I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months


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    haha grape

  2. Over 9 thousand!!!!! Poop

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    brazil how to gets subscribers say grapes

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    When you relize your comment has over 23 k likes 😂

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    Is no one gonna talk about the picture at the very end titled "My new smile"?

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    Sounds like TMJ multiplied by 20

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    You just got de-monit-ize

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    I am thanos I am Somethingelse

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    9:57 Bo Burnham reference????

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    I heard the swear it was motherf

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    you bit that god cylinder like reviewbrah wtf

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    God the improvement in animation and humor is amazing

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    Bro you look like harry potter

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    12:25 like that smash button~

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    when i got my braces i felt the same about the soup lol



    I need money

  19. •Chubby Puppy•

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    I'm getting jaw surgery where they break it and move it forward, and they have to remove teeth ;-;

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    Merry birthday adam :D 👌🏻🎂🎉🎈(it's actually tomorrow but..WHO CARES)!

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    that sounds like a you problem

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    You got me at "LIKE THAT SMASH BUTTON"

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    The awww part where Adam is like be quiet!! I was laughing hard 😂

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    I liked the smash button

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    What am I doing with my life. Something beautyful

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    Sooo.... he didnt poop for 2 months?

  27. Ag0n

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    Hi Adam! I'm writing this message because an Italian dubber (Gianandrea Muià, aka Orion Web Dubbing) is in a bit of trouble and out of animation to dub. He would really appreciate if you gave him the permission to dub some of your beautiful animations. Thanks and sorry for any bother. Bye!

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    "Like the smash button" COnFUsiOn +100

  29. Alice Kvalevog

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    I had jaw surgery fall of 2014(?) and luckily I didnt have my jaw wired shut but not eating solid food, mostly for your birthday, sucked a**.....

  30. Asia Karmue

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    What's iconic is the fact that he was struggling to get though hell in the animation, *butt his avatars a demon*

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    I hate tomato soup

  32. Reagen Wollberg

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    Wait.... did he... make a Bo Burnham reference... to “can’t handle this”?????

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    *like that smash button* Ha ha *yes*

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    12:23 don't forget to like that smash button 😂

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    What's with demonization and those booty cheecks

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    The thumbnail scared me 💀

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    nobody: not a single soul: adam: *I W I L L F U C K I N G E A T Y O U*

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    Like that smash button?

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    I have been something like this oh yeah im 7 and I can still talk

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    Asmr yup

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    I couldn’t even eat with normal stuff I had to use a tube.

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    *don't for get to like that smash button* .... *like* That *smash* Button

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    This video has the most likes ive ever seen

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    I was on a liquid diet two for two months yay twins and I have a disease

  46. Ashlyn TheMurderer

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    I had mine wired shut too because I broke my jaw in a car accident, and now my mouth is crooked

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    One like = one chocolate milk for adam🍫🍼 👇

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    So this is my first time watching a video of yours, and i think i have a crush on you AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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    Like that smash button...

  50. Cass

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    DUDE I JUST HAD SURGERY on June 10 my jaw is also wired shut up I’m really swallowing rn :(

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    I guess.... I'm more gay now that I've seen your face... thanks :v

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    You're handsome

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    For some reason I though you where blond for the longest time until now.

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    Crowd: Awwww... Adam: EHP. *points at crowd*

  56. S L

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    *c h o c o l a t e m i l k*

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    is this video really that quiet?

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    Did he just say like that smash button?

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    You’d be awesome at voicing sans from undertale!

  60. Emma prretzel animations

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    My brother is getti n't teeth pulled soon

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    who? me where? my bed when? now hotel? trivago Adam? Grape

  62. Laura Kalife

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    He’s a grape

  63. Retro Koopatroopa

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    I know it's nothing compared to this but, i had long, and I mean long needles pushed into the back of my hand

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    That's were videos were

  65. Martha Osorio

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    The do foot doctors how to close my mouth to

  66. SAVA •

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    I felt the same thing just without eating and drinking for only 2 days With a cold little amount of pasta that normally I would have slapped in the nurse's face (Sorry 4 my bad English)

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    Like that smash button...lmaoooo

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    1:28 >:( 1:34 ...

  70. Crystalline Chaos

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    Oh jeez. I had a simmilar but jeez, 2 WHOLE MONTHS. The storytelling was beautiful, amazing edit GRAPE

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    1:27 you sound like my math teacher one year

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    I got chocolate milk

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    Me gustan tus videos aun que los tenga que ver en fandub español :3 (espero que me emtiendas. _. O me leas.... Que sad :'v)

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    cHoCoLaTe MiLk! - adam

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    We’ll fight demonetization together, Adam.

  76. Krissy Peteara

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    Others: “They did surgery on a grape” Me: “...They did surgery on Adam” *whispering* “Who is a grape” Also, can I just say how RELATABLE it is to just be like “I WANT CHOCOLATE MILK GOD DAMMIT”

  77. Chloe

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    Did you know? They did surgery on a grape

  78. Kittylover Gaming

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    Well when my dad was my age (10/) I’m turning 11 on June 20th so I’m basically 11 but he had his mouth wired shut for 6 months and had his parents need to help him with food and all because his mouth was wired shut for 6 months and when he was only 13 his mom died because of breast cancer and she gave up on treatments so she died and I never got to meet my other grandma and on my moms side my grandmas parents I never got to meet either because they died to early and I fight through cancer to since I was 5 I had stomach pain and I was diagnosed when I was 6 Edit:And that’s a true fact

  79. kayleekittycat1

    kayleekittycat14 時間 前

    i had jaw surgery and i didn't have to have my mouth wired shut and when i came home from jaw surgery i had to be on a liquid diet but that made me sick so i started eating mashedpatatos before the doctors said i could

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    Idk maybe suck some di- omg that killed me

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    Me and him have the same birthday June 17th

  82. Unborn Orgy

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    I have the same problem yet they won’t let me get it wired shut

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    1st time seeing your face

  84. KateyCat

    KateyCat4 時間 前

    I have the same problem (only the small jaw side of it) and I will get this surgery in a couple a months. Yay thanks for scaring me about how terrible it will be. I’m ready...

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    This might be me...

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    Happy early b-day tomorrow!

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    Omg I have to get this surgery! 😭😭😭 Except they said 6 weeks for me

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    Adam: sees sooop Also Adam: FOOOOOOD

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    Markiplier’s cousin?

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    I’m more than welcome

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    Great video, you're really funny XD Congrats on your healed jaw!!

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    Be a mukbang channel!!!

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    Tomato soup= I will fuckin eat you

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    don't forget to like that smash button 12:24

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    *You are Iron Man?*

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    Nothing crazy BUTT 🦍💨

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    bro chill

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    man i had jaw surgery over 9 months ago and oh boy this video hit me right in mah heart. it was the worst thing i ever had and i feel ya. but it was all worth it

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    6:38 amazing 😂😂😂🤣🤣

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    I'm actually getting jaw surgery soon, not looking forward to it

  105. ansha pathiraja

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    You thank god the someone has experienced the pain I was in when my mouth was shut with wires