Fixing Our Cheap (And Broken) Exotic Cars Was A Complete DISASTER

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On today's episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenged the guys to fix their aging exotic cars themselves. While Tavarish is a human wrench, Tyler and Ed aren't so inclined. The Ferrari 360 needs some serious un-pimping, the Lamborghini Gallardo is a total basket case that can't take any fuel without spilling it, and the Aston Martin is full of surprises. This is going to be fun. Fingers crossed.
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  1. Hoovies Garage

    Hoovies Garage3 日 前


  2. GarThor Son of Odin

    GarThor Son of Odin日 前

    @Tavarish At least he didn't spend all night working on the wrong car... =p

  3. Paul Carmi

    Paul Carmi日 前

    @Alex Butler old top gear was never dead to me. I still watch top gear every night, or at least 5 or 6 nights a week. It doesn't matter how many times I watch it, I still laugh, and I still get goosebumps during the best moments. Too gear will never die. But I still love Ed Fred and Tyler. This is awesome.

  4. Claudiu Portik

    Claudiu Portik日 前

    @Damien McDallydally So what.They are 3 friend,they have chemistry and are entertaining persons.We all want the other 3 to restart dooing,

  5. John Bruce

    John Bruce日 前

    @Tavarish This series is amazing. Looking forward to more!

  6. John Bruce

    John Bruce日 前

    This series is definitely a win. Looking forward to more!

  7. BaltejB

    BaltejB8 時間 前

    Upload schedule is not consistent.

  8. MrNickyDalenz

    MrNickyDalenz9 時間 前

    Thank you for figuring out what american top gear could not, Fresh fucking material

  9. Jon B.

    Jon B.9 時間 前

    This is big bang theory but for car guys

  10. Blood,Sweat,and Gears

    Blood,Sweat,and Gears9 時間 前

    Got to admit, the filming, audio production values are top notch... Great job guys...

  11. Decoy G

    Decoy G10 時間 前

    This is most painful episode I have ever watched.

  12. Nikolay Hristov

    Nikolay Hristov10 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="823">13:43</a> ... that screams TOP GEAR. The part where Clarcson and Hammond did glue Mays stereo at full volume in his Golf and took the remote .... :D

  13. Marks of Distinction

    Marks of Distinction11 時間 前

    So when is the next episode coming

  14. Treaco89

    Treaco8911 時間 前

    This series is awesome. Gives off a homemade Top Gear vibe. The "messages" are corny but fun.

  15. caalcb7

    caalcb711 時間 前

    Aight I'm subbed. This Car Trek is amazing, hopefully it will be a full shows sooner.

  16. chding zuure

    chding zuure11 時間 前

    Ed acts like he’s been coked out since day one

  17. SlCKB0Y

    SlCKB0Y11 時間 前

    Could honestly be the next top gear

  18. Андрей _Andrey

    Андрей _Andrey12 時間 前

    Greetings from Russia! Look What is happening in Russia now? Subscribe to my channel!)

  19. The Caboose

    The Caboose12 時間 前

    Let's go release the next episode and/or make it longer than 15 mins like the last one

  20. pea brained

    pea brained12 時間 前

    Why am I watching these three stooges?

  21. D. K.

    D. K.12 時間 前

    That is what Top Gear USA should have been - this trio is amazing, I could watch them all day 🔥

  22. Stuart Bratton

    Stuart Bratton13 時間 前

    Yes its just ripping off Top Gear but it is so much fun to watch.

  23. Seth Atwood

    Seth Atwood13 時間 前

    Happy to see Jared!!

  24. elusivelectron

    elusivelectron13 時間 前

    They clearly took some ideas from Top Gear. Great editing and shots!

  25. Li Wynn

    Li Wynn13 時間 前

    The Chinese replica of Top Gear lmao!

  26. Thomas West

    Thomas West13 時間 前

    When is the next episode?

  27. Krispy Games

    Krispy Games13 時間 前

    I love these types of videos. We need more of these!!

  28. Br00tharSl00th

    Br00tharSl00th14 時間 前

    "And on that bombshell it's time to end"

  29. Gabriel Cardillo

    Gabriel Cardillo14 時間 前

    hope this was pre recorded before the corona epidemic although i wouldn't be surprised either way

  30. Mario Achkar

    Mario Achkar14 時間 前

    Wow what a show!! Enjoying it from Lebanon

  31. D S

    D S14 時間 前

    Will Tavarish cry when he has to sell his car?

