Fortnite's Black Hole Numbers SECRET REVEALED..

Fortnite Chapter 2's Secret hole numbers SOLVED. Fortnite Season 11 or Fortnite Chapter is also rumored to start on Tuesday :(
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  1. Hollow

    Hollow日 前

    Thanks you all who consider using my Creator Code for launch of Season 11

  2. star 98

    star 987 時間 前

    Felt like a nuke or planet x was on the way

  3. star 98

    star 987 時間 前

    Cause this creepy music an stuff is like giving a end times feel

  4. star 98

    star 987 時間 前

    This was creepy more than what I expected not in a good way

  5. star 98

    star 987 時間 前

    And can any one share the new codes that came out around 7 7 30

  6. vanessawuzhere

    vanessawuzhere7 時間 前

    Wait I didn’t know drake was a fortnite conspiracy theorist

  7. ClinterZade

    ClinterZade7 時間 前


  8. OptfyClxpz

    OptfyClxpz7 時間 前

    Season 11 trailer

  9. GHN Surf

    GHN Surf7 時間 前

    the battlepass trailer was leaked on twitter

  10. Jonathan Aviles

    Jonathan Aviles7 時間 前


  11. 50 subscribers Without a video challenge

    50 subscribers Without a video challenge7 時間 前

    Help me spread the word. #blackwholeappritiationmonthoct

  12. cunal boodhoo

    cunal boodhoo7 時間 前

    It looks like the scientists face upside down

  13. XGamer133

    XGamer1337 時間 前

    Theres a leaked trailer now

  14. Emma Rose

    Emma Rose7 時間 前

    What is going on exactly is that Fortnite might be like this in till Tuesday which for me is tomorrow

  15. Lanevader

    Lanevader7 時間 前

    My theory is Epic realized they ruined their game and they’re deleting all the bad things they’ve done and trying to get a fresh start. Maybe they’ll do it right this time

  16. is that steven

    is that steven7 時間 前


  17. Gabe Chitty

    Gabe Chitty7 時間 前

    8 160

  18. Lil Penguin

    Lil Penguin7 時間 前


  19. Brandon Bakich

    Brandon Bakich7 時間 前


  20. Ivan Vela

    Ivan Vela7 時間 前

    #2 On Trending 💪

  21. ryder dillenbeck

    ryder dillenbeck7 時間 前

    My boi hollow made it on trending🔥🔥

  22. WZKitty

    WZKitty7 時間 前

    oops, we cant use your creator code.

  23. Alejandro Hetfield

    Alejandro Hetfield7 時間 前

    Fuck you... bastard

  24. Psychotic Princess

    Psychotic Princess7 時間 前

    fam i thought my game was broken so i closed it ffs im so dumb lmao

  25. Ahmed Dhiyaa

    Ahmed Dhiyaa7 時間 前

    Dumb idiot how are we going to use your code

  26. Burnz Gaming

    Burnz Gaming7 時間 前

    #2 trending

  27. MIKNO

    MIKNO7 時間 前

    The vistor event was the most underrated event now look at him

  28. Victor Ruiz

    Victor Ruiz7 時間 前


  29. Alela A

    Alela A7 時間 前

    Who here has seen the trailer leak...........I have

  30. The Doge-Emperor of Dogekind

    The Doge-Emperor of Dogekind7 時間 前

    "The numbers, Mason! What do they mean!?"

  31. The Shy Guy Studio

    The Shy Guy Studio7 時間 前

    Me : sees 69 in the thumbnail Also me : NICE

  32. Landon Truong

    Landon Truong7 時間 前

    Hollow looked so dissapointed

  33. JamsBoyJames :

    JamsBoyJames :7 時間 前

    Number 2 on trending? Bet

  34. B. S.

    B. S.7 時間 前

    The visitor skin is part of the set "seven" along with the new skin. The others outside the loop are these skins/characters i think

  35. DaniHala

    DaniHala7 時間 前

    I found 66, 160

  36. B.C. Rivers

    B.C. Rivers7 時間 前

    1:53 *Nice.*

  37. Risky Ninja

    Risky Ninja7 時間 前

    Had to put 69 lol

  38. PhantomStormy

    PhantomStormy7 時間 前


  39. Guidaツ

    Guidaツ7 時間 前

    fortnite is dead. join my minecraft server

  40. David Bouquet

    David Bouquet7 時間 前

    Fortnite players be like OMG we have to wait 2 DAYS? THAT'S INSAINE. A WHOLE 42 HOURS? Bitch go out

  41. Noah Bennett Chong

    Noah Bennett Chong7 時間 前

    "Others are outside the loop" the other 7 that were talked about in the tapes?

  42. Brian Rangel

    Brian Rangel7 時間 前

    The numbers mason... what do they mean...

  43. AkbarTheNeek

    AkbarTheNeek7 時間 前

    I saw the number 69 *I have reached Comedy*

  44. Seanok

    Seanok7 時間 前

    Hehehehehehehehehe 69

  45. Bobby Vlogs

    Bobby Vlogs7 時間 前

  46. RavenFR

    RavenFR7 時間 前

    the set of numbers start with 69? Nice.

  47. Peyton Presley

    Peyton Presley7 時間 前

    Give credit to typical gamer

  48. Robert Birkett

    Robert Birkett7 時間 前


  49. blastfromthepast Gaming

    blastfromthepast Gaming7 時間 前

    Ik all you youtubers are mad right now just for the simple fact they shutdown fortnite and they can’t make they money for a while 😂😂

  50. Dream Weaver

    Dream Weaver7 時間 前

    The others are the dragons!

  51. ESN_Phoenix

    ESN_Phoenix7 時間 前

    I got 69!

  52. Darkfort06 Jsjs

    Darkfort06 Jsjs7 時間 前


  53. Thomas H. Shell

    Thomas H. Shell7 時間 前


  54. Dupper Slapper

    Dupper Slapper7 時間 前

    Fortnite goes into space, a new form of the game will be released, nothing will be the same as we all use to play fortnite.

  55. Osei OØF

    Osei OØF7 時間 前

    Hollow trailer here and like

  56. DJ mdanae

    DJ mdanae7 時間 前

    Did anybody think that maybe that epic games did this to be able to change their entire map?

  57. Thaofa

    Thaofa7 時間 前

    yay I hope this is the end of fortinte

  58. CellKrak TechMaster

    CellKrak TechMaster7 時間 前

    #2 on trending!!! Let's go hollow!! I been with you since 100k subs and it's crazy how youre almost at 3M!!! I love you and I'm proud for you!

  59. Kuib

    Kuib7 時間 前

    Omg you got number 2 on trending good job

  60. The Plague Doctor

    The Plague Doctor7 時間 前

    We want the numbers, Mason, that's all we've ever wanted

  61. SylvaticFlea45

    SylvaticFlea457 時間 前

    A blackhole is not like this, you can not see the black hole in real.

  62. brizzle711

    brizzle7117 時間 前

    Number 2 on trending. Nice

  63. CloggedUterus

    CloggedUterus7 時間 前

    yea its those numbers but you put 69 in the thumbnail🤣 oh nvm i didnt watch the whole vid

  64. jevon darksky

    jevon darksky7 時間 前

    #2 on trending