I Bought An Outfit At A Fake Market In Hong Kong

So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping and here is the 5th installment - in which we went to a "fake" market in Hong Kong and bought head to toe fake designer outfits! The Ladies' Market in Hong Kong is famous for having a lot of counterfeit and knockoff clothing and accessories, from fashion "brands" like Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Off-White, Fendi, Supreme, Peppa Pig, and more! It was an ~interesting experience~, to say the least! What did you think of our fake market finds?
A huge thank you to Taylor for accompanying us to the market :)
You can check out the collab video we filmed for Taylor's channel here!
And you can check out Taylor's channel here!
You can check out Collin Abroadcast's channel for more Fake Market sprees! jpgo.info/tv-XsQlHGuoWqukC9vz-uonrg
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  1. Lilsi 27

    Lilsi 274 時間 前

    ..I'm so glad i live in America😂

  2. Chloe Lee

    Chloe Lee5 時間 前


  3. Joline Sophie

    Joline Sophie15 時間 前

    6:12 the guy walking by on the right looks like asian tyler from the future

  4. Chris Yu

    Chris Yu日 前

    The quality they give you are actually different from the ones they display btw

  5. Happy Giraffes

    Happy Giraffes日 前

    My mum has the water speakers

  6. Simone Ahlavadi

    Simone Ahlavadi日 前

    D'or is a french word and it means gold in English

  7. victoria torraville

    victoria torraville2 日 前

    The Pharrell ones were real lmao

  8. Bluewolf

    Bluewolf2 日 前

    That looks like an easy place to get mugged.

  9. Orange :girl inkling:

    Orange :girl inkling:2 日 前

    I found some baleiguigas

  10. Vivienne POMFRET

    Vivienne POMFRET3 日 前

    Thank you for mentioning the current situation in Hong Kong. It was really special to see someone who is a famous youtuber going to Hong Kong, because hk is not a very popular place for celebs or youtubers to go. Thank you so much!

  11. Nora Monahan

    Nora Monahan3 日 前

    Me: I want Calvin Klein Mom: we have Calvin Klein at home Calvin Klein at home: *calun kelun*

  12. Ximena Guzman

    Ximena Guzman3 日 前

    her voice...

  13. ღMystic Moonღ

    ღMystic Moonღ3 日 前

    13:12, *JoJo fans intensify*

  14. Christina Belmares

    Christina Belmares3 日 前

    I'm such a brand snob and I thoroughly enjoyed this regardly of the knock offs, safiya is just cool

  15. Maliyah Raquel

    Maliyah Raquel3 日 前

    I went to a Chinese Night Market and the exchange rate was so different that my grandma didnt even mind spending because it was like $4 usd but i REFUSED, had to get the BEST deals

  16. Keeley !

    Keeley !3 日 前

    This video screams corona

  17. Justin

    Justin3 日 前

    Would you like to see... mong kok m’lady? Hui hui hui

  18. я чьмо

    я чьмо3 日 前

    Господи прости, типичный русский рынок :')

  19. Afruza Khatun

    Afruza Khatun3 日 前

    plz react to BTS

  20. REA

    REA3 日 前

    me and my mom went to the same exact market that saf & tyler went to. my mom bargained so hard, bringing 500 to 50 or 30. haha.

  21. Magnus Saksenvik

    Magnus Saksenvik3 日 前

    Like i really mean it, Can i have those Chanel phanell Adidas shoes?

  22. X and Blue

    X and Blue4 日 前

    *Me after watching the news about corona virus* “wait does that mean Safiya might go to China next” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  23. Alexandra DOUD

    Alexandra DOUD4 日 前

    yo what I have stood in the same place as her

  24. Jie Gan

    Jie Gan4 日 前

    I live in hk!

