How-To Machine Chevy 350 Small Block Engine Motorz #64

Chris takes our Chevy 350 small block to the machine shop to show you the process of machining a block
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Watch the complete Chevy 350 engine rebuild series:
1. Tear Down:
2. Machine Shop:
3. Bottom End:
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  1. salvador ceja

    salvador ceja7 日 前

    Just sprinkle some pepper to check for cracks

  2. Greg Da Grizzly

    Greg Da Grizzly15 日 前

    So I’m 15 and I want to get a c10 and learn how to work on motors. Is the 350 a good motor to start on

  3. Greg Da Grizzly

    Greg Da Grizzly15 日 前

    Chris Duke thanks man

  4. Chris Duke

    Chris Duke15 日 前

    One of the best!

  5. Guy Connell

    Guy Connellヶ月 前

    Anyone else notice the honing without the mentioned torque plate?

  6. Highball 734

    Highball 734ヶ月 前

    There’s no way a guy holding a hand held honing machine, is as accurate as a solid mounted device.

  7. Paul Williams

    Paul Williams5 ヶ月 前

    not gonna lie. this whole process went way over my head as someone new getting started on a project rebuild for the first time. is it really this complicated??

  8. Pierre Mauge

    Pierre Mauge5 ヶ月 前

    Thank for the professional and informative videos. i appreciate the sharing of knowledge.

  9. Jason Borden

    Jason Borden6 ヶ月 前

    I do all my machine work with traditional tools sticks rocks and I hone with a pine cone !

  10. Wayde Jaynes

    Wayde Jaynes7 ヶ月 前

    Engines and machining my 2 favorite things

  11. Luke James

    Luke James8 ヶ月 前

    Got a 350 from a Chevy van. Plan is to bore it out and built a racing motor. Gonna put it in a nova.

  12. Space Cowboy

    Space Cowboy10 ヶ月 前

    I love the smell of machine shops in the morning...tool oil is a beautiful scent!

  13. Jayson Bourne

    Jayson Bourne10 ヶ月 前

    Its 2am and I just fell in love with you guys

  14. mrswolls

    mrswolls10 ヶ月 前

    How much to have a shop machine a block like this

  15. wesley hudnall

    wesley hudnall年 前

    Great. All i need is all of that equipment and this will be an easy DIY project.

  16. Gammareign

    Gammareign年 前

    Shit technology compared to electric motors.

  17. dyer2cycle

    dyer2cycle年 前

    ....machine shop seems to be mandatory for rebuild, so you are not really "rebuilding it yourself". machine shop =lots of $$. That's why I say it is better to:(1)-remove engine, (2)-order longblock(with a warranty)(3)-remove accessories from old engine and turn in for a core, (4)-bolt everything on the longblock, re-install in car,hook up everything,and go. Still better, If you can afford it, buy a crate engine. Unless you have a machine shop yourself, forget rebuilding an engine yourself, unless it is a very rare or desireable engine.....

  18. Matthew g

    Matthew g年 前

    One word of advice to the machinist: sunscreen.

  19. Travis Price

    Travis Price年 前

    Also you should always bore with a head plate for the same reason. You would be surprised by how much torque causes interference. And if you really want your engine blueprinted this is a necessary.

  20. Travis Price

    Travis Price年 前

    You should always mock up the oil pump on the rear cap. It will always pull the back cap out of round, because you are tourqeing 50 pounds on that cap. Witch will usually pull that cap out of round by about .0007

  21. Kevin Naderi

    Kevin Naderi年 前

    Thanks :D

  22. Rick Bell

    Rick Bell年 前

    Where can I get the main caps. Inner and the front and back ??? I got a 4 bolt block but no caps. Thanks!

  23. Anthony Evich

    Anthony Evich年 前

    ouch, looks like the price of a cap set is like $100, half the price of a used block with caps

  24. 1957f100

    1957f100年 前

    Britt get run out of El Cajon?

  25. 2.5in Bore Offset

    2.5in Bore Offset年 前

    "Damn that's a big bore gauge" -My Ex-Wife

  26. Gabble Red neck

    Gabble Red neck年 前

    Does it have a cam?

  27. Kenny Whiddon

    Kenny Whiddon年 前

    All engines have a camshaft.

  28. Brian Wideman

    Brian Wideman年 前

    You mean Stanley, lol. It's not Craftsman anymore.

  29. Chris Duke

    Chris Duke年 前

    Craftsman is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker, yes. But it's very much so still Craftsman. I know, as I just spent a full day with them in Maryland yesterday and the people are incredible, as are their new tools that are coming out this year :)

  30. sky watcher

    sky watcher2 年 前

    What's average cost for that service

  31. Austin Cloke

    Austin Cloke2 年 前

    Ramona, hometown!

