Final Fantasy XIV Is The Best MMORPG Right Now

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Final Fantasy XIV Is The Best MMORPG Right Now ⌖
⌖ This has been a long time coming.
I began my Final Fantasy XIV journey a long time ago. Back when we had main attribute points to distribute. But, I took a long break from the game to start this channel and finally came back January 2019.
And boy has it changed. With Shadowbringers right around the corner and my Early Access ready, I thought this would be the ideal time to do a video on the game.
Especially with so many of you wondering if it's worth the purchase.
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  1. i Sseven

    i Sseven2 日 前

    I dont like the fact that you need a subscription to play

  2. Kurona Blade

    Kurona Blade4 日 前

    I think BDO and ESO and WOW are better, but that is my opinion as simple Business enterprise manager. What do i know :P. Sad part is i don't like ESO story style somehow as huge Skyrim fan i dunno why ESO feels soo not creepy at all, considering main enemies are daedric demons most of the time. WoW Undead quests are kinda nice and creepy so i play wow still i rly hope some day there is game free to play or buy to play like ESO that have nice dark story and that have good combat too not clunky like ESO, secret world legends and GW2.

  3. Frankie Cardona

    Frankie Cardona5 日 前

    dont like how their is so many players at once, looks like a mess

  4. Edward Marrano

    Edward Marrano7 日 前

    I started playing yesterday, and I'm in love with the vibe and atmosphere in the game. Of course, with every MMO I've ever played, i enjoy the mystery the world has since I know very little about it and exploring always feels incredible in that time period. I'm excited to get into it.

  5. jay_615

    jay_6159 日 前

    dont play final fantasy 14 when you create a id or password you will not get a confirmation and the email or login keep saying its invalid customer service is poor. dont believe me try for your self cant even recover my password

  6. Diomes

    Diomes9 日 前

    World of Warcraft: Am I a Joke to You.

  7. Peter Nowak

    Peter Nowak8 日 前


  8. sunset

    sunset9 日 前

    i prefer wow

  9. Jack Jack

    Jack Jack10 日 前

    Is it easy to jump into raids fr a newbie ? Do i have to ping kps (kill proofs ) like gw2 ? Bcs tht will suck...

  10. Spectral Curse

    Spectral Curse10 日 前

    I dont like the zones being small locked behind hundreds of loading screens like neverwinter, i am not the biggest fan of combat. But for animations models design and music i have to say that is enjoyable and most dungeons i did leveling were very unique and fun.

  11. bleeeh

    bleeeh12 日 前

    Would anyone know how to fix my FFXIV patcher? I bought the game yesterday, and after a long rough moment of trying to log in, I managed to get the launcher. However once I started to download it, it said it couldn’t download the patch and it hasn’t since. Any help would be appreciated!

  12. DisabeL DisabeL

    DisabeL DisabeL13 日 前

    I tryed to install it and failed. After doing what support said (some DEEP shit) I almost broke my new laptop windows to a point of needed a recovery and all that apparently is on my own risk. Dont understand why they don't fix it since a lot of ppl have same problem as me ...

  13. BigScreamingChicken

    BigScreamingChicken13 日 前

    Are you required to buy the expansion just to play the base game?

  14. Hearron

    Hearron14 日 前

    Might have to return haven't played since 2014 lol

  15. Scott

    Scott9 日 前

    It's a nightmare of a grind. Items levels, glamour, it's just random currencies to try and keep people interested.

  16. Pwnage

    Pwnage14 日 前

    monthly subscription? no thanks. back to guildwars 2

  17. Nation of Masturbation

    Nation of Masturbation14 日 前

    Retail WoW can suck my teensy!

  18. Tom Gunn

    Tom Gunn18 日 前

    Good video

  19. Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo19 日 前

    Im not even a final fantasy fan nor have I had my hands on any content with it.I have no clue what the story this is should I still play?

