Fischer's brilliant win with Spanish Opening

Fischer's brilliant win with Spanish Opening
Bobby Fischer vs Yefim Geller
International Trnm Bled Slovenia 1961
Opening: Spanish Game, Modern Steinitz Variation 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 d6 5.0--0 Bg4 6.h3 Bh5 [6...h5 7.hxg4 hxg4 8.d4 b5 9.Bb3 Nxd4 10.Ng5 Nh6 11.g3 f6] 7.c3 Qf6 8.g4 Bg6 9.d4 Bxe4 10.Nbd2 Bg6 11.Bxc6+ bxc6 12.dxe5 dxe5 13.Nxe5 Bd6 14.Nxg6 Qxg6 15.Re1+ Kf8 16.Nc4 h5 17.Nxd6 cxd6 18.Bf4 d5 [18...Rd8 19.Qe2 hxg4 20.hxg4 f5 21.Rad1 d5 22.Rd4 c5 23.Ra4²] 19.Qb3 hxg4 20.Qb7 gxh3+ 21.Bg3 Rd8 22.Qb4+ Black resigned in view of 22...Ne7 23.Qxe7+ Kg8 24.Qxd8+ Kh7 25.Qh4+ Qh6 26.Qxh6+ Kxh6+- 1--0
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  1. Neeraj Girijan

    Neeraj Girijan11 ヶ月 前

    3:41 why Qb4 + was not played??

  2. Calmax Film

    Calmax Film年 前

    2:47 Kf8 is a blunder!!! I don't understand this move, from this move blacks become losing

  3. Gustavo Figuera

    Gustavo Figuera年 前

    Chess surgery by Bobby Fischer. Outstanding.

  4. Mike Valdez

    Mike Valdez2 年 前


  5. anom

    anom2 年 前

    Wow he didn't see that coming did he. Omg how many moves ahead did he see

  6. Aviho Cohen

    Aviho Cohen2 年 前

    fischer was a jew. and this what made him a champion!

  7. Drake Wilson

    Drake Wilson2 年 前

    Could someone help explain to me why black didn't do pawn to b5 after Fischer retreated the bishop to a4 at the beginning?

  8. David Nantz

    David Nantz2 年 前

    Fischer was a Freak.

  9. Jollyprez

    Jollyprez2 年 前

    When I studied chess, this opening was called the "Ruy Lopez" - why did they change the name?

  10. Fearless Composer

    Fearless Composer2 年 前

    i can listen to any obnaxious music and still focus on matos chess lactures

  11. Bruyneel

    Bruyneel2 年 前

    I had to pause to finish my dinner first, because I heard my own chewing louder than the audio of this video.

  12. ckaz007

    ckaz0072 年 前

    This is what happens when black is more interested in gaining a free pawn than protecting the king by castling. Oops !!!

  13. mtildsley

    mtildsley2 年 前

    Mato, I love your videos, but they are all so quiet I can barely hear them.


    Mert ÇAĞLIALTUNCU3 年 前


  15. LakeOfTears

    LakeOfTears3 年 前

    2:22 Kc6

  16. OrcaChess

    OrcaChess3 年 前

    In my opinion the cozio defense is an dynamic approach to challenge the Ruy Lopez. Get your opponent out of theory as fast as you can. What's your opinion Mato? Thank you for the very instructive video.

  17. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra3 年 前

    Positionally, perhaps Black's greatest mistake was 7...Qf6. Should have developed the KN. Played with a short-term tactical view and overlooked the long-term strategic consequences. Waddya think?

  18. Jackson Wolf

    Jackson Wolf3 年 前

    You know it's a Mato video if you get the notification that listening to loud music for too long can damage your ears. I love you and your quiet voice, Mato.

  19. Gill Rowley

    Gill Rowley3 年 前

    Mato, I can't tell you enough how much I love your videos. Don't stop.

  20. Ed Lawrence

    Ed Lawrence3 年 前

    Fischer puts Alekhine to shame.

  21. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra3 年 前

    When I was young, Fischer was young too, and Alekhine was my "God." But, now that I am older (very old), and can study Fischer's games, you are right. RJF may have been the greatest chess player that ever lived (along with Morphy, Capa, and Kasparov). IMHO.

  22. cees vegh

    cees vegh3 年 前

    Why doesn't black play pawn to H7 at 4:08 ?