  32. gary jones

    gary jones2 年 前

    so I got a question, craftsman have a life time warranty, will whoever buys the name when Sears goes bankrupt honer that

  33. Chris Duke

    Chris Duke2 年 前

    Craftsman was sold to Stanley Black & Decker. They will have an announcement this year about where you can go ;) Stay tuned!



    My shop teacher had us hold the magna-flux magnet at an angle and not straight across the block. Have things changed since 1960?

  35. Matthew

    Matthew2 年 前

    Engine porn, isn't a freshly machined block just gorgeous

  36. 7071t6

    7071t62 年 前

    NOW under pressure ( via specialised ACID )you have the oil and water guides opened up a little more, think how much they will cost and using the right acid and time line to make sure the right amount of surface is removed and then you have the right cooling and oil transfer, which is what you need to do, especially if your going to add a hi pressure oil pump and hi pressure water or pump ?

  37. 7071t6

    7071t62 年 前

    What about blueprinting and full balancing, which is the most important aspect of rebuilds, even single nut and bolt done to OE tuque settings and all parts are balanced and weights are all 100% the same, everything including lifters ? Springs and retainers ?

  38. 7071t6

    7071t62 年 前

    As far as the spark plug commercial you plugs will only give out what your coil puts out and if you change from standard plugs to hi end Iridium or Platinum plugs is when you will notice the difference compared to say NGK V groves, especially in NEW cars with complex and hi or independant coil packs ?

  39. Danny Wilsher

    Danny Wilsher2 年 前

    Why did they take the torq plate off to hone ???

  40. Jim Wendt

    Jim Wendt2 年 前

    When reassembling, do you have to put ALL the cams back in?

  41. Blown460

    Blown4602 年 前

    Every single "ONE" of them!

  42. Thomas LaMora

    Thomas LaMora2 年 前

    machining and process are really cool - too bad half the video is commercial.

  43. Chris Duke

    Chris Duke2 年 前

    Thanks for watching... gotta pay the bills somehow ;)

  44. phdfxwg Fischercat

    phdfxwg Fischercat2 年 前

    when I need a boat anchor I go the the ford dealer !

  45. Jason joncas

    Jason joncas年 前

    ALWAYS 1 IN THE CROWD did not post my dislike for GM that had to take a bailout with my and your hard earned tax dollars. AND WHO DID NOT.

  46. Blown460

    Blown4602 年 前

    Funny, I use bowties for anchors and landfill !


    DJMUGATTO2 年 前

    Much Drill, Not good.

  48. ibrahim eisa

    ibrahim eisa2 年 前

    so nice i like it

  49. Donald Cho

    Donald Cho2 年 前

    man somtimes i miss working at a machine shop

  50. Kevin Roman

    Kevin Roman2 年 前

    Would be great seeing import motors like v6 4 cylinders jdm getting bored out. Great video!

  51. Ismael Parets

    Ismael Parets2 年 前

    Man, I fucking love sears. They need a bail out.

  52. Ismael Parets

    Ismael Parets2 年 前

    Wow the Sears tool commercial was pretty cool but I feel like the guy sold out when he's trying to sell fake carscoops.

  53. rachel Hen13

    rachel Hen132 年 前

    Thay said the first ha ha i have the first blue tooth obd2

  54. {AMD} Audio Majesty Designer

    {AMD} Audio Majesty Designer2 年 前

    I love this episodes. But I can't find episode number 65. How can I find it?

  55. David Brewer Brewer

    David Brewer Brewer3 年 前

    you just a ton your

  56. David Brewer Brewer

    David Brewer Brewer3 年 前


  57. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach3 年 前

    Who was that at the beginning??

  58. Pau Gasolina

    Pau Gasolina3 年 前

    holy fuck where do you have women like this

  59. Dan Lindeke

    Dan Lindeke3 年 前

    did you use machinist's straightedge on crank journal to see if it needed line boring?most chev v8 need boring cyls .30 .the size of ridge is good indication of cyl bore wear. i wonder if honing will straighten out bore enough. clarence

  60. Gabriel Engram

    Gabriel Engram3 年 前

    Whats the cost for that kind of machine work?

  61. SC457A

    SC457A3 年 前

    Usually 200-500$ for all of the work, line hone, decking, and bore and hone the cylinders. cam bearings, core plugs (freeze plugs). Also depends on the machine shop doing the work.

