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  1. Screen Junkies

    Screen Junkiesヶ月 前

    Do you think we could still get Secret Invasion storyline? *Check out the return of Honest Game Trailers with the same creative team from Smosh Games and Screen Junkies on our new channel Fandom Games. Featuring a rotating cast of voices to give greater variety to the trailers. Check back every Tuesday for a brand new Honest Game Trailer at 10AM Pacific.* POOL RULES One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: Don’t go looking for fights. Four: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

  2. manda 4

    manda 43 日 前

    Screen Junkies okay I already can see what you would say for Shazam you gotta do it 🤣

  3. SpongeBob SquarePants

    SpongeBob SquarePants4 日 前

    Screen Junkies I see this "honest" trailer ignores brie Larson says she doesn't need a white guy criticizing her movies.

  4. Ram Spencer

    Ram Spencer7 日 前

    I feel like we got most of those notes with Hydra infiltrating shield in winter soldier. Secret invasion doesn't really make sense anytime soon to me after that. Apparently there are lots of secret Kree cells hiding out somewhere though....

  5. KrKyoutube

    KrKyoutube11 日 前

    So mild on it :O

  6. Asha kannan

    Asha kannan12 日 前


  7. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez4 時間 前

    1:40 Maria Rambeau, her Marvel issued black friend. (Shows all the other Marvel issued black friends in a Brady Bunch style homage) OMG!!! Classic.

  8. Dylan Rock

    Dylan Rock5 時間 前

    Saving private Ryan

  9. chris thackray

    chris thackray7 時間 前

    Man you guys went pump on this one. No mention of Brie Larsons comments around the movie. Or the whole disney rotten tomatoes business. You used to be cool guy . . .

  10. Timothy Mclaughlin

    Timothy Mclaughlin9 時間 前

    Funny stuff they talking about worst except me. Some funniest fake stuff like this. " for mar- aw aw it's all stan lee cameos? It's no fair! you gonna make me cry we haven't even started yet." Or.. " journey to hala!" Or... "carol calm down!" Or... "the dog from the thing. 🐱😛" or.. "or use a keyboard. [ type keyboard] uh oh grandpa's in the computer building superhero teams again!" Or... " are you ready for a blockbuster look out captain marvel is a street fighter hes on to your game. Boy. Holy schikes it's a 90s reference. Nine inch nails. Radio shack. All right I'm done." Or.. " so get ready for the film that's disappointing if it meets with the infinity war sandwich. It's a solid watch against the other marvel origin stories. And the citizen f**king kane. As the other female heroes not named wonder woman. Look out boys. Lady heroes will take over the theater.(🛎🔔ding) never!" Or.. " starring the captinous miss marvel. Nick furry. Skrull and clones. Maria rambowlcut. The Garfield your aunt has stuck in a car windshield. law n orbit s kree u. Blue man troop. Skynet benning. Who? Paid dlc. The screenwriter of what lies beneath. Just a fact you know it since my daughter's birthday. 🚀 brie kree phone home." and.. "last time i trusted someone i lost and eye. I trusted you not to eat me. Yeahhh. I don't know that a stretch😼. 😵 oh mother flerken!" 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Wikickid

    Wikickid16 時間 前

    Sees my neutral face. "Don't you show me that face! You know what you did wrong." Shows any slight amount of emotions. "You're too emotional! I can't have this conversation with you." Is sarcastic while showing some disgust. "You're a bitch." Doesn't care what emotions or attitude I'm using anymore. "You should be ashamed of yourself." There's no pleasing anyone, so please no one but yourself. (and maybe your family if you're very close to them and they aren't abusive and/or manipulative)

  12. Bridget Binion

    Bridget Binion日 前

    I just want Ben Mendelsohn to adopt me.

  13. Rudy K

    Rudy K日 前

    Do one on midsommar

  14. Monado6

    Monado6日 前

    Can we see one for the new bond?



    Please make a Avengers-end game trailer

  16. BatmanFan 76 Channel 2

    BatmanFan 76 Channel 2日 前

    When are these guys gonna do an Honest Trailer on Shazam?!

  17. Shary DragonClaw

    Shary DragonClaw日 前

    She's nut the first avenger cause she isn't even an avenger

  18. Nsikeni Mamba

    Nsikeni Mamba日 前

    ECROF RIA EHT NIOJ killed this movie

  19. spiritas

    spiritas2 日 前

    Who? This one got me good :D

  20. Djhi Normas

    Djhi Normas2 日 前

    do Gran Torino its beggin for it!

  21. Mohinder Pratap Singh

    Mohinder Pratap Singh2 日 前

    Do shazam pls pls

  22. manda 4

    manda 42 日 前

    Mohinder Pratap Singh yes!!!

  23. Thomas Allen

    Thomas Allen3 日 前

    Say Buttstallion is the prettiest pony.