  32. Sergio Ferreira

    Sergio Ferreira15 時間 前

    As much as I LOVE watching you and Jarred work on cars, Ed and Tyler were painful. That said, I would watch the hell out of a Top-Gear-Not-Top-Gear-esq show with all of you.

  33. Jan-Hendrik Bussmann

    Jan-Hendrik Bussmann15 時間 前

    You are doing a spot-on Top Gear thing here. I have not yet decided who might be Captain Slow, but the Clarkson role is obvious. Please, please keep it up!

  34. Brett Muller

    Brett Muller16 時間 前

    This is garbage!

  35. Joel Wachter

    Joel Wachter16 時間 前

    Why you pullin a parody top gear kinda intro. Lol.

  36. ChevyVideo Gamer

    ChevyVideo Gamer17 時間 前

    You guys should keep doing this make it into a full series and not just a one time thing

  37. Banger 413

    Banger 41317 時間 前

  38. Marcos Grao Buj

    Marcos Grao Buj17 時間 前

    Part 3???

  39. anastyb

    anastyb19 時間 前


  40. soniyu ziuy

    soniyu ziuy20 時間 前

    Ed: “Do you to go to bed?” Hoovie: “ I thought you’d never ask” 😏

  41. Reckless entertainment

    Reckless entertainment20 時間 前

    I just can’t understand how people can be into cars and just not be able to work on them lol like that’s half of the fun in having a car is doing all the work on it

  42. soniyu ziuy

    soniyu ziuy20 時間 前

    What is this,top gear ?

  43. Rishabh Gadi

    Rishabh Gadi21 時間 前

    Honestly want this to become a regular. Like high key ya'll would kill together as a "Top Gear" trio. Like 2 great story tellers, 1 wild card mechanic, and 3 goof balls. This isn't the content we need. This is what Top Gear USA NEEDS

  44. PriglesFN

    PriglesFN21 時間 前

    This is so fun please do more

  45. Karan Phull

    Karan Phull21 時間 前

    Stop with the fake ass scripted shit. Music in the back doesn't help. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Nothing but cringe.

  46. Creative Z33

    Creative Z3321 時間 前

    Is this supposed to be top gear for JPgo?

  47. L M

    L M22 時間 前

    Why involve producers, no good......

  48. Danny Hansen

    Danny Hansen22 時間 前

    I miss the old Tarvarish. Gallardo, Murci-build... This just isn't for me.. great edit and quality.. seems a little lame compared to Clarkson's TGT/TopGear. And no doubt the concept is seen before a d take from others unfortunately.

  49. Alexis Javier

    Alexis Javier22 時間 前

    Is this supposed to be a parody of the gran tour? Jaja

  50. Seth Adling

    Seth Adling23 時間 前

    Happy 400 video ☺

  51. Gilbert Franklin

    Gilbert Franklin23 時間 前

    This series is just plain corny. There isn't a mechanic anywhere to be found, and not one of the YT Stars is adept at comedy. The Goonz Boys could do better work than these three amigos. But I keep watching it. What is wrong with me? (I will admit that the sound of Freddy's AM Vantage V-12 is pure gold, though)... 😊

  52. Makesi Marryshow

    Makesi Marryshow23 時間 前

    Tavarish what happen to the project car?

  53. Sam Froemel

    Sam Froemel23 時間 前

    Top gear reboot

  54. Sam Froemel

    Sam Froemel23 時間 前

    This show reminded me of top gear.

  55. Mo Ib

    Mo Ib23 時間 前

    Are you trying to copy somthing here... Just saying...

  56. Tyler Halloran

    Tyler Halloran23 時間 前

    Hoovie - JEZZA Tavarish - Hamster Ed - captain slow

  57. Alejandro Colon

    Alejandro Colon日 前

    it's not a little thats what she said lol

  58. Michael Soltis

    Michael Soltis日 前

    What is this,top gear ?

  59. Charles Chris

    Charles Chris日 前

    Jack ass Ed

  60. Sean Plunkett

    Sean Plunkett日 前

    So, we are not even attempting to not act like this following is not true: this e US, JPgo, millennial version of Top Gear. I mean, right?

  61. Mini Barns

    Mini Barns日 前

    Remove header dump solenoid fuse. Fixed.