  25. Ava Riley

    Ava Riley4 日 前

    They have these in New York too😂👋🏻

  26. Ddiefre Achilles Calosing

    Ddiefre Achilles Calosing4 日 前

    Man:*Reads GCCUI* Man:Is this real Gucci Woman:yeah yeah

  27. pyroFallen

    pyroFallen4 日 前

    I wonder if there is any Dio bags there lol

  28. Heidi Chavez

    Heidi Chavez4 日 前

    Lol did anyone notice the pants in 4:06

  29. sean

    sean4 日 前

    Real: LEGO Star Wars Fake: *LELE Star Wart*

  30. A M

    A M4 日 前


  31. Nanna Lauridsen

    Nanna Lauridsen4 日 前

    i would have bought the Suepmre bag ahaha

  32. fiona_xnd On Instagram

    fiona_xnd On Instagram5 日 前

    4:11 you can actually see me in the back lol

  33. Maddy May

    Maddy May5 日 前

    Someone tell me the blonde likes girls to

  34. Georgia Reed

    Georgia Reed5 日 前

    she's literally so unproblematic like she adressed what was happening in Hong Kong but she didn't say her opinions or anything and didn't throw any shade like how can you not love her :))))

  35. Karla Esquivel

    Karla Esquivel5 日 前

    When they were going to the underwere shop the lady lol

  36. Yasmin Begum

    Yasmin Begum5 日 前

    Man- Happy Birthday Saf: it was not Taylor's birthday.

  37. ChimChims Jams

    ChimChims Jams5 日 前

    Still love them BEINGLACA’S:)))

  38. ChimChims Jams

    ChimChims Jams5 日 前

    *Still to broke for dat stuff*

  39. Ruby

    Ruby5 日 前

    “There were many great handbags” Tyler pans to hello kitty

  40. 𝓒𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓪 𝓜𝓲𝓽𝓾

    𝓒𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓪 𝓜𝓲𝓽𝓾6 日 前

    I just realised Taylor looks like Jade West from Victorious...

  41. Payton Gray

    Payton Gray6 日 前

    You should do another video like this

  42. Manuela Esteves

    Manuela Esteves6 日 前

    saara de hong kong kkkkkk

  43. Manuela Esteves

    Manuela Esteves6 日 前

    saara de hong kong kkkkkk

  44. JosieAnne

    JosieAnne6 日 前

    Does Taylor speak (whatever language is spoken in Hong Kong, sorry I don’t know)?

  45. Holly Hales

    Holly Hales3 日 前

    Its English and Chinese so I reckon she gets by

  46. FORCE

    FORCE6 日 前

    I have a pair of those speakers. 14:11

  47. Ole Skjellerup Frydkjær

    Ole Skjellerup Frydkjær6 日 前

    My School is in Danmark And the cityname is Nygaard😂😂😂😂

  48. r3x

    r3x7 日 前

    when i was in hk i also saw the suepmre thing loll

  49. Abby B.

    Abby B.7 日 前

    Safiya: Im sorry crocs i didnt mean it Balenciaga: Shamash those crocs!

  50. Cats Furrever

    Cats Furrever7 日 前

    Taylor was horrible at haggling those shirts only cost 2 or 3 dollars to make

  51. Mettatonyx

    Mettatonyx7 日 前

    Just gotta get me some Lousi Butown shoes a Clavin kien shirt a pair of Excaba pants a Spupmre hat and a Chnenal bag

  52. Gabriela Jimenez

    Gabriela Jimenez7 日 前

    “What’s good... as they say”

  53. Michelle Machar

    Michelle Machar7 日 前

    Those baienglacas the ones that look like socks

  54. Freya Elizabeth

    Freya Elizabeth8 日 前

    Oh yes yes come sniff the guddi bag

  55. Isabell Herman

    Isabell Herman8 日 前

    Wow this was a great video Mark i have been vegetarian for 5 years now but i have been thinking about quiting but now i think everyone wants to be plant based! Thanks so much for making another great video!

  56. Ravenshade

    Ravenshade8 日 前

    Kinda random but Safiya and Taylor are so beautiful it’s insane

  57. Heather Chong

    Heather Chong8 日 前

    It’ll be so cool to bump into you during your stay in HK lol

  58. Wynn Horton

    Wynn Horton8 日 前

    those shoes are hideous, but your camera man's hapa face is the cutiest! I bet when he was a kid, his mom couldn't take her eyes off of his cute face.

  59. efatum

    efatum8 日 前

    We used to sell those water speakers (14:10) at Radio Shack for $20 lol

  60. fighterjoe22

    fighterjoe229 日 前

    I was going to say 50 US is WAY too much for fakes but then you said they normally go for 2000! LIKE BEACH HOW! That's crazy.... 2000....

  61. Maude Demouy-Girard

    Maude Demouy-Girard9 日 前

    I LIVE for the Charlie Brown cafe ! The dream :o !!