    Because of Qa8 checkmate ;)

  24. Roger Moore

    Roger Moore3 年 前

    NO you dont!

  25. Peter Weltweit

    Peter Weltweit3 年 前

    11.d5 would win the knight on c6, no?

  26. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra3 年 前

    Not quite. Black would play 11...b5, thus ending the pin of the N on the K by the B and if White pawn at d5 takes the Black N on c6, the Black pawn on b5 takes the White B on A4. A trade.

  27. Random User

    Random User3 年 前

    How didn't Fischer trust his natural computer intuition. Qa5 is not as good as dxe5, which is what I would play too.

  28. Abram Drewiacki

    Abram Drewiacki3 年 前

    How about 20.Qb4+?

  29. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra3 年 前

    Ya know, ya might be right! As long as Black h-pawn has taken the g-pawn, White can continue with the same mating attack. Maybe we are missing something but your idea looks good to me. Hmmm.

  30. Mohammed Hadri

    Mohammed Hadri3 年 前

    ... I have a question !! when whites play bishop g3 to protect the king ! why blacks did not play h7+ !!! ? it will be a good move for blacks .... !

  31. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra3 年 前

    Presumably, you meant Black plays pawn h7+. Then, after Kh1, Black has no continuation for his insufficient attack.

  32. Spyros Venieris

    Spyros Venieris3 年 前

    Checking king with black pawn seems more logical, but it only delays the inevitable. After white king moves to h1 that pawn is blocked, black queen checks on f4, rook takes queen, pawn takes rook and then white queen takes rook on a8. Now white has queen, rook and bishop while black has only knight and rook.

  33. The White Girl

    The White Girl3 年 前

    When is his mixtape dropping?🔥

  34. Gothic Zwo

    Gothic Zwo4 年 前

    why does ur voice chanced so much in the latest videos compared to ur old vids?

  35. Gonzalo Tapia

    Gonzalo Tapia4 年 前

    boy, you really need to normalize your audio... this is barely audible!

  36. sonicj Polygon

    sonicj Polygon4 年 前

    It is your opening then

  37. dedukos

    dedukos4 年 前

    4:52 Sorry but i didn't get it. Why it is easy win for white?

  38. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra3 年 前

    After that game, better make it decaf!

  39. Ari Sudewa

    Ari Sudewa3 年 前

    +dedukos at GM's level you can lose even when the material is equal or your opponent is just a pawn up. imagine what would happen if you are down 2 pieces against a world champion. rather than sustaining tremendous pressure and stress, it's better to resign and have a cup of coffee. you can fight again in the next round or next tournament

  40. Levente Boda

    Levente Boda4 年 前

    +dedukos Nope, not an instant one, but with that material advantage, it's easy, that's what he meant.

  41. dedukos

    dedukos4 年 前

    ohh. so it's not a immediate win, right?

  42. Dallas Roberts

    Dallas Roberts4 年 前

    +dedukos White will be up a rook and bishop. That would be an easy win for most, but especially for Fischer.

  43. kroqster

    kroqster4 年 前

    why cant black pawn take knight on g6? because then knight to e4? why is this bad for black? queen to h4 would then be every attacking bing backed up by rook (and bishop is covered..)?

  44. kroqster

    kroqster3 年 前

    @Plus Ultra thanks

  45. Plus Ultra

    Plus Ultra3 年 前

    A possible continuation: 14...h7xg6 15. Ne4 Qh4 (this is what you are proposing) 16. Nxd6+ c7xNd6 (pretty much forced) 17. Qf3 (protects pawn at h3, and 18. Bf4 next move protects White K). Black really has no good continuation after Qh4 because he is playing without a piece, i.e., the KN he never developed.

  46. Ren Ren

    Ren Ren4 年 前

    Mato your voice is to loud. I can't hear or understand what you'r saying. You should register a second time the sound.

  47. Jean-Benoit Larouche

    Jean-Benoit Larouche4 年 前

    Hi guys, I'm new to chess but you mentionned that white have an easy win at 4:51 but at that point, king can take the queen or even the g7 pawn could take it, removing the check. Right?

  48. mx

    mx4 年 前

    +donald ceri Actually I think players of all levels would know that they are probably 99% screwed if they lose a rook and a bishop.

