Gorillaz x G-Shock - Mission M101 (Part 3)

Gorillaz are back on Earth, hanging out at Mr Ibe’s R&D centre in Tokyo - but did they complete Mission M101? Watch here…
The two watches are available NOW, exclusively on gorill.az/store for the first 48 hours and at www.gtimeisnow.com
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Directed by Brutus in collaboration with G-Shock, produced by Feed Me Light.
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  1. Артем Халуев

    Артем Халуев時間 前

    jpgo.info/bideo/hY59lptfm6LVyI4.html jpgo.info/bideo/ZqNkuYeh3Gm0qI4.html New tracks )

  2. Daniel Benitez

    Daniel Benitez20 時間 前

    Damn, Noodle is not a child anymore. They grow up so fast 😭

  3. uh oh stinky got old

    uh oh stinky got old23 時間 前

    I maybe a little late but OH MY GOD

  4. Sonia Peña

    Sonia Peña日 前

    Guay is the Good Murdoc

  5. Luis Gomez

    Luis Gomez日 前

    Damon if you don’t post a new album I will cry!!! THIS IS A THREAT

  6. Ci899012 V2

    Ci899012 V2日 前

    Murdoc looks like he died 5 years ago, but refused to.

  7. The Liar

    The Liar日 前

    Ok let’s wait another 11 months for the next episode

  8. nicolonia

    nicolonia日 前

    Fortnite x Gorillaz plzzz

  9. hiitoast242

    hiitoast2422 日 前

    Holy shit noodle’s driving in the GEEP

  10. TM. FIRE

    TM. FIRE2 日 前

    Like si puedes leer esto :v

  11. Ренат Ибрагимов

    Ренат Ибрагимов2 日 前

    Я, конечно, извиняюсь, но как оно в плане сэкса?

  12. purrpl

    purrpl8 時間 前

    а? мм?

  13. Jared Hayes

    Jared Hayes3 日 前

    I want one

  14. Axel777 Villalba

    Axel777 Villalba3 日 前


  15. Rocket D

    Rocket D3 日 前

    Alguien en español? :v

  16. Daniel Benitez

    Daniel Benitez20 時間 前

    Que hay mi viejo

  17. Samuel Duarte Aguirre 347 games

    Samuel Duarte Aguirre 347 games4 日 前


  18. C B Familylife

    C B Familylife4 日 前

    Hopefully somebody likes this comment.

  19. 3Dcubing

    3Dcubing2 日 前

    no has likes this yet

  20. Glitched Knux_TLK

    Glitched Knux_TLK4 日 前

    i am so happy of what you back, i missed you after all this years (maybe)

  21. Cora Merrell

    Cora Merrell5 日 前

    Cool movie Holme

  22. abdiel miranda

    abdiel miranda5 日 前

    Wait the ridiculously weird haired guy is Murdoc? I still prefer his of hair

  23. XŁÊT

    XŁÊT5 日 前


  24. Ling Ling

    Ling Ling5 日 前

    our precious little noodle is driving the geep

  25. Dmitry Alex

    Dmitry Alex6 日 前

    У Нудл классная попка)

  26. Caleb Medina

    Caleb Medina6 日 前

    Well noodle grew up

  27. Seanok

    Seanok6 日 前

    Rick and morty x gorillaz.

  28. Antonio Navarro

    Antonio Navarro6 日 前

    Did anyone else have a freak out when they saw the geep

  29. Max Bepunkt

    Max Bepunkt6 日 前

    I got one Already.

  30. Maku uwu

    Maku uwu7 日 前

    La embarraron con los gráficos 3D....

  31. Егор Цыба

    Егор Цыба7 日 前

    I guess almost 1 million clicked here because of ass on thumbnail

  32. Sydney pot

    Sydney pot8 日 前

    part 4 plis :'3

  33. DiscoveryAlfredo

    DiscoveryAlfredo8 日 前

    Woow cuando salió gorillaz yo tenía la edad de noodle, ella iba atrás como con mis papás Y ahora ella va al volante justo como yo y mis papás atrás. :') como pasa el tiempo

  34. FrostBoy

    FrostBoy8 日 前

    Жду русские субтитры G-Shock

  35. Wazzup Leo

    Wazzup Leo8 日 前

    I can’t believe that Noodle is all grown up!

