How-To Rebuild Top End Chevy 350 Small Block Engine Motorz #67

Chris shows you how to rebuild the top end of a Chevy 350 V8 small block engine.
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Watch the complete Chevy 350 engine rebuild series:
1. Tear Down:
2. Machine Shop:
3. Bottom End:
4. Top End:
5. Finale:


  1. Adrian Ramirez

    Adrian Ramirez2 ヶ月 前

    I thought you are supposed to torque head bolts in 3 different number until you reach the final torque

  2. vortec smm DANG

    vortec smm DANG4 ヶ月 前

    Man those gaskets you were using for the intake , i would have taken back. In exchange for (ms 98000 t) These are Fel-Pro stainless steel gaskets and cost about 60 bucks with the valve cover gaskets included well worth it and last over a hundred thousand with no guarantee. I know the ones you used are cheaper. But onlt last about 30,000 miles . i had to replace mine . thanks for the video dude an cute friend you have too. Lets DYNO it.....

  3. Jesus Nunez

    Jesus Nunez6 ヶ月 前

    Does anybody know if all 94 silverados 350 tbi engine , have roller or flat tappet camshaft?

  4. Mike White

    Mike White6 ヶ月 前


  5. Mitsubishi Starion

    Mitsubishi Starion7 ヶ月 前

    Way too much oil on the head bolts. The oil will be pooled up in the bottom on the threaded hole in the block, which you will be fighting when you are torquing the bolts causing a false reading on your torque wrench. Instead, lay all the bolts out on a clean shop towel. Take a small oil can and run a small bead of oil down the center length of the bolt. Let the bolts sit for a few minutes so the oil will drain off and be absorbed into the towel. You will be left with a very light coating on the threads, which is exactly what you want. I've literally down this to 100's of head bolts.

  6. aiodjaid asjiodaiosdjao

    aiodjaid asjiodaiosdjao7 ヶ月 前

    wasnt this channel called MotorZ?

  7. Chris Duke

    Chris Duke7 ヶ月 前

    Thank you for the vote of confidence! Newer episodes can be found at the website, Roku, Prime Video, Roku, and TV... but not JPgo anymore. Seems their algorithm doesn't like them anymore :( Currently in the process of doing a frame-off build of a 1969 Chevy C10 truck!

  8. aiodjaid asjiodaiosdjao

    aiodjaid asjiodaiosdjao7 ヶ月 前

    @Chris Duke Thanks for the reply! And thanks for countless of hours of entertainment! always keep returning to these series my favourite part is when the block gets machined thats the best engine block restoration on youtube. You should try to break into the "restoration" demographic you certainly have the talent to achieve it! all the best, Chris!

  9. Chris Duke

    Chris Duke7 ヶ月 前

    Yes but I've always posted content other than Motorz and decided to change it to my personal brand/name which not just represents Motorz but the other things I do! Thanks for watching and for the question!

  10. DaGingerHeadMan

    DaGingerHeadMan8 ヶ月 前

    You didn't seal the head bolts. They do go into the water jackets. That engine will leak.

  11. something to do about nothing

    something to do about nothing9 ヶ月 前

    too bad sears bit the dust

  12. Carlos Quintero

    Carlos Quintero年 前

    I just found you on JPgo and it so happens I am getting ready to rebuild my C10 350 engine. Is there any way of getting the parts list you used in this series (everything you changed or install new). All I need are the parts list and the vendors names. Thank you so much for the videos, please keep it coming (I subscribed so I will be watching any/all things you post).