  49. Jean-Benoit Larouche

    Jean-Benoit Larouche4 年 前

    You are probably right indeed! Maybe his focus was to be ahead in material and clean the pawns. More that I think of it, trading the queens was indeed good for him since he had more points on the table... I suppose that's why I'm stuck at lower than 500 ranking ahah!

  50. donald ceri

    donald ceri4 年 前

    You have to think of it like a chess professional, being down a bishop and a rook is huge ...would you be willing to put yourself through a lot of mental anguish. For us it might be who cares but for them its going to be more serious

  51. Jean-Benoit Larouche

    Jean-Benoit Larouche4 年 前

    +donald ceri I agree but at least, you could try and maybe win on time? Anyway, I found it weird to just get check mated instead of trying...

  52. donald ceri

    donald ceri4 年 前

    i was thinking that and then it hit me, white is up a rook and a bishop...while the checkmate is not visible yet a good player would find it very soon

  53. esteban nicolas

    esteban nicolas4 年 前

    what would happen if rook blocks instead of blocking with the knight

  54. Eric Jhon Carlo Santos

    Eric Jhon Carlo Santos4 年 前

    +esteban nicolas check mate on 2 moves, check on b8, and if rook blocks again, queen takes rook, mate

  55. Tammyaway

    Tammyaway4 年 前

    +esteban nicolas that's mate in 2 moves: bishop takes rook check, knight blocks, queen to b8 checkmate.

  56. Siddharth

    Siddharth4 年 前

    Checkmate on 8th rank

  57. Karhu from North Karelia

    Karhu from North Karelia4 年 前

    Thanks a lot Mato, this was really a great analysis. I really enjoyed it - although had to use the "pause button" a couple of time to make sure I made the right moves,,,. :-)

  58. Douglas LAMB

    Douglas LAMB4 年 前

    Great video, great match ! Thank you and keep it up !

  59. sumit rawat

    sumit rawat4 年 前

    At 4.51 how the black queen defending the black king at h6 would result is easy win for white. I guess pawn can kill white queen h6.

  60. Roger Moore

    Roger Moore3 年 前

    +sumit rawat At 4:51 legitimate be legit like it is

  61. Antik Kumar

    Antik Kumar4 年 前

    mato you are great keep chess videos

  62. Roger Moore

    Roger Moore3 年 前

    +Antik Kumar MATO IS COOL!

  63. Antik Kumar

    Antik Kumar4 年 前

    rd6 white win

  64. Antik Kumar

    Antik Kumar4 年 前

    Qb4 is a wonderful and outstanding move also Bf4 . Kf8 is a terrible move Ne7 is more good move than Kf8 excellent work FISCHER . BLACK COULD PLAY Rd6 but fischer is best

  65. Martin Jowsey

    Martin Jowsey4 年 前

    thanks for great video



    Far superior to thechesswebsite. Thanks for your excellent work across all the games.

  67. Terminator .Tanish.

    Terminator .Tanish.4 年 前

    At 4:30, after White plays QB4, Black could have played on with RD6. He didn't have to resign.

  68. darbaz salim

    darbaz salim4 年 前

    +Terminator .Tanish. that would be checkmate in two moves , after RD6 , QB8 , RD8 , queen takes rook check mate

  69. Kerry Soileau

    Kerry Soileau4 年 前

    Mato, you are great. Keep making chess videos.

  70. Onoma Eponimo

    Onoma Eponimo4 年 前

    @ανώνυμοςελλάς I don't know why I can't answer on your commecnt but: if 1...h2+ then kg2 and the king side is safe again

  71. Skettos Attack

    Skettos Attack4 年 前

    4:06 black should have played h2+

  72. Jeff Harmed

    Jeff Harmed4 年 前

    I agree with Mike, after 19.Qb3 hxg4, 20. Qb4 wins the game straight away. Fischer missed 2!

  73. TwelfthRoot2

    TwelfthRoot22 年 前

    No it doesn't. Fischer needed to bring the black rook near the king before QxKe7

  74. Unknown Entity

    Unknown Entity5 年 前

    3:42 instead of Qb7, Qb4+ wins after Nd7, Qxd7+ Kg8, Qg5 exchange of queens

  75. Dawan Currie

    Dawan Currie4 年 前

    He has to get the rook to move..

  76. Teade

    Teade4 年 前

    @ByRTD yO It means check. "#" means check mate.

