Having 2 girlfriends part 3


  1. NellyVidz

    NellyVidzヶ月 前

    Y’all want a part 4? Lol. Don’t forget to watch those bloopers at the end 💪🏽💯

  2. Cordero Cotton

    Cordero Cotton日 前

    NellyVidz can you please do a prequel video on how you got two girlfriends?

  3. Caleb Chukwuma

    Caleb Chukwuma日 前

    Don’t forget sub nelly vidz 1.1m

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    Yes ofc👑❤💜💙💖😎

  6. Makicia Bryant

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    NellyVidz bbgghhjibbjjjjjoyg jjjj oouttooou


    AP-SQUAD J日 前

    You're right another video two girls or too much and I feel you bro I feel I'm sorry for you but I don't know I like subscribe everything and have you all right but I like comment and subscribe and I have my own video just checked my video it's just took my video it's AP squad in some like JJ or JJ so yeah I hope you read this text and please give me just send me to say hello something cuz I really wanted to talk to you so thank you

  8. Teresa Gardner

    Teresa Gardner日 前

    Thanks for your video video your video

  9. Foreva. Asia

    Foreva. Asia日 前

    doooo moreeeee

  10. Kem Meryamun

    Kem Meryamun日 前

    2 girlfriends=2 headaches

  11. v. Middleton

    v. Middleton日 前

    How he gon pay rent then?

  12. Billy Times

    Billy Times2 日 前

    brah i dont know how u do it i cant keep one.

  13. WillBKMG

    WillBKMG3 日 前

    The 2 hand sloppy tho... 😆 she a beast with it I bet

  14. Funtime Jenkins

    Funtime Jenkins3 日 前

    I wish I can yell like cornell

  15. Funtime Jenkins

    Funtime Jenkins3 日 前

    If they land me on the bed like that I'll be like "dang, Already?"

  16. Viktoria Mvula

    Viktoria Mvula3 日 前

    "Everybody we just wanna thank our bae!". Hahaha oh wow

  17. Mr.573 preach

    Mr.573 preach4 日 前

    Cornell when they monthly comes mane you in trouble , straight venom on you Bro from both of them.

  18. h20 James

    h20 James6 日 前

    @4:40 that fake like he don't want it

  19. Johnny Tucker

    Johnny Tucker7 日 前

    B home I. Bet 7 yuu uu uhh jj . nii8 um vv bjm ..mmk9

  20. Eden Nicole

    Eden Nicole7 日 前

    I'd like to report my card stolen

  21. 5150 Trey

    5150 Trey8 日 前

    "Yall just spent 2,000 dollars lemme say it again 2 THOUSAND!!"😭😭😂

  22. Dylan Mobley

    Dylan Mobley8 日 前

    Wow just wow

  23. winkxtramoney SDM

    winkxtramoney SDM8 日 前

    Why this looks like he got two annoying sisters a little bit

  24. Real One

    Real One9 日 前

    My boy nelly getting girls 👇 like if you a fan

  25. Tyree Gravely

    Tyree Gravely9 日 前

    I love your videos they're funny Cornell Ross

  26. GtchyPlayz

    GtchyPlayz9 日 前

    Just imagine having to gf

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  29. John Veal

    John Veal10 日 前

    Lol you need a extra pimp hand for them they got full perks for half the work 😂😂😂

  30. Lajavious Johnson

    Lajavious Johnson10 日 前

    My one is enough 🤦🏿‍♂️. Save me lol

  31. Bj Warren

    Bj Warren11 日 前

    Damn I want 2 Girlfriends Selfish bitches 👭🏽🏃🏽‍♂️

  32. Hulk smash

    Hulk smash11 日 前

    Boyyyy....u Got 2 bad one's

  33. Mya Cooper

    Mya Cooper12 日 前

    * I had to get popped 3 times* Coof’s and even tho I gave you sloppy toppy this mornin!😂😂😂 Had me rolling!😂😂

  34. Leeani Edmond

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  35. Cotton Boy

    Cotton Boy12 日 前

    I think I'll Rather have two I wonder if kids interfere or it just businesses

  36. MMG la kole

    MMG la kole14 日 前

    Just imagine tho

  37. Krazy fucker

    Krazy fucker14 日 前

    that's why you keep them separated. get two or 3 that live in their own place so they dont come together and plot some shit

  38. Krazy fucker

    Krazy fucker14 日 前

    yea RIGHT, getting two black women to be your girlfriend at the same time. good luck with that shit. and get them to behave around each other ??!!!! you must be top of the list dog if you can do that shit !!!! 1 BLACK BITCH IS QUITE DIFFICULT !!

  39. Jaylen Burch

    Jaylen Burch14 日 前

    Make part four pls

  40. Trisha Barfield

    Trisha Barfield15 日 前

    Cornell got mushel

  41. divine venom

    divine venom15 日 前

    This 100% what anime be like

  42. Marquis Long

    Marquis Long15 日 前

    What’s light skin chick name in this video? She the one that did the dating girls from New York skit.

  43. quickscoper 101

    quickscoper 10114 日 前

    They both lightskin

  44. royal city

    royal city15 日 前

    This made me change my mind two close to home

  45. Brianna Troncoso

    Brianna Troncoso16 日 前

    I was laughing when ge said yall just spend two thousand dollars let me say it again "TWO THOUSAND"

  46. kukuCal.6

    kukuCal.617 日 前

    How you think Lou will was feeling😂😂😂

  47. Zack The Gamer

    Zack The Gamer18 日 前

    Make this a series like when her brother fresh out

  48. Eric Delaghetto

    Eric Delaghetto19 日 前

    I gotta get my bag up because 4:03 is my exact reaction when I see I basically spent about $200 on a good night out 😂😂😂

  49. D1.nayah fields

    D1.nayah fields19 日 前

    He is so funny

  50. Kylie Bruce

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  53. Hakim Saeed AbdulRahman

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    Lol crazy

  54. Brandon King

    Brandon King20 日 前

    If she gave me sloppy toppy I give her 2000 a week lol

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