  36. Random Alien

    Random Alien8 日 前

    Glad my fellow alien will join the line up of Gorillaz

  37. Murdoc Niccals

    Murdoc Niccals8 日 前

    why is murdoc getting greener and greener as time passes he looks like he came out of area 51 now

  38. Tornadoboy

    Tornadoboy5 日 前

    He’s a member of the gangreen gang

  39. Mantisify

    Mantisify8 日 前


  40. leo rommel

    leo rommel8 日 前

    Love noodle

  41. I'm sorry.

    I'm sorry.8 日 前

    I need one of these for the school I bet the quiet kid will think 2 times before attacking me!!

  42. Javier Querales

    Javier Querales8 日 前


  43. King Utopus

    King Utopus8 日 前

    Well guys murdoc is in his mid age crisis now

  44. half acre

    half acre9 日 前

    selling out, the trilogy

  45. Alma Lopez-Medivil

    Alma Lopez-Medivil9 日 前

    That Didn't make any sense

  46. Dionplexo , Gestión

    Dionplexo , Gestión9 日 前

    How old is murdoc?

  47. Brolygarcia 92

    Brolygarcia 929 日 前

    Yo Noodle is thicc

  48. Спящий Сэнди

    Спящий Сэнди9 日 前

    *Octomber 2019?* *Октябрь 2019?*

  49. Бабкевич Андрей

    Бабкевич Андрей6 日 前

    @Ayden Wavra just another 2019?hole

  50. Ayden Wavra

    Ayden Wavra6 日 前

    Спящий Сэнди the fuck is a Octomber?

  51. Chipzy Boi

    Chipzy Boi7 日 前

    Спящий Сэнди the fucks this?

  52. Noodleぬーどる

    Noodleぬーどる9 日 前


  53. Zac Blac

    Zac Blac9 日 前

    Moral of the story: if a space pimp ever tries to murder you, give him two durable watches

  54. Иван Лоханкинъ

    Иван Лоханкинъ9 日 前

    Thanx but i have MIband

  55. • ДОПАМИН •

    • ДОПАМИН •9 日 前

    Что это было?

  56. MinecraftGamer 69420

    MinecraftGamer 694209 日 前

    I ain't happy

  57. Just a peppermint tea for me

    Just a peppermint tea for me7 日 前

    I’m feeling glad

  58. soguyswediditwereachedaquortemillionsubscribers

    soguyswediditwereachedaquortemillionsubscribers9 日 前


  59. Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin9 日 前

    Love 💕 you 😘

  60. Amber

    Amber9 日 前

    when are you guys gonna go on tour :c c'mooooon, waiting another 8-10 years is for the birds.

  61. Канал Лайма

    Канал Лайма9 日 前


  62. Shay The Skeleton

    Shay The Skeleton9 日 前


  63. Larry Capija

    Larry Capija10 日 前

    Finally... Murdoc scape from Tijuana... hmmm... wild nights of putas and tequila

  64. Antuan Calle

    Antuan Calle10 日 前

    why don't you make 1 video a week or me or a year please like if you want that !!

  65. Pat Moss

    Pat Moss10 日 前

    I just have to say Noodle is getting thick

  66. 7050

    705010 日 前

    i like how russell is trying his hardest not to look at noodles ass in the beginning of the video

  67. Murdoc Niccals

    Murdoc Niccals10 日 前


  68. Armando Martinez

    Armando Martinez10 日 前

    So you're saying I can shoot this watch and it will work just fine!? Astonishing.

  69. Heisei Gojira

    Heisei Gojira11 日 前

    I think 2d is growing his teeth back.. But Morduc beat him up so thats why he lost 4 teeths

  70. Murdoc Niccals

    Murdoc Niccals9 日 前

    @Heisei Gojira Ok buddy......

  71. Heisei Gojira

    Heisei Gojira9 日 前

    @Murdoc Niccals Im a frikkin huge monster, I would destroy your house if you did that 5 times ok? (If your confused, search up my Name on youtube)

  72. Murdoc Niccals

    Murdoc Niccals9 日 前

    @Heisei Gojira 2........

  73. Heisei Gojira

    Heisei Gojira9 日 前

    @Murdoc Niccals how many times you did that?

  74. Murdoc Niccals

    Murdoc Niccals10 日 前

    I didn't beat him up! I just....... rammed a car in his face.....

  75. Gilbert Earl Camba

    Gilbert Earl Camba11 日 前