  77. TheMacedonian1987

    TheMacedonian19875 年 前

    If black sacrifice hes white bishop to G4 than queen to F4 the black will be winning

  78. TheMacedonian1987

    TheMacedonian19875 年 前

    @Mando Vid those 2 pawn's are the best defender's he has,on a little hand he will have draw against fisher because fisher's king will be exposed and with nothing defended it is never to early :) salut

  79. Mando Vid

    Mando Vid5 年 前

    are you talking about min 1:15 ? well, i don't know is too early in the game and you are exchanging a bishop for just two pawns... i imagine a game like, after Bxg4, hxg4, Qf4: d3 (defending pawn and attacking queen with bishop), Qxg4+, Kh1 but the queen itself can't do much, maybe if black try h3+ or h5+, white can play Nh2 and i think is a better game for white as they have opened way to queen and black bishop, and white can start an attack with rook as the G file now is open, and of course you are playing Bobby Fischer... no chance for black to win

  80. 王立迅

    王立迅5 年 前

    thanks for MATO

  81. Michael Bauers

    Michael Bauers5 年 前

    Volume is low on the video, I can barely hear it. Partly a problem with Apple laptops, but the video could have used more level on the audio.

  82. Locutus D'Borg

    Locutus D'Borg4 年 前

    +Michael Bauers Volume is very low on my Apple laptop.

  83. the Reptile

    the Reptile5 年 前

    @Geoffrey Wu This isn't the only one with low volume, most of the videos have good audio though. :)

  84. Geoffrey Wu

    Geoffrey Wu5 年 前

    And I'm on a apple laptop.

  85. Geoffrey Wu

    Geoffrey Wu5 年 前

    No, all of Mato's other videos are good in audio, but not this one.

  86. StaySavage

    StaySavage5 年 前

    Why not capture the Knight with Queen at 2:18?????

  87. Michael Bauers

    Michael Bauers5 年 前

    RE1 pins queen to K, QxR maybe, QxQ, loss of a Q for a R is probably insta- resign at this level of play.

  88. Josef Larsson

    Josef Larsson5 年 前

    why would he resign? qD6? am i missing something?

  89. rhcp4565

    rhcp45654 年 前

    @Chris Hill once the Queen moved to d6, the Bishop is no longer pinned.

  90. Al Depantchu

    Al Depantchu4 年 前

    Bishop can't take its pinned. He could have blocked queen with rook and black would have been fine

  91. Gitau Nderitu

    Gitau Nderitu5 年 前

    Bishop takes



    Geller lost this game because of the move 18).....d5 which opened the diagonal a3 - f8 and allowed the simple final combination . Tal suggested instead 18).....Rd8 , followed by Qf6 and c5 , and Fischer would have had the advantage , albeit maybe not a decisive one ( GM Karsten Mueller's comment).

  93. Prepared Survivalist

    Prepared Survivalist5 年 前

    ...Kf8 is a terrible move. Instead of developing his knight and setting himself up to castle, black moves his king next to his undeveloped night and puts himself in an exposed defensive position. Sure, the knight would've been temporarily pinned on the E file, but it could've easily been protected 2 or 3 times with supporting pieces. Then black could've castled and the complexion of the game would've been totally different, probably favoring black due to white's weak kingside. I think black probably thought his rook on the H file was going to be more advantageous if he left it there instead of castling, considering the strong threats against white's king, so that at least explains what would otherwise be a very poor move with ...Kf8.

  94. Pamala Hagler

    Pamala Hagler5 年 前

    if you see a move there's always a better move from one chess player .

  95. Adrian Cotirta

    Adrian Cotirta5 年 前

    why not capture the rook and give check mate at minute 4.05 ? black its check mated ...

  96. Adrian Cotirta

    Adrian Cotirta5 年 前

    be hes not looking.. after a few minutes of thinking .. you drop the mate =)))))))))))))

  97. protector1990

    protector19906 年 前

    I think that this game shows that development is more important than attacking. Black lost primarily due to being behind in development. 7. ... Qf6 was a mistake in my opinion because it hindered blacks development and allowed Fisher time to develop properly and utilize all of his pieces to attack later on. Both the black kingside rook and kingside knight hadn't moved the whole game, and that also prevented him to castle safely.

  98. Eric Bell

    Eric Bell5 年 前

    @Hot Dogs Tal developed.. his attacks and sac's came from the fact that he too was ahead in development and had a piece to spare

  99. Hot Dogs

    Hot Dogs5 年 前

    Tell that to Tal.