  62. Danny Del

    Danny Del3 年 前

    More than $100 but less than $1 million

  63. watermelons

    watermelons3 年 前

    cracks=weight reduction

  64. xeronicus

    xeronicusヶ月 前

    "Internal cooling fissures"

  65. Nicholas Champ

    Nicholas Champ5 ヶ月 前


  66. Ibraheem Al hadede

    Ibraheem Al hadede8 ヶ月 前

    @Tony Beckwith Because the engine would be a paperweight. Useless.

  67. 7071t6

    7071t62 年 前

    Also how old school is this now days they have X ray machines which can check for the smallest cracks ,but only those who can afford it ? also acid dipping is the only way to remove everything and then do the rest honning and decking and installing the Welsh plugs and always use brass types or even better stainless steel if you can get them ?

  68. Tony Beckwith

    Tony Beckwith2 年 前

    watermelons how.? If its just cracked, it's all still there.

  69. TheFRiNgEguitars

    TheFRiNgEguitars3 年 前

    Nice shop, informative video, That belt sander is cringe-worthy. (just plain ugly) If a cap has any minor burr on the machined surface, try using a flat razor. Slide the blade flat on its flat bevel. A razor blade in skilled hands is a valuable and versatile tool.

  70. Angel Jimenez

    Angel Jimenez3 年 前

    She can get it

  71. Jole Keen

    Jole Keen3 年 前

    She makes my small block a big block.

  72. Holton 345

    Holton 345年 前

    No matter how much you hope, you small block will always be small. Sorry.

  73. basshead

    basshead2 年 前

    +VIP MODDING ???

  74. Colt&Glock Collector

    Colt&Glock Collector2 年 前


  75. boaterbil

    boaterbil3 年 前

    So why was the torque plate not on when they showed the honing process?

  76. Tom Kelley

    Tom Kelley2 年 前

    They showed it being put on but it wasn't there when they had the hone going in. That's an editing bobo.

  77. Bryce Peek

    Bryce Peek3 年 前

    They didn't bore over any because they didn't want to. Usually if you see pistons rubbing on the wall you should bore it out at least .010, but being at the .030 they didn't want to push it and lose reliability, with most engines you can get more out of it but those walls are getting mighty thin between the pistons!

  78. St0RM33

    St0RM333 年 前

    but they didn't show boring the cylinders

  79. Pete Lyczek

    Pete Lyczek3 年 前

    Reading a hand held gauge is a skill. No two people will get exactly the same reading. Only way to get accuracy is to remove the human error component but that means more money for a system like Reneshaw. It is worth the money if youncan afford it. Its a must for some, like jet engine manufacturing.

  80. Maxengines Tech

    Maxengines Tech3 年 前

    these guys are funny, when assembly engine, oil is not enought they must have the specialpaste.... second time they start the engine, thye dont have the paste anymore in there. End of story

  81. Daniel Tellez

    Daniel Tellez4 年 前

    so i should have pistons and crank before i take it to get it machined? or can i take it and then buy pistons and crank

  82. patw52pb1

    patw52pb13 年 前

    Get the block cleaned and checked for integrity, purchase correct rotating assembly components, get the block machined to fit your new parts. It is much less expensive and provides a better result to machine the block to size for the parts.

  83. Jay Bisky

    Jay Bisky3 年 前

    You can machine it first then get a spec sheet from the shop and go buy a new crank and Pistons

  84. CountryLover 97

    CountryLover 974 年 前

    where do I sign up?

  85. MrJackassfan

    MrJackassfan4 年 前

    How much did it cost you guys to machine the motor?

  86. Crypto Pirate

    Crypto Pirate2 年 前

    $1.00 they real cheap

  87. Nick Buckingham

    Nick Buckingham3 年 前


  88. Josivaldo Silva

    Josivaldo Silva4 年 前

    muto bom

  89. Eric Bauer

    Eric Bauer4 年 前

    Don't use anti-seize paste on those bolts!

  90. stereorail

    stereorail4 年 前

    I machine Chevy 350s with a rasp, a file, and garden hose for clean-up.

  91. Wayde Jaynes

    Wayde Jaynes7 ヶ月 前

    I also did this when I was 17

  92. K W

    K W11 ヶ月 前


  93. owen studer

    owen studer2 年 前

    I use a rope some cups and a hammer

  94. MrStoneycool69

    MrStoneycool692 年 前

    Fuck yeah!!! Don't worry about the high spots...

  95. Milk Manson

    Milk Manson2 年 前

    I just drag mine down the street for a half mile or so. If the block is really out of spec, I make my wife ride on top wearing a bikini and a cowboy hat.

  96. cesteres

    cesteres4 年 前

    The introduction was great. May I have her number?

  97. Nitedeth

    Nitedeth4 年 前

    I love Sears tools and products but I think they have too many adds.

  98. RockingAlong123

    RockingAlong1234 年 前

    Hey do you know what the cooling system flow rate is?