  13. Mow Pro56

    Mow Pro56年 前

    I always torque in 3 steps.......such as 70 ft. Lbs. on the head bolts would get a 40.....55.....then the final 70. When I lived in Indy . Steve Schmidt Racing engines did all of my engine machine work. Awesome race shop awesome engine work At the time in the late 90's SSRE was. Building A lot of engines for NHRA pro stock. Not sure if he still does. I remember when I took my block in for machine work and it was all clean with the inside and outside painted and the block machinist who did the machining asked if my engine was a raw casting and I said no.....I bead blasted it in my large blast cabinet. I remember the block machinist commenting....... WOW.....I have never seen a seasoned block come in that clean before.....LOL.....I would tape and plug any surfaces I didn't want blasted and go at it.Give a rinse in the parts washer using mineral spirits engine brush and blow out it all the holes then paint the insides of the block with Glyptol red engine enamel. It helps the enamel to adhere better then I would paint the exterior of the block with high heat engine enamel. No issues whatsoever the paint always adhered well and looked fresh and new. No peeling.... Whenever I would get my engines back from the machine shop they were pretty much already to go with assembly. All cleaning deburring painting taken care f ahead f time. I always got the non chemical,rinse after machine work just to remove machining debris. I always washed the block a couple times with the pressure washer and Tide powder soap and have the oil squirt can ready to prevent rusting the freshly machined surfaces after the block and passages are air compressed blown dry. Engine supplies from Goodson always helped in my engine rebuilding. I usually shot blasted the crank and rods. Any type of blasting takes a meticulous cleaning with every bore brushed, rinsed and then brushed and rinsed again. ARP racing studs for the crank and heads on any performance engine.....ALWAYS.....I often used Total Seal piston rings along with TRW moly rings....I had no issues......Get a degree wheel and degree in the is worth it....if you are an engine builder you know the scoop......if not.....get a good engine rebuild book and if you are mechanically inclined you can learn it. I built an engine testing stand and ran my engines before they were put in the vehicle. Helped with tuning and to check for any issues. To me engine building was a hobby..... I always enjoyed it. Sometimes the best option now a days is to just purchase a crate engine. Ready to go as far as the block machining and depending on a short or long block kit the hard meticulous precision machining work has already been done for you. ......Have Fun.

  14. excelerater

    excelerater年 前

    people still use steel heads?

  15. dennis caulfield

    dennis caulfield年 前

    All that work & upgrades & then use stock style rocker arms ???

  16. Kevin Naderi

    Kevin Naderi年 前

    Speaking of sieze up for not installing something properly does it mean the truck can break down stranding the driver.



    Iron heads? Wtf lol

  18. Todd Glover

    Todd Glover年 前

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but did she just say a 36 mm socket for an American made motor.

  19. Christopher Lopez

    Christopher Lopez年 前

    great video. question im 17 so im stilling learning everything their is to know about engines. The crank sprocket gear, do you have to remove it if you swap the cam and put it bad to top dead center???

  20. Korbin Arrington

    Korbin Arrington年 前

    That song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a> reminds me of the movie "wild hogs".

  21. Ryan Street

    Ryan Street年 前

    Pro tip, lube the camshaft as you insert, helps reduce mess.

  22. devildogae

    devildogae年 前

    I watch this to see that girl, SMOKIN' HOT!!!!

  23. Don Rutter

    Don Rutter2 年 前

    Fun fact: Some camshafts sold by Crower/Lunati and a few others are actually reboxed white box camshafts made by Elgin. Study the cam specs and you can purchase the same cam from Elgin at a little over half the price.

  24. Matthew

    Matthew2 年 前

    I mean, I know it's a 2 bolt main 350, but iron heads and head bolts instead of studs, come on man, you can fenagle some better sponsored stuff

  25. bob carr

    bob carr2 年 前

    Good vid but the music sux.

  26. Daniel Henderson

    Daniel Henderson2 年 前

    Why did he pound on the low timing chain gear? That mess up your end play and f up your bearing. They have a tool that presses it on with no damage to your bottom end. And the last time I work on my 350 the intake torques down to 30 lbs.

  27. moto kid

    moto kid2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="286">4:46</a> tought it was whiskey until he said motor oil or was it? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> NOW hes driking beer to great LOL

  28. Chris Duke

    Chris Duke2 年 前

    I love both beer and whiskey, but not that nasty "oil" that was in there.

  29. Bruce Leroy Bell

    Bruce Leroy Bell2 年 前

    Hi, I notice you did not install a cam button with the roller cam did you not need a cam button?

  30. Thomas Tuttle

    Thomas Tuttle2 年 前

    To who ever reads this comment never use a universal socket joint to torque down a bolt. The reason being it doesn't give you a precise torque.

  31. Coltan Vollrath

    Coltan Vollrath2 年 前

    Sway bars at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="840">14:00</a> what is that Finnish called?! Pitted gunmetal gray? Love it. Need to know!

  32. Tony Hall

    Tony Hall2 年 前

    A chevy 327 has more HP than A 350 show how too rebuild them OK!!!!!!!!!

  33. quatre5555

    quatre55552 年 前

    wet bolts actually give a false torque unless your manual specifies to lubricate them.

  34. Mike Holguin

    Mike Holguin2 年 前

    lol, im gonna say they left the engine in the upright position for the camera and videos purpose. But, to make it easier to put the heads on, rotate your engine stand to where your head can lay flat down. It will make it way easy, if you gotta do it by yourself. Also, to keep the head gasket from moving, it wont hurt to put JUST A LITTLE rtv in two of the corners to keep it stuck.