  20. Tho Athome

    Tho Athome15 日 前

    If you can afford it and if you have lots of free time then yes.

  21. Adorath 100

    Adorath 10019 日 前

    This is the only MMORPG I play and care about. Other than that, I just play shooter's and Koei Tecmo games, every other MMORPG sucks imo and this game has such a friendly player base. You will run into jerks, but rarely and I LOVE the races in this game too and the music

  22. りん夏目

    りん夏目20 日 前

    more the best to pay to win game.

  23. Ix Suomi

    Ix Suomi20 日 前

    Only looking at character creation, discarded the game instantly, also mechanically what's the mine difference between 10 most popular mmorpg's now? Nothing right.

  24. Ninjor

    Ninjor21 日 前

    It really is the best.

  25. Tiago Neves

    Tiago Neves21 日 前

    "Best MMO", and yet it asks for a monthly subscription. I rather spend 20€ a month optionally for some fashion costumes or mounts, without feeling obligated to play a game non stop because "I already payed for the subscription so I need to play in order not to waste it".

  26. [Administrator]

    [Administrator]21 日 前

    Pay 60 usd then pay for a sub fee is a massive turnoff.

  27. Good_Playlists

    Good_Playlists14 日 前

    Unlike most games FFXIV i believe is worth every penny but if your seriously short on cash and only constantly thinking is the time worth the cash? FFXIV probably dont be for you i came in open minded and took my time with it years ago about 6 years now or longer.. Currently hyped for Nier x FFXIV collab 24 man raid enjoying playing Machinist at the moment i main Summoner i just dont have a lot of time right now..

  28. Patriot Panel

    Patriot Panel22 日 前

    I didnt understand a word of that

  29. crusherjoe8519

    crusherjoe851923 日 前

    According to Metacritic, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is the "#1 Best PC Game of 2019."

  30. Daniel Benitez

    Daniel Benitez24 日 前

    Frikn casuls


    THAC0MANIC25 日 前

    The Best? Doubtful I Also gotta state you throwing random info without explaining said info what so ever makes me feel like your just throwing facts and figures together among other things. It Be Like me going Bob is better then Bob coz Steve Said so without explaining the two differnt bobs or Steve or wtf we are even talking about (Better then what? Just as a better person?) you realy have no fucken idea wtf is being talk about.

  32. Ozma

    Ozma28 日 前

    my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife

  33. Eugenio Mares

    Eugenio Mares28 日 前

    Own a house? Last I checked housing isn't something everyone can get. It took me 2 years to even get my small plot and I had to compete with 8 other players who were almost certainly spamming the buy button like I was.

  34. andrea andrea

    andrea andreaヶ月 前

    what was that outro song ^^'?

  35. 2-Cousins

    2-Cousinsヶ月 前

    about the sets you show around the 2 minute mark, can all races equip those? Especially the dragon set your wife (?) has equipped at 2:32. The tail, horns and white outfit look sick. I'm a sucker for good looking white clothes. and tails/horns/ears/that kinda stuff. The character she created looks really good too. I'm also a sucker for character creators. Being even critical of BDO's one after 3 years of playing and just knowing how much better even that could be, I wonder how I'll find FF14. And also its combat. I'm so used to the fps camera in BDO and BDOs combos that im not sure FF14 will be for me. But BDO is my first mmo ever and I want something else now. And the world of FF14 looks very nice (ok not gonna lie, I started checking this video out because of the miqo'te or however theyre spelled..... XD )

  36. Bossman

    Bossmanヶ月 前

    this game is incomparable to wow

  37. Grimlock Steve

    Grimlock Steveヶ月 前

    I'd like to get back into this game I have the original realm reborn but I can't download the client I'm really stuck with what to do

  38. blue89girl

    blue89girl29 日 前

    Re-download the game and install the free ARR if you still can't log in then Contact SE.

