Happy Fun Friends | Summer of Purple


  1. Fin

    Fin8 時間 前

    I loved this on All the Funny

  2. Lemon Bear

    Lemon Bear17 時間 前

    They did this on Bring the Funny! I really hope they win! You guys are amazing!!!

  3. Katie Chambers

    Katie Chambers日 前

    Just saw them on bring the funny! I legit screamed! My mom was like oh wow it’s studio c, and I was like “actually, it’s jk studios”!! So proud!!

  4. M.E.P.S Litrikal

    M.E.P.S Litrikal日 前

    Who played Jeremy this time huh?

  5. Anna V

    Anna V2 日 前

    This was a divine comedy sketch

  6. Kasey Reub

    Kasey Reub2 日 前

    Saw your guys' sketch on Bring The Funny. I could not stop laughing. I had to rewind it to watch again. Seriously, you guys are amazing. Keep it up.

  7. Mia Rosettani

    Mia Rosettani2 日 前

    Red could say I'm red I love to go to bed.i like to sleep in as late as i can

  8. Mia Rosettani

    Mia Rosettani3 日 前

    There on the new show bring the funny. They did this sketch

  9. Taylor Steele

    Taylor Steele3 日 前

    It was SO much fun watching you guys do this on Bring the Funny! I’ve been watching you guys for years! I’m rooting for you guys :)

  10. iRooki GD

    iRooki GD3 日 前

    I saw this on bring the funny, congrats guys

  11. ѕуdd

    ѕуdd4 日 前

    Anyone here from Bring The Funny?

  12. Critical Lapis

    Critical Lapis4 日 前


  13. Yuli G Productions

    Yuli G Productions4 日 前

    YOU USED THIS JOKE ON BRING THE FUNNY!!! :D I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH I HOPE YOU GUYS WINNNN I love this so much. This and crayon song are my new favorite videos ever

  14. Amelia Church

    Amelia Church4 日 前

    This was hilarious. Jk studios is the best.

  15. Legit Bros

    Legit Bros4 日 前

    Hey JK Studios! I just saw your sketch on Bring The Funny and I loved it! Good job everyone! Can't wait for next episode!!!

  16. z Art

    z Art4 日 前


  17. Landron Supercollider

    Landron Supercollider5 日 前

    Who else saw this on Bring the Funny?

  18. The Darknight Detective

    The Darknight Detective4 日 前


  19. Budda Me Nuts

    Budda Me Nuts5 日 前

    Whos here after the Bring the Funny! performance?

  20. Quick Dimwit

    Quick Dimwit5 日 前

    I don’t get it. What’d he do wrong?

  21. weird _girlpanda

    weird _girlpanda5 日 前

    Who saw JK studio's sketch on NBC Bring the Funny? I watched it on the Bring The Funny JPgo Channel

  22. Kaiden Carlson

    Kaiden Carlson2 日 前

    weird _girlpanda yes they are absolutely hilarious

  23. Mattress Millenials

    Mattress Millenials5 日 前

    Who else saw this from "Bring The Funny?"

  24. Pupperoni Pizza

    Pupperoni Pizza5 日 前


  25. Hannah S

    Hannah S5 日 前

    I'm just gonna go out and say it, you probably shouldn't homeschool your kids. Like or comment if you get the reference!

  26. Snappin' Tortoise

    Snappin' Tortoise5 日 前

    Good job on Bring The Funny!

  27. Ira Baska

    Ira Baska6 日 前

    Saw this on TV and here

  28. Lauren Patino

    Lauren Patino6 日 前

    who else is here after watching them on Bring the Funny? 🙋‍♀️

  29. Pupperoni Pizza

    Pupperoni Pizza5 日 前


  30. Tasaman 1

    Tasaman 16 日 前

    Don't go read comments about the show on social media. Probably some of the most negative vicious personalities I have ever seen.

  31. Hoi im Temmie the tem

    Hoi im Temmie the tem6 日 前

    I loved your bring the funny audition and was surprised cause ive been watching ya'll since studio C. Love ya!