  35. Rootin Tootin FPS

    Rootin Tootin FPS2 年 前

    No thread sealant on the head bolts, no instructions on how to insert the lifters, i still have no idea how you got that tape out from underneath the intake and why wouldnt you go with roller rockers? besides all that you guys are making a big deal over how he put the cam in, like come on thats how you put a cam in. "Gently" pretty much just means dont snap that bitch in half when your putting it in the block.

  36. g guerra

    g guerra3 年 前

    love the show thanks! keep up the awsum work

  37. Armando Padilla

    Armando Padilla3 年 前

    do you need a gasket for the oil pump or no???

  38. Demetrius Santosky

    Demetrius Santosky3 年 前

    head bolts are 5/8

  39. Steve VanWagner

    Steve VanWagner2 年 前

    Demetrius Santosky my new head bolts were 1/2 inch

  40. Tamrea M

    Tamrea M3 年 前

    You're supposed to use thread sealer on the head bolts when your using a factor chevy block not oil. If you don't you're going to have an oil pan full of coolant as well as a coolant leak on every head bolt. The only block I know of that doesn't require thread sealant is made by DART and that's because the head bolt holes are blind and aren't open to the water jacket.

  41. Drew Morris

    Drew Morris3 年 前

    why no thread lock on the head bolts?

  42. ShawnD1027

    ShawnD10273 年 前

    It's not necessary or required by the manual on any engine I know of. However, he did forget to use thread *sealant* on the head bolts that go thru into the water jacket.

  43. Shane Voorhis

    Shane Voorhis3 年 前

    so what was rebuilt? everything was replaced.

  44. hawkdsl

    hawkdsl3 年 前

    Toss the crank sprocket in the oven @ 350 degrees for about 20 mins, and you can slide it on without hammering the sht out of it. Use thick gloves.

  45. Blake’s 66 Chevy

    Blake’s 66 Chevy年 前

    Learned that trick in my auto class I just took this last school year. My friend was putting a new pulley on his car but some adapter or something needed to go on first so he told him to put it in a frying pan with oil and let it heat up till it boils and then put the part on right away and it worked

  46. kiltedsaint

    kiltedsaint3 年 前

    are those tty head bolts? there is more than one tightening sequence. it should be in thirds starting around 25 ft/lbs. and it's easier to check prestart valve lash and push rods angle with the intake while turning the engine over. your supposed to set final lash with the engine warm and running. I always have a set of valve covers I cut for that purpose.

  47. Construction News & Engineering

    Construction News & Engineering3 年 前

    Chris, have you considered the torque factor when you add the oil to the threads of those bolts? thanks

  48. Josh S

    Josh S3 年 前

    But why a ford advertisement at the beginning??? lol

  49. Jason Strout

    Jason Strout年 前

    Why not?

  50. Wolf Of Cold Flame

    Wolf Of Cold Flame3 年 前

    retarded cam timing. blasted engine is so slow lol

  51. Christophe Daucé

    Christophe Daucé3 年 前

    Let's see my first start up, 350 chevy engine with zoomies !

  52. RamblinAround

    RamblinAround3 年 前

    Why didn't you put thread sealer on the bolts?

  53. J Howard

    J Howard25 日 前

    You must determine if your block's head bolts have open water jackets. I believe blocks that are pre 1990s are open.

  54. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith年 前

    How would you have a leak there blind holes

  55. RamblinAround

    RamblinAround3 年 前

    Yes, you need to seal all the head bolts on a SBC, or you'll have coolant leaks.

  56. Musty Cheese

    Musty Cheese3 年 前

    RamblinAround do you have to put thread sealer on all the head bolts? I'm assembling my small block soon??

  57. EvoSean

    EvoSean3 年 前

    2011 mustang?? love the videos keep making them

  58. Town Car Enthusiast

    Town Car Enthusiast4 年 前

    PENNZOIL must have not ponied up enough cash for advertising... 😂

  59. Ramon Pardo

    Ramon Pardo4 年 前

    the things in this total build have cost more than i am worth as a human being. im 16, with a 65 327 (i think? 2 bolt main, could be a 350). how on earth am i going to get all these tools

  60. mario zermeno

    mario zermeno8 ヶ月 前

    Ramon go to harbor freight they got some inexpensive sets of tools there is also swapmeets and garage sales , I'm always finding name brand tools at a very cheap price you dont need to pay hi price for a lot of those tools. The only tool I would spend some good money it would have to be the torque wrench cheap torque wrenches dont last the years .