  24. Brandon Printz

    Brandon Printz3 日 前

    Captain Marvel was awful - you went WAY too easy on it - bad form Screen Junkies, bad form...

  25. Richard

    Richard3 日 前

    I love he mentioned how contrived all the 90s references were.

  26. Jens K

    Jens K3 日 前

    Thank you veeeeeery much. 4/10 - MAX!

  27. ProjectStupid117

    ProjectStupid1173 日 前

    Do Alita Battle Angel now

  28. Evolution 24

    Evolution 243 日 前

    When are you guys gonna do Endgame?

  29. Underdrummer

    Underdrummer4 日 前

    1:13 Great sub-texting there Brie!!! That blank stare conveys so much feeeeeeeeeling!

  30. NO1971. XTREME

    NO1971. XTREME4 日 前


  31. NO1971. XTREME

    NO1971. XTREME4 日 前


  32. Yu Chen

    Yu Chen4 日 前

    tropic thunder plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  33. SpongeBob SquarePants

    SpongeBob SquarePants4 日 前

    I see this "honest" trailer ignores brie Larson says she doesn't need a white guy criticizing her movies.

  34. Eat A Pie

    Eat A Pie4 日 前

    Do boyhood

  35. Elizabeth Shook

    Elizabeth Shook5 日 前

    Do the 100 next!!! Please!!

  36. dundun dun

    dundun dun5 日 前

    Simpsons reference but it's join the air force

  37. Christina Kim

    Christina Kim5 日 前

    Do avengers endgame



    "brie kree phone home" amazing! XD

  39. Karnage Korner

    Karnage Korner6 日 前

    so what your saying is that I don't need to be bothered with watching it? cool thanks

  40. Jabari Jefferson

    Jabari Jefferson6 日 前

    Trailer on Shazam please!!

  41. Kayla Krueger

    Kayla Krueger6 日 前

    Do Endgame!!

  42. Kayla Krueger

    Kayla Krueger6 日 前

    Please say: it Britney B*****

  43. marvesmarves

    marvesmarves7 日 前

    Sharknado is better than this movie.

  44. your gorl becky

    your gorl becky7 日 前

    Yo, I live and breathe marvel, but that shit with nick fury losing an eye bc of the cat was beyond stupid.

  45. Vegeta The Great

    Vegeta The Great7 日 前

    3:40 i died

  46. ImTheDoctor

    ImTheDoctor7 日 前

    Such a garbage character writing. Hopefully they can make her have a personally in the 2nd movie.

  47. Adriana MR

    Adriana MR7 日 前

    Oh oho grandpa is in the computer building super heroes teams again!

  48. TanMadScientist

    TanMadScientist7 日 前

    *Huge gasp!* You did not dis Tank Girl?!!!

  49. TighelanderII

    TighelanderII7 日 前

    Having Fury lose his eye to that cat is the worst decision in the MCU.

  50. Andrew Hernandez

    Andrew Hernandez8 日 前

    You guys are really soft-balling this movie like you did with the recent Ghostbusters one. Kristen Stewart had more emotion in the Twilight movies than Brie Larson did in CM. You guys have gone soft.

  51. Anoneemus Noename

    Anoneemus Noename6 日 前

    At 3:05 when they said "A solid watch if its up against the other Marvel origin stories" i audibly called bullshit without even realizing it. Other people in my house thought i was calling out to them, i was like "No i swear i didn't say a word!". They were so adamant they heard me yell for them i went back through my security cams to prove they were all nuts and sure enough there i was spontaneously yelling "BULLshit!" at the computer. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of those other movies was objectively 10X better in literally every way than Captain Marvel and 100X more rewatchable, maybe more... i've seen every one of those other movies multiple times (of my own volition) but i can't think of one reason i'd ever rewatch Captain Marvel unless its with someone new to the MCU and we are binge watching together and i am basically forced to. Its an irredeemably shit movie that all involved with should be ashamed of.



    to everyone making the "too emotional" joke its kinda lame, watch the movie, every time she gets flustered you can tell, she fires off her photon blasts, even if its hand to hand training,

  53. Anoneemus Noename

    Anoneemus Noename6 日 前

    This is more in line with what people mean use the term "emotional"... jpgo.info/bideo/05n6kTlV7zlBk7s.html Captain marvels reactions in the movie were a lot closer to this... jpgo.info/bideo/g8shmiHbI-OGyxk.html ...than they were to that first link. The criticism is valid and appropriate.

  54. mg juju

    mg juju9 日 前

    i died at WHO?!

  55. beni

    beni9 日 前

    Ah oh grandpa is on the computer building super hero teams again

  56. ahhchoo

    ahhchoo9 日 前

    Alita is way better.



    Please do honest trailer on .... Avengers end game

  58. jrockit24

    jrockit249 日 前