I Let My Best Friend Pick My Boyfriend: Arianna | Bestie Picks Bae

Arianna and Chrissy are besties for life, and that's why Arianna asked Chrissy to pick her bae. Arianna's looking for a guy who's kind (obv!), loves dancing, and is into theater. Chrissy's main concern is finding a guy with a good sense of humor for her bestie. Will her best friend be able to pick the right guy for Arianna? Watch and see.
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  1. Seventeen

    Seventeen23 日 前

    Hmmmm Did Chrissy make the right choice for Arianna?

  2. Montana

    Montana19 分 前

    How can I sign up for one of the episodes? 🤧

  3. nile baileyy

    nile baileyy6 日 前


  4. savage Freddy

    savage Freddy7 日 前

    Nope she should if picked RJ

  5. Troy Wilson

    Troy Wilson10 日 前

    Seventeen noooooooopeeeeee. Ian was the right choice

  6. Nateria Theatre

    Nateria Theatre13 日 前

    Not at all...that's not her bestie cause she did her dirty

  7. P e a c e

    P e a c e27 分 前

    Oliver look like lil huddy from tik tok ngl

  8. Lazae Jenkins

    Lazae Jenkins日 前

    This got real weird towards the end 🥴.. idk why sis picked Josh..He’s dope but I don’t think he’s for Ari

  9. Lazae Jenkins

    Lazae Jenkins日 前

    She lost me when she kicked RJ and then I really had to head out when sis kicked Ian 🥴🥴

  10. banished4eva

    banished4eva日 前

    I don't think 'Best Friends' should choose the bae. it should be Sister/Brother choosing bae. Yes, they'd be more honest

  11. Izzy Stevens

    Izzy Stevens2 日 前


  12. addison elizabeth

    addison elizabeth2 日 前

    “Ian’s mine now” girl what -

  13. a s

    a s2 日 前

    rj would have been sweet

  14. addison elizabeth

    addison elizabeth2 日 前

    oliver was reallllll fine

  15. addison elizabeth

    addison elizabeth2 日 前

    if she looks at ian one more time-

  16. Egg

    Egg2 日 前

    She should have picked RJ or Ian instead.

  17. Silja

    Silja2 日 前

    What the fuck she really did her dirty. What an awful friend! Josh seemed also great but you could just tell that she likes the other boy more..

  18. Annabelle Stephens

    Annabelle Stephens3 日 前

    Oliver and Ian are 🥵👌🏻

  19. Nefa .S

    Nefa .S3 日 前

    I really wanted Ian to win😫💔

  20. Arianna Beat

    Arianna Beat3 日 前

    Hey my name is Arianna Too And I’m 18🙂

  21. Simone Addo

    Simone Addo3 日 前

    Bestie did not give af what Ariana thought she got rid of the guy she liked

  22. Mia Elston

    Mia Elston3 日 前

    the friend remind me of a black version of the merrell twins

  23. Mirna

    Mirna3 日 前

    She liked the vibe from “josh” like she didn’t even thing if Ariana will like his vibe bruh

  24. Mirna

    Mirna3 日 前

    We need more Ian’s in the world!

  25. Mirna

    Mirna3 日 前

    Why did she choose josh bruh even arianna was like whyyy?

  26. gabie's tea time!!

    gabie's tea time!!3 日 前

    Plot twist: he chose the best friend

  27. Karate Girl

    Karate Girl3 日 前

    I love how she chose the striped shirt over the perfect guy for Ari 😒

  28. Ugly Turtle

    Ugly Turtle4 日 前

    She got mad when she eliminated Ian out Cmon dude she was voting the good ones out

  29. Master Jacob

    Master Jacob4 日 前

    She really gon miss out on my homie Great 😭

  30. Orateng Booysen

    Orateng Booysen5 日 前

    They were all so nice and funny😂😂😂

  31. Bristol Wilson

    Bristol Wilson5 日 前

    Hey so I’m in love with Ian... if he’s still looking I’m right here:)

  32. Meiggy Brown

    Meiggy Brown5 日 前

    Ian looks like Nat Wolff

  33. Aylin Rodriguez

    Aylin Rodriguez5 日 前

    if anyone knows Oliver’s @ SEND IT MY WAAYYYY

  34. Stephanie Lopez

    Stephanie Lopez4 日 前

    Aylin Rodriguez its freeollieoxen

  35. Candice Bouchard

    Candice Bouchard5 日 前

    Idk why but I really hope Josh and Ariana post a duet

  36. ItzReya

    ItzReya5 日 前


  37. Leah Delanry

    Leah Delanry5 日 前

    why is the bestie flirting with everyone, doesnt she have a boyfriend?

  38. Kate's On Skates

    Kate's On Skates6 日 前

    I don’t think she’s gonna stay with the guy her bestie picked...

  39. Ndella Brown

    Ndella Brown6 日 前

    Everyone almost died

  40. Jéssica Sobreira

    Jéssica Sobreira6 日 前

    ian find me

  41. Jéssica Sobreira

    Jéssica Sobreira6 日 前

    omg the italian!! colpiscimi!!

  42. Mirai

    Mirai6 日 前

    Yea okay, so stop being friends with her.....

  43. Jdb2001

    Jdb20016 日 前

    I'd date Ian :3

  44. Jdb2001

    Jdb20016 日 前

    The first guy looks like Nat Wolff :D

  45. Adriyanna Monique

    Adriyanna Monique6 日 前

    they picked the ugliessst one for ari

  46. Valeria Acosta I

    Valeria Acosta I7 日 前

    what the actual f ck with her “friend” like ?????? Ari deserves SO MUCH BETTER