  61. Nick Buckingham

    Nick Buckingham3 年 前

    Most auto parts stores let you rent tools by charging you for the tool then refunding all your money once you return it

  62. Robert Bourland

    Robert Bourland4 年 前

    he left out that you need to prime the oil pump by hand. it will damage it.

  63. mark russell

    mark russell4 年 前

    I have watched every episode a dozen times or so while I work on my Chevy 350 and man do you leave out a bunch of stuff. After viewing a number of other ones, I'm sure glad I went someplace else to get info.

  64. RizoProduction

    RizoProduction3 年 前

    +Aaron Sifferman Like Jacob Allen said, It's probably best to just get a Rebuild Manuel. I've compiled a few links for you, take a look!

  65. Asiff_ 555

    Asiff_ 5554 年 前

    +mark russell Care to elaborate? I am about to do this myself and would be nice to know what stuff this video has left out.

  66. Cheyenne Peterson

    Cheyenne Peterson4 年 前

    where could I find a 3.8 liter v6 for a side sattle car

  67. Thelegitrager

    Thelegitrager4 年 前

    I have a completely stock 350 and another 305 can I put the 305 heads on the 350 without Channing's cams And if I can would it give me any extra horse or would it just be dumb? Sorry if the question sounds stupid.

  68. Seymour RND

    Seymour RND4 年 前

    +Thelegitrager the 305 heads you could swap right over and they would give you better compression but they are more restrictive then 350 heads so expect more low end power and torque

  69. Trans am county

    Trans am county4 年 前

    dont you need the cam bolt retainer?

  70. Ryan Dalton

    Ryan Dalton4 年 前

    1,000th like. You're welcome.

  71. Heimy Gloomstopin

    Heimy Gloomstopin4 年 前


  72. Darius Mann

    Darius Mann4 年 前

    Sealer? Don't you know they use coolent for oil these days.

  73. ndspeedster

    ndspeedster4 年 前

    nice air cleaner too... but he didn't mention that its fucking 350.00.. lol

  74. Jeff Allen

    Jeff Allen4 年 前

    You forgot to apply thread sealant to the headbolts.

  75. Jeff Allen

    Jeff Allen3 年 前

    @***** excuse me?

  76. Texassince1836

    Texassince18364 年 前

    +MrLostonej you can lash the valves with the intake on. I guess it could be easier without the intake, but it doesn't really make a difference to me

  77. Jeff Allen

    Jeff Allen4 年 前

    @MrLostonej *you're

  78. MrLostonej

    MrLostonej4 年 前

    @Jeff Allen And 70 foot lbs all in one shot. .hum.. and the valve lash is done before the intake is put in. Easier to see what to hell your doing.

  79. DodgeD100Sweptline65

    DodgeD100Sweptline654 年 前

    pennz oil no way junk oil

  80. Jacob Nees

    Jacob Nees4 年 前

    How much did you end up paying for the whole rebuild.

  81. Foxmakesmodels

    Foxmakesmodels2 年 前

    Jacob Nees around 1500 not counting the heads and intake

  82. wpas pas

    wpas pas5 年 前

    Do you have to remove the head to install the cam, lifters, rods ect ?

  83. Dylan Howard

    Dylan Howard4 年 前

    Just the intake manifold for the lifters and oil pan for the rods.

  84. internet Boi

    internet Boi4 年 前

    @wpas pas no

  85. Edwin Perez

    Edwin Perez5 年 前

    I liked the information regarding the parts information. Rather than point out negative feedback, I only have one question, why did you zoom through the valve, lifter and rod installation and specs. Is there a website where you can point me in the right direction?

  86. kosmo seedo

    kosmo seedo5 年 前

    would that be the same procedure for a vortec 350 v8 5.7 on a 1999 chevy etc?

  87. TheGentleman

    TheGentleman5 年 前

    I found a 1973 dodge charger on craigslist with the 360 engine still intact, I'm thinking about buying it. This will be my first car restoration and I'm getting very excited watching all these videos.

  88. Texas Sax God

    Texas Sax God4 年 前

    I hope you got it!

  89. ALLGames&Tech

    ALLGames&Tech5 年 前

    What exactly is used to clean and paint an engine block like that thanks?

  90. vortec smm DANG

    vortec smm DANG4 ヶ月 前

    Oven cleaner works well

  91. Varium2

    Varium25 年 前

    Look on the previous video in the series on the bottom end of the engine rebuild. Or it might be in the episode where they machine the block.