  99. Denise Brown

    Denise Brown4 年 前

    letters button ?

  100. sahiel5

    sahiel54 年 前

    u dont ,just scrap it

  101. Aztecking 5150

    Aztecking 51504 年 前

    Hott Chick.. Damn it man.

  102. seeker truth

    seeker truth4 年 前

    they never bored the block the only honed it

  103. Jerry Maulden

    Jerry Maulden4 年 前

    Hey I't tired of your breaks buddy!!! See ya

  104. Banjo-Boy-Montreal

    Banjo-Boy-Montreal4 年 前

    Lot of work for a 2 bolt main block. Why not start with a 4 bolt.

  105. Anthony Lyrette

    Anthony Lyrette年 前

    @Anthony Evich 4 bolt hold 750 hp

  106. Anthony Evich

    Anthony Evich年 前

    a 2 bolt main can hold up to 500hp with ARP studs

  107. Donald McCombs

    Donald McCombs4 年 前

    I will stay with my 6 bolt. In my opinion it all only matters on the application.

  108. silicon212

    silicon2124 年 前

    +Banjo-Boy-Montreal In many cases, a good 2 bolt block is stronger in the web than a 4 bolt block.

  109. Kurtis Lee

    Kurtis Lee4 年 前

    +Banjo-Boy-Montreal 2 bolt blocks are lighter. We always ran 2 bolt blocks in our street stock.

  110. Wilfredo Cruz

    Wilfredo Cruz4 年 前


  111. Cade Speroni

    Cade Speroni4 年 前

    how much would it cost for the machinist to do this on average?

  112. ロクジ研究所

    ロクジ研究所4 年 前

    if in Japan, around 2,500USD. To see this video, want to try my old car too.

  113. Elkay

    Elkay4 年 前

    how much does have a block machined like this cost?

  114. Tunderstixx

    Tunderstixx4 年 前

    They have an ad for E-3 spark plugs. I put those in my Harley Big Twin a few years ago and haven't run anything but them since. I get better gas mileage, I can burn regular gas, it doesn't overheat and I live in Houston and ride even in the heat, and it quit popping, chugging and spitting gas out the EFI port. That is the best ten bucks I have spent on my bike. I swear by them now. And I am not getting paid to say this either.

  115. SMOBY44

    SMOBY444 年 前

    +Steven Thompson Buying a Honda would have eliminated those problems from the beginning.

  116. SUNIKI

    SUNIKI4 年 前

    +Steven Thompson Riiiiight.... Considering the reviews they have gotten I am fairly certain you are lol.

  117. Queen Day

    Queen Day4 年 前

    Can a 350 be bored out to a 390 Chevy engine

  118. Caleb Mead

    Caleb Mead4 年 前

    383 stroker

  119. Forrest Carroll

    Forrest Carroll4 年 前

    +Queen Day You'd have an easier time stroking it if the bores are already in good shape, boring that far can blow the cylinder walls out into the coolant passages. Not to say this would happen every time, but you'd really have to be careful. There are other problems; increased engine RPM, tighter valve clearances, etc. etc.

  120. Dee bee

    Dee bee4 年 前

    +Queen Day Id believe so... .030 over with a 3.7"5 stroke is 383ci. .030 over with a 4" stroke is a 408.

  121. Ross Armstrong

    Ross Armstrong4 年 前

    feet and inches lol

  122. MrZrazies

    MrZrazies5 年 前

    I had crowner in my engine for few years. Then one of the loop end up worn out. I took the engine completely part and discovered a lot of metal scraps everywhere. I brought new Thumper cam instead of crowner. Rebuild whole thing. You name it. I'm loving Thumper cam better than crowner. Crowner is pretty good but Thumper is better.. At least for me.

  123. Blown460

    Blown4602 年 前

    Crowner?? Would you be referring to "Crower" perhaps?

  124. the namesless

    the namesless5 年 前

    How much would it cost to machine a 454 block and bore out the cylinders .060 over and to put a 4.25 crank

  125. Tunderstixx

    Tunderstixx4 年 前

    @hayden12w3 My Chevy 496 pulls my 30'RV with no difficulty and I believe it puts out 375 hp. My racing buddy wanted me to store my RV at his house so he could steal the engine.... I love this engine.

  126. hayden12w3

    hayden12w34 年 前

    @Hugh Jass Too bad it's not even technically a hemi anymore. Also, a 2015 Chevy 6.2L Has 420HP and 460lb-ft torque. Ford is only 10HP short @385, but with a smaller engine (5.0 rather than Dodge 5.7 "Hemi").

  127. Mike

    Mike5 年 前

    Geese! how many videos is built into this?