Honest Trailers | Spider-Man: Far From Home

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  1. Spew Sideways

    Spew Sideways12 時間 前

    Honest Trailers in perfect form. Gwen Stacy dying....wa wa waaaaa

  2. thisdamnthingy

    thisdamnthingy13 時間 前

    Zendaria, that was clever.

  3. Jonathan Farrow

    Jonathan Farrow14 時間 前

    You ever notice Peter Parker is too busy being Spidey to focus on school? Spiderman Episode 3: Homework

  4. K 1 R B Ž

    K 1 R B Ž15 時間 前

    Get the bronies crazy, (My Little Pony: the movie, 2017) or Tall Girl (Netflix) for the “life is hard” people.

  5. {Insert Love and Support here}

    {Insert Love and Support here}15 時間 前

    I dare you to do My Little Pony:the movie (2017) *wink wonk*

  6. Akuma

    Akuma16 時間 前

    guys do brother bear honest trailer, most underrated Disney movie ever and joaquin phoenix is there too

  7. Abdulloh Ahmad Badawi

    Abdulloh Ahmad Badawi16 時間 前

    Do Batwoman Trailer Please.

  8. mung naulak

    mung naulak16 時間 前

    Please say 'How you doin'?


    NATHAN WAHL17 時間 前

    say "get that corn out of my face"


    NATHAN WAHL17 時間 前

    do a honest trailer of a honest trailer

  11. Hinarf Narfy

    Hinarf Narfy17 時間 前

    how many people tell you to do non-hollywood movies?

  12. Hinarf Narfy

    Hinarf Narfy17 時間 前

    Also, when is a non-child molesting branch of entertainment g oing to occur?

  13. Slade Wilson

    Slade Wilson17 時間 前

    far from home > homecoming

  14. Tarik Cropper-Bullen

    Tarik Cropper-Bullen18 時間 前

    Do Akira

  15. walk3rk1ng

    walk3rk1ng18 時間 前

    say the Statue of Liberty is our hottest landmark

  16. David Ebhomielen

    David Ebhomielen18 時間 前


  17. Aaron Brant

    Aaron Brant19 時間 前

    I don't know why everyone's rooting for Ned to be Hobgoblin. Considering how excited he was to being 'The Guy in the Chair' he'd be much better suited to MODOK.

  18. SolarDwagon

    SolarDwagon19 時間 前

    Somehow not your best work. Felt kinda... checklisty in making fun of it?

  19. chesstteerrr

    chesstteerrr19 時間 前

    Yeah this super heroes are stupid on every movie

  20. Aniruddh Mutnuru

    Aniruddh Mutnuru20 時間 前

    Sees numbers of subscribers: Me: Nice

  21. KindaDumb

    KindaDumb20 時間 前

    I dont understand the first 4 seconds of these videos anymore. We all know you're going to make an Honest Trailer for the major blockbusters, so why act like it's fan service?

  22. Gail Luther

    Gail Luther20 時間 前

    2:13 🤣🤣🤣🤣omg

  23. Not Enough Love

    Not Enough Love20 時間 前

    You can either do San Andreas, Joker, (2017) My Little Pony, orrrrrr say: “Stay out of my shed okay?”

  24. Joseph van Wyk

    Joseph van Wyk20 時間 前

    This honest trailer was as lame as the movie itself - no hard feelings. Can't blame you at all.

  25. Marina G

    Marina G20 時間 前

    Let me see that Toooom that Tom Tom Tom Tom Tooom ahhahaha

  26. thank your bloodline, next

    thank your bloodline, next20 時間 前

    These keep getting better and better, see if you can spice up the tragic my little pony movie (2017)

  27. DARK LEGACY Mayhem

    DARK LEGACY Mayhem21 時間 前

    This Peter Parker still can't rely on himself nor stand on his own 2 feet without help from Iron Man, Iron Man's Tech, or his friends. This isn't Spider-Man. This is an Iron Man fanboy playing hero. The real Spider-Man can stand on his own 2 feet.

  28. William Monger

    William Monger22 時間 前

    Adom west was the best Batman

  29. Edwin Èlmore

    Edwin Èlmore22 時間 前

    "every non-MCU filmmaker" SAVAGE (scorsese cof cof)

  30. Josh Adams

    Josh Adams22 時間 前

    Please say: "Are you pregnant?"

  31. Csharp

    Csharp22 時間 前

    In honor of Election Day coming up, do an honest trailer for House of Cards!