  39. Malvin Uruçi

    Malvin Uruçiヶ月 前

    sadly no open world pvp, no siege wars, castle wars, flag/karma system would be a good thing for open world pvp, so gearing is pointless. like you gear up to kill bosses faster like in BnS and you cant talk to people if they are in a dungeon that is stupid -_-.

  40. tenryuta

    tenryutaヶ月 前

    pso2 is the best, followed by other nonbotfest games

  41. taken TV

    taken TVヶ月 前

    after i buy the game do i have to pay monthly for play it ?

  42. AW168

    AW168ヶ月 前

    Yes! You have to pay monthly. YIKES

  43. Felipe Turriago

    Felipe Turriagoヶ月 前

    You and your wife are fucking losers

  44. Martin Patchell The Gamecat

    Martin Patchell The Gamecatヶ月 前

    Dang its already 9 years old. Wow! Time goes by quick.

  45. Rahat Khan

    Rahat Khanヶ月 前

    The Ui looks very bad, can you change it?

  46. Doody Sun

    Doody Sunヶ月 前

    i spit on your face

  47. Doody Sun

    Doody Sunヶ月 前

    and women dont play videogames

  48. Doody Sun

    Doody Sunヶ月 前

    dont lie .loser like you can never get married

  49. Timo Barigand

    Timo Barigandヶ月 前

    Ok what I'm gonna say is not a comparison, but been playing SWTOR for a very long time and I'm looking for a new MMO, FF14 really got my attention because it is also very story driven as far as I know and the content is huge, but is it worth tho, coming from SWTOR to FF14? Will I enjoy it as much? Please let me know, thanks.

  50. Jon K

    Jon K28 日 前

    It starts off slow kind of like wow classic but Heavensward and Shadowbringers makes everything you do in the game worth it.

  51. Timo Barigand

    Timo Barigandヶ月 前

    @Woojee Shin sounds very promising, and I already bought the complete edition, so giving it a shot now. Thanks for replying dude, much apreciated!

  52. Woojee Shin

    Woojee Shinヶ月 前

    i already retired from ff14. last patch that i was playing is heavensward. so let me tell you about what i know and what i feel until that. i retired because i am having a family now, and can only spare time to play a mobile game :( 1. class system: there is alot class system, and you free to change it anytime. each class have own level, then if you level up a class, get cross-skill that you can bring to another class... so, if you will have lot to do and i think every big patch will introduce new class. but if you dont like grinding too much, no worry, you choose what class that want to focus, and level up some class that give important cross-skill support to your main class. 2. the story itself is amazing, the music is great. 3. the battle is tab targeting, but still great and not boring since you must master some skill rotation. and you need to dodge in boss fight. 4. the dungeon/raid system is holy trinity. and you need good coordination with team to finish hard raid. sometime it is toxic sometime it is thrilling. so you can make a real friends here if you meet right peoples. since we depend each other much, especially if you are good. 5. its not pay to win. you just need to pay to login :)

  53. Zab Tak

    Zab Takヶ月 前

    wow its so ugly :(

  54. anime chat

    anime chatヶ月 前

    final fantasy 14 not worth it for new players. Only great for continueing players. It's too hard to catch up and not worth paying for this game if new players....i would know i tried, I just think it's more enjoyable for veteran players especially wiht all the new updates

  55. Jon K

    Jon K28 日 前

    It can feel that way if you’re trying to rush to the endgame. If you’re trying to play with friends who are at the level cap, ask them to level a different class with you or maybe consider buying a level boost. But definitely don’t try to rush everything, as you’ll get to the expansions soon enough.

  56. EMC 2

    EMC 2ヶ月 前

    Been playing for two months already and I have to say that if you are at all hesitating on weather to give FFXIV a try or not. DO IT. I'm already into the third expansion and it's been a crazy fun ride! Also, for any new players out there the Recruit a Friend Campaign helped so much at the beginning of my journey! If anyone wants exclusive mounts and leveling items that will help you on your adventure feel free to use my FRIEND CODE : 8AZCBCX4 I may post another code later if anyone needs it^^

  57. Dr Ganknstein

    Dr Ganknsteinヶ月 前

    How's the pvp?

