Jarek Chleborowicz18 日 前

    The one in the yellow ye is hair said 🌱

  46. Queenn Ruby

    Queenn Ruby18 日 前

    Bryan 🥺

  47. xXTayXx

    xXTayXx19 日 前

    Omg the one getting the bae kinda looks like Dababy lol

  48. Abbytheunicorn12

    Abbytheunicorn1220 日 前

    Ima need an update on them, they’re a cute ass pair like tf

  49. shanks lol

    shanks lol19 日 前

    here's ya update boo- jpgo.info/bideo/qWxjm26h2IfS0Io.html