  32. Csharp

    Csharp22 時間 前

    Do Jason Bourne (2016)

  33. SmexiVan ;D

    SmexiVan ;D23 時間 前

    I actually haven’t seen this movie. Wasn’t planning to. I paused at the reference to euro & road trip. Now going to watch it...

  34. Atelixon

    Atelixon23 時間 前

    Not the clock tower scene man! Why you gotta remind me of that. 😭

  35. Shakara Johnstone

    Shakara Johnstone23 時間 前

    Gotta do the JOKER next right?

  36. The Q!

    The Q!日 前

    I'm a new subscriber, love your videos, PLEASE SAY IN THE NEXT VIDEO, ''''' Q Ali is the new awesome dude! '''''

  37. Nado LFC

    Nado LFC日 前

    Please say "he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!!!"

  38. Liad X

    Liad X日 前

    So how did shooting drones get people wet?

  39. KingBradleyXIII

    KingBradleyXIII日 前

    Say: In a world about to change... one weeble will weeble its last wobble

  40. Squigiman

    Squigiman日 前

    Probably already stated somewhere in the comments, but not Mary Jane.

  41. Ryu Tamayose

    Ryu Tamayose日 前

    Say "creeper awwwwwmannnn!!!"

  42. W0NK042

    W0NK042日 前

    Spider-Man: Not So Far From Friends Now - July 2021

  43. W0NK042

    W0NK042日 前

    Movies Anywhere.. in the USA.

  44. Dazuku Yt

    Dazuku Yt日 前

    We need your help. You need to comment bring back spider man the new animated series. The 2003 one on MTV. Comment it to group people this show

  45. Arghyadeep Pal

    Arghyadeep Pal日 前

    Those Zendaya moments though lmfao!!!

  46. No Thanks

    No Thanks日 前

    It’s time for you to make fun of that recent my little pony movie in 2017

  47. Trench

    Trench日 前

    El Camino Honest Trailer!!!!

  48. jjnewbold

    jjnewbold日 前

    It's not a new film of course, but please do Leon the Professional

  49. Anamolepo Labua

    Anamolepo Labua日 前

    Woow the number of the subscriber is 666

  50. rai 1000

    rai 1000日 前

    please say please say please say...

  51. alok baluni

    alok baluni日 前

    Don't make fun of Mysterio. If you do so then a six foot tall bunny rabbit will haunt you.

  52. Prokage

    Prokage日 前

    Do It chapter 2 please


    MRVEGAS日 前

    This is the worst Spiderman movie to date... I mean even Spiderman 3 was better than this crap

  54. Дмитрий Киселёв

    Дмитрий Киселёв日 前

    I lowkey thought the same things when I watched it. The jokes are cringy as hell, when the asian guy saw him with no pants I felt as if I was watching a PG-13 version of American Pie or something. The Spider-Man stuff was good, but there was not a lot of it. The MJ stuff was really rushed. Mysterio's act was kinda stupid. Peter is being extremely rarted about his identity, like dropping Edith everywhere, sitting in what he thought was a public bar in his suit with no mask on, not even checking who he wants to give control to with an AR computer, which is conveniently placed on his face right now and does the checking automatically for him (???), dropping MJ in the middle of the street and so on and so on, and when he tries to hide it I felt like the audience was treated as if their total IQ was around 0.5. When he said there was a goat and everyone looked that way, I facepalmed so hard. But the action was good as always. The nightmare scene was awesome, like it was directly taken from a videogame. Some drone moments were really imaginative, although silly. But the best moment was when JJJ appeared. I heard a rumor a few years ago that J. K. Simmons wanted to continue playing him, but his appearance was the only moment that has not been spoiled to me. I was so hyped I completely lost my shit. Flash is probably set up for future movies, where he's gonna become the Venom super soldier or whatever. I feel like his backstory is gonna be a bigger thing later. I still liked the movie tho, it's a decent Spider-Man film, although definitely not enough for a couple years' wait. Let's hope the third one is better

  55. 바니쿠킹

    바니쿠킹日 前

    늘 기대되는 영화에요~

  56. Ulya Tan

    Ulya Tan日 前

    can you do RDJ sherlock holmes

  57. Alex Brownstone

    Alex Brownstone日 前

    Except her name isn’t Mary Jane, It’s Michelle Jones

  58. than vlogs

    than vlogs日 前

    Phim j vay mn?

  59. Pietja Hudziak

    Pietja Hudziak日 前

    Do honest trailer for Edge of Tommorow!

  60. lamp

    lamp日 前


  61. Fyrmer

    Fyrmer日 前

    Her name's not Mary-Jane. It's Michelle Jones.