  58. Jon K

    Jon K28 日 前

    There’s one decent mode right now called the feast, and they’re releasing another one along with big pvp gameplay changes. 99% of content is pve so if you’re solely looking for pvp content ffxiv is probably not going to satisfy you (for now, at least)

  59. Yoikun

    Yoikunヶ月 前

    After Wow Classic.....Whats Final Fantasy XIV???

  60. Alexander Ruiz

    Alexander Ruizヶ月 前

    Best mmo

  61. Matthew Muckleroy

    Matthew Muckleroyヶ月 前

    The ability to change class at will is a dealbreaker for me. It completely diminishes the feeling of uniqueness that having a class gives you. You're in a world full of other players who can do exactly what you do, if they so please, and you aren't special. At least that's what I keep seeing. Am I missing something here?

  62. Jon K

    Jon K28 日 前

    Having your character locked into a class doesn’t make you unique. When I start up my night elf druid on classic, there are plenty of other night elf druids doing the same exact thing as i am. I don’t feel like being a certain class makes you unique. What it does do is express your preference of playstyle, which you can and most people do by maining a class. There’s also your appearance and transmog. No two warriors will look the same, and if you do it’s so uncommon that you’ll start chatting about how cool it is that you two have the same outfit. Also all party content discourages you for having duplicate classes, so it’s even less common to play with people who main the same class as you.

  63. Pepperpep

    Pepperpepヶ月 前

    The same as Aion.. I dont see any difference..

  64. Sonagi

    Sonagiヶ月 前

    Am I the only one noticing the excessive use of talking about his wife? Like bro we get it you are married.

  65. Andrew Bourgeois

    Andrew Bourgeoisヶ月 前

    If only the game would tell me the story, instead of me reading it. Like eso and old republic does.

  66. mrgodliak

    mrgodliakヶ月 前

    EQ is the GOAT

  67. Robert Mclaughlin

    Robert Mclaughlinヶ月 前

    Wouldnt say its the beet out right now.. id argue black desert is better... more content, better graphics.. and it doesnt look like wow like this game... def not the best mmo out unless you like simple games

  68. L M

    L Mヶ月 前

    Why can't Blizzard release WoW 2 with this graphics!?!?!!

  69. 막내

    막내ヶ月 前

    I want to get this game. but I also don't want to buy something that hardly anyone plays.

  70. Connor Magee

    Connor Mageeヶ月 前

    There are many people playing this game every day.

  71. Raquya_.303

    Raquya_.303ヶ月 前

    Huh, so it's similar to 12's verse then? I heard Rabanastre and Vieras being mentioned

  72. The Wade

    The Wadeヶ月 前


  73. The Wade

    The Wadeヶ月 前

    @Zed Bot it's just a server you can choose to be on

  74. Zed Bot

    Zed Botヶ月 前

    Whats that? Im thinking about starting the game so is that something to look out for?

  75. Adriann Dela Rosa

    Adriann Dela Rosaヶ月 前

    Quick question. 14 or 15?

  76. Forty-Four Productions

    Forty-Four Productionsヶ月 前

    @Adriann Dela Rosa yeah its 15/month but it's really fun and lots to do

  77. Forty-Four Productions

    Forty-Four Productionsヶ月 前

    @Adriann Dela Rosa 14 is an MMO, 15 is a singleplayer

  78. Adriann Dela Rosa

    Adriann Dela Rosaヶ月 前

    @Forty-Four Productions shouldve edited the question. 😅 Which is worth buying? Researched and foind out that 15 is bad and 14 is p2p.

  79. Forty-Four Productions

    Forty-Four Productionsヶ月 前

    This is 14

  80. ElectricBatman

    ElectricBatmanヶ月 前

    FF14 is unavailable on PS3 since 2017