  32. Cadence Scott

    Cadence Scott6 日 前

    I have never actually cared about who won in tv competitions or anything and I cared so much now and when you guys got through the first round I almost cried and I’m crying right now thinking about it and wow I could go on about how amazing this is but I wanted the world to know that I love you guys and I’m so proud of you and I’m crying to much to type anymore

  33. Benjamin Guzman

    Benjamin Guzman6 日 前

    Zed: So, do you come here often? Mallory: NO #bringthefunny

  34. Coolio Star Stache

    Coolio Star Stache5 日 前

    @Pupperoni Pizza To each his own

  35. Pupperoni Pizza

    Pupperoni Pizza5 日 前

    I mean it was impressive but not funny.

  36. Coolio Star Stache

    Coolio Star Stache5 日 前

    I was disappointed Mr. Zed didn't make it, I thought he was good

  37. Savannah Van Vlaenderen

    Savannah Van Vlaenderen6 日 前


  38. Pupperoni Pizza

    Pupperoni Pizza5 日 前

    @IzzyMcFrizzyton I did watch it. I just had on my headphones...

  39. IzzyMcFrizzyton

    IzzyMcFrizzyton5 日 前

    @Pupperoni Pizza that stinks... but hey you got to watch it!

  40. Pupperoni Pizza

    Pupperoni Pizza5 日 前

    You're lucky you get to scream with excitement 😢 I couldn't cuz I would wake up my roommate

  41. IzzyMcFrizzyton

    IzzyMcFrizzyton5 日 前


  42. Cadence Scott

    Cadence Scott6 日 前


  43. Fruity Perez Family

    Fruity Perez Family6 日 前

    Who else just saw this on NBC Bring the Funny? They killed it!

  44. Christina Rones

    Christina Rones5 時間 前

    They were so good

  45. Kaiden Carlson

    Kaiden Carlson2 日 前

    Yes I honestly didn’t know of them until being the funny but they have quickly become one of My favorite channels

  46. Kasey Reub

    Kasey Reub2 日 前

    Fuckin killed it. I could not stop laughing

  47. Landron Supercollider

    Landron Supercollider5 日 前

    I frickin loved it!

  48. IzzyMcFrizzyton

    IzzyMcFrizzyton5 日 前

    YOU BET THEY DID!!!!!!!!!

  49. Sturgeostic2

    Sturgeostic26 日 前

    Just watched on btf the act was great I loved it so funny!

  50. keishafam02

    keishafam026 日 前

    Bring The Funny is why I'm here. You guys are awesome!!!

  51. Sophia Laurin

    Sophia Laurin6 日 前

    I literally just saw this on bring the funny and I was like where do I know this from? Then I was like oh yeahhh....

  52. Mythra

    Mythra6 日 前

    I just now watched this bit on Bring the Funny, it was amazing

  53. Viv D

    Viv D6 日 前

    Who's watching this video after watching them on Bring The Funny?

  54. IzzyMcFrizzyton

    IzzyMcFrizzyton5 日 前


  55. Benjamin Guzman

    Benjamin Guzman6 日 前

    Bring the Funny anyone?

  56. Coolio Star Stache

    Coolio Star Stache5 日 前

    Me! And they nailed it!

  57. Emily Mathisen

    Emily Mathisen7 日 前

    Is this the generic version of The Wiggles?

  58. AG92

    AG9212 日 前

    Was anyone else distracted by Jeremy's hairy jiggly belly???

  59. DragonSlayah

    DragonSlayah13 日 前

    The ending should have been, "after finding out flat earthers are correct the aliens abducted me through the portals in Walmart, and tried to probe me, but then Tupac saved me and i probed THEM"

  60. Jeff Fabian

    Jeff Fabian13 日 前

    the guy speaks the truth. satan got millions of you to worship pathetic idols

  61. RazorGames

    RazorGames17 日 前

    Jk studios is way worse then studio c

  62. Jacob Bailey

    Jacob Bailey18 日 前

    Jeremy looks like a Beatle on the Abbey Road cover

  63. Sahil Bean

    Sahil Bean18 日 前


  64. Josiah Deitrich

    Josiah Deitrich18 日 前

    This reminds me of crayon song gets ruined

  65. knight guy

    knight guy18 日 前

    'but tupac saved me' love it

  66. Hannah Ray

    Hannah Ray19 日 前

    Flashback to the Crayon Song

  67. Finn Smith

    Finn Smith19 日 前

    I'm red I live in a shed 1:17

  68. Peter Fuller

    Peter Fuller20 日 前

    This was funny, but its true genius lies in the fact that I’ve been singing it to my kid for the last 4 days.

  69. Shay'n Awesomly

    Shay'n Awesomly20 日 前