  62. thebeast8410

    thebeast8410日 前

    I always wear my Rolex while working on my car

  63. Tricklegs

    Tricklegs日 前

    i really want more of this with the same people. This is fantastic. so good.

  64. Richard Pierce

    Richard Pierce日 前

    I like the editing of the intro but too long imo

  65. Lucas Mignon

    Lucas Mignon日 前

    What's wrong with the color grading guys ?

  66. Filip Kenovic

    Filip Kenovic12 時間 前

    i think they went a little overboard with blue

  67. Dill Karran

    Dill Karran日 前

    Production quality is AWESOME

  68. Miguel Angel Torroella

    Miguel Angel Torroella日 前

    Please quit this show. These guys are a pair of idiots. Freddy is basically doing everything, even entretaining... Those two are just stupid bimbos... No other words. Freddy dont ever sell out like this ever again...

  69. Andrew Peterson

    Andrew Peterson日 前

    Classic greasy triforce on Ed's face

  70. Robert Bolte

    Robert Bolte日 前

    Fellas, I am really hoping you keep this show up! Crazy, but I think the underlying goal of all of this is to get a TV show, (HotOnes) and finally bring a good content car show to the States. A true TOP GEAR /GRAND TOUR like specials show.

  71. Jared Burke

    Jared Burke日 前

    How do you call yourself a car guy but have no clue how to work on one???

  72. redfox435cat

    redfox435cat日 前

    You three together, simply golden content. Awesome.

  73. Max Derinskiy

    Max Derinskiy日 前

    This needs to be a weekly thing! Haven’t felt these vibes since the OG top gear went off the air.

  74. Sneaky Mouse

    Sneaky Mouse日 前

    Trying for top gear format but not making it.These guys are forgettable, bland, naturally unfunny and unremarkable in every way.Sorry...Fail

  75. Wyatt Sexton

    Wyatt Sexton日 前

    These guys are rrreally bad actors!! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. ///AMG

    ///AMG日 前

    Yo bro no disrespect but it’s the perfect time for a hair transplant I know you grow it out holding on but it’s not that bad you do a 2500 graft your corners will be full If you don’t care cool but I think you be perfect for it I did mine for 10k and really happy. My hair lose was exactly like yours the back of my head and my corners. Just putting you on

  77. Jason Schmidt

    Jason Schmidt日 前

    This is such a fixed commercial.

  78. wharff prod

    wharff prod日 前

    I like it... but the fun to cringe ratio is still bad. I keep thinking about Top Gear America and how far you blow them out of the water and then you just blow it with the cringe. Stop setting stuff up and just talk cars and your love for them.

  79. Anas saleh

    Anas saleh日 前

    That’s a cringe copying top gear and grand tour too much

  80. Daniel Pulido

    Daniel Pulido日 前

    Anybody else getting some top gear vibes?

  81. jsavage428

    jsavage428日 前

    How to try and rip off Top Gear 101.

  82. l0nemonk100

    l0nemonk100日 前

    I always thought Ed was the "Sane" one out of the 3 (definitely not anymore). Hoovie is always doing things backwards, (buy the car then have it inspected) and well Freddy always has something up his sleeve. Good show guys Now I don't miss Top Fear so much :-)

  83. Chris Vosiniotis

    Chris Vosiniotis日 前

    Still waiting for ep 3

  84. Filip Kenovic

    Filip Kenovic12 時間 前

    @Ed Bolian cant wait :) great job, hope season 2 will be in work soon :D

  85. Ed Bolian

    Ed Bolian日 前

    Chris Vosiniotis tomorrow

  86. Jeffery Shears

    Jeffery Shears日 前

    The new TOP GEAR???

  87. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones日 前

    I will say, the Lambo is the most attractive car in the lineup in my opinion. The Ferrari reminds me too much of an Italian corvette, and I’m not a huge fan of the chubby cheek look of the Aston.

  88. Blaine Couch

    Blaine Couch日 前

    Wow Ed makes Hoovie seem more manly. At least Hoovie can replace items on his car himself. Maybe wrong one but did work.

  89. PwnstarUK

    PwnstarUK日 前

    oi car trek these are the the people who should of been top gear America all 3 of them are likeable and different enough to be like the long lost top gear combination, what ever it was that made Top Gear magical is happening in this video////