  92. EpiDemic117

    EpiDemic1175 年 前

    all of these chevy pushrod motors are extremely easy to work on. They are pretty much lego block motors. Lots of shit is interchangeable between them and they are easy as hell to service. parts are also EVERYWHERE. OHC engines require lot more skill to work on especially when doing the timing chain or belt + valve adjustment since there is a lot more valves on a DOHC engine.

  93. guywhodoesstuff123

    guywhodoesstuff1235 年 前

    Do those head bolts not need sealant on them?

  94. Texassince1836

    Texassince18364 年 前

    +Pixel Pusher most manuals say to put non-hardening sealer on all the bolts. from what I can tell, the factory didn't use sealer though

  95. Pixel Pusher

    Pixel Pusher5 年 前

    I believe most SBC's, if not all, have a water jacket at the end of some of the head bolts. People oil 2-3 lead threads for an accurate torque reading. I wonder if blue RTV would have the same effect. Please, anyone correct me or add details

  96. Bill Haskins

    Bill Haskins5 年 前

    What about sealant on the head bolts ???

  97. Ben Thompson

    Ben Thompson5 年 前

    Why even reuse those heads? Should have grabbed some vortec heads and get some real power

  98. Ryan McKay

    Ryan McKay3 年 前

    Anthony Smith Get a fucking life ! Instead of correcting everyone on their grammar. Why don't you go get a girlfriend ? Sitting in your mom's basement chirping everyone for grammar is lame . Fucking troll

  99. Texassince1836

    Texassince18364 年 前

    those are aftermarket (Dart), they might actually flow more than vortecs. honestly I feel that vortecs are overrated, and unsuitable for a daily driven wet intake (carb) motor, since they have no provision for plenum heat. cooler isn't always better, and carburators can ice up even at 70°F outside...

  100. ronald wood

    ronald wood5 年 前

    Im sorry I just couldent get any work done around her she is very distracting.

  101. Shemar Watson

    Shemar Watson5 年 前

    its was a great experience

  102. sokodad

    sokodad5 年 前

    Curious why he didn't go with a set of roller rockers too since they put roller cam in and Dart heads? Spend the extra on the rockers too. Just my opinion I guess.

  103. wgoldenny

    wgoldenny5 年 前

    must be a craftsman engine stand it's starting to draw downward good thing it was not a big block

  104. wgoldenny

    wgoldenny5 年 前

    I guess the blue team does not have those special tools

  105. wgoldenny

    wgoldenny5 年 前

    Here we go with that hammer socket thing again

  106. Khaos

    Khaos5 年 前

    Honda for life.

  107. Jordan - RambinAround

    Jordan - RambinAround5 年 前

    If you want to make your life easier, adjust the valve lash before installing the intake manifold. Its way easier. As you spin it to top dead you can actually watch the pushrod compress the lifter while you tighten the rockers. (if it's not a solid lifter engine that is).

  108. Eric Wilson

    Eric Wilson5 年 前

    so im workin on an 87 silverado with a 1st gen 350, all i know is it was run without oil, now its knocking, i got a couple lifters that were trouble gettin out, a couple that wont budge, so far i understand that i should replace lifters and cam, but is it really that easy to do a cam?...i though i needed a cam card and special tools and what not?....any tips or knowledge appreciated.

  109. Pixel Pusher

    Pixel Pusher5 年 前

    After oil starvation I would think cam bearings to be suspect as well. I've read many stories of people buying new cam kits and having a knock - either from not using ZDDP/equivalent assembly/break-in lube, or not replacing camshaft bearings. I would do lifter, cam and bearing set. Removing and pushing in bearings would be the real PITA. I'd also drop the oil pain and see if there's an obvious loose rod cap. If you replace a rod bearing, it should be machined but if the crank isn't scored/scratched I would really just install a new rod bearing. Have done so in the past.

  110. 5Ohh

    5Ohh6 年 前

    Damn you shoved that cam in haha

  111. Dominick John

    Dominick John6 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1227">20:27</a> "oh shit! I'm on camera, act normal!"

  112. First Person Fowler waterfowl

    First Person Fowler waterfowl6 年 前

    Tlcbear2 is right always put thread sealer on the head bolts. And whats with the roller cam shouldnt there be a thrust plate or cam button so it doesnt walk?

  113. tlcbear2

    tlcbear26 年 前

    should have use thread sealer not oil water will leak past the head bolts

  114. J Howard

    J Howard25 日 前

    not all sbc's have head bolt holes with open water jackets. i have also read that you can use teflon tape, instead of permatex aviation 2 form a gasket.

  115. Jonathan D

    Jonathan D6 年 前

    hey Chris are you going to do something with this engine?