Here's What Really Happened To Daphne From Frasier


  1. SkyBlue 1988

    SkyBlue 19886 日 前

    New series please !!!!

  2. Kenneth Satria

    Kenneth Satria8 日 前

    Oh my god she was the hoboken chimp

  3. Space Age

    Space Age9 日 前

    I've always thought she was a HOTTIE 😍

  4. pixel girl

    pixel girl16 日 前

    She _does_ have psychic powers, the show depicts that rather unambiguously.

  5. christopher smith

    christopher smith16 日 前

    1:17 There's no such thing as a British accent, idiot.



    She started on the Benny Hill Show

  7. Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Santiago Rodriguez Guillen16 日 前

    From all her carrier I only knew about Frasier. When she got pregnant was not smooth on the show lol, at all

  8. Ingrid Olsson

    Ingrid Olsson18 日 前

    Adore her! Frazier was one of my most favorite shows ever!!! 😍😂😄

  9. Carol Driehorst

    Carol Driehorst19 日 前

    I really enjoy the show Frasier. I loved the characters and David was a great addition to the show as his Brother, he Really looked like he could have been his Brother. I still watch that show alot.

  10. Michael Fitzgerald

    Michael Fitzgerald20 日 前

    If you are going to do such a profile, you should at least do your homework. Daphne Moon did not claim to be psychic. She WAS psychic, as shown by 11 years of correct intuitions.

  11. Tai Tsutomu

    Tai Tsutomu21 日 前

    I'm very surprised she wasn't picked to play the next Doctor Who

  12. Travis Ingram

    Travis Ingram21 日 前

    This was one of the most heartwarming "what happened to" videos i've ever seen. i loved the show and it's great to see how they maintained their greatness after the show!

  13. Julia

    Julia22 日 前

    Would have liked to see an American Vicar of Dibley. It seems too wholesome to be a success with what’s on demand now.

  14. Leo Zaza

    Leo Zaza22 日 前

    Caretaker? He wasn’t a building. The term is caregiver.

  15. Barbara Bivens

    Barbara Bivens22 日 前

    Wish tv was as good as Frasier

  16. RMC Carrillo

    RMC Carrillo22 日 前

    Love reruns.

  17. rbwannasee

    rbwannasee23 日 前

    She had an interesting role in the '80's cool' movie "To Live and Die in LA" as some kind of second / sex kitten with no dialogue.

  18. Joseph Lomeo

    Joseph Lomeo23 日 前

    She "dated" Miles on Murphy Brown and was deflowered by JFK Jr on Seinfeld.

  19. blindtoby

    blindtoby23 日 前

    Did she play mrs 44 ?

  20. jasper crunt

    jasper crunt23 日 前

    she massively dissed (really and truly, comprehensively Shat on) benny hill after he was dead (google her and BH if you don't believe),; she is a short-talent twat who has lost her only saleable quality, her looks. so bollox to her.

  21. Birdy

    Birdy23 日 前

    Love Frasier it was a gift.

  22. wraith01mg

    wraith01mg23 日 前

    Well, she got Hollywood thin didn't she.

  23. Love Blues Everyday

    Love Blues Everyday24 日 前

    And she lost her virginity to John F Kennedy ‘juunya’ 😉 in arguably the funniest Seinfeld episode “the contest”.

  24. GC Durnin

    GC Durnin24 日 前

    so basically she has had steady work but Frasier was the prize, huh?

  25. Witches and Demons

    Witches and Demons24 日 前

    She is married to a director. I doubt she is suffer in the least.

  26. vancecounty1

    vancecounty124 日 前

    A few loads tossed honoring her.

  27. mark weston-wilson

    mark weston-wilson24 日 前

    a beautiful lady

  28. Mitchell Bast

    Mitchell Bast24 日 前


  29. Janette Lamantia

    Janette Lamantia25 日 前

    Go to a GYM

  30. David Kirkham

    David Kirkham25 日 前

    Dr. Crane. Your Glockenspiel has sprung to life! One of the funniest lines on any of the episodes.

  31. n0ka

    n0ka25 日 前

    Frasier is one of my all time favourite TV shows

  32. MommaD ****

    MommaD ****25 日 前


  33. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days25 日 前

    Frasier was one of the very few shows that was consistently good and the character archs remained the same. So many shows nowadays have 1 or 2 good seasons then go off topic because the writers run out of ideas and end up changing the characters. Friends is a good example. Joey became dumber, phoebe became more cooky, Chandler went from self hating loner to super sarcasmo.

  34. jenny gore

    jenny gore25 日 前

    Did she stop putting on that snide mancunian accent which was really a lancastrian one and in real life she has a home counties posh accent by any chance

  35. Anthony Jackson

    Anthony Jackson25 日 前

    She also hosted Have I Got News For You

  36. silky johnson

    silky johnson25 日 前

    Beautiful woman.

  37. Amy GÜRKAN

    Amy GÜRKAN25 日 前

    She also did a commercial for bell telephone. It was the first time I've ever heard a British accent.

  38. Thomas Weeks

    Thomas Weeks25 日 前

    Beaitiful lady

  39. gregory hudson

    gregory hudson26 日 前

    Someone said a Dingo ate her baby so she left the show

  40. mary hershelman

    mary hershelman26 日 前

    Always thought the Cranes should have gotten a spinoff in Manchester. A spinoff of a spinoff.

  41. James Horton

    James Horton26 日 前

    A couple if years ago, we bought Frasier: The Complete Series. Great investment. We binged watched them and could not stop laughing. Such a great show. A few weeks back, I hit on a clip of Frasier here on You Tube and it was so funny. Told my wife I was tempted to get Frasier out and start watching them again.

  42. Bob Stokley

    Bob Stokley26 日 前


  43. Randy Hutchinson

    Randy Hutchinson26 日 前

    I would lay the beef in her, knee deep

  44. chester rockwell

    chester rockwell26 日 前

    She emaciated and then desicated

  45. Jakob kell

    Jakob kell26 日 前

    Loved Leeves from Benny Hill onward,she's beautiful,funny and adorable.

  46. Jakob kell

    Jakob kell23 日 前

    @jasper crunt what did she say ? She was harassed,assaulted,raped ? BH was a show with lots of beauties in womenly outfits being chased by pervs,bound to be some issues.She still stood out esp in her maid outfit. She wasn't dressed in wool unlike on Frasier.

  47. jasper crunt

    jasper crunt23 日 前

    she shat all over him, when he was dead, and - then -not fashionable in the UK and you could shit on him with importunity. she is a nasty person..

  48. jasper crunt

    jasper crunt23 日 前

    you don't know what she said about BH?

  49. S R

    S R26 日 前

    In other words, she went nowhere but downhill after Frasier.

  50. Ben Adams

    Ben Adams27 日 前

    What's with some of the headlines on JPgo? "Here's what really happened to Daphne from Frasier" makes it sound like no one has heard from since 2004 and everyone has been asking "Where the hell has Jane Leeves gone?!" and it was some big conspiracy and cover-up as to where she is now. I knew about her role in Hot In Cleveland and others should have too. *shakes head*

  51. Stephen Mellor

    Stephen Mellor27 日 前

    She seems a lovely lady . As a Brit its always good to see British actors / actresses do well in the states . Keep it going .

  52. Bruce Lethbridge

    Bruce Lethbridge27 日 前

    Sexy English Girl

  53. Paddy .Cook

    Paddy .Cook27 日 前

    What do you mean, 'What *Really* Happened', who's been lying about what happened to her for all these years?