Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really

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  1. sweet tooth

    sweet tooth12 時間 前

    Jenna + julien: “Why are they flaking?” Directions: “wait 24 hours for paint to fully dry”

  2. Jex G

    Jex G15 時間 前

    Isn't glow in the dark stuff carcinogenic??

  3. Kat Bravino

    Kat Bravino18 時間 前

    ... aren't crocs water proof? as in, nothing with a water base can stick to them?

  4. Ava Grima

    Ava Grima日 前

    Maybe try again but now try putting like a sealant on them after you hydro dip them to see if it will work



    Yellow and green are bomb

  6. Anissa Polverari

    Anissa Polverari日 前

    Did kermit fail nnn?

  7. ellie w

    ellie w2 日 前

    Jenna: * shows Julien how she sits * Julien: *_old man noises_*

  8. caroline robert

    caroline robert2 日 前

    Please go to a real professional and get hydrodipped crocs that will last you forever

  9. Emma Wilson

    Emma Wilson2 日 前

    I know that Jenna probably is never gonna see this but if you do hydro dipping again try painting the entire thing with acrylic medium (it this paste that dries like plastic) it should protect the croc and stop it from flacking it’s what I used when I hydro dipped my phone case Also to avoid using so much paint just rinse the whole croc Ps I really liked the glow in the dark yellow-green crocs you definitely reedemed yourself

  10. lilytherainbow

    lilytherainbow3 日 前

    When will part 3 be released??

  11. El dennis M

    El dennis M3 日 前

    Mija te falta ceja. Wtf.

  12. guy sumpthin

    guy sumpthin3 日 前

    Her creativity /sparkle flows much better when julian is unseen/unheard sorry

  13. guy sumpthin

    guy sumpthin3 日 前

    Your fighting against the mold release , its still on the shoe , it becomes paint release , it should be completely cleaned off first

  14. guy sumpthin

    guy sumpthin3 日 前

    "I need to spray paint more stuff glow in the dark " "what am i doing" ? 😂😂

  15. Krysta Wynn

    Krysta Wynn3 日 前

    You need mod podge to paint on top of them to keep them from pealing

  16. guy sumpthin

    guy sumpthin3 日 前

    It would be much better video if julien was unheard/unseen

  17. Hernán Cervera

    Hernán Cervera4 日 前

    "I thought maybe I could cover up my mistakes with another mistake" 😂

  18. Donut -Toast

    Donut -Toast4 日 前

    god PLEASE do clown make up

  19. Loar TheGhostly

    Loar TheGhostly4 日 前

    i think maybe light sanding before painting and LET THEM DRY, then seal them, and LET THEM DRY :#

  20. Tavia Woodard

    Tavia Woodard5 日 前

    Try putting like a top coat on them idk wat it’s called but they make it for anything u paint on n it makes it last longer if u read my comment can u shout me out on Instagram @isssa.queen._ I’ve been watching u for soooo long since you used to say “bye spider man, bye spider man” u got me through a lot and a happy belated bday 2 me 11-22-97

  21. Skylar White

    Skylar White5 日 前

    Jenna after the paint dries add either a clear coat of it for a thick layer or midge podge

  22. Alex Rose

    Alex Rose5 日 前

    You need to sand off the crocs. It's too smooth. After drying put some paint finisher on and it'll work!

  23. Karla Vink

    Karla Vink5 日 前

    Listen to Julien hyping her up tho. He is so supportive and does not want her sad. I love them.

  24. A.E.C Thats me

    A.E.C Thats me5 日 前

    Hey dude, literally 3rd times the charm... I think all you need to do next time is just rough up the surface b4 dipping them or maybe apply a coat of spray paint primer ...or both to be safe?... But besides that you've got hydro-dipping down ... Those are awesome afff! Lol💙💜😊👌✌😎

  25. Paranoid

    Paranoid5 日 前

    jpgo.info/bideo/i3aYy4t2laKp0JI.html GRINCH PLEASE

  26. Urgurljules .L

    Urgurljules .L6 日 前

    Jenna: A lesson I learned from this is... *Me expecting her to say less is more" Jenna: I need to spray paint more stuff!

  27. Sohila Abdellatif

    Sohila Abdellatif6 日 前


  28. Ethan Wrinkle

    Ethan Wrinkle6 日 前

    Did you really cut a space in your eye brow 😂 what the fuck were you thinking? Don’t answer that.... would still smash

  29. Kacy Hamil

    Kacy Hamil6 日 前

    www.bolde.com/dog-bed-giant-slipper/?Facebook&Partner& Giant croc dog bed!!!!!!!! Please get this for your dogs!!!

  30. Slimifytesx 44

    Slimifytesx 446 日 前

    It gave me anxiety when I kept thinking the spray paint was going on her sweatshirt




  32. Irene Diaz

    Irene Diaz6 日 前

    You need something to go with your glow in the dark crocs .. Uv hair dye! Must try!! jpgo.info/bideo/pnajymmUmnOm25I.html

  33. Katie George

    Katie George7 日 前

    You should try hydro dipping a hydro flask. Saw it on tiktok

  34. Green Gryffion

    Green Gryffion7 日 前

    You need to put sealant on the crocs

  35. Tank Dempsey

    Tank Dempsey7 日 前

    the glow in the dark crocs look like the xbox 360 start up screen

  36. Gavino Bernal

    Gavino Bernal7 日 前

    As A Friend I’m gonna say Excellent video today Jenna. I hope you have a fantastic day, night, & evening. Stay cool, stay awesome, stay swag, stay unstoppable, stay incredible, stay popular, stay great, keep having fun, keep being the best JPgor, & stay strong Jenna. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your Tuesday.👑☺️👍🙏🏆.

  37. dany dongslayer

    dany dongslayer7 日 前

    Why arent there ads?

  38. Double ii

    Double ii7 日 前

    In order to get the paint to stick youl need a primer and undercoat but also need to semi sand it for the actual primer to stick

  39. Jack Stout

    Jack Stout8 日 前

    don't cry, croc

  40. Sassi Lou

    Sassi Lou8 日 前

    #marko make Jenna